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PET ALERT! Blue-Green Algae In Lake Water Is Toxic To Dogs

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Pet Alert! Blue-green algae in lake water is toxic to dogs


Photo: CSIRO / CC BY 3.0 (Via MGN Online)

If your dog goes swimming in a lake, or drinks lakewater while you walk lakeside, be aware that if there's blue-green algae in the water, it could be harmful to your pet.

Some algal blooms can produce toxins that affect the liver, nervous system and the skin of pets (and their humans!), according to Dr. Jesse Lepak, Ecosystem Health Specialist with New York Sea Grant.

If dogs swim in water where blooms are visible, they should be washed off immediately, to stop their taking in toxins while cleaning fur. You should also keep pets out of 'scums' where algal blooms are present, and away from beach wrack (a brown seaweed at waters' edge).

The most severe reactions are from drinking contaminated water. Neurotoxins have immediate effects including drooling, tremors and seizures. 'Hepatoxins' can also destroy the liver. Animals need to get to a vet immediately.

There is a FREE brochure (with more links & video clips) with detailed information for pet owners. The brochure is available at information kiosks in parks across New York, or you can download a copy by clicking here.


A FREE brochure will help protect your dog from blue-green algae. It's a deadly hazard if your pet drinks contaminated lake water, or even goes swimming in infested water{p}{/p}                                                                                                                                                                          http://wjactv.com/news/nation-world/pet-alert-blue-green-algae-in-lake-water-is-toxic-to-dogs

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