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  2. Hey Grandpa, What's For Supper?

    Julios for wings and fries.
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  4. Confederate Monunents To Stay At Gettysburg

    Good points, and significant----but the issues with race, etc, can be traced back much further.................however I compliment your attempt to 'simplify'
  5. And all that stupid is fueled by drugs.
  6. Confederate Monunents To Stay At Gettysburg

    It's lack of God, lack of good morals, unwillingness to work, to be proud, freely accepting hand outs as a way of life, generation to generation, a way of life, not independent, no inner strength, join gangs to feel important. More and more people are weak, dependant on someone else. It is complex. Could be black, could be white, race doesn't matter. one race might have more of these people than another, doesnt matter. A lot won't work, stand on their own feet if given the opportunity with a job. Weak. Do dope, join gangs, no regard to law, take what you want from people in society that let them. In gangs they view themselves as strong. In reality a bunch of pansies who think they are strong. No desire to break the cycle. Weak.
  7. Confederate Monunents To Stay At Gettysburg

    It will never change. The black on black murder rate can be directly tied to failed policies promoted by Democrats starting in the 60`s and their takeover of the cities. "Black crime rates were lower in the 1940s and 1950s, when black poverty was higher" and "racial discrimination was rampant and legal." If it's not racism and poverty that are blame for the high black crime rate, then what is? "A straight line can be drawn between family breakdown and youth violence." As economist Thomas Sowell points out, before the 1960s "most black children were raised in two-parent families." In 2013, over 72 percent of blacks were born out of wedlock. In Cook County –which Chicago belongs to – 79 percent of blacks were born to single mothers in 2003, while only 15 percent of whites were born to single mothers.
  8. Confederate Monunents To Stay At Gettysburg

    complex human issues are not solved overnight....
  9. Happy Birthday Bon!!

    Happy Birthday Bon 🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂
  10. Happy Birthday Bon!!

    Happy Birthday Bon!! Hope you have a great day!
  11. Wolf announces creation of 55 jobs at Elk County company by Ron Musselman Friday, August 18th 2017 Gov. Tom Wolf announced Friday that Clarion Sintered Metals will expand both of its facilities in Ridgway, Elk County, and create 55 new Pennsylvania jobs. (Photo: Clarion Sintered Metals Facebook page) RIDGWAY – Gov. Tom Wolf announced Friday that Clarion Sintered Metals will expand both of its facilities in Ridgway, Elk County, and create 55 new Pennsylvania jobs. Clarion Sintered Metals is a powdered metal company primarily serving the automotive component industry, “It’s great to see yet another manufacturer expanding right here in Pennsylvania,” Wolf said in a news release. “Clarion Sintered Metals is not only creating 55 new manufacturing jobs with this project, but it is retaining a further 262, meaning it will remain a boon to the Elk County community for years to come. “When strong manufacturers choose to grow in the commonwealth, it’s a win for the company, it’s a win for Pennsylvania and it’s a win for our workers.” CSM currently operates in two facilities: a main plant and a second facility within a mile of the main plant. CSM plans to construct a total of over 60,000 square feet in the facilities that will enable the company to better meet current demand and future growth projections. The company has committed to investing at least $6,180,000 into the project, which will create 55 new jobs over the next three years and retain 262 more. CSM received a funding proposal from the Department of Community and Economic Development for a $110,000 Pennsylvania First grant and $110,000 in Job Creation Tax Credits to be issued following the creation of the new jobs. The company has also been encouraged to apply for a $1,890,000 low-interest loan from the Pennsylvania Industrial Development Authority. “Clarion Sintered Metals is honored to receive the support of the Governor’s Action Team,” said Dave Bosnik, vice president of operations at CSM. “This award will impact the future business growth of CSM and will allow us to bring additional jobs to Elk County
  12. Hey Grandpa, What's For Supper?

    The WoO show was why we wanted to go tonight, but they are at Eriez tomorrow night too, so we adjusted. We always enjoy the Central PA sprint car racing at Port Royal as well as all of the others in our little state. Nearly any weekly show in PA is as good as most WoO specials. Just don't have all the big names there,
  13. Stephanie K. Matthews, Age 57, of Treasure Lake, DuBois, PA passed away on Friday, Aug. 18, 2017 at Highland View Health Care, Brockway, PA. She was born on July 19, 1960, a daughter of Larry L. Sager of Adrian, MI and Carol A. (Smith)Pfeiffer of Charlotte, NC. On Aug. 20, 1983, Stephanie married Steve R. Matthews who survives and lives in Treasure Lake. Stephanie was a 1978 graduate of the Adrian High School, Adrian, MI. In 1980, she moved to Houston, TX to begin her career as an Insurance Underwriter. She retired in 1997 from Taylor Investments of Houston, TX. She is survived by a son, Alexander W. Matthews of DuBois, PA. Stephanie's life was her son for the past 14 years. She is also survived by a sister, Kristin P. Sager of Houston, TX. Stephanie was preceded in death by her grandparents, Edgar and Geraldine Sager, & Richard and Martha Ostrander. There will be no public visitation. A celebration of Stephanie's life will be held at a later date in Adrian, MI. Memorial contributions may be made to the: DuBois Area Families for Effective Autism Treatment (DAFEAT), 276 Treasure Lake, DuBois, PA 15801. The Baronick Funeral Home and Crematorium, Inc is in charge of the arrangements. Online condolences may be sent to:
  14. Pennsylvanians Can Expect to See Partial Solar Eclipse on Monday Afternoon August 19, 2017 12:21 am· JEFFERSON CO., Pa. (EYT) – Area residents will have the opportunity to witness a solar eclipse on Monday afternoon. According to, a total solar eclipse occurs when the disk of the moon appears to completely cover the disk of the sun. In Pennsylvania, eclipse watchers won’t see a total solar eclipse, but they can expect about three-quarters coverage. In Jefferson County, individuals can expect to see the moon cover 77.4 percent of the sun. The moon will be in the sun’s path starting at 1:12 p.m. and continue until about 3:54 p.m. The best time to see the peak of the eclipse will be 2:35 p.m. During totality, when the disk of the sun is completely covered by the moon, it is safe to look up at the celestial sight with the naked eye. Binoculars are helpful for seeing more detail in the solar corona. Telescopes are not necessary, but some skywatchers may use low-powered telescopes to observe the sun’s atmosphere during totality. Note that telescopes, binoculars, and cameras must be fitted with solar filters before and after totality. Pointing an unprotected lens directly at the sun can damage the instrument. NEVER look at the sun through binoculars, a telescope, or a camera lens without a solar filter; the magnified light can damage your eyes faster than looking at the sun unaided. Skywatchers outside the path of totality will still be able to see a partial solar eclipse. Solar viewing glasses allow skywatchers to look directly at the moon’s progress across the face of the sun. You can also view the progress of a partial solar eclipse using a pinhole camera. For more information, see’s complete guide on how to view the eclipse safely. The path of totality is a 70-mile ribbon stretching from Lincoln Beach, Ore. to Charleston, S.C. It passes through Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. Those in that span will be able to see the first total solar eclipse visible in the United States since 1979. Outside the path of totality, skywatchers in the continental U.S. will see a partial solar eclipse, in which the moon appears to take a bite out of the sun’s disk. Eclipse glasses, which are required to safely view the eclipse, are nearly sold out.
  15. Hey Grandpa, What's For Supper?

    We're going for the WoO Late Models but I did see Tony Stewart was at Williams Grove last night with his 410 sprint so maybe he'll drop by and run his 410 at Port tonight. I do know he's in pretty good with a few of the WoO Late guys and Mark Richards from Rocket so maybe he could pull double duty.
  16. what no eyeball soup or fried spleen darn those were the best parts. hehehe j/k
  17. Hey Grandpa, What's For Supper?

    haven't had one in 2 years!!
  18. Hey Grandpa, What's For Supper?

    We had hoped to go to Port Royal tonight also. Unfortunately my traveling buddy has a conflict today and we decided we would go to Eriez tomorrow night. Neither of us has ever been there so we don't really know what to expect. We still hope to get a Port Royal trip in this season, time will tell. The season is getting short.
  19. This explains the rediculous price for a pheasant tag. Nobody's gonna buy the license for deer anymore if they don't get this fixed.
  20. Happy Birthday Bon!!

    Happy, happy Birthday! I hope it is a great one!
  21. Not supposed to be transferred to humans but not 100% sure. They say don't eat as a precaution. cwd is in brains, eyes, spinal cord, spleen, lymph nodes but not meat. So you make the decision if you want to eat meat that's been processed by someone. Or even if you process, can all of the lymph nodes be cut out? Deer can appear normal and still have cwd. Would you want to feed your kids venison?
  22. Hey Grandpa, What's For Supper?

    Too many wild berry daiquiris last night?? LOL!!
  23. Happy Birthday Bon!!

    Thanks Dave!! Thanks Junk!!😉
  24. I thought they said meat would be safe for people to eat even if it did test they say this?............ If tests performed on the elk detect no CWD, the meat will be provided to families in which is it?
  25. Good boy!! Maybe he should be some type of service dog.
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