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See If You Can Find Your Name....


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They gave us a test in Navy Corpsman school that was to see if you could follow directions and pay attention to detail.

You were to read the directions and complete the test. First direction was to fill out your name, date, and Mil ID#.

Second direction in bold text was to go through and completely read the test first before completing. Third direction was to sign the back of the test answer sheet. Forth again in bold text was to complete the test but only after reading the test.

Only 15 of us out of the 40 in the class followed the directions where the last question out of 100 stated if you filled out your name, date, Mil ID#, and signed the back of the answer sheet you passed the test and were excused for the rest of the day. If you completed the test and answered all the questions you failed and would be doing physical training the rest of the day.

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