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    I personally know 2 people who have died from Covid. My family & I will continue to wear our masks while in stores, Dr offices, hospitals, or anywhere else they are required. It’s worth saving my loved ones lives!! 🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻
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    There goes all of my 10 wedding receptions I have scheduled in the next few months. Wolf is a !!!!!
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    As long as it is a step toward getting rid of the virus, then let me know what I can do! I am not a sheep, I am a leader and I respect my country.
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    Just two key figures need pointed out. .002% of PA's total population is considered in the active confirmed cases. .0005% of PA's total population has died. Those numbers do not warrant this tyrannical reaction from our state administration.
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    I hope the bars & restaurant owners actually do open up at 100%. I think EVERYTHING should be opened up at 100% without restrictions. Let us, the citizens, decide what is safe and unsafe! https://triblive.com/local/pittsburgh-allegheny/restaurants-and-bars-banding-together-to-give-gov-wolf-an-ultimatum-thursday/
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    Hallelujah. It's refreshing, to say the least, that a company has decided that it won't bow to the whims of social media to make choices for it.
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    Got Goya

    Socialists like you will cheer everything that goes wrong in America. I'm sure you want open borders, so everyone and their brother can pour into our country, so we we pay for their college, healthcare and living expenses. ... .
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    Good for them. Anyone that does not agree with the policy is welcome to shop elsewhere. Any shoppers that attempt to skirt the rule after entering should be politely escorted out.
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    Wolf is incompetent and destined to be regarded as the worst governor in Pennsylvania history. He is anti small business at this point and is clearly demonstrating his inability to lead or govern in any capacity. I'm ashamed of his performance.
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    How much time does it take them to come up with these "meaningful" acronyms? I have an idea that would save a ton of tax payer money: allow people to make their own choices.
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    Yes sir. Your attitude of irrationality is disappointing to 99% of us.
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    You think we are going to get rid of the virus? It’s not going anywhere, just like the flu. If you’re waiting for the virus to be gone before you start to feel safe going out, then you’ll never be going out again.
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    It is time to clean up downtown Clearfield. Call in the chopper.
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    The point is that there is no reliable source of information on this board or anywhere else. Experts in the field can't agree on much of anything. Therefor calling people selfish and uncaring for choosing not to wear masks is harassment. Everyone needs to make his own decision as to what he finds reasonable and no one should be chastised for the course he chooses. Your choice or my choice may not be the same but as Americans we should have that choice. I think what most people resent is that their choice is being taken away from them and their fellow citizens are condoning it.
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    The new mandates for restaurants and bars make no sense. It's simply going to kill the industry. When things do go back to normal there will be no more experienced servers, as they will all have moved on to a different occupation. Restaurants were hanging in at 50% capacity. They will never survive at 25%.
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    So, this guy orders/mandates crippling layers of red tape and barriers for restaurants, then goes to a microphone and advocates that the feds bailout those same restaurants? Aren't politicians the best?
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    According to the US Forum rules, it looks like your name @conservativeman633 is RACIST and you will need to change it immediately. The word "man" is racist according to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the number "#633" is the number of slaves that were owned by democrat president Thomas Jefferson. If you need some ideas on a new username, please let me know, I have more than a few names that would match match your opinions, personality & mental state.
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    Nah. They should fine the zealots like you. Just let it spread already and get it over with. Stretching this out for 1+ years is asinine. Then again you are all for living off the government.
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    Ah yes, when Thomas the Magnificent screws up, it's a mere boo-boo. When a national leader does something Our Resident Expert doesn't like, it's a national disgrace, a catastrophe, a failure of leadership, etc.
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    wolf is such an ass.
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    I would eat my own toenails before I ate McDonald's. Heck, I'd probably eat YOUR toenails before I ate McDonald's.
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    DASD parent survey

    I can tell you for a fact that DuBois does not offer or pay for teacher cell phones. Thus, if a teacher does not want to give out their personal number, that is their prerogative.
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    Haven't you heard, the virus has strict rules to where it does and doesn't go.
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    I'm still shocked that people so worried about the virus eat out. U have no idea how many times the person making the food wipes the sweat from their face and touches your food, touches their sweaty dirty mask to adjust it and touches the food etc. I think they need to worry about that more than someone walking past with no mask.
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    And that is why we do not need any punitive actions by a stupid Democrat. ( The Governor not all Democrats) https://www.spotlightpa.org/news/2020/03/pa-coronavirus-updates-cases-map-live-tracker/
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    Those numbers NEVER CHANGED from before his "mitigation efforts" to now. Drink some more kool aid. Better yet look into things for yourself and quit blindly believing what they feed you.
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    Yeah those who wear the masks are just violent to other customers
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    It's not public property. It's private property. Like your home. If someone were in your home behaving in a way you consider wrong, you would have every right to tell them to leave.
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    Worry about your life. I will worry about mine. Don't like that, stay 6ft from me. Better yet stay 12ft or more from me. I'd be fine if they made social distancing a law. Put a mask on a person and they think they can be on your damn heels.
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    "I would say finish your shift, go home, take a shower, have dinner with your family, and please come to Molly Moon’s and get some ice cream,” she told the outlet. “Everyone is welcome.” ------ Sorry ,but No thanks.
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    Maybe they should just join forces with Natalie Maines washed up trio and call it Chixndix
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    Irony at its best. They dump a name that for some reason they think is associated with slavery and steal the name of a black entertainer. You can't fix stupid.
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    Clear Face Mask?

    The clear ones are important if you work with or are around someone who may be deaf and reads lips.
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    Actually it is. Out of sight, out of mind - which is de facto removing history. They are trying to refashion America to what they envision of a utopia.
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    It's time to start removing the removers.
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    ELM > Elder Lives Matter .... also! Wolf & Levine are more than responsible for the 70% of the covid-19 deaths that came from residents in long-term care facilities. The 2 failures were letting infected patients back into the nursing homes and then stopping state health inspections at those facilities during the pandemic.
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    Wear Goggles Or It'll Get Ya!

    But are my goggles to protect ME, or are my goggles to protect YOU?
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    Cashless Society?

    We will NEVER be a cashless society. The strippers union is too powerful to allow that.
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    Many of these restaurants are forking out additional money to attempt to provide outdoor seating to try to survive this. It's really sad that hampering these businesses is being looked at so nonchalantly by many.
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    I'm so sick of this argument. Masks aren't supposed to save you from the virus. They are supposed to slow the spread by protecting those around you in case you have it. How many times has this been said now? There is plenty of proof that wearing a mask slows the spread of the virus. PLENTY OF PROOF.
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    Feel sorry for the waiters and waitresses who depend on tips to even make minimum wage. You don't maximize tips when only 25% of the seats can be filled. Tip generously, folks. Governor Wolf has made it almost impossible for wait staff to survive.
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    Why don't they use them to catch looters and rioters.
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    We should complain. Our area is doing a good job. An analysis from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of over a million coronavirus cases in the U.S. puts new numbers behind previous observations that the disease "disproportionately" affects racial and ethnic minority groups in the United States. 55% Of U.S. Coronavirus Cases In CDC Analysis Are Black And Hispanic.
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    Got Goya

    Possibly ..... But meanwhile he IS the President of the United States ------ and you're not.
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    Funny how people are so against maybe saving a life
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    Now you will be walking down the street with a paper bottle in a brown paper bag.
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    There is a special place in Hell for people like him. 😡
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