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Brookville Man Behind Bars After Threatening Woman, Police Officers


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Brookville Man Behind Bars After Threatening Woman, Police Officers

November 21, 2020 12:32 am·
Author: Aly Delp

Police-new-orange.jpgNEW BETHLEHEM BOROUGH, Pa. (EYT) – A Brookville man is behind bars after he reportedly shoved and threatened a woman, then threatened police officers in New Bethlehem.

Court documents indicate 36-year-old Joshua Robert Greeley was arraigned in front of Magisterial District Judge Timothy P. Schill at 3:30 a.m. on Friday, November 20, on the following charges:

– Terroristic Threats With Intent To Terrorize Another, Misdemeanor 1
– Simple Assault, Misdemeanor 2
– Resist Arrest/Other Law Enforcement, Misdemeanor 2
– Disorderly Conduct-Unreasonable Noise, Misdemeanor 3
– Use/Possession Of Drug Paraphernalia, Misdemeanor
– Public Drunkenness And Similar Misconduct, Summary
– Harassment – Subject Other to Physical Contact, Summary

The charges stem from an incident that occurred outside two local bars in New Bethlehem Borough, Clarion County.

According to a criminal complaint, around 11:23 p.m. on November 19, Officer Airgood, of the New Bethlehem Borough Police Department, was on patrol when he heard screaming and swearing coming from the rear parking lot near two New Bethlehem bars.

At the scene, Officer Airgood found a man, identified as Joshua Greeley, screaming and swearing and pounding on the door of one of the bars with a known woman trying to calm him down. Officer Airgood told Greely to calm down, but he reportedly refused and continued screaming, threatening to kill Officer Airgood and people in one of the bars, according to the complaint.

The complaint states that Greely was highly intoxicated and refused to follow instructions from Officer Airgood. He also refused to leave with the known woman. Officer Airgood then called for assistance, and Officer Taylor arrived at the scene. Greeley continued to make threats, stating he would not leave without his “old lady.”

Officer Airgood also called for EMS to check on Greely as his nose was bleeding from an earlier incident inside the bar. However, when EMS arrived at the scene, Greely was still irate and refused to let them check him, the complaint notes.

According to the complaint, Greely threatened both of the officers at the scene and was eventually put in handcuffs and placed on the ground.

Police then spoke to the bartender inside the bar about what had occurred. The bartender reported that Greeley was highly intoxicated and was trying to fight other patrons in the bar. When he was told to leave, he refused.

Police also spoke to a known female victim who reported that Greeley had been screaming and trying to assault anyone who came near him in the bar. The victim stated Greeley screamed, “I’m the baddest,” and said he was going to “kill anyone who got in his way.” He reportedly “went after” a woman listed as his girlfriend and tried to grab her, and when another woman stepped in his way and said “stop,” he then pushed her out of the way, and she nearly fell. He also pushed the known woman in the chest, trying to get to his girlfriend, and stated he was going to “beat the (expletive) out of her,” the complaint indicates.

After Greeley was told he was being placed under arrest, a search incident to arrest found a marijuana pipe and a pocket knife on his person. Police then attempted to place Greeley in a patrol vehicle. Greeley reportedly began screaming and threatening all of the officers at the scene, then dropped down to try to avoid getting into the vehicle, according to the complaint.

It took three officers to place him in the vehicle, and he then had to be restrained with leg shackles after he attempted to kick the window of the vehicle and refused to stop. Eventually, he went from screaming and threatening the officers to crying, the complaint states.

Unable to post $2,500.00 monetary bail, he was lodged in the Clarion County Jail on Friday, November 20.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for 10:45 a.m. on December 1, with Magisterial District Judge Jeffrey C. Miller presiding.                                                                                                                                               https://www.explorejeffersonpa.com/brookville-man-behind-bars-after-threatening-woman-police-officers/

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