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Cave Rescue Effort Underway In Thailand

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16 minutes ago, Jay said:

I doubt if there is anyone sorrier than that coach today.  Kids were traumatized and a man died.   Don't you think he totally regrets what happened?  I pray he will find comfort in knowing the parents  have said they are not mad at him.  Apparently this is something  many have  done before - they run in ,  sign their names at the end of the cave and run back out.  Unfortunately this time they got trapped.     Hopefully  lesson learned for all.  May God Bless all who responded.   They are brave men.

The Thai culture is a culture of politeness and respect, and you are correct Jay, the parents are not pointing fingers and blame at the coach.

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What about the next time someone does something foolhardy and unadvised?  Maybe this kind of attraction should be monitored so that, like climbing Mt Everest, you do not attempt it without knowing the dangers and then dragging others into that same danger.  A simple cave is one thing (cave-ins can always happen) but any cave that dangerous should have guidance before entering.

Granted, I am a certified Wussie, and if anyone has to come and rescue me it would probably be a genuine accident.  I would not put myself in harm's way for entertainment or recreation.


"The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil but by those who watch them without doing anything"

Albert Einstein

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