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    How safe should we feel even in DuBois?

    To me it sounds like this gentlemen would have welcomed a warm greeting. It's too bad the opportunity was missed over paranoia. It's sad that many Americans feel this way and I hope our nation trends differently in the coming decades.
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    I was at the board meeting last night and I noticed they hired another employee at $48k a year and found out he is from the Clarion area. I went home and looked up the administrative directory and noticed that at least 7 administrators live outside of the district, including our super. First, why don’t we hire from within our district? Second, why don’t we atleast require the administrators to move within our tax base? I have a hard time taking our superintendent serious when he doesn’t pay taxes to our district because he CHOOSES to drive from Altoona daily. There is a lot of possible tax money living outside of the district that should be here, considering they have a small say when they decide to raise our taxes.
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    Thoroughly enjoyed this. Thought I'd share
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    One question I have is who lets their 11 year old go to a diner? What if this place had a policy of no minors allowed without a adult?
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    I have never felt unsafe in DuBois or surrounding areas. I've walked in the Bronx in NYC and i don't carry a gun though I wouldn't recommend walking the Bronx to often lol. That can be creepy. I figure if its my time to go its gonna get me weather its by violence, old age, car accident, health..whatever. i keep an eye on my surroundings but I won't live life in fear.
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    How safe should we feel even in DuBois?

    I don't see anyone shaming. I do see ppl siding with the OP in that she recognized she had a different feeling of an individual based on thier appearence and they don't like that they now have that reaction. Nobody called out the OP as a racist or bigot - but shared in her disgust that Americans are now reacting with such paranoia.
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    Pet Halloween Pictures

    Chi Chi didn't like being a taco dog, lol. I had to bribe her to stay still with a treat. She still loves me 💜
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    Walmart cashier in Mississippi helps calm nervous man paying with change Aris Folley, ,•November 13, 2017 1 / 2 Walmart cashier in Mississippi helps calm nervous man paying with change A Walmart cashier's simple act of kindness has shown that slowing down and showing patience can sometimes make all the difference. A Walmart cashier's simple act of kindness has shown that slowing down and showing patience can sometimes make all the difference. In a widely-shared Facebook post, Spring Herbison Bowlin said her heart was warmed during a recent shopping trip to a Walmart in Mississippi. Bowlin had stopped by the megastore on her lunch break Thursday and was waiting in the checkout line when she said she was moved by a cashier's kindness toward one customer. Bowlin wrote that a man in front had just been given his total when he nervously looked back at her and started to apologize as he placed handfuls of change on the counter. "He miscounts and starts to get flustered," Bowlin wrote. "His hands and voice are shaking," she said. "This beautiful cashier takes his hands and dumps all the change on the counter and says, 'This is not a problem, honey. We will do this together.'" After the transaction was handled, Bowlin said she thanked the cashier for being so patient with the customer. "She shakes her head and replies, 'You shouldn't have to thank me, baby. What's wrong with our world is we've forgotten how to love one another.'" The post, which was uploaded Thursday, has since been liked more than 24,000 times.
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    Apparently, the parents doing the complaining have never worked in food service. As someone who has, I feel that these folks should stop complaining and give their kids a little extra money for leaving tips. Working as a server is hard work, and you have to be on your toes and appear in a good mood everyday if you want to make any money; and you have to put up with a certain amount of crap, too. Also, if the cook is having a bad day, the server suffers. These parents need to teach their kids respect for the work the servers do. Every job is worth respecting and is important. I personally always tip well because of this.
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    I'm sorry but you are the one reading into my posts what you think they mean rather than what I'm saying. I deny your interpretation and you insist you are right. Do you realize that means that you feel that you know what I am thinking better than I do? Please read with an open mind and not with a preconceived idea. I am not making any comments on people who are victims. I am not commenting on their psychology, their feelings or anything else involving them. I think I made that plain. I am commenting on how not to be a victim. Please do not fasten on one sentence in a post, take it out of context and interpret it as you see fit even after I have told you that is not what I meant. I am not at fault if someone interprets what I said wrongly and then is hurt by their interpretation. I read everything twice before commenting. I wish you would to the same. Also, everyone is entitled to his or her opinion. No one is entitled to attack someone for what they have said especially if they haven't said it. Dispute the idea but do not attack the person holding it.
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    I agree with Lyndsay. I am not going to limit myself by living in fear. There are a lot more good people out there than bad.
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    Would the sale of three confiscated ATVs cover it?
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    The more armed citizens the safer you are. Stay away from democratic run cities that don't allow guns. Considering the amount of people around here that carry I'd say yer pretty safe.
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    Crap can happen anywhere. No matter where you are you should always know where the exits are. You should always be observant to your surroundings(people/critters/smoke(fire)/etc). And if you choose not to carry a defensive tool, at least look around and mentally log what can be used should crap hit the fan. The police will arrive just in time to place a chalk outline around your corpse.
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    Plug was pulled on the original concept. Rumor had it (overheard at the downtown Sheetz at 2:30 AM today), is that the city's latest iteration is a tri-level roundabout, much like a 3D chessboard. You enter and immediately pick a ramp upwards, based on where you want to end up.
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    Possible roundabout coming to DuBois.

    Oh darn. Some people just need to learn how to maneuver through a 4-way stop or just avoid that intersection. It's not difficult.
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    Dunkin' Donuts

    That is sooo false. That company is going to be paying property tax and various other taxes to the local area and state along with the employees spending their pay checks at various other local businesses. When that business has an electrical or plumbing problem do you think they are going to call a contractor from Canada or Brazil to come and fix the issue??
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    Just heard Julio's Bar is closing!

    Thank you Steve. sad for them, many prayers. The Jared Bar....fresco fries...wings and steak and cheese hoagies. Everything was yummy and service was great!
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    Hate to do it but--- The Mississippi Squirrel Revival ---- SEE VIDEO --
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    Anyone finding painted rocks?

    So if I paint these rocks in my yard, people will take them home? I love America!!
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    ACLU Scores Victory

    Tired of both political parties? Do what I do. I just renewed my membership to the ACLU. It is a bipartisan, or better put, a non-partisan organization, that fights for the Constitution.
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    I found this pic on facebook. so funny
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    How safe should we feel even in DuBois?

    How safe one feels is personal. It has nothing to do with how safe one actually is. I do know one thing and that is the more you feel like a victim, and act like a victim the more likely you are to become one.
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    Make them paint the field a solid green too!
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    Woman Fired For Flipping Off Trump's Motorcade

    The shirt she is wearing, does that have her employers name on it?? If it does, , that was just plain dumb!!! I would think if she did that with a regular t-shirt on, she wouldn't of gotten fired!!!
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    It sends a message: Please properly train your police force and screen your employees.
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    penn st ohio st

    The second half , Penn state was playing not to lose instead of playing to WIN
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    Traffic Circle at Harley Davidson

    Assign a break dancing traffic cop with a whistle. That'll solve the issue and add some flavor into this town.
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    Yep, I have it printed out and in the basket for the BUDS meeting on Dec 7.
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    Commotion in Falls Creek

    Its not gossip when the author retracts the post immediately. That's called actual updated REAL NEWS not old fake gossip.
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    Commotion in Falls Creek

    Actually a meth lab can cause a fire so could be both.
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    How A Micro Preemie Mom Is Learning To Let Go Published by Kayla Aimee on May 9, 2017 61 Vote up! My 6-year-old daughter decided that she wanted to play softball this year and so I signed her up at our local parks department without a second thought. Turns out, softball is a whole thing. I have not been in such a committed relationship since I said my wedding vows. I’m pretty sure that we’re at the point where I can just start leaving my toothbrush in the restroom behind the concession stands. Since it is her first season on a team we’re both learning the ropes. She’s learning how to field a ball and how to run the bases in the right direction and the words to all of the rhyming cheers little girls chant in the dugout. I’m learning how to do intricate French braids “like the other girls” and how much OxiClean it takes to keep a uniform clean and what constitutes acceptable post-practice snacks. (Apparently some people have very strong feelings about the snack schedule.) I’m also learning how to let go. Six years ago this spring she made her entrance into the world unexpectedly, a whole fifteen and half weeks early and in critical condition. When your brand new baby tips the scales at just one pound, eight ounces and fits fully in the palms of your hands all of your expectations shift. Your new center of gravity becomes this tiny baby, tethered by the constant heartbeat of a prayer that she will live and not die. Saving her becomes instinctual, habitual. I sat on the bleachers a few weeks ago and watched her run out onto the field, trailing behind her teammates in size and ability but miles ahead in enthusiasm. She struck out every single time she was up to bat but she turned and gave me a thumbs-up anyhow. I was feeling so proud of her positive attitude despite her underdeveloped skill set when I overhead another parent make a disparaging comment about how the little girl in pink would hold the team back this season. I politely, if not somewhat pointedly, informed them that the little girl in pink was mine and that it was her first time ever playing on a (ahem) children'ssoftball team. (That was not what I wanted to do. What I wanted to do was spin on a heel and let all my southern right out but I am practicing this new thing called restraint.) The hardest part for me back then, during the almost 6 months in the NICU and the years of therapy and medical interventions that followed, were all the things we had to do to protect her. There were the feeding tubes and the monitors and the intricate occupational therapy exercises. She had all these special needs and it became the status quo to shield her, to always be out in front of her delays. The hardest part for me now is not shackling her to them. What I want to do is to overexplain to the other parents crowded onto these not-just-metaphorically uncomfortable bleachers exactly how far she has come. That it’s hard for her to throw the ball because of her frozen wrists, that she only just this year learned how to drink without a sippy cup, but look at her with her glove in the air. That it took two years of physical therapy to strengthen her muscles and her core is still so weak but look at her swinging the bat. That sure, she’s getting lapped around the bases but they told me she might never walk and look at her now, running. And all the ways I shielded her before, the way I explained away her delays in advance in an attempt to provide an upfront cushion, she doesn’t want me to do that anymore. I want to honor that. I want to let her forge her own way. And I don’t want to lower their expectations before she has a chance to smash through them. She’s ready to set her own bar. So I don’t tell them. She strikes out again and again and they just see the stats on a scoreboard but I hear the echoes of statistics in a hospital room, those low numbers that they paired with the words “odds of survival” and all I can feel is the way that prayer turned to praise because look at her, living. She might just be crossing a pitcher’s mound on her way to right field, where a rogue ball rarely reaches, but with every step she is moving mountains. And in the first game of the year she stepped up to the plate, swung hard, and hit the ball for the very first time, straight out to center field. Then she threw her hands in the air in celebration and ran herself straight back the dugout. I have never cheered so loudly. SEE RELATED VIDEO ;
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    Sandy Sewer :(

    Note that I am a transplant to this area nearly 35 years ago. I also currently live in Sandy. It is my sincere belief had Sandy and DuBois merged about 30 years ago, this would be a much more prosperous area. Instead, they waste money fighting over things like sewage and water and just about anything else you can think of. I am quite sure businesses have looked at this area. All the pieces are in place: easy access to major highways, decent education system with public and private, including college, facilities, low cost of living, reasonable distance to major cities and colleges, healthcare, and numerous other advantages. However, the infighting between the locals probably has caused many a business to bypass the area simply because they didn't want to deal with local politics. You can't complain about youth fleeing the area while sitting back an wanting to remain 'anonymous'. Would years of 'instability and uproar' be worth it? Yes, definitely. Right now, the only hope for the future is the young and outsiders that move into the area take a wiser approach and cast off old territorial notions and the us vs them attitudes. Fortunately, eventually the old plugs in the sewer will die off allowing progress to made.
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    Addicted Towns of Pennsylvania

    $14 an hour is relatively good for a small town family unless they have bad habits, lots of kids, excessive bills or special needs which can receive assistance from government support. How do you think that many of us survived on less than that at times? It's about "making do" and keeping your needs ahead of your wants.
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    That brick is going to become a godubois icon. We need to add it to the emoticon thing for the occasions when it is needed.
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    That guy can sit next to me at any time, any where. (Love his hat!) However, I don't think the problem was tattoos or his clothing choices for the fellow at the veteran's service. . If he was of a "different race" he was probably black. You may have a large black population where you come from but in DuBois they are few and far between although there are more than there used to be. Maybe they too are fleeing the cities. I imagine that it takes quite a bit of courage for them to show up at these gatherings. Actually, it probably takes real guts to come and live here. People are what people are. It is probably worse to make a fuss over them because they are different. They know why you are doing it. The last homeless guy I ran across helped me load heavy pots into the truck. Unless they are actually foaming at the mouth I don't worry too much.
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    If you read the Sutherland Springs story, you'll see that a concerned neighbor took his rifle to the church after hearing all the shots inside. He exchanged gunfire with the killer, and the killer RAN from the church. Then the citizen chased the killer after jumping into a passerby' s pickup truck. I'm guessing the killer's intention was to finish off the other twenty or so persons in that church. His gunfire saved lives. Pure and simple.
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    There's no report that the armed citizens actually saw or were confronted by the shooter. Walmart stores are pretty big. I would bet they heard the shots and commotion and drew their weapons to prepare to defend themselves, their families or other bystanders.
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    Ms Chris

    Hey Grandpa, What's For Supper?

    Chocolate chip cookies and sugar cookie bars. Spent the evening I had to sample.
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    Possible roundabout coming to DuBois.

    Herm was considering "loop de loops", like on the race car sets we all had when kids. He backed off that suggestion, when he figgered drivers would slow down when upside down, dropping to the road surface below.
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    It will lead you to Herm`s new Casino in DuBois which will be decorated with stolen plants from the old bath tub at the other crazy intersection.
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    Maybe she could come to DuBois and gather all the deserted shopping carts and exercise her way to the respective stores where they belong?
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    I usually use cart and exercise in the stores. Go up and down aisles, sometime make U turn in middle of aisle or back up to check something. At times twist and turn when getting something off shelf and placing in cart.
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    Hang out in the Lowe's parking lot if you want to see some creativity.
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    Really?? Rattlesnake Bite ??

    I'm sure there are a few in DooBwa that would pay a fortune to watch me tickle a rattlesnake
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    Really?? Rattlesnake Bite ??

    You need to come up here next year for the snake hunt. You can demonstrate what you mean on the rattlesnakes & copperheads for us!! 😀
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