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14-Year-Old Charged With Murdering Older Sister In Lancaster County


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Police: 14-year-old charged with murdering sibling in Lancaster County

by Michael Gorsegner

Feb. 22: 2021: Claire Miller, 14, charged as an adult with criminal homicide. Police say she killed her older sister Monday morning.
Feb. 22: 2021: Claire Miller, 14, charged as an adult with criminal homicide. Police say she killed her older sister Monday morning.
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LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa. — A horrific scene in Lancaster County where a 14-year-old girl is charged with stabbing her sister to death.

In and out of the house for hours, investigators gathered evidence all day. Inside, a gruesome crime. A 14-year-old is accused of stabbing her 19-year-old sister to death while her parents slept.

“This is just an awful situation,” said Chief Thomas Rudzinski from the Manheim Township Police Department.

Just after 1:00 a.m., court documents say 14-year-old Claire Miller called police claiming she “killed her sister.” Responding officers found the young woman outside of her Manheim Township home covered in blood.

“She directed them to the bedroom where they found her sister with a stab wound,” said Chief Rudzinski.

Inside Helen Miller’s bedroom, officers found the 19-year-old lying in bed with a blood-stained pillow over her face. Underneath, court documents say a knife was stuck in the victim’s neck.

“It’s sad and unusual. It’s unusual to say the least. You just don’t see these types of crimes here,” said Chief Rudzinski.

Both parents, unaware of the situation until the first arriving officers went into the home. Now, the couple is dealing with the loss of both of their children.

“I can’t imagine what those parents are going through today. I’m sure they are upset to say the least over the loss of one and the second one is in prison as well,” Chief Rudzinski said.

Claire Miller was taken into custody at the scene by Manheim Township officers and the Lancaster County District Attorney's Office is assisting with the investigation. She is charged with criminal homicide.

Authorities say Miller is being charged as an adult because homicide is not considered a delinquent act in Pennsylvania. Anyone charged with homicide in Pennsylvania is not eligible for bail.

As investigators move forward with the case, one of the struggles is to figure out the motive behind the crime.

“All people here are affected in a very very sad way and we are just going to try and help everybody deal with it."

Part of that help will be in the way of emotional help for first responders. The officers and EMS personnel who came into the home were witness to a brutal scene and will be offered counseling from the county.                                                                                                                                                                                           SEE TWEET, VIDEO     ;     https://wjactv.com/news/local/police-14-year-old-charged-with-murdering-sibling-in-lancaster-county

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