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  1. It just went through the light in Penfield.
  2. I know YOU don’t, but the utility companies having to move their lines & signs get paid a good amount to do this. Right?
  3. TOMORROW MORNING Current location 3 Miles North of Ridgway on SR 948 Quick update as our time schedule has change for tomorrow. We will be departing 0400 hours to avoid rush hour traffic in Ridgway. Please be super alert if in the area. We will have many worker on the ground!!! Good run today after we got out of all the wires on SR36. We made time as we traversed the Allegheny National Forest (No Wires) Ridgway was going to be a challenge in the day light but now has added a X 10 multiplier by moving in the dark. This load as thrown everything at us!!!
  4. They are stopped for the night at Alpha Sintered Metals at the top of Mount Mourennci. Working on getting all the lights & wires moved for tomorrow morning.
  5. Pa. state police trooper shot, airlifted to hospital Updated 1:40 PM;Today 1:38 PM Comment 394 shares By The Associated Press NELSON, Pa. (AP) — A Pennsylvania state trooper was shot and wounded Tuesday afternoon at a home in a rural area near the border with New York state, authorities said. Troopers were conducting a welfare check at the home in Nelson Township, in Tioga County, on Tuesday afternoon when the subject of the welfare check opened fire, officials said. 42 people are talking about this One trooper was shot and was airlifted from the scene. The trooper's condition is unknown. State police did not immediately release further details.
  6. Nelson Ambulance Dispatched For State Trooper Who Has Been Shot At 11:53 AM on Tuesday, Nelson Ambulance & Wellsboro ALS have been called to the 1500 block of Barney Hill Road for a trooper reported to be a gunshot victim. According to the dispatch, troopers were doing a welfare check of a person at that address. Elkland has been dispatched for a landing zone at Elkland high school. 12:10 PM--Lawrenceville & Valley Ambulance dispatched for another trooper with a foot injury. 12:33 PM--Shooter is not in custody. Multiple police agencies are on scene
  7. Rest In Peace Officer Stephen Carr 🇺🇸 💔👮‍♂️
  8. If he knew this was going on long before the 1st of the year, why wasn’t she fired when it first started?
  9. 🤗🤗❤️❤️🤗🤗❤️❤️🤗🤗
  10. Is it a good idea to have your crossbow ready when you are walking around?? Is there a safety on them?
  11. Looks like regular lumber was used instead of treated lumber.
  12. Just curious, can’t their cell phones tell where they were when they tortured that poor buck?
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