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  1. Clearfield Alert) Inc: Vehicle FireAdd: 106 I 80 WCity: UNIONUnits: FG12 ET38 E37 STDC TA36 E39-1 B38 SQ37 AT39 #PENNDOT R38 EMA1 C40 B40 SANDYEM. I-80 west bound is currently closed between the 111, and 101 exits due too a tractor trailer fire, it will be closed for an extended period of time, traffic is being diverted onto route 153 to 255 through Penfield. PLEASE AVOID THE AREA!
  2. Bon

    Latest idiotic "challenge"

    I have a question to ask you from a parent to a teacher. This child is 12 yrs old, I'm not sure what grade he would be in, shouldn't he of learned in science class about rubbing alcohol? Fire? Gas? Don't play with matches, lighters, & stoves?? I do not have any children in school, all are graduated.
  3. Bon

    Latest idiotic "challenge"

    I saw it tonight on FB. Un-freakin-real!!!
  4. Bon

    Hey Grandpa, What's For Supper?

    Cream puff cake?? Did you make or buy?
  5. Bon

    Hey Grandpa, What's For Supper?

    Thanks!!! After church this morning, almost noonish, I stopped & picked up a pizza at the Nitney Minit Mart. Hubby asked if this was our anniversary dinner today, lol. I told him yes. 😁
  6. Bon

    Hey Grandpa, What's For Supper?

    My hubby like it, but wanted more. I told him if he ate more of that, there was no way he would finish his main dinners. He said I was right. Next time he wants to try a different soup. He goes back right before my birthday!! Kinda like our anniversary, 34 yrs today!!
  7. Bon

    Hey Grandpa, What's For Supper?

    Being we had to go to State College so hubby could get his stitches out, we had an early anniversary dinner. We went to Olive Garden, hubby's 1st time there. We ordered almost the same thing, lol. Berry lemonade, chicken & gnocchi soup, (hubby) lasagna with marinara sauce & meatballs, (me) lasagna with Alfredo sauce & meatballs. Was soo good!!! Hubby said he would go back!! Yea!!!
  8. I just called Boyer Candy. They do ship to Florida. The candy is frozen & they put ice packs in the container to keep them from melting. It takes 2 days to get there, shipped UPS. So, there ya go, all you need is to call or order on line!! 814-944-9403
  9. Where do you normally buy purple horseradish? I would send you some, my friend!!
  10. I have gotten solid chocolate when I bought Reese's before. Made me sad, I had to buy another pkg. I really like their sticks!! Yummy.
  11. Bon

    Latest idiotic "challenge"

    why would he do that!!! I'm sure he saw it on the internet, so did he see the results of other dumb asses?!? That boy will be damn lucky if he survives!!
  12. Bon


    Thats a very nice pic of LFG!! His crew needs a high five for sending that up here!!! 😁
  13. Bon

    Hey Grandpa, What's For Supper?

    Portabella mushroom raviolis for my hubby. 3 cheese tortellini for me. Left overs got mixed together for hubby to take to work for lunch this week.
  14. Bon

    Why do you take your dog into a store?

    I am one of those people who used to clean up after the pigs!! There are garbage cans around stores, use them!! 99% of the time the 1/2 eaten foods aren't paid for, so they hide the rest, you don't find them till they smell. Gross!! So glad I don't deal with that stuff anymore.