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Penn State DuBois announces spring 2020 Dean’s List

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Penn State DuBois announces spring 2020 Dean’s List

DuBOIS - In recognition of academic excellence, selected students are named to the Dean's List each semester. Students must maintain a Grade Point Average of 3.50 or higher in order to qualify for the Dean’s List. Penn State DuBois Dean’s List students for Spring 2020 are:

Minor Adams, Brookville, PA

Alexander Adamski, Reynoldsville, PA

Jacob Allen, Rural Valley, PA

John Allen, Corsica, PA

Brendan Allison, Brockway, PA

Alyssa Amblod, DuBois, PA

Davin Anderson, Lititz, PA

Adam Armstrong, Bellefonte, PA

Chance Ayers, Coudersport, PA

Adriana Azzato, Brockway, PA

Ivan Bachmid, DuBois, PA

Gilbert Baez, Clearfield, PA

Nathan Banner, Venus, PA

Dylan Barber, Brookville, PA

Madison Barefield, Brockway, PA

Sierra Beiswenger, Ashville, PA

Ty Bender, Woodland, PA

Lindsey Benevich, Weedville, PA

Megan Blose, Smicksburg, PA

Lucas Bowser, Rimersburg, PA

Cole Breon, Millheim, PA

Andrew Britton, Punxsutawney, PA

Mason Britton, Falls Creek, PA

Paul Brosky, Brockway, PA

Riley Browning, Jonestown, PA

Jordan Bundy, Ridgway, PA

Jesse Burkett, Brookville, PA

Taylor Butler, Grampian, PA

Sophia Cadori, Weedville, PA

Katlyn Cappetta, Brockway, PA

Devin Carns, Clearfield, PA

Gregory Carroll, Sykesville, PA

Meredith Carroll, Brookville, PA

Kathryn Cathcart, DuBois, PA

Andrea Caylor, Punxsutawney, PA

Skylar Ceprish, Allport, PA

Kadie Chamberlin, Kersey, PA

Henry Chapman, DuBois, PA

Taylor Charles, DuBois, PA

Nikol Chew, Clearfield, PA

Keeley Chiodo, Weedville, PA

Scot Coble, Marion Center, PA

Theodore Conroy, Ridgway, PA

Cassandra Cooper, Brookville, PA

Toner Corl, Mill Hall, PA

Kadin Danch, DuBois, PA

Lance Deluca, DuBois, PA

Leandra Demarco, Marienville, PA

Elijah Depaulis, York Springs, PA

Anthony Depello, Du Bois, PA

Franco Desantis, DuBois, PA

Alyssa Dobson, Kersey, PA

Noah Donahue, Reynoldsville, PA

Allison Easton, Coudersport, PA

Austin Fairman, DuBois, PA

Jacob Feldbauer, DuBois, PA

Christopher Fenton, Clearfield, PA

Dylan Fenton, Clearfield, PA

Dylan Fezell, DuBois, PA

Trever Fleck, Troutville, PA

Joshua Gagne, Brookville, PA

Russell Gariepy, Albion, PA

Alexander Gianvito, Punxsutawney, PA

Conner Giavedoni, Punxsutawney, PA

Logan Gilbert, Curwensville, PA

Emily Gmerek, Woodland, PA

Heather Grove, Valier, PA

Nathan Halowell, Falls Creek, PA

Lindsay Hand, Clearfield, PA

Erica Hanes, Clearfield, PA

Trevor Hanna, Lock Haven, PA

Nicholas Hansel, Ramey, PA

Sarah Hart, Byrnedale, PA

Brooke Harvey, Stillwater, PA

Clayton Heckman, Brockway, PA

Daulton Helo, DuBois, PA

Allison Hepler, DuBois, PA

Todd Herman, Curwensville, PA

Thomas Hibbert, DuBois, PA

Lydia Holt, Brockway, PA

Hannah Hoover, Curwensville, PA

Adam Horner, Reynoldsville, PA

Alexandria Hubler, Brookville, PA

Tyler Huff, Weedville, PA

Cayleigh Huffman, Cabot, AR

Jenna Hyde, Ulysses, PA

Wendy Inzana, Brockway, PA

Jeremy Irwin, Curwensville, PA

Dylan Ishman, Punxsutawney, PA

Rhianna Jackson, Clearfield, PA

Larissa James-LaBranche, Warrenton, VA

Katie Jimenez, Cary, NC

Elizabeth Johnson, Ridgway, PA

Corrin Kanour, Clearfield, PA

Sydney Kaschalk, DuBois, PA

Kierra Keck, Roulette, PA

Alena Keen, DuBois, PA

Kelsey Kennedy, Home, PA

Nathaniel Keth, Brookville, PA

Abhishek Kittusamy, Lutz, FL

Zayne Knight, Brookville, PA

Nathan Knox, Brockway, PA

Erin Kopp, Brockway, PA

Abigail Korchak, DuBois, PA

Jeremy Krise, DuBois, PA

Kenneth Larsen, Reynoldsville, PA

Cory Lehman, Tyrone, PA

Karlie Lewis, Clearfield, PA

Leah Lindemuth, Brockway, PA

Kalysta Long, Aaronsburg, PA

Katelyn Long, Reynoldsville, PA

Nikki Long, Huntingdon, PA

Justin Lusk, Cheswick, PA

Kayleigh MacTavish, Morrisdale, PA

Vito Mammone, DuBois, PA

Nicholas Mancuso, Punxsutawney, PA

Caitlyn Manduley, DuBois, PA

Charis Martell, DuBois, PA

Kathryn Mazur, Penfield, PA

Luke Mazzaferro, Reynoldsville, PA

Molly Mazzaferro, Reynoldsville, PA

Olivia Mc Graw, Bigler, PA

Addeson McAninch, DuBois, PA

Breanna McCahan, Olanta, PA

Megan McCain, Clearfield, PA

Holly McCrary, Smethport, PA

Olivia McGarry, Curwensville, PA

Tyler McIntosh, DuBois, PA

Haley Mcaninch, DuBois, PA

Thomas Mcmichael, Euclid, OH

Cole Meighen, DuBois, PA

Nicholas Michelone, Williamsburg, PA

Austin Miller, Rockton, PA

Brice Miller, Shelocta, PA

Shawnelle Miller, Smicksburg, PA

Samantha Miron, DuBois, PA

Ryan Mitskavich, DuBois, PA

Walter Mock, Punxsutawney, PA

Thayne Morgan, Bigler, PA

Zane Morgan, Bigler, PA

Michael Morri, Tracy, CA

Mickayla Morris, Grampian, PA

Noell Nichols, DuBois, PA

Richard Nukpeta, Millersville, MD

Alex O'Neill, Kersey, PA

Emily O'Neill, Kersey, PA

Linsea Paradis, Philipsburg, PA

Riley Paul-Cook, Clearfield, PA

Anna Raffeinner, Kersey, PA

Khusniya Rakhmatullaeva, DuBois, PA

Seth Redmond, Ridgway, PA

Mallory Reitz, Brookville, PA

Kyle Robertson, Summerville, PA

Jacob Robison, Clearfield, PA

Daniel Rorabaugh, La Jose, PA

Brody Rowles, Punxsutawney, PA

Alicia Royer, Curwensville, PA

Laura Ruane, DuBois, PA

Kyrsten Ruch, Clearfield, PA

Miranda Ruffner, Roulette, PA

Haley Rummel, Brockway, PA

Madison Rummel, Brockway, PA

Karly Rumsky, Clearfield, PA

Stephen Rutherford, DuBois, PA

Lukas Salvo, Rimersburg, PA

Erika Sato, Quincy, MA

Samantha Satterlee, Punxsutawney, PA

Jeremy Sawey, Reynoldsville, PA

Joseph Sawey, Reynoldsville, PA

Deborah Schatz, Saint Marys, PA

Eric Schill, Clarion, PA

Malliah Schreck, Emlenton, PA

Piper Schwenk, Hughesville, PA

Elizabeth Scott, Morrisdale, PA

Mario Scotto, DuBois, PA

Austin Shaffer-Doan, Reynoldsville, PA

Brianna Shaw, Clearfield, PA

Sydney Shaw, Warriors Mark, PA

Patricia Sheredy, Hastings, PA

Kaitlynn Shipe, Johnsonburg, PA

Joshua Singler, DuBois, PA

Aubree Snell, Reynoldsville, PA

Mandy Snyder, Brockway, PA

Jakob Sorbera, Clearfield, PA

Maddie Sprankle, Johnstown, PA

Hope Spuck, Fallscreek, PA

Daniel Stauffer, Saint Marys, PA

Logan Steele, Brookville, PA

Summer Stephenson, Clearfield, PA

Mary Stewart, Sykesville, PA

Tyler Stitt, Reynoldsville, PA

Cameron Stom, Penfield, PA

Michaela Stottish, Falls Creek, PA

Isaac Stouffer, Punxsutawney, PA

Trenton Stouffer, Punxsutawney, PA

Carter Strawcutter, Brookville, PA

Morgan Stroka, Reynoldsville, PA

Samantha Tarr, Coalport, PA

Caleb Thompson, Reynoldsville, PA

Aubreyana Tobola, Allegany, NY

Nicholas Tomblin, DuBois, PA

Daniel Torok, Fredonia, PA

Dylan Treaster, Rebersburg, PA

Isaac Tyger, Pittsburgh, PA

Alexis Vandervort, Reynoldsville, PA

Zachary Vandervort, Reynoldsville, PA

Erika Wagner, DuBois, PA

Danielle Warren, Curwensville, PA

Kiersten Wasicki, Rossiter, PA

Cassandra Whitehead, Philipsburg, PA

Brittney Williams, Atlantic, PA

Garrett Wilson, Howell, MI

Reese Wilson, Clearfield, PA

Heather Witherow, Reynoldsville, PA

Cameron Yankasky, Punxsutawney, PA

Layton Yarus, DuBois, PA

Tyler Yough, Chicora, PA

Sarah Zwick, DuBois, PA

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