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We are currently taking names for our upcoming litters. Registered and feeders (gilts and barrows


We have decided to take a turn in our farming. We are going to specialize in more of a meat market with Idaho Pasture Pigs. These guys are an amazing breed although much bigger than our pet pigs.
The Idaho Pasture Pig is a new breed of pig that is made up of the Duroc, Old Berkshire, and the Kunekune pig. These are true "grazing" pigs and are very gentle in nature, have great personalities, are easy to work with, and stay smaller then the traditional pig while still reaching a butcher weight of about 200 - 250 pounds in 9 - 10 months eating primarily grass. There are currently 25 registered sow lines and 12 registered boar lines. Some of the sow lines are: Heart, Shelly, New Moon, Hope, Maple, Fate, and Black Gold. Some of the registered boar lines are: Rex, Max, Sam, Triton, and Bandit. 5
The Idaho Pasture Pig is a medium sized breed of pig developed in 2006 with ongoing selection to to breed to the stated ideal standards. The Idaho Pasture Pigs are exceptionally friendly, have a calm disposition, and has been bred to graze instead of root.
Disposition: Friendly and curious disposition. Aggressive behavior definitely disqualifies pig from breed selection.
Size: A medium sized pig with sows maturing to 250-350 pounds and
boars maturing to 350-450 pounds.


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