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Toro gutter cleaning accessory kit (reaches up to about 13 feet)

Toro gutter cleaning accessory kit (reaches up to about 13 feet)


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Model 51667.  Used twice to blow leaves out of gutters, works great (we don't need it anymore since we had gutter guards installed).  Kit attaches to your Toro; it is compatible with Toro models 51574, 51592, 51599, 51602, 51609, 51617, 51618, 51619, 51621, 51690 and 51690T (Ultra/UltraPlus/Super Blower/Vacuum, or Rake and Vac Blower/Vacuum).  There are 5 extension tubes; each is 20.6", which allows you to vary the height you need to reach your gutters.  Includes a shoulder strap, freeing hands to maneuver the extension tubes.  Includes Instruction Manual, which says it can be used with your Toro to either blow or vacuum.  You can stand safely on the ground and clean out your gutters.  Use extension tubes included to reach approximately 13 feet.


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