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Officer Shot In 1981, Police Investigating Death As A Homicide

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Officer shot in 1981, police investigating death as a homicide


Susquehanna Township Police announced during a press conference on Tuesday afternoon that they are launching a homicide investigation into the death of a former police officer.

Lt. Robert Bo McAllister passed away on January 20, 2019 due to health complications that were caused by a gunshot wound he received in February of 1981, according to the Dauphin County Medical Examiner.

On February 19, 1981, McAllister responded to a robbery at the Fulton Bank at North Progress Avenue and Nationwide Drive where he was met by gunfire from the suspect. After engaging the suspect in a run-and-gun battle, McAllister was shot and barely survived the injury.

The suspect was never caught and is now the focus of the Susquehanna Township Police Department's investigation.

McAllister remained as an officer until 2003 but suffered from health complications until his death earlier this year.

According to the Dauphin County District Attorney, the homicide investigation is active and on-going with no current timetable for completion. Susquehanna Township will be aided by partners on the local, state and federal levels.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   SEE VIDEO REPORT ;     https://wjactv.com/news/local/watch-susquehanna-township-police-announce-homicide-investagtion


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