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  2. hipower

    Ponderous Ponderings

    Well you stirred up my feeble brain and I went Googling your cited biblical reference. I'm as confused as before which really says nothing new. One revelation that was comical was the depiction of the behemoth described in Wikipedia. It strangely looked like a Democratic politician. Maybe I should fear for my sanity, if I had any to fear for, which has always been questionable.
  3. lavender

    Ponderous Ponderings

    Do you mean simultaneously? If that is the case we hold your wake. We have never had a wake. I am sure we could do it with appropriate decorum.
  4. LFG

    Ponderous Ponderings

    Your solution assumes that each succeeding scare is just enough to scare half of the remaining life out of you. Say you witness 2 equally frightening events. What happens then, huh?
  5. Penn State is one of the great educational institutions of the world, and we are lucky to have their influence so nearby. They are making a good decision based on legal advice.
  6. Who is going to in force this? The police aren't around to witness people on their phones as they drive or not using there head lights when it rains. Good luck with this one!!!
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  8. lavender

    Ponderous Ponderings

    You know the lawyers credo? Never ask a question to which you do not know the answer. You might get one that doesn't suit your premise. Lupara and I have minds that look for solutions. We are what we are. I haven't curled up in a fetal position yet and fluffy bunnies are very tasty when properly cooked. I don't think that you are ever going to reply to logic with anything other than levity because that would really suck (the humor out of the situation.) That last atom is not going to be split. Leave lizard to his lizardness. At least he didn't post as snake and throw Bon into a tizzy.
  9. It has been a difficult area to develop since utilities (water and sewage) were not available for a long time. Since Snappy's went in that has changed somewhat. The east side of the road presents another problem with the RR crossing and wetlands being the primary deterrents.
  10. hipower

    sprinkler systems for high rise buildings

    Several years ago as part of my work I was involved with the Pa Builders Assn. and by association many local builders/contractors. During that time the debate over sprinkler system requirements in new single family homes was a hot button issue. The estimates for systems at that time was $4-5,000 in new construction and over double that for retrofitting existing homes with what was considered normal access. Difficult installs could have exceeded $20, 000 based on local contractor estimates. Several contractors building new homes at that time offered optional sprinkler systems as part of their proposals to interested customers. Not a single prospective customer elected to install a system. While we all feel badly when someone is injured or dies for any reason are we willing, in every case of risk to life, to legislate every decision a person may make that includes a risk. Personally I'm not. Others may not agree, but that is part of individual freedom which is often part of assuming risk.
  11. spaghettiwasted

    Bride Orders 450 Burgers For Wedding Guests

    The RV parking would make it an even bigger hit then for the seasonal Treasure Lakers. I really do wish someone would get on the ball in getting that side of town developed. So much opportunity.
  12. Pretty soon everyone will have to stay indoors. Wouldn't want to take a chance on getting hurt! Oh, no, you could fall inside your house and get hurt! Maybe just stay in your room in bed! What is the world coming to! They need to stop somewhere and get back to good old common sense!
  13. Well, as they say---"the squeaky wheel gets the grease".......or at least it gets attention. Advertisers know far too well the power of the crowd ("more people use Brand-X than any other brand")........and this works.....
  14. I'm kind of torn on this. Yes, for folks who only have the weekend off, it would really be great. However, its also good that on one day of the week, the forest can be free of hunters for the most part. I know folks who walk in the woods and they wouldn't need to be concerned about hunters that day. Hunting on Sundays after noon may work. I like the idea of folks going to church.
  15. Perfect area for a CB. Their location selection department would be in heaven at exit 101. They could have their choice of sites where the facility can be seem from the interstate, but access is via two or three side roads that twist and turn like a slalom course. The ideal site would be behind Snappy's where no other business has ever succeeded and there is no current access. For the record, I like and frequently seek out CB's when traveling, especially in the motor home, since the have RV parking.
  16. jaman

    Steelers Mock Draft

    Mike Hughes or rashaan Evans.. Watching the evaluations, Edmunds will not be available at that 2nd spot.
  17. I think the other law only applied after a incident happen. The new law if passed by the House would give police power to pull you over and fine you. § 3720. Snow and ice dislodged or falling from moving vehicle. When snow or ice is dislodged or falls from a moving vehicle and strikes another vehicle or pedestrian causing death or serious bodily injury, the operator of the vehicle from which the snow or ice is dislodged or falls shall be subject to a fine of not less than $200 nor more than $1,000 for each offense. (May 11, 2006, P.L.159, No.37, eff. 60 days; Oct. 19, 2010, P.L.557, No.81, eff. 60 days)
  18. Polo

    Ace Hardware

    I'm excited. Our business got a phone call asking us to open an account there which we promptly did. Looks like they are going to have quite a few things we can use. They are keeping 5 or 6 of the former employees.
  19. This post puts me in mind of some of our area farms that have the house on one side of the road and the barn on the other. Folks need to be mindful of these places and slow way down when they pass through. People, dogs, cats, chickens, and ducks need to get across the road, and vehicles traveling too fast are a danger. There should be signs near these places.
  20. Applying some logic to our collective thoughts it would seem that possibly this passed the House several years ago and was widely reported at that time. But apparently did not pass the Senate. Assuming that is true (a dangerous thing) does it now have to return to the House for passage or agreement again or is it in fact a law now?
  21. mr.d

    2018 NASCAR Series Schedule

    From Talladega Superspeedway ---- XFINITY RACE - Saturday(April 28) at 3 PM on FOX. --------- MONSTER ENERGY CUP RACE --Sunday(April 29) at 2 PM on FOX. ------ CANPING WORLD TRUCK RACE --- No Race.
  22. I thought that too.... either that or I've wasted a lot of time cleaning snow off of my vehicle when I really didn't need to.....
  23. Um, mr.d, was there a link to the site where that sign could be purchased?
  24. Cacao

    Steelers Mock Draft

    Steelers need a lot of help in a lot of areas. More picks the better. The NFL draft is over-hyped and I'm not a fan of watching it. I'll check the Steelers website on Saturday afternoon to find out who they picked up.
  25. LFG

    Ponderous Ponderings

    About the same time it became cool to watch Glee
  26. It always makes me wonder about people who are this stupid. Buy or build near a airport or racetrack and then complain about the noise or the dirt or the traffic, etc. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Done ranting.
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