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    Wake up call

    The one thing I take away from this whole corona virus hype is how dependant we have become on other nations for our basic needs and this is what should scare hell out of everybody. We are the greatest nation on earth and we have China threatening to shut off our medical supply chain, which by the way they can easily do. We have allowed our politicians to sell us down the river for 30 years by being bought out by lobbyists and corporations. Wake up people. Forget the toilet paper panic. Start panicking for the very future of this country. Our eyes need to be wide open and reverse the sellout of this nation
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    Walmart Toilet Paper Sold Out! :-)

    To all those people panic buying toilet paper: make sure you also stock up on condoms so you don’t produce more idiots
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    Please support local small businesses when you are able during this. They need us to survive.
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    Not biologically mine, but I've raised him better than half his life. He's my son, he recognizes me as his dad.
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    Support Local Businesses

    I'm a member of our local chamber of commerce, and they just sent out an email. A lot of this is common sense, but very timely, so I thought I would pass it along, help support your local small businesses during this insanity: Purchase essentials from locally owned stores: Local pharmacies, butchers, wine shops, prepared foods, etc... Patronize local restaurants: Order takeout, curbside pickup, and delivery as often as you would go out to eat (or more) Participate in innovative digital offerings: Support small businesses offering online classes and entertainment Shop remotely with local merchants: Need to buy a gift? Choose to shop online at a local store, or purchase from a store offering delivery Buy gift cards to spend later: Go above and beyond to benefit your favorite businesses Choose local vendors: It's not just hospitality and retailers who are losing out on business- select local vendors for your business needs Influence others to do the same: The more people who support local business, the stronger our economy will be I work for a huge company. The big boys will weather this, but mid size to small businesses are going to take a beating over the next few months. I'm the world's worst for ordering from Amazon, but I'm going to make a conscious effort to support my neighbors through this time
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    There has got to be a charge of some type that they can give this "mother", and I use that term lightly. How do you call your child a liar in a situation like this and do nothing. Sickening.
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    Pa.Rest Areas Closed

    Sorry, PA has the highest gas tax and is notorious for having the crappiest streets. COVID19 didn't get here due to people traveling, it came straight out of a pothole that goes straight to China.
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    Wake up call

    I've been complaining at GoDuBois for years that we need more factories instead of restaurants and stores(which sell mostly foreign made things). I don't care what is made as long as something is manufactured. That creates a capital gain, whereas stores/restaurants typically only recycle money with part of it being leached out to other countries or pockets of rich CEO's or shareholders elsewhere. Heck, if the greater DuBois area had a toilet paper factory right now there would be a mountain of cash being added to the area.
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    Checking in

    March 14 at 8:31 PM ·
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    Really sad

    they could teach them how to shoot center mass and then no beds will be needed they can just fill up the morgue
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    A country boy can survive

    Always a plentiful supply of fresh snacks nearby and I don't even have to leave home! This gang did not get the message about social distancing!
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    Help your neighbors .

    In this time of craziness please keep a watch over the neighbors around u. Some can’t make it to the store as much as others and they need Necessities also. If it’s something as simple as a roll of tp or a little bit of milk it will help. This is the time we need to work together not against eachother. It’s going to get worse before it gets better. Let’s stand together and help eachother out. We are all Americans let’s show it. Be kind, caring and lend a helping hand. Have a great week everyone and stay safe.
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    State Shuts Down Liquor Stores

    It is a crock of BS. No body drinks or socializes at the State Stores. State Stores are self-sustaining financially and add revenue to the general fund. It is counter productive to close the stores. I can almost see ordering bars/taverns/restaurants to close because of the close proximity of mixed crowds. But not closing State Stores. This has gone from a misguided attempt to limit the spread of the virus to a social reengineering of the masses. Lots more people will be broke because of not being allowed to work, so they will lose their homes, go hungry, and be dependent on the government. People dependent on their government aren't citizens, they are subjects.
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    No changes in my life. I think it is being overblown.
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    The company I work for has lost millions in stock and revenue due to businesses closing down. This week they implemented a new nationwide poilicy, not of cutting employees hours, or sending a certain number of employees home, but of once a week buying lunch for every single employee in the company and every Friday sending each employee home with a dinner for their entire family. We have been instructed to do this every week until the "all clear" is given. I'm not far enough up the chain to be saying this as a pitch for my company, I'm saying this because I have worked for a couple of other companies that would immediately turn inward, start the layoffs, and try to control the bleeding. Very early in this crisis my company took care of its employees. I was astounded. Yes, it's a big company, and it will survive this, but these are the kinds of things you just don't hear about
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    Pa.Rest Areas Closed

    Lobbies line pockets. I wish policitians wore suits like Nascar driver wear their sponsor's logos so we could see who is lining their pockets.
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    Checking in

    Doing some gardening, never tried this before. Backyard DivaLike Page 15 hrs · A little gardening fun during these strange & difficult times 😂 #gardenerslife #growyourown #toiletpaper2020 #seedstarting #tp #stayhome #toiletpaper #quarentine ( Probably should have posted in the Go Gardening section.)
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    Well I finally lost it!!!! 😡 🛒 🛑 Was just in Walmart and seen a dudes cart FULL to the brim with hand sanitizers, baby wipes, soaps, everything that people need!! I called him selfish and gave him the low down about the elderly, moms, and people who need these types of things. Told him he should be ashamed of himself! He said: “Are you done? Cause I really need to get back to restocking the shelves now!! 😂 (A little laugh to brighten the craziness)
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    Walmart Toilet Paper Sold Out! :-)

    Walmart out of toilet paper sounds like they are wiped out.
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    I will take the counterpoint: I love the Mayhem commercials.
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    Any drug commercial claiming the benefits of the drug then detailing enough risks when you take it to make you forget what the benefits were in the first place.
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    The single most irritating thing for me, grocery or department store, are the people that stand in the middle of the aisle, 2 carts, and play catch up on the last 20 years of their lives.
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    It wouldn't of surprised me at all, if Joe would of said that himself.
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    Parker Dam Fly-Bye

    Went for a spin in the sun today. Parked along a state highway and took in the scenery around the woods.
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    Checking in

    I ran around the block five times today until I got tired. So I picked up the block and put it back in the toy box. Did you ever step on one in the dark? Not fun.
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    CV-19 Is Here!

    We all knew it was coming, just a matter of time. I hope everyone keeps staying home as much as possible and practicing good health habits and precautions. We can have less infections this way, and save some lives, too. I pray for those infected that they will have a quick recovery. I also commend the folks who work in life sustaining businesses that have to go out and work daily. And a big thank you to our doctors, nurses, caregivers, emergency workers, and truckers!
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    Checking in

    So much for sunshine, but on the bright side, (thanks to Lupara🤭) you could eat off of my dashboard, the floors have never been cleaner and my windows are TOTALLY streak free. Even the cupholders are sparkling. 🤓 I am currently trying to psyche myself up to purge a closet....🙄🥵🥱🤥 .....yeah.....no.....maybe tomorrow....🤔 But I have mentally purged it. That counts, right? 🤭
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    Homemade Masks

    Another use for woman's bra. Face mask March 17 at 2:46 PM 💡
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    I was told all you need is a mask and gloves when at the store.....WRONG everyone else had clothes on
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    March 16 at 2:59 PM
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    I am disappointed that there wasn't a typo in the headline: "Unsharted" would have made my day.
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    If you call 911 because you ran out of toilet paper you should be prescribed a coronavirus inhaler
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    Wake up call

    You just passed up the "Golden Ticket" in this thread. Toilet paper + Super Load =
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    How do you feel about the Coronavirus?

    Well, that explains much of the debate forum
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    Liberty Mutual commercials with the emu.
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    I am not sure that I want to see the Farmers Insurance commercial for that one! 😂
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    My 45 years working in a grocery store says there are things people do that are much ruder than these!!
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    Twisted Coronavirus Prank: Pa.

    I think they now made that a FEDERAL Terrorism offense after somebody else did that..
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    Twisted Coronavirus Prank: Pa.

    This is awful. I hope she serves some time for this.
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    Checking in

    Mentally preparing for work tomorrow.Trying to figure out who will take care of my dogs should it be decided that we have to stay there at some point in the future. On the bright side, my son and I took the weenies for a walk in their wheelchairs. They enjoyed themselves.
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    Email from DASD

    Education will learn a real lesson when this is all done------changes ahead.... Good decisions will be made in the meantime...
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    They are allowing the Seniors into the stores after the store has been cleaned and before the store may possibly be contaminated by a days worth of customers. Common sense rules the decision!
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    Pa.Rest Areas Closed

    I called Matt Gabler’s office to express my thoughts on the Governor’s less than brilliant decision to close the rest areas. My next call is to Scarnati’s office and then on to Harrisburg.
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    Walmart Toilet Paper Sold Out! :-)

    March 13 at 6:17 PM
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    Anyone that wants to dispose of their paper currency due to fears of viruses and illness I'll gladly collect it for proper disposal free of charge!
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    Meet my granddaughter Faith Marie

    She is doing ok. Getting teeth in 1 or 2 at a time makes an unhappy Faith & mommy, but mommy puts real vanilla on her gums & makes a happy kid!! She is still having 3 therapist come to the house a week to work with her speech, muscles, & sitting/rolling/standing. All 3 ladies are wonderful with Faith, Brandi, Deryk, & the Midget. They all spend a few moments playing with big sister Midgy & her ball, lol. With this Coronavirus, they are going to be as vigilant as they were when Faith came home. This virus can easily kill Faith because of her weakened immune system.
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    I-80 accident

    Not that I want anyone to be hurt but it always seem like the person causing the accident doesn't sustain life sustaining injuries but the innocent ones do. It's just not fair at all.
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