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Man Accidentally Shoots Himself After Altoona Robbery


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Police: Man accidentally shoots himself after Altoona robbery

Bri Seville (WJAC)

Police say several people are facing charges after a man accidentally shot himself in Altoona after a robbery Wednesday.

According to a criminal complaint, police responded to reports of a gunshot victim at the 800 block of Second Avenue.

The complaint says 20-year-old Draven Bush was taken to UPMC Altoona with two gunshot wounds in his leg.

Police say they interviewed a witness who told them he and Bush were walking through the Second Avenue alley when a car pulled up and he heard a gunshot.

The witness told police that he ran and hid, then heard his friend say, “Bro, I’m hit,” the complaint says.

Police say the two men were able to call for help.

Officers say they watched surveillance video captured by a nearby business that showed two men running down the alley but no car.

The complaint says officers went back to the alley and searched the area, where they found a handgun under some steps that had 16 rounds in the magazine and a spent cartridge in the chamber.

Police say the handgun was reported stolen Nov. 1.

According to the complaint, officers went to the hospital to speak with doctors and interview Bush.

The complaint says that the doctor said Bush had two bullet holes in his leg and one appeared to be self-inflicted due to there being muzzle blast burns on the entry wound.

When officers interviewed Bush, they say his story didn’t line up with that of the first witness.

Police say they interviewed another person at the hospital who was involved with the incident -- 18-year-old Bri Seville.

She told officers that she and another man were robbed in the area just before the incident occurred.

She said she was texting the man and wanted to give her friends -- Bush and 18-year-old Nick Odellick -- a ride home but the two robbed her of her phone for an unknown reason.

Police say officers then interviewed the man who was said to be with Seville when the robbery occurred.

He told police that he was in Altoona to meet up with Seville when she asked him to give her friends a ride.

When he went to drop off Bush and Odellick in the alley, one of the men displayed a gun and said, “Give me everything,” the complaint says.

The complaint says the man handed over his wallet and the robbers left.

Police say they again interviewed the first witness, who told officers that what really happened is that he was meeting up with Bush and Odellick near the Second Avenue ally and when he got there, Bush and Odellick told him they had just robbed a man.

According to the complaint, Bush and Odellick said that Seville texted the man and was supposed to meet up with him to have sex for money but they decided to rob him instead.

The witness said to the two men, “You just robbed a guy right there, and we’re standing here,” the complaint says.

The witness said they both began to run through the alley and that’s when he heard the gunshot.

Seville has been charged with felony conspiracy to commit robbery threatening serious injury and other related charges.

Court documents show that authorities intend to arraign Bush and Odellick on similar charges.                                                                                                                                                                                               https://wjactv.com/news/local/police-man-accidentally-shoots-himself-after-altoona-robbery


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