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  1. "Always" by Bon Jovi Cover by Moriah Formica
  2. You have to be a numbers person to even attempt to watch most or any of this. He does explain it very well, but it is almost 50 minutes. Yes, there is even more FRAUD that is proved here.... with ratios being sent to different precincts. Smoking Gun: Dominion Transferring Vote Ratios between Precincts in PA. - By: Edward Solomon
  3. We the people will provide the Truth! BREAKING Video: Young Internet Sleuth Reveals Evidence Showing Over 23K PA Ballots Were Filled Out and Returned Before They Were Ever Mailed To Voters
  4. Experts’ Listed 27 House Races As Toss-Ups. Republicans Won All 27
  5. Twitter already deleted the top post. I took a screenshot to save just before ... Does this tell you anything?
  6. Wow!! Ms. Articia Bomer witnessed ballot fraud in Detroit and explains how it was done! I hope everyone of these CHEATERS spend many years in prison.
  7. Well planned Democrats ... the only thing .... YOU GOT CAUGHT!!
  8. No Way , too many guns in this area. I think they are just trying to scare us and add more FEAR into some conservative minds.
  9. Patrick Byrne is the former CEO of Overstock.com and served in executive leadership over several other large companies in the tech and manufacturing industries. He is a classical liberal who fights now for a healthy free market and sound education. He is a co-chair of the Milton & Rose Friedman Foundation for Education Choice. He also leads the fight against corruption in our capital markets and runs the Deep Capture website. https://twitter.com/patrickbyrne?s=21 https://www.deepcapture.com/
  10. Here is some More FRAUD ... just for the Democrats!!
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