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  1. Bon

    Meet my granddaughter Faith Marie

    Brandi took a pic of Faith Marie from about a month ago & put it side by side with her 1 month old pic. ❤️
  2. Bon

    Life-Size Noah's Ark In Kentucky

    Because they are talking about what food is available at the buffet?
  3. Bon

    Hey Grandpa, What's For Supper?

    Crackers, hint of salt. I fell asleep this afternoon around 3 & woke up around 7:30.
  4. Bon

    Hitching Post

    I learn something new about you all the time.
  5. The weather channel did say that ice was going to be part of the storm that moved across the United States. If you’re going to rob a bank, store, gas station, you really should pay attention to what the weather will be!!
  6. Bon

    Meet my granddaughter Faith Marie

    This was her Valentine pics her mom sent us yesterday. ❤️❤️❤️
  7. Bon

    Meet my granddaughter Faith Marie

    Today Faith Marie is 1 month old. ❤️ 🙏🏻 ❤️ We are told that her odds of making it to a yr old go up if she made it to a month old. I say she has the same odds as the rest of us. When God calls us home, we go.
  8. Bon

    Life-Size Noah's Ark In Kentucky

    I keep telling my hubby I want to go see the Ark.
  9. Bon

    Hey Grandpa, What's For Supper?

    We ate at Chili’s yesterday. Hubby had steak, mashed taters, green bushes, & IBC Rootbeer. I had Alfredo chicken pasta, a slice of garlic bread, & IBC Rootbeer.
  10. Bon


    Check under the bed, between the mattress. Your dresser drawers, when you pull them out, is there a chance it could of fell behind the drawer? Also, check through your clothes, & up against the edges of the drawers.
  11. Bon

    Hey Grandpa, What's For Supper?

    Fudge covered nutter butters, only 5, & grape HI C
  12. Syrup is a big business up in Tioga & Potter Counties also. The sap lines run for miles & miles. The Jacobson Farm in Westfield sells theirs to Cabella’s. Any place you buy syrup from their syrup, you are buying a PA product, & supporting a farmer. The Patterson Farm in Sabinsville is a bigger farm. they sell their syrup to one of the leading cereal co. I can’t remember right now. They have a store in the sugar shack building. You can buy all kinds of maple treats their & gift baskets. You can also order online at their website. The Patterson’s are really nice people & will help anyone out who wants to learn about maple syrup! There is a store across from the sugar shack that sells everything you can imagine to start tapping a few trees to a few thousand, and everything you need to the end product!! There are a lot more Sugar Shacks up in that area, plus NY. They always have a certain weekend you can go & tour these places. If you go, leave early, dress warm, wear boots (not ones with heels, you will be getting wet, muddy.), you will be walking.