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Local Radio Station Water Issue Text

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While DuBois has had pretty good water for many years that has been the result of a water treatment facility that was a gift from the federal government as a result of deals made for granting the right of way for I-80 across the City's watershed.  I don't recall all of the details of the deals that were made, since I was a much younger fellow then and had other priorities.  Chasing girls, drinking beer and building fast cars were much more important then.

What matters is that what we got then was a state of the art facility for its time.  Unfortunately that time is 50 +/- years ago.  Has DuBois stayed current with changing technology and made available changes or simply reaped the benefits of what was put in place many years ago?  I suspect the latter, but not being a water treatment expert I can't say that opinion is 100% accurate either.

The information being provided to users of the DuBois system is typical of how the City water system has been operated for years.  We will probably never know the whole story and things will continue to be glossed over by the City Manager until it is impossible to keep things quiet or somehow something miraculously cures the problem.

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