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Kohlhepp True Value

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10 hours ago, Buster99 said:

Our Ace is open on Sunday.

Hours of operation for most businesses like this are set by the owners.  Adjustments are made based on foot traffic and revenue generated during the hours of operation.  Apparently Kohlhepp's have found that later hours and Sunday hours are not consistently profitable for them. 

I remember when you had a choice of places to go when seeking late night food.  Today I can't think of any establishments other than convenience stores where you can find a diner/restaurant after about 10 pm in DuBois.  There are still the truckstops in Brookville and Clearfield but both are inconvenient for us old timers who happen to out and about late at night infrequently.

Things change and life goes on.

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I miss the old Kohlhepps that had a large kitchen section with wonderful appliances and cookware and all the other items which I needed in the kitchen.  A nice canning section, too.  And I loved all the great holiday decorations they had.  I hope the new ACE Hardware carries these things.  I miss them.

Every day is a gift from God; that's why we call it the "present!"

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2 minutes ago, spaghettiwasted said:

Yes. Breakfast, lunch and dinner 24 hours a day. Even on holidays.

Thanks, good to know for future reference.   I go in for breakfast somewhat regularly, but rarely at other times.  Of course I'm rarely out and about in the middle of the night anymore so finding late night eats isn't a high priority personally.

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