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FREE: Find your relative's high school graduation photo from 1945-1965 taken in Sykesville

FREE: Find your relative's high school graduation photo from 1945-1965 taken in Sykesville


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These photos were taken between 1945 and 1965.  They were all taken at the studio in Sykesville by the photographer and engraver Milo Zimmerman. The colored photos are hand tinted by Mary Jane Zimmerman.  I do not want to throw out these nice portraits.  Instead, I would like to reunite them with the person's family.  Some of the photos have multiple copies, and some have negatives of the photos shown as well as of other photos I do not have.  If you know any of the people in these photos and want them, please respond in a message to this ad, or call me at 375-5364 and leave a message on the voice mail.   If you recognize anyone in these photos, but are not interested in the photos, please respond to this ad and maybe I can track down the owner or the owner's family.  Thank you.  

In the first grouping of photos, photography records indicate the graduate in the two photos at the top row, on the left is Henry Kosko.  The next two photos in the top row, from the left are Walter Terence (or Ference).  The next two photos are Dalmers Sperling.  The woman on the far right of the top row is Helen Lamal.  The middle row has, from left: two photos of M. Petruno, a single photo of Lillian Clark, an 8 x 10 of unknown, and other photo of Helen Lamal.  The bottom row has from the left: unknown, Elsie DeChurch, Laura Day, and Elsie Kopnitsky.  Records are not available for the other photos.



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