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    💕 We respectfully ask that each of you read this and if you are so inclined please pray for all of the RN's at PH DuBois. For the last several weeks we have all come together united as one to make our hospital the best it can possibly be. Our motives are pure and our efforts have been honest and mighty. We strive for more time with our patients, increased safety for all including manageable nurse/patient ratios, reasonable scheduling, recognition for years worked, efforts to increase retention, and most important, respect. They, management, will have you believe that we are just out for more money. That would be great for sure as we are some of the lowest paid nurses in the region. If all we wanted was more money, we would have looked elsewhere long ago. We love our jobs, we love our patients, we love our coworkers. When trying to speak to management about our issues we have been told more than a couple times that if we don't like it there then we can JUST LEAVE. However, WE. DON'T. WANT. TO. LEAVE. We want to make it better. That is why we are forming a union through PASNAP. You can not imagine what we are going through each and every day. Management has hired union busters who are paid $3-4,000 dollars A DAY. Their tactics have been downright appalling. Management have allowed anti union fliers be placed all over the units. We were even told that our "fellow nurses" came and posted anti union fliers all over our units. Interesting that they were allowed to do this after management threatened pro union staff with HIPAA violations for the very same thing. Our pro union fliers are illegally, yes illegally being removed from our units. National Labor Laws make it crystal clear that we are 100 % allowed to post our own materials. We have been working within the law while anti union folks are posting online slanderous narratives on respected RN's in our facility. Anti union folks are spreading proven mistruths about our employees and actually ran a campaign over the weekend to make it appear that one of our respected nurses was trying to have us all call off on Labor Day to what, prove a point ? The efforts are ludicrous and are simply an attempt to scare our nurses away from voting yes. We are being mandated to attend "educational" meetings run by union busters in an effort to sway our votes to no. This has taken us away from our patients for hours at a time. We are good people, we are good nurses, no GREAT nurses. We want to provide our patients with the best care possible. We spent thousands of dollars to have that honor. We are proud of what we do. Please support us in whatever way you can. Share this, talk about it, pray about it. After all, if you are reading this you most likely at some point have been our patient. 💕
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    BMP Systems Inc has a new load of goodies for the Gateway Humane Society in Falls Creek. Thanks to all of our customers who have taken advantage of our computer repair special.
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    What in tarnation...? Are you Yankees out of your minds? Why can't you just get a normal pet like everyone else? A de-needled porcupine? Like this?
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    Chicken lovers rejoice

    We were in Altoona today and they now have a Popeye's.
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    GoDois'r Wins Car

    Still really hard to believe I won the 1966 Mustang.
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    Quite simply, if you do not tell your doc, pa or nurse symptoms you are experiencing, how are they to know what to explore? A person can't go to a yearly physical, not mention black stools they've been experiencing for months, and then condemn a doctor for not catching a cancer sign.
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    St Micheals Polish Festival

    Hats off to all those who put the festival on. It was tons of work and appreciated.
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    Were the confederate monuments really upsetting them that much before the media told everyone they were?
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    My birthday trip - Centralia PA

    I did have a good day, knocked another thing off my bucket list. We went to Centralia PA. We walked the whole road, down, .... then up!!! We should of done it the opposite way, lol. Sienna & Chi Chi walked every bit of it also. They sure were quiet on the way home!!
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    Painted Rocks Everywhere!

    There are several groups in the area who are painting rocks and hiding them for people to find throughout the city and elsewhere. If you happen to find one, flip it over on the back and it will tell you what group it is from. The object is to find that group on Facebook, post a picture of the rock and where you found it, and then either keep the rock or re-hide it somewhere else for someone to find. Even if you choose to keep it, please post to the group. It is fun to see where the rocks travel, and the further away from our area that you can re-hide, the better. Just wanted to explain this process in case people wanted to know why all of these painted rocks are everywhere. 🙂 👍🏻
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    Thanks mr.d... I can't even eat a BLT if the lettuce is on the top or bottom, I flip out at the poor soul at Subway who puts the meat on the fluffy part of the bun, and now I have to go home and refold all of my friggin' towels. Not cool
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    Lady Gaga Sings To Clearfield Boy

    Lady Gaga sings to Clearfield boy in Philadelphia by Bridget McClure Wednesday, September 13th 2017 A Clearfield County boy diagnosed with rare medical conditions met his idol on Sunday. (Photo submitted) CLEARFIELD - A Clearfield County boy diagnosed with rare medical conditions met his idol on Sunday. Owen Zelinski, 12, of Clearfield, had Lady Gaga sing to him at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia. Owen suffers from a rare form of epilepsy called Dravet syndrome, which causes him to experience frequent catastrophic seizures. He's also been diagnosed with dysgenisis of the corpus callosum, which means the left and right sides of his brain can't communicate with each other. His two disorders put Owen on the autism spectrum. For a previous story, click here. In March, Owen's mother, Jenn Collins, posted a video on Facebook explaining her son's medical conditions and his love for the pop star. The family already had tickets to see Lady Gaga, but hoped the video would reach her and help give Owen the chance to meet her. But it was the community who made his dream come true. Monetary donations from community members, Team Spartan Youth Group and their leader Todd Parisi and U.S. Marine Jared Luce helped the family afford meet and greet tickets with Lady Gaga. "She leaned down to him, gave him a hug and said, 'I'm going to sing a song to you tonight, Owen,'" said Owen's stepfather, Ryan Collins. But how she sang to Owen was a surprise to everyone. Lady Gaga brought him on stage to sit beside her, as she sang "Edge of Glory." "He doesn't show emotion like a typical child would, but there was definitely a lot of emotion there," Jenn said. "When he leaned into her and put his head towards her, that was his way of saying that he loves her and thank you." Not only did Owen meet his hero, their roles reversed. Lady Gaga tweeted Jenn saying, "Your son is my hero. You guys are family. I'm so glad we got to meet." Owen's story touched Lady Gaga and people from all over. "The outreach that we've gotten from parents of special needs children has been overwhelming," Jenn said. "I think that if we can give one family hope and belief that miracles do happen, this would be a good way to do that and we will be better people for it." Owen's parents plan to take him to Lady Gaga's next concert on Nov. 20 in Pittsburgh. SEE VIDEO AND TWEET; http://wjactv.com/news/local/lady-gaga-sings-to-clearfield-boy-in-philadelphia
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    I am rooting for the RN's at PH DuBois!!!
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    Cindy, Thank you for sharing your letter. I wish you and all RN's the best on what your are trying to accomplish.
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    GoDubois Scavenger Hunt?

    I feel this is unfair discrimination
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    Gas up 30 cents.

    Well if minimum wage isn't paying the bills get a second job or find a job that pays more. Is it really that difficult to figure out?? Don't say those higher paying jobs are not here because they are. You might have to sweat, get dirty, bust your butt 10-12 hours a day and maybe 6-7 days a week, and have to show up to work every day, and be sober but those jobs are here.
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    Nurse VS. Cop

    It was clearly explained that is the hospital policy. The officer was wrong.
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    Grinds My Gears

    Why does EVERY road need to be tar and chipped in this area?!?!?! I don't think municipalities understand that tarring and chipping does not fill potholes. Apparently, tar is much cheaper than the chips! Because they never put enough chips down, according to all of the tar on my vehicle.
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    What a load of sh!t... So the NYT knows what the south is all about? That little addendum between the first two commas completely perverted a statement that I could have otherwise agreed with. The implication is that the entire culture of the south is built to keep black people down. Seriously, how many of you have ever been down here? I'd bet a months salary that there are less racists per capita down here than up there. While NY has the largest black population of any state in the nation, blacks only make up 18% of the state's population. 13% in PA. Blacks make up 29% in South Carolina, 25% in Alabama, 38% in Mississippi, 32% in Georgia. You think this region could survive if 1/3 of the population thought everyone else hated them and was holding them back? Why wouldn't they just move? The north is much more tolerant and friendly, right? How many riots from SC have been in the news in the last few years? Dylan Roof shot up a black prayer meeting, and we came together. A white Charleston cop shot a black man in the back several times as he was running away, and we came together. The flag came down, and we came together. Yes, there were protestors, but nothing violent. Even last week, after Charlottesville, the local black nationalists and white supremacists held a joint press conference telling everyone to chill out. You know why we get along in the south? Because we live together, work together, go to church together, go to sporting events together, interact with each other every day. While the northern half of the country calls us racists because of our accents and our old flags and statues, we are living our lives with each other and getting along, so forgive me if my feathers get a little ruffled when the New York Times tells me how backwards we are ETA: One of our Senators is black. The other one may well be a transvestite . One of our most beloved governors ever, who is now the ambassador to the UN, was a woman of Indian decent. Her father was with her all during her campaigns wearing his turban. But NY knows how racist we are. You guys ever talk to a mounted policeman from Brooklyn? My mother married one, most racist SOB I've ever met. He once told me that New Years Eve was his favorite day of the year because he could "ride around bopping Ns in the head". The south doesn't have a lock on a**holes
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    He hasn't given one in a while, so I thought there was a 78.263% chance that he would this time
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    Typically, I yell and scream just because I'm at a Wal-Mart....makes me angry about where I went wrong in life.
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    Eclipse Photo's

    Took some pics with my cell phone and (2) welder glass filters. #10 and #5 combined.
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    Some jerk started yelling at me when I parked one day and I chose to just roll up the window and lock the doors. My husband chose to get out of the car and yell back. It ended with the cops being called, a chase around Walmart and the guy being permanently banned from Walmart. I refused to take hubby to Walmart (and he refused to go) for quite a while. I told him not to play with the nuts at Walmart!
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    I also traveled to totality, unreal ! Sky went dark could see stars the corona ring just amazing. Temp drop neighborhood cheered for a moment then went dead silent. Actually gave me chills.
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    It's not the clown you have to worry about ....... It's the " IMAGINARY DOG" that you really have to watch out for .....
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    New Business on Hamor Street?

    You also might want to give the new Sub Hub a chance. Main St. Reynoldsville. They have special buns and rolls for the sub. Kind of like the Moon sandwitch at Homecoming and they always sold out. There is also a soup of the day.
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    Ms Chris

    Hey Grandpa, What's For Supper?

    Was a really loooong day at work today, so I decided we would eat simple tonight......apple pie with ice cream
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    There are no comparable facilities to JFJ. It hides under the protections of a church and as such is not held to the same standards as traditional halfway houses.
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    Bucket List #37 Drive it like you stole it!--------------- Accomplished!!!!
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    Is the hospital situation bad? What is "the situation"? If there is a situation, has the state or a regulating agency been informed? What were their findings? Are there other nursing unions outside of PASNAP? Why was PASNAP chosen? When PASNAP was involved with a strike, how long did they last? What is PASNAP's record in negotiating conditions/wages? Has a PASNAP represented facility ever gone on strike and their workers were replaced? What did they do to get their represented employees jobs back? I have no skin in this game and I have never been a patient at PH DuBois. Hospitals/doctors give me the willy's! My mind wonders sometimes, but these are some questions I's be asking if I was a nurse trying to decide how to vote.
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    Before thinking UPMC or Geisninger is the answer, you may want to talk to employees who work at those institutions. I have heard that they are not the most employee friendly places to work either. As far as unions, both Brookville and Clearfield are union and we see the state they were in BEFORE the merger into Penn Highlands. I don't see people busting the doors down to work at those facilities.
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    If what one hears about the way the hospital is being run is even half true it is going to take more than a union to fix things. It is a start though. Stick to it.
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    a question on buying a car

    Maybe the salesperson was a Democrat .....
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    GoDubois Scavenger Hunt?

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    Why Chocolate Milk? Research has found that chocolate milk contains an ideal carbohydrate-to-protein ratio, according to strength and conditioning specialist Ryan Johnson. This carbohydrate-to-protein ratio is essential for refueling tired or damaged muscles and assists with the workout recovery process. For this reason, the American Council on Exercise recommends chocolate milk for endurance athletes looking to refuel after a workout. Chocolate milk may contain more workout recovery ability than most protein shakes. Further, many people already like the taste of chocolate milk and it is both cheap and easy to find.
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    Rock Man

    Found the newest one at Kyle Lake holding a fishing pole!
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    Nurse VS. Cop

    He looks to have a short temper. What I got out of the video was, she called a higher up, the higher up backed her up (and told the officer he was out of line in the way he was speaking) then grabbed for her phone when he didn't get his way. This wasn't some robber trying to flee police, this was a nurse trying to follow policy (and keep her job/ avoid getting sued) who appeared to be calm until he started putting his hands on her. There was no excuse for how roughly they handled her. Just my view of the situation.
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    Nurse VS. Cop

    Not sure what being an Olympic athlete has anything to do with the story. This is an easy one. Cop wrong. Nurse right. Cop will soon be fired. We'll wait for the next over aggressive cop story.
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    Don't try to unsubscribe

    We got our new and improved television cable bill today from Direct TV. After years of trying to get down to a cheaper bill, in the last month or two Verizon has been divesting itself and switching stuff around. For going to separate billing, our bill almost doubled so it was with pleasure that we called to unsubscribe! Hooray, finally hubby agreed! After two phone calls trying to shut off the service, he went to the wood shop frustrated and mad. No go. I tried an hour or so later and was told that since the account was in hubby's name then he had to agree to shut it off. So, I became a man named John for the next 15 minutes or so. I got every run around in the book and finally they sent me to the right department. He kept calling me Ma'am and I kept yelling that I am not a woman! I told the guy that if he did not shut off our cable then I would never pay the bill. He said they would send it to a collection company and I said we are almost 70 so that didn't bother me one little bit. Suddenly he pulled out a package for $37.00. Gee, where did that come from? Then he said I had to decide before I hung up. The guy didn't know that I teethed on telephone sales. So I said forget it and suddenly there was another offer on the table. It ended with my giving my "wife" the information to see what she thought, and no don't call us, we'll call you. Then I hunted up the Roku I bought a couple of weeks ago and plugged it in. If all goes well then Direct TV can just go fly a kite!
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    Good for Mr. Barkley! I hope he doesn't go the way of Bill Cosby. Oh, I have no doubt that Bill Cosby was guilty of what he is accused but I wonder sometimes that his harsh criticism of black youth didn't get someone digging for a way to discredit what he was saying. People spend way too much time looking for excuses for not doing the thing that would improve their lot in life and focusing on dumb stuff. A statue of Robert E. Lee isn't the reason that someone can't get a job. How about maybe because they can't pass a drug test? Get rid of the neo-nazis and the Confederate statues and that job isn't going to materialize if you still can't pass a drug test.
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    Living here in lily white DuBois makes you an expert on what it is like being black in America.
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    I am lucky enough to live in the middle of a big open field....not many trees and no street lights and very little traffic. The night sky is perfect for star gazing! I do think I may have scared the crap out of the guy who delivers the Sunday paper in the middle of the night one year though! He must have thought he stumbled across a dead body laying in the yard at 4 in the morning....until I sat up and waved! Haha!
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    A friend of mine with a much better camera sent me these pics of the diamond ring. It was visible just before and just after totality. During totality you could look directly at it, couldn't see anything with the glasses. The diamond ring appeared for just a few seconds, then it got too bright to see again. The pictures are great, but don't do justice to seeing it in motion with the naked eye
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    We should not judge the past using today's standards.
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    Nurse VS. Cop

    He was an ass. He should lose his job. Imagine what he does off camera.
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    Advanced Disposal Landfill Collapse

    I understand and appreciate the concerns of the employees when they say they fear for their jobs and their livelihood. What LFG posted above should address those concerns just as much as a union does or can. Unfortunately the protection offered within those rules does not react as quickly as would a union presence on a job. It takes at least two sides to make improvements and the old adage frequently comes to mind, It's not what you say it's how you say it. Good working relationships are built over time and require solid communications from all involved. I've never seen a business succeed, long term where management didn't listen to worker concerns. That doesn't mean that the worker is always right, but management must allow workers a voice and at least respond where it is within reason. People's concern that the fine issued wasn't enough is valid on the surface and can't be discounted in the larger picture. What many seem to be overlooking is the significant possibility of much larger settlements still on the table for the family of Mr. Pierce. We may or may not know what those are based on the terms of any settlement. Using a little experience as a guide I believe the settlement will be quite significant and paid by an insurer if the company has one or from the corporate treasury if they are self insured. My hope is like LFG's, that this will result in improvements in landfill operations across the country, not just a bump in the road for the industry to move past and continue to do what has become somewhat of a standard practice.
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