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  1. Bon

    cops radar

    They could sit everyday in Hollywood & make big $. People don’t slow down here, it’s a 35 zone.
  2. 🤣 good kid, but he should of gone for a Pepper!!
  3. What makes you say this? Have you been in the court system? Who are you pointing out as corrupt? Is there anything at all you “like” about living in Clearfield Co? Anything??
  4. How do you know all this? Just curious. 🧐
  5. On Jan. 18, 1911, the first landing of an aircraft on a ship took place as pilot Eugene B. Ely brought his Curtiss biplane in for a safe landing on the deck of the armored cruiser USS Pennsylvania in San Francisco Harbor.
  6. Wisconsin has that law where you can take your baby to a safe place and leave him/her no questions asked. Why didn’t he do that, better then spending the rest of your life in prison.
  7. Bon


    Sent you a message
  8. Cops: Man Set Fire Because He Was Curious, Bored WESB NEWS by Anne Holliday Jan 5, 2021 2:34 PM The Johnsonburg man accused of setting fire to the old Johnsonburg Hotel on Wednesday reportedly told police he did it because he was curious and bored. Court papers say 30-year-old Andrew Higdon approached police while the firefighters were battling the blaze and claimed he saw a man leave the hotel right before the fire started. But police say Higdon provided details that he would not have been able to see from his vantage point. Later, during questioning, Higdon admitted he had been drinking that day, and later went to the hotel, where he set several curtains and a pile of mattresses on fire with a lighter. He then called 911 to cover his tracks. He’s charged with more than a dozen arson- and burglary-related charges, and is in Elk County Jail in lieu of $50,000 bail
  9. Bon

    Something to Do!

    That’s pretty cool!! I would love to go there!!
  10. You need to thank Spawn Of Bon, not me, 😁. I can’t post anymore pics, I’m down to 6.7 mb left.
  11. The Pennsylvania State Police Fire Marshal and the Johnsonburg Fire Department investigated a fire that occurred at the old Johnsonburg Hotel. The structure had been abandoned for several years and recently purchased by Dream Investments, LLC, of Force, Pa. During the investigation, it was determined that a known 30 year old male entered the building and set fire to the structure. The man was taken into custody. The investigation continues.
  12. As it stands, if Walmart and their 3rd-party delivery service fails to deliver to you, they may not refund or refill your order if it is stolen.
  13. I made chicken fettuccine w/roasted garlic Alfredo.
  14. Bon

    Beer Can Shortage

    Last time I took cans to NY was when I took my mom up to Sabinsville, Pa to visit my grandmother. Grandma wanted me to drive to Wellsville NY. This was probably a yr after I got my driver’s license, so I’m thinking 1986. You were only allowed 3 cases of cans per person, there were 6. The next time we went up, grandma told us she couldn’t do anymore cans. NY found out to many people from PA were coming up & cashing in their cans, they checked licenses then. Where do you think my aunt & her did their shopping?? NY!! 🙄😹 My cans are crushed.
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