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  1. When I was in school, back when the dinosaurs 🦕 were just starting out, 😁, school started 1 week after my birthday. St. Mary’s starts tomorrow, they are only starting a few days ahead of time.
  2. Tomatoes on a sub or sandwich is a reason to get pi$$ed off, but not so angry that you stab, shoot, punch, kick, or throw stuff at a person!! I hate tomatoes!!
  3. Honey battered chicken w/ranch dressing & Dr Pepper
  4. Ridgway Dispatched For Rollover Crash With Entrapment At 7:40 PM on Wednesday, Ridgway Fite & EMS dispatched to a rollover crash with entrapment at 5521 Montmorenci Road. A 28 year old male is in the vehicle. Rescuers have located the vehicle near the S curves. 8:00 PM---Johnsonburg Fire Police requested to close Rt. 948 at the Y. Send all traffic to Johnsonburg
  5. I’m not a beer drinker at all, but I was offered to try that beer, so I took a sip. It was pretty good
  6. Bon

    “Family Cloths”

    As you know, we were north, but only by an hour 1/2, 😁
  7. Reese’s Puffs cereal & Riptide Rush Gatorade
  8. Gator, To me, that is great thinking!!! 👨‍👧 💩 🧻 🧸 🎣 🎠 👨‍👩‍👧 😍
  9. Bon

    troy polamalu ad

    Love the hair Troy, love the hair!! ❤️
  10. Bon

    “Family Cloths”

    We would give up napkins. When we had the kids at home, it was cheaper to buy napkins over paper towels. I waited for buy 1 get 1 & stocked up. We don’t buy them anymore. Just the 2 of us now. Then Bounty came out with pick your size. We only use the 1/2 sheets. LFG, you’re right, fold one in half & you got a napkin!
  11. Bon

    “Family Cloths”

    Last Thursday I had a dr appt in Altoona & my hubby decided to go with me. After I got my a$$ chewed, we went to Dick’s because the store I needed to return an outfit to didn’t open till 10. After all that & finding the new Harley shop in Altoona we decided to go home. We are on I-99 & get off at Bald Eagle exit. There is a WM truck in front of us, so we had to stop. There is an 18 wheeler sitting on the berm beside us. My hubby says Mr Trucker is taking a sh!t. I said how do you know? He said the passenger door is open & he just dropped a load on the berm. 😂 I had a bottle of water we keep in the car for the dogs. Should I have had my hubby stop the car so I could get out and offer him the bidet in a bottle?? 🥴
  12. I hope your father & mother are healing well & are home now or will be soon. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
  13. Bon

    “Family Cloths”

    When did paper towels & napkins come about? What did you use before paper products? If you had to give up 1 paper product, which would it be? TP, PT, N
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