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  3. Lancaster County Firemen's Association Annual FIRE EXPO in Harrisburg, Pa. on May 15, 16, 17, 2020 is Cancelled Website -- www.lcfa.com URGENT MESSAGE FIRE EXPO 2020 WILL BE CANCELLED DUE TO THE CURRENT COVID – 19 ISSUES WE ARE LOOKING FORWARD TO FIRE EXPO 2021 MAY 14, 15 & 16, 2021 THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT FIRE EXPO COMMITTEE
  4. Before I am accused of being sexist with my comment about the cows owner being a 4' 8" 65 year old woman, I also meant to say that she had no experience with livestock. She lived 12 miles away from the cows and only came to check on them once a week. By profession, she owned a ladies clothing store and operated a boarding home for college students. By the way, I am in no way sexist.
  5. a-ha performing Take on Me at Live 8 in Berlin at Siegessäule on the 2nd July, 2005
  6. Petee, you say you wonder what they might have been damaging. I can tell you. Back in the early 1990s a 4' 8" 65 year old lady bought 30 acres of land at a judicial tax sale and decided she was going to be a cattle farmer. She made her fence by leaning pallets against each other and tying them together with nylon rope. She bought 12 cows and a bull. Thus began a year or me dealing with her cows and bulls being in my yard constantly. During spring, when we have weather as we are now, my yard had hoof prints a foot deep. I could not walk from my house without wondering if I was walking in cow crap or just mud. They completely ruined a professional paint job on a Olds 442, and also broke the drivers side mirror off of it. I woke up one Saturday morning with a cow on my front porch. Incidentally, it had to go up 8 steps to get on the porch. Believe me, stray cows can do a tremendous amount of damage.
  7. I have been wearing masks when I go for groceries once every 10 days. People look at you like crazy. Only saw 3 other people when I ran into Walmart. I try to be in and out in no more than 15-20 minutes.
  8. Great thread. Imentioned in another thread where 2 people violated quarantine in New York and drove to Doctor friend hospital in Erie, Just because they wanted a hospital bed and not stay in their home . They were asked why? BecauseNew York was overwwhelmed. Deblasio is terrible. Just think if they stopped locally for gas and take a whiz. How many that it could effect? WE were somewhat safe for the time being until it was brought in from the outside.People weree warned about travel and what precautions to take. Im betting there are a couple more cases here that we dont know yet.
  9. Petee

    Checking in

    That has to make things a lot easier, your daughter, the dogs and more organization. Laugh a lot friend!
  10. Sorry, but I have no sympathy for her. If she was in Quarantine, it was for a reason. Does she think her needs are more than the needs of others? Obviously she hasn't grasped the fact that maybe she needs watched. Did she wear a mask and gloves?
  11. Till the infected stop spreading the virus, this will not stop! Just one idiot wandering around in public with other people daily will keep it going. Korea got it stopped by making everyone wear masks. I would add gloves to that idea. I hate the idea of wearing a mask because I have Asthma and hate the feeling of not getting a full breath, but if it will protect others and myself, then why not. I want to go back to normal if that's even possible. I don't want to lose family or friends..
  12. Nobody will ever stay home unless they lock us all down. The amount of people that I see everyday I work is ridiculous. Six foot rule what’s that’s?? They will take product out of my hands and hover over me while I’m putting product out. I really wish people would stay home but this is our new normal so get used to it. It just amazes me how many stupid people are in this world..
  13. Big brother is always watching in authoritarian countries.
  14. Yep! My first job in the telco industry was as a ground hand, aerial and buried back in 1988. I too watched a bit come up in the middle of some asphalt on a county road near Columbus NC. Being the ground hand, I had to manually dig the bore pits on both sides. The one for the rig was worse because of the size needed to get that machine in there.
  15. Indirectly. It is a trunk cable from east coast to mid-west. It freed up usage of other trunk cables for internet. It wasn't placed for end-user purposes.
  16. Bon

    Checking in

    Took me 3 days to put together a closet organizer. My Fibromyalgia is kicked into gear from stress, so yes, I move a lot slower. Brandi came down & helped me fold 3 or 4 baskets of clothes, plus hang up a bunch of my good clothes. Plus she helped me move some things around. Brandi found out how Chi & Foxy play together. They sound like they are killing each other, but they are usually nose to nose. They do tug of war really well. She also got to see what a little thief Foxy is!! You do not put anything down within that dogs reach, she will take it & run!! 😂 ❤️🤦‍♀️
  17. He doesn't have anything but grass that the young cows could be looking for. With new grass now coming up in his lawn, and possibly not enough in the pasture, they may be desperate for the nutrients in the fresh grass. Maybe it's time for Rotational Grazing in the pasture.
  18. A doctor from NYC put instructions of his own on the internet and it uses HEPA filter bags as the material. The cloth ones are made for individuals to use over a medical mask to make them last longer, or for patients who need to go home with one for themselves. If you sew, then this may be the next project you will want to work on. I'll find the link and post it.
  19. Active Weather Alerts FLOOD WARNING ISSUED: 9:13 PM MAR. 28, 2020 – NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE The National Weather Service in Pittsburgh has issued a * Flood Warning for... Northeastern Westmoreland County in southwestern Pennsylvania... Southeastern Armstrong County in west central Pennsylvania... Indiana County in west central Pennsylvania... Southwestern Jefferson PA County in west central Pennsylvania... * Until 315 AM EDT Sunday. * At 913 PM EDT, local officials reported flooding in the warning area due to thunderstorms. Flooding is ongoing. Between 1 and 2 inches of rain have fallen. Additional rainfall is likely overnight. PRECAUTIONARY/PREPAREDNESS ACTIONS... A Flood Warning means that flooding is imminent or occurring. All interested parties should take necessary precautions immediately. Turn around, don't drown when encountering flooded roads. Most flood deaths occur in vehicles. In hilly terrain there are hundreds of low water crossings which are potentially dangerous in heavy rain. Do not attempt to cross flooded roads. Find an alternate route.
  20. How did you end the situation? You surely didn’t shoot the cows!!
  21. We had a nice farm here in Pennsylvania and had the same kind of situation with a neighbors cattle coming onto our farm land and eating the feed up----after numerous warnings !!
  22. Granted no one usually wants loose cattle in their yards repeatedly, but I'm curious to know what they were damaging. Was he just being possessive, controlling or genuinely protecting his grass?
  23. Best, it's time for everyone to start wearing proper masks and gloves. I can't believe that was never specified to help prevent infection. I'm doing the stay at home and wear gloves when going out, but it's time to start making masks for my family and friends..
  24. Yesterday
  25. Listen to the entire discussion. This guy is extraordinary. 36 minutes of great information.
  26. A journalist tells what it's like being quarantined in Beijing, saying people are watching her.
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