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    Dairy Queen

    I have to comment on this thread, though I've tried hard not to. I'm just tired of so many saying that our youth are ignorant, lazy kids. I guess they just don't know the kids that I know. Ha, that there might be a factor. Parents reap what they sow. YES I know that there are kids who are "bad", guess what though? Way back in the day when I was a teenager, there were tons of them, and I do mean tons of them. There are so many good kids who strive to make good grades, work part time, help at home and are respectful. I don't want to be a broken record, but I'll say it again. For those who think all of our young ones are spoiled brats and have no morals, volunteer to help out with the senior interviews at the high school. It's an eye opener for sure. I've participated for years and find it so inspiring at the kids who work their buts off to maintain their grades, participate in activities and volunteer. I just attended our grandson's graduation a couple of weeks ago. He graduated with high honors, as did his brother. They are both admirable, hard working young men.
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    The policy was in place during the Obama administration. Trump chose to enact the policy differently than Obama. This article explains the ins and outs of the policy enough, if you want to read it. https://www.vox.com/2018/6/11/17443198/children-immigrant-families-separated-parents Side note, I didn't do any research on what political affiliations vox.com may have so I can't speak to it's bias perceived or real. I'm not going to debate the separation of kids/families. I was simply responding to another poster's claim about the left being hypocrites. I see plenty of hypocrisy, especially on the subject of abortion, coming from the right too. There's no pedestal here. Each party is down in the mud.
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    I'm havig a yard sale today, limited to hundreds of lawn chairs of all colors, types and varities. I have them laid out for viewing along Long Ave. and Brady Street. This is an "Honor System Sale", so take as many as you want, price is $1.00 per chair, and when you have time simply drop the cash you own at the Salvation Ary. Happy shopping!
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    JMHO, but I find any of this intolerance disgusting. Look, whether you are a Trump lover or hater, you must know about his tweets, seriously, they're out there. He promotes name calling and things that I honestly never thought I'd see a POTUS do, but his supporters cheer it on and that is their right to do so. I personally find any kind of discrimination wrong, this is 2018!!! We are actually regressing as a country. That's the sad thing. The restaurant owner was wrong to ask Sanders to leave. Pure and simple. What I don't like is her rush to twitter about it. It's like throwing gas on a fire. We are becoming more divided every day. My disgust is that so many cheer on the division. WTH is going on?!?
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    Dairy Queen

    I guess I'm just an awful parent for wanting my kids to get a good night sleep before school because their education is more important to me then an after school job they don't even need. If my thinking that way makes my kids pampered and spoiled then so be it. Nobody is going to make me feel like a crapy parent for it.
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    Quote of the week for me. For years and years, I was absolutely pro-life and could never understand anyone who could support pro-choice. I would argue with anyone, because I just felt that I was right! I personally am pro-life because I could never do it. But, it's no longer a black and white issue to me. I started getting older. I watched a documentary about abortion laws in Missouri. But the end I was in tears and I did do a lot of research on it to make sure what the program portrayed was true. It was true. So it's very easy for me to say that I am pro-life, but I've never been raped. I've never had a doctor tell me that my unborn child would survive birth but be a vegetable. I could cite many things that I've never experienced, that many other women have. Then I did a lot more research and you are absolutely right. We have many who so want to protect them in the womb, once born though, forget about it. And I find that the same ones who feel that way are the very same ones screaming about welfare? It makes no sense. The last thing that I came to understand is our Constitution. I support the Constitution. I lean very conservative on many issue. I finally came to the conclusion that if I believe in our Constitution, then I have to support the entire Constitution, I cannot pick and choose. The thing is that if you believe in our Constitution, then ergo you are pro-choice. If you do not believe in our Constitution, then being pro-life makes sense. It's a conundrum for sure. One other thing that I heard from a mother who made her choice to abort because of heart wrenching reasons is that being pro-choice does not equal being pro-abortion. We just have so many people in our country who only see black and white, there is no other choice and they feel they have the right to control how others live and feel. There is a word for the, but I'll not say it. We just all have to realize that this year is mid term elections and we'll continue to hear ABORTION and GUNS consistently until after the November election, and then those issues will be put to rest once again....will we never learn?
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    Critter Cam

    It's raining so had time to check some critter cameras here on The Hill and thought I would share a couple pics. Sorry that the one I have of Big Foot was just to blurry and to far in the distance to share! Mommy Wait for Me!!!!!!!! Here Kitty Kitty Kitty...........
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    Awesome car

    This is a handmade science fiction car and it was for sale years back. It is called the ETV or Extra Terrestrial Vehicle. It was made in Florida by Mike Vetter.
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    So it is perfectly OK to discriminate against someone because of their job and because you feel that their opinions carry more weight than those of an ordinary citizen? Is this the basis on which restaurants are refusing to serve police officers who quality, if my opinion, as ordinary citizens? So it is OK to refuse to serve someone on the basis of their job and what that job implies but not on the basis of their race or sex? I suppose a bigot can have "great moral courage" but it is somewhat misplaced. She would not have the opportunity to serve me because I would not eat in her establishment any more than I would eat somewhere that asked someone to leave on the basis of the color of his skin. How do you know who she has or has not asked to leave in the past? Are you acquainted with he personally? Also, see the below definition of bigot. big·ot ˈbiɡət/ noun a person who is intolerant toward those holding different opinions.
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    I couldn't agree with you more. Only the self righteous think it is their right to make decisions for others. I don't know if abortion is morally right or wrong but refusal to allow a woman to terminate a problematic pregnancy is vindictive. Forcing them to resort to bleach or coat hangers is barbaric. I remember the bleach story from my childhood. Little pitchers have big ears. She died. Each person has the right to decide for herself what she is willing to take upon her conscience. It is her conscience and belongs to no other. If payment one day comes due then it is her payment to be made. The commandment is thou shalt not kill. We make so many exceptions to that commandment just as we do to all of the others. What right does the state have to call abortion murder and forbid it when it drops bombs on villages and hands guns to 18 year olds and sends them off to kill. There is no black and white in this world. Is it right to force a woman with no future to give birth to a child who also will have no future? To give birth to a child who will be in pain for the entirety of its short life? To carry for 9 months a child that is the product of incest? Only someone with no empathy for others could answer yes to those questions.
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    It's been years since I was quizzed on the Ten Commandments, but isn't there also one that says "Thou shall not commit adultery"? Which means that the first wife shouldn't be cheated on with the second wife and the second wife should not be cheated on with the third wife and the third wife should not be cheated on with a porn star. Off topic but since jaman brought up the Ten Commandments.... 😜
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    Critter Cam

    No more than usual.
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    Careful with that argument. The other side cares soooo deeply for every child in the womb, but loves the death penalty and hates welfare
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    I don't agree with business owners refusing service to someone based on their race, gender, political affiliation, nor sexual orientation. However, given the political atmosphere Trump has created, is anyone really surprised that someone from the other party refused service to Sanders? Trump encourages the name calling, segregation, the us vs. them mentality daily via his tweets. Unfortunately what happened to Ms. Sanders is by-product of this. What's the old saying? You can't lie down with hogs and not expect to get dirty? ETA: lest I be accused of bias against Trump, I find Maxine Walters' behaviors and comments to be equally disgusting. Unfortunately manners are lacking on both sides of the aisle.
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    As the son of an alcoholic/drug addict I go into a rage when I hear those called diseases. My dad chose to do drugs, chose not to stop doing drugs. It wasn't inherited, he just liked getting high. Calling it a disease enabled him to say "I can't help it, I'm sick", then continue destroying his life and the lives of everyone around him. I've mentioned this before, I'm jaded and have a lot of anger so my view is a little skewed, but calling a lifetime of bad decisions a disease is bulls***. Let the gamers have it, too. You set that precedent when you gave the addicts an excuse
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    Sea Lice Reported On Florida Beach

    #3. Are there going to be streakers on the beaches!?!? I'm sorry Officer, but I was told to remove my swim suit as soon as I got out of the ocean!!!
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    Both parties have always been in the mud. I was bringing up a very important fact. Millions of Americans actually believes that Trump passed the law that he is enforcing. One side will not take responsibility as they fuel the fire. That is hypocrisy at it's finest.
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    My guess, the separation of refugee children and their mothers at the border was a level of intolerance against innocents fleeing for their lives from the narco states in South America. It raised the ire of many to where they might be intolerant of those involved. Any mother, any father with a heart, who imagines themselves in that situation, knows what I'm talking about. The house special that evening was karma and Sarah got hers to go.
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    I would like to see the 2 party system done away with. I vote for candidates based on how well the align with issues important to me. Their party affiliation has no bearing on my vote, but unfortunately it does for many. I think doing away with the party system would allow us to discuss issues more and have less Republicans this... or Democrats that...rhetoric. Perhaps then we could start seeing some real change for the citizens of the US.
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    Vintage Fenwick

    The old classic glass is still a superb tool for small to medium/large streams. I had my stint with faster graphite and keep coming back to vintage Fenwicks. Good fun.
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    Liberal or conservative, when it comes to their own kids, parents tend to lose their minds. While the kid certainly deserves kudos for working hard, the reality is, besides immediate family and perhaps a few close friends, nobody really cares about the accomplishments of someone else's kid. I will congratulate Mary, a co-worker, on the success of her daughter getting a full ride to Harvard, but I won't be jumping up and down with excitement, throwing a party, or broadcasting it to all my friends who have no idea who is Mary, let alone her daughter. Envy? Jealousy? Nope...it just doesn't affect my life. If the school rules or standard was no valedictorian, then that be the rules. Live with it. The other basic truth is high school accomplishments are significant for about 3 seconds after receiving your diploma...about the time it takes to walk off the stage. Everything begins anew. Be proud of what you have accomplished, but realize fully that those accomplishments may not amount to a hill of beans as you move forward. For high school valedictorians and other high performing academic students, college classrooms are filled with valedictorians and other high performing academic students. It is quite possible your valedictorian may not have even cracked the top 10-20% at a different high school. And when it comes to athletics, there are thousands of locally highly decorated high school athletes warming the benches of college athletic facilities all across the country.
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    A boy named....Flora?? You can't fix stupid. So glad he chose to eat at the 'karma cafe' and was served what he deserved!
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    Dairy Queen

    You clearly don’t know the situation ignorance is bliss
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