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Commissioners Urge Residents NOT To Use 9-1-1 To Report Businesses Remaining Open


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Commissioners Urge Residents Not to Use 9-1-1 to Report Businesses Remaining Open

March 26, 2020 10:16 am·
Author: Aly Delp

Jefferson-County-Commissioners-112817.jpBROOKVILLE, Pa. – The Jefferson County Commissioners office is asking residents to refrain from calling 9-1-1 or the Department of Emergency Services to report a business that is not complying with Governor Tom Wolf’s order for non-life sustaining businesses to close during the COVID-19 epidemic. 

Commissioner Jeff Pisarcik is urging people to call their local law enforcement agency or the Pennsylvania State Police to report these issues while allowing staff at the Department of Emergency Services to deal with the ongoing issues and response with the Coronavirus Pandemic.

“People can go to the Governor’s website or call 2-1-1 to have questions answered regarding the closures,” Pisarcik said. “We need everyone to take the precautions seriously and not to expose yourself to this virus by staying out of public places and limiting your social activities.”

“We have to take care of our first responders first to make sure they can respond to your calls for help. Our core mission of processing 9-1-1 calls and getting Police, Fire, and EMS to those scenes is paramount,” Director of Emergency Services Tracy W. Zents added.

Commissioners Pisarcik, Matson, and Bullers are asking everyone to do their part to keep the spread of COVID-19 down.

“If everyone does their part to keep the spread down, we can better respond to this crisis keeping all of our healthcare workers, 9-1-1 and EMA staff, and first responders safe to continue to be our front line of defense,” the commissioners stated in a release.

For inquiries on business closures, visit the Governor’s website at www.governor.pa.gov.

For human needs services, visit the Northwest 2-1-1 website at pa211nw.org or by Calling 2-1-1.

Please refrain from calling 9-1-1 unless there is an emergency situation.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        https://www.explorejeffersonpa.com/jefferson-county-commissioners-issue-update-urge-residents-not-to-use-9-1-1-to-report-businesses-remaining-open/#more-265011

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1 hour ago, Cacao said:

If I see someone working, trying to keep their business afloat and earning their income, there is no way I am turning them in.  If you don't agree with it, don't support them.  They need to eat too.  Shame on those ratting.  

Exactly. Don't like it then don't go in.

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