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Prescription Transfers Made EASY, bring in your bottles!

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Though DuBois Drug & wellness is a retail pharmacy, we have a seperate staff and pharmacy area dedicated solely to the service of personal care homes.



DuBois Drug & Wellness wants to be your partner in caring for your residents by providing them the best pharmaceutical care possible. Our services go far beyond just dispensing of medicines, Theses service help your residents get the most from there medicines, improve their quality of life, and save them money. Most importantly, there is never additional cost to the facility or residents for the medication packaging and the services we provide.



Brad Gigliotti R.Ph.: Brad is the pharmacy manager of our personal care home division. Brad has over 18 years of experience caring for personal car homes. Just call any of the homes we service and they will gladly give you the glowing review of the excellent service that brad and our personal home care staff provides to their homes.*



Pharmacy Services



We deliver daily Monday through Saturday



We understand that the medication packaging needs for each home differ, so we let you pick the packaging that best serves your home. We offer many options, including multiple types of blister packs, Medicine-On-Time, and the opus medication system. Opus offers 14 day single or multi-dose cassettes that are proven to make you med passes safer and quicker then any other system available. Opus also has the potential to save your residents money on unused meds where a blister pack can't. Remember, whatever packaging system you choose for your home, there is never any additional charge to the home or your residents.



We offer an emergency phone line for handling after hours calls and emergency services.



Each resident is given a personal charge account and billed monthly for their medicines. These accounts do not carry interest charges* and are sent out around the 1st of each month to the residents, estate, or contact person.



The community prescription plan is our generic medication discount plan. It features over 100 medicines and provides a 100 day supply of these select medications for just $12.99. That's less than $4.00 a month.





Clinical Services



We handle all refill request. It's just one less thing for your staff to do, allowing them to concentrate on what is most important, caring for your residents.



We offer two types of MARs and a three part Physician Order updated monthly and sent to the home around the 25th of each month.


we are certified to bill for Medicare Part-B billable items including diabetic testing supplies, nebulizer medicines, wound care, ostomy care, and other Part-B covered medications.



This service allows one of our pharmacist to come in to your facility and review patient medication profiles to look for therapeutic duplication, inappropriate therapy, possible therapeutic substitution or other changes that will optimize a resident's drug therapy. This type active medication management can help minimize your resident's out-of-pocket expenses for medications.


If your are getting inspected or just feel the need to have your carts checked over, just give us a call and we will send one of our pharmacist to your facility to review your cart and make sure everything is in order.




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We take our medicine there. They are, hands down, the BEST drug store in town!!! They are very quick, and the medicine is alot cheaper than most. As long as they are in business, they've got a customer for life!!!!


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