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  2. Recliner

    Time Left: 1 month and 30 days

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    Recliner in good condition asking 50.00


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  4. Sleeper Sofa

    Time Left: 1 month and 30 days

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    Sleeper Sofa in good condition


  5. Gun Cabinet

    Time Left: 1 month and 30 days

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    10 Gun Cabinet.


  6. New Air Fryer

    But beat my deal. A Cooks essential Air Fryer at JC Penney. Usually dont shop on thanksgiving but did it for the fryer. Opened at 2. About 200 there. ran in and out before the Cashiers got swamped in 10 minutes. Only 2 dozen. They were going 2 by 2. Retail $99.99 fryer. But Home Depot has it for $69.99. Penney special $39.99 -$20 rebate=$19.99. Walked in store and got lucky a door staff gave me a $10 off $10 or more coupon. So subtract another $10. So $9.99 plus tax. BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Worth the trip.
  7. The anti-bullying policy in any school is laughable.
  8. Yesterday
  9. Boycotting the courier

    Debate forum is best read while sitting on the the fork for helping to reload for another reading session.
  10. Lipitor?

    Just make sure to take CQ10 at least 30 mg. It will help with any muscle issues.
  11. Lipitor?

    Same here , no side effects for 10 years
  12. Lipitor?

    I have been taking the generic for 7 years and never had a problem with it
  13. Thanksgiving Day

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone on here. Hope u all have a great day with loved ones. This guy will be in bed for this day. Holidays hurt me but the joy of everyone else makes it alittle better.
  14. Thanksgiving Day

    Watch out for deer on that loooong ride.
  15. Oranges

    Probally from messing with the genetics so the trees produce more.
  16. Boycotting the courier

    And printed in the same building. And basically staffed by the same staff. The only real differences are the layout as well as a few stories that are considered to be more "local" to each.
  17. Boycotting the courier

    I miss the "Sykesville Post-Dispatch"! Now that was a paper!
  18. Thanksgiving Day

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE !!!!!. Getting ready for that long drive from Hazen area to Brockway for dinner at my daughter's.
  19. So... What's on the other side of the disc? More people? Water? Lava? I hope it's unicorns!
  20. I've heard of other hospitals having to drop the policy because something about hippa but I don't think anyone at PHD cares enough to fight it. It's a mask. I've started inventing fun reasons why I'm wearing it.
  21. AKA Hippy Hay, Grass, Weed, etc.... LOL!
  22. Thanksgiving Day

    Happy Thanksgiving to all!
  23. It is up to the head of each dept to discipline if they dont wear them. If people are getting away with it then it is the fault of whoever is in charge of them.
  24. Thanksgiving Day

    Happy Thanksgiving to the best members & guests in the WORLD. Enjoy your day!!
  25. My 7th grade science teacher was busted for doing cocaine in class. My fellow students and I suspected something was amiss with him because he never taught the subject matter. All he did was show movies in class(Alien, Star Wars, etc, etc). He would sit at the back of the class with an opaque 12" high glass barrier around the top of his desk. It was either my 8th or 9th grade year he got busted.
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