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  1. A former student teacher at Jersey Shore Area Middle School turned herself in Thursday morning to face charges for allegedly having a yearlong sexual relationship with one of her former students, a 14-year-old boy she taught in the spring of 2017, according to William Weber, Lycoming County’s chief detective. Alexandria Kaluzny, of Salona, Clinton County, made no statements during her arraignment on seven felony charges, including involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, statutory sexual assault, endangering the welfare of children, corrupting the morals of a minor, sending obscene sexual materials to a minor, unlawful contact with a minor, criminal use of cellphone and one misdemeanor count of indecent assault. “She was the teen’s student teacher” in her final term before graduating from Mansfield University, Weber said, declining to say what subject Kaluzny taught. “There was no sexual contact while she was his student teacher. The first sexual contact is alleged to have occurred in the summer of 2017,” after Kaluzny had completed her assignment at the school, Weber said. The teacher and the teen, who is now 15, began exchanging messages on social media last summer, and then their relationship soon became sexual in nature, Weber alleged. “They met on numerous occasions that summer and continued through this summer,” he said. During this summer, the two engaged in sexual acts three times, once near the start of the Pine Creek Rail Trail in Jersey Shore and two other times behind a garage in the Jersey Shore area, Weber said. Kaluzny and the teen had sexual encounters “in her vehicle and at other outdoor locations,” Weber said. “A sexual relationship began in the summer of 2017 and continued through this summer, late August,” Weber said. It ended only after a member of the teen’s family went to authorities after suspecting that the teen and a former teacher were involved in an inappropriate relationship. The family member was suspicious last year that the teen was involved in such a relationship. School officials confronted him about it, but the teen denied that “anything was going on,” Weber said in an affidavit. During the last school year, Kaluzny served as a substitute teacher in the Bellefonte area, Weber said. “I’m not aware that she was teaching this year,” he added. Through his investigation, Weber found evidence that Kaluzny allegedly texted inappropriate sexual messages or images to the teen. As recently as last month, Kaluzny allegedly sent the teen “a picture of herself showing sexual conduct,” Weber said in court papers. “We feel very confident nothing happened while she was a student teacher at Jersey Shore Middle School. This all allegedly occurred after she left. The school district has been cooperative throughout the investigation,” Weber said. In a statement released to the media, Kenneth J. Dady Jr., assistant superintendent for the Jersey Shore Area District, said, “During an investigation by law enforcement, it was determined that there was no inappropriate behavior while she she was a student teacher in our district. “As per student teaching protocols, this individual was recommended to the district by Mansfield University. The individual also had appropriate clearances and was under the general supervision of district employees during her placement,” Dady said. Following her arraignment before District Judge Allen P. Page III, Kaluzny was briefly committed to the Lycoming County Prison in lieu of $75,000 bail and then released on supervised bail. The Geisinger Central Susquehanna Valley Advocacy Center assisted with the investigation, Weber said, adding that it is ongoing.
  2. Found this on a news site today ... The old Potato City Country Inn is now just a pile of rubble after being torn down to make way for a new state police barracks. The hotel and restaurant had been operating in Potter County since 1949. It closed in April. In its early years, the hotel and restaurant was a banquet center and served as the centerpiece for the potato festival and the crowning of the potato queen. It also relied heavily on tourists, including skiers and hunters. The new state police barracks is expected to open in November of next year. The current state police barracks building is owned by DBC Enterprises. There’s no word yet on what will be done with that building.
  3. I remember being a little shocked when this tall guy came at me, asked if I was Bon, & then gave me a hug!! 😜
  4. I'm the same way way lavender.
  5. The man said he only gently tugged on the leash. YORK — A Maryland man is facing a simple assault charge after using a dog leash to lead his wife around a Pennsylvania fair because she has late-stage dementia. West Manchester police say Walter Wolford yanked the 8-inch long red nylon leash, causing his wife’s head to jerk back and leave red marks around her throat. But the 66-year-old Hagerstown man says he only gently tugged on the leash, which he uses to keep his wife from getting lost. Authorities say the officer called to the York Fair on Saturday tried to speak to the woman. But she didn’t know where she was, didn’t know her name and couldn’t form words. Wolford says that he attached the leash to his wife’s waist, but that it somehow moved up around her neck. It wasn’t known Tuesday whether Wolford has an attorney to comment for him.
  6. That is the biggest laugh of the day!!!
  7. Bon

    Old CVS - Sandy Plaza

    You're a good son!!!
  8. Texas man allegedly sent threatening letters to Taylor Swift The Associated Press September 20, 2018 12:09 PM Updated 9 minutes ago NASHVILLE, TENN. A 26-year-old Austin, Texas, man has been arrested on federal charges for allegedly sending threatening letters to pop star Taylor Swift and showing up at her record label in Nashville, Tennessee. Federal prosecutors in Nashville said in a press release Thursday that Eric Swarbrick has been charged with interstate stalking and sending interstate communications with the intent to threaten. He is currently in custody in Texas and will be brought to Tennessee at a later date. According to prosecutors, Swarbrick personally delivered letters threatening to harm Swift and himself to the Big Machine Label Group office on multiple occasions and was arrested by Nashville police on Aug. 2. He was released from custody, but continued to send letters and emails.
  9. Shake it lavender, just shake it!!!
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    Old CVS - Sandy Plaza

    I was told that Aldi's was going to expand. Are they where they are or in the Commons Plaza?