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    Stories like this restore your faith in humanity! 💞
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    Thank the Lord someone,e finally reported it
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    Band cards are here!

    I think so .. but its only for accessories with bicycle purchase. Here's the deal, If you buy me a nice bike .... .... I'll buy you a nice bike light for your scooter and save you 10% DEAL?
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    The problem is this bag is so far removed from the south he doesn't know what is or isn't offensive, or why it is or isn't offensive. He's also black/colored/African-American/other, and I'm sure he's just as in tune with that ethnicity as he is his southern roots, that Urkel looking for brains 1. You don't sound southern: If you don't, then that means either A. You didn't live here long enough, or B. You grew up so ashamed of the accent that you made a conscious effort to lose it 2. Bless your heart. I can't complain here, I have covered this and concur 3. Do you live on a farm or in the woods? Both. I live on a farm in the woods. On a dirt road. With chickens. you! 4. Y'all hungry? He's contradicting himself here, he's angry about people using southern stereotypes, then claiming ownership of this stereotype by saying it's not a question, but a demand. He's an idiot. He's also behind the times. This phrase has been replaced with "Jeet yet?" 5. North Carolina, South Carolina, its all the same thing. You mean they're not? No ! Even before I learned DooBwa was full of rednecks I never assumed y'all were the same as WV. 6. If you're offended when someone thinks you marry your cousins, chances are you are related to yourself. Besides, I consider WV a northern state and everyone knows most inbreeding happens there 7. Unsweetened tea is not real tea, just erase that option from the menu completely. Um... Ok, he's got a point there 8. There is no such thing as too much butter. Nearly 44% of African American men have some form of heart disease. May wanna rethink that one, Urkel 9. People ask you have you seen the KKK down here? You ever speak to anyone from Punxy? Seriously, no disrespect, but I've heard more about the KKK on this forum in the last 2 years than I have here at home 10. Yes ma'am and yes sir. Listen for the inflection, dumb, those can mean the same thing as Bless Your Heart Friggin' turncoat
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    JIF Peanut Butter

    Did you see JIF's latest commercial? The star is DuBois native, Morgan Obenreder. Super Bowl quality commerical.
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    old farm boy

    Something to crab about

    Hey Bon, did you have to walk uphill both ways through three feet of dinosaur poo to get to school
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    Did she put the tomatoes on the bottom? I bet she put the tomatoes on the bottom
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    Where were you 18 years ago .... on Tuesday Sept 11th when we were attacked?
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    I say that we should form a caravan and all of us head down to LFG's place for the winter
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    Meet my granddaughter Faith Marie

    Today at CHP, we now know Faith has full Trisomy 18. We were hoping she had Mosaic in her condition. She is 12 1/2# now. They were happy with her weight gain & growth spurt.
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    Reminds me of the scene in "Witness" after Harrison Ford punches the bully in the nose and the other Amish man explains to the shopkeeper "He's from Ohio"
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    Tennessee Volunteers Published 5 hours ago University of Tennessee band rocks bullied fan’s shirt design at football game By Melissa Leon | Fox News close Fox News Flash top headlines for Sept. 14 Fox News Flash top headlines for Sept. 14 are here. Check out what's clicking on Foxnews.com The University of Tennessee can’t get enough of one of its biggest fan’s original shirt design. The university's Pride of the Southland band showed off their school spirit by wearing a Florida fourth-grader's special T-shirt before the Volunteers' football game against Chattanooga on Saturday. Members of the Pride of the Southland band perform as they wear the University of Tennessee superfan shirt after designing his own UT shirt and wearing it to his school before an NCAA college football game against Chattanooga Saturday, Sept. 14, 2019, in Knoxville, Tenn. (AP Photo/Wade Payne) The student was bullied by his classmates after he came to school wearing a hand-drawn design over an orange shirt for Altamonte Elementary School’s college spirit day in August. His teacher, Laura Snyder, explained in a Facebook post that her student was extremely excited to wear his shirt to support UT, but that he was bullied by his classmates for the homemade design. "After lunch, he came back to my room, put his head [on] his desk and was crying. Some girls at the lunch table next to his [who didn’t even participate in college colors day] had made fun of his sign that he had attached to his shirt. He was DEVASTATED," she wrote. Snyder’s post went viral and caught the attention of school officials who decided to sell the shirt online and in the campus store. BULLIED STUDENT'S HOMEMADE UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE SHIRT NOW AN OFFICIAL DESIGN "Vols were touched to learn of the student's heart for the University of Tennesse and sent UT gifts of all sorts. Now you can share in this student's Volunteer pride by wearing his design on your shirt too," the store said on its website, which was reportedly overwhelmed by shoppers who wanted to purchase the boy's shirt. More than 50,000 shirts have been pre-sold, and all proceeds will go the Stomp Out Bullying nonprofit, according to the university. Snyder wrote in an update on Friday, “My student has definitely felt the love and support from people all over the world. It has been such an awesome week with my class. We’ve had lots of discussions about being kind, and I’m really excited to see my students step up their acts of kindness.” The University of Tennessee announced on Thursday that it was offering the student honorary admission to the Class of 2032. UT also awarded the fourth-grader a four-year scholarship covering his tuition and fees starting in fall of 2028 if he decides to attend the university and meets admission requirements, they said. UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE GIVES SCHOLARSHIP TO BULLIED STUDENT WHO DESIGNED HOMEMADE SCHOOL SHIRT Since the fourth-grader's shirt went viral, many others have joined the orange movement to stand up against bullying. Winding Creek Elementary School in Pennsylvania was inspired by the university's support of the fourth-grader. “Today, we celebrated what you did standing up against bullying. Our entire school wore orange to stand with you! Thanks for stepping up,” the school tweeted Thursday. SEEVIDEO, TWEET ; https://www.foxnews.com/sports/university-of-tennessee-band-rocks-bullied-fans-shirt-design
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    Mahatma Kane Jeeves

    Movie Theater

    It is going to become a Golden Ticket Cinema. On Facebook, they said that they will honor all 2019 Popcorn Buckets. Here is their Website: https://www.gtcinemas.com/
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    Band cards are here!

    Steve, I heard LFG has a scooter & loves riding around on the weekends waving 👋🏻 at every motorcycle that goes by. A light would really help him brighten up the area around him. 🛵
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    “Family Cloths”

    That’s what the hair dryer is for!! 😉
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    Bundle up! Farmers' Almanac predicts wild winter, 'Polar Coaster' coming by TRAVIS GARY | WJAC Staff Monday, August 26th 2019 AA Get ready to’ bundle up, because the 2020 Farmers' Almanac is calling for a wild ride this winter. (WJAC) WASHINGTON (WJAC) -- Get ready to’ bundle up, because the 2020 Farmers' Almanac is calling for a wild ride this winter. The almanac is predicting that this winter will be filled with so many ups and downs on the thermometer, that we’ll feel like we’re on a “Polar Coaster.” The Farmers' Almanac offers 16 months of weather forecasts across seven zones. The almanac says that those of us in the northeast can expect colder weather than normal for most of the winter with above-normal precipitation. According to the Farmers' Almanac, the coldest stretch of winter will be during the final week of January and the beginning of February, and spring will get off to a slow start. https://wjactv.com/news/local/bundle-up-farmers-almanac-predicts-wild-winter-polar-coaster-coming
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    Lobster 🦞 Ice Cream

    Sometimes you just have to venture into the deep water and see what's there. Try it, you might like it.
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    Just saw a stupid road sign

    Maybe they need to step up their game a little. We are still killing and injuring more people on the highways than we are with guns. Toss in millions of dollars in property losses and we might have a problem.
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    old farm boy

    Just saw a stupid road sign

    No sign beats my favorite......"DEER CROSSING". Seriously? The deer all congregate in one area and politely wait to cross? People in downtown DuBois don't even use the crosswalks but we have deer crossing in a specified area
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    A "Jerk" Club? be very careful. If you get the jist.
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    Carli Lloyd Breaks Down Her 55-Yard FG

    Carli Lloyd Breaks Down Her 55-Yard FG at Eagles Practice | Philadelphia Eagles
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    We really don't know what, or should say,who is lurking in the jungle we live in!
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    Pfft. I'd expect nothing less from a University of Michigan study. BTW, typically those small errors lead to larger ones and, depending on what you're typing, the value of the meaning decreases appreciably. But, it's all a matter of context. Out here, spelling mistakes can add a little flavor and some humor to a discussion, whether that leads to a double entendre or a little unintended innuendo, it's all in fun. However, in others, if you can't understand and differentiate between something as simple as to/too or there/their, then you probably have no business attempting to claim that certain views are superior to others.
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    Those pics are amazing! 💞
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    “Family Cloths”

    Too hard to hold the mirror at the same time
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    Elk Cam now streaming

    They are out now. Early evening (6 or 7ish) and after dark around 9-9:30ish. I'm sure they are in the field at other times but that's when I have time to look. Not sure about during the daytime.
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    Acts of kindness

    That's what I just told my gm the other day! That it would be nice to hear thank you to feel more appreciated instead of being treated like crap!
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    One of fedup's better moments. A watering hole down here was having a big problem with sandspurs by the side entrance. Everyone was b------g about them. The lady that owned the place didn't know what to do. Sandspurs are nasty little things. Ole fedup came up with a solution for her. I took a weedburner and fried those little suckers. They popped like popcorn. I burnt the hair off my legs but I took care of them. They next day, all the patrons was thanking fedup for his solution and saying "why didn't we think of burning them"? Me, being a proud Yankee impressed with my ingenious solution, responded to their praise See, it takes a Yankee using fire to clean up the south. I was only being proud of taking care of a problem. My comment had nothing to do with the Civil War----- to me---- but it sure did to these people. They were pizzzed. OOPS
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    Back when we had a place on the NC/SC line one of our friends down there said "the only good thing to come out of Georgia was I-85."
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    He is an "ELITE Yankee". Their is a distinction between us "Yankees". Some of us actually work a few jobs and went to a public state university. If you look at the schools and his major. AMERICAN STUDIES. Classical example of what our Liberal universities are spitting out. Skidmore is a small Elite Liberal college whose tuition is probably 1o times higher than it deserves. This guy is probably in debt over 100,000 for those degrees. NYU is where the go to get indoctrinated into the Everything is free Liberal life. His Masters should say "Masters in Liberal BS". Everytime I hear NYU I Internet sites COLOSSAL(Failure), MENTAL FLOSS(Is that flossing between your ears?), COMPLEX(Uh!OH! My American Studies job doesnt lead to a specific job). Yep, these are our future leaders like AOC. And he wants his student loan forgiven. PS. Freelance means he doesnt have a real job.
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    Dr. Herring

    Yes we did also and when our last little one died at home and we took her there for cremation. When we got her back they had a card with her paw print. Special special people !!!!
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    I get the shivers reading these stories and remembering the events of that day.
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    I was working for a company in Reynoldsville. 9:00 break I went through the office area and the outside salesman who just arrived said he heard on his car radio a plane had just hit the WTC. By the time break was over (9:10) the radio in our shop was reporting the second plane had hit.
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    old farm boy

    Pittsburgh Dad

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    WOW! Labor Day Weekend Mass Incidents in PA. 684 crashes is still too many. We will have to outlaw autos soon. I was wondering how many cell phone citations were given out.
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    Band cards are here!

    Style? Or Tegridy?
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    I don't know that this will help find them, but in my mind they look very similar to jt85 and Sapphire, not sure who the other girl is Just trying to do my part
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    And awaaayyy we go

    Letting a teamless redneck tag along this year
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    And awaaayyy we go

    I hope we lose every game. I've got my pitchfork and torch ready for Muschamp
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    Unless the holiday is Halloween!😬
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    500 holes? Someone has WAY too much time on their hands! SMH
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    Does anyone buy this thing? How does the Farmer's almanac stay in business? I always thought of it as "Nature's Horoscope"...something you thumb through while in line at the grocery store. Their bi-annual predictions are not even close to reality.
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    You didn't want to mess with Na Na.
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    If you had an anonymous name on a forum, and your username sounded Latin and ended in an "A", and someone referenced you by saying "she", would you send them a PM and correct them?
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    Hey Grandpa, What's For Supper?

    Steak, mashed potatoes and Hanzelys corn on the cob. It's the best.
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    Pizza Pizza

    Sounds wonderful except for the tomato sauce, you need to make a yummy homemade sauce and it's so easy to make a fresh herby sauce! Thanks for the info, I love to cook!
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    😂😂😂 Yes I know the difference between a yankee and a damn yankee. A yankee visits but a damn yankee stays 🤷🏻‍♀️
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    What kind of grill/grills do you use?

    That's me, Kingsford charcoal only, no lighter fluid. I always start the coals in a chimney then transfer to the grill. I'll use lump charcoal from time to time if I want really high temps for searing steak, but I still get better flavor from Kingsford and hickory
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    “Family Cloths”

    I presently use Extra Soft Quilted Northern.. I think the southern Heat Wave is getting to you. Or another mediocre gamecock season. MY friends think IM most CHILLED person in the World I dont get wound up much. Im cool under pressure. if the Green Deal passes you'll be back cleaning your butt old pre revolutionary style . Leaves. Or Water in a sea shale.(Think scrape and rinse)
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