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Unknown Woman Stole Thousands From Johnstown Area Walmart Shopper

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Unknown woman stole thousands from Walmart shopper, police say

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Police are working to identify the woman in this video after an alleged Walmart theft. (Video: Richland Township Police Department)



RICHLAND TOWNSHIP, Pa. — Police are searching for a woman suspected of stealing thousands of dollars, family heirlooms, an expensive medical device and a passport from a woman who was shopping at Walmart.

According to Richland Township police Detective Kevin Gaudlip, the unknown woman snatched a purse out of a distracted shopper's cart on July 20. Surveillance video shows the woman lurking near a shelf of bananas near the front of the store before darting over to a cart and swiping the purse.


A second camera shows the woman, clad in large, dark sunglasses, leaving the Walmart with the purse. She was wearing a green and blue plaid button-down shirt and has long dark hair.

Perhaps because of the efficient nature of the operation, police said Friday that it was "highly unlikely" that this was her first theft.

Gaudlip suggested Friday that people shouldn't carry valuables with them at all times and that they keep an eye on all belongings since crimes like this can happen "within seconds."

Anyone who recognizes the woman can call (814) 472-2100 and ask for a Richland Township officer.

Gaudlip said this could be prosecuted as felony theft, which could carry jail time.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   SEE VIDEO ;   https://wjactv.com/news/local/unknown-woman-stole-thousands-from-walmart-shopper-police-say

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There is a video in Mr D's article and it shows beter images of her than this one.


Every time the Government IMPOSES new Regulations to Protect Us, we LOSE a Little MORE of our FREEDOMS....

MORE Government = LESS Freedom

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