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  1. Petee

    Msgr Kaza

    Hopefully all eyes will be upon him to both protect him and to identify if he has a problem.
  2. What if someone came to them and incited them to riot? Hopefully they would still be too lazy.
  3. There will always be those people who want to criticize , be negative, downright rude and nasty. It's a minor form of violence. No matter how you look or act, someone will be ready to say something negative and hurtful. Those you have to ignore because that's what hurts them the most. It teaches you to rise above the petty comments and hopefully remember not to do it to others which makes you a BETTER and more positive person. You must be the peacemaker that God chooses to be His children. Those same people can resort to violence when the opportunity arises. They are angry inside because they have not made peace within themselves and will always be a danger to someone who makes them feel like less. You can't help them or change them but you can protect yourself from them. Be proactive and be prepared. Work to mend relationships and defuse harsh situations. If someone else is doing it, then don't help! If you fight with the pigs, you just get dirty. This world is not set up for peacemakers so it's a hard job, but it needs done or NOTHING CHANGES. If you're not part of the solution, then you're part of the problem. The policeman was not suited for that job as his job history shows, so why was he even employed? He should have been fired long ago. My guess is that his mental attitude and the adrenalin of that situation combined to block out any sort of common sense that he might have possessed. Why the officers around him didn't stop him or help the guy may be part of the same situation. I doubt he consciously meant to kill the man but he did. He needs to suffer the consequences of his actions as do the officers who heard and did nothing. So do those who knew of his violence tendencies and did not stop it long ago. Now, a proper correction was negated by the violence of the mobs who did not let the justice system work. One man's death created a situation where violence ran wild. Those who are part of and support violence are a bigger part of the problem because they probably know exactly what they are doing, especially the looters and those who injure officers and others, and those who firebomb buildings. They did all of that knowingly. Which was the greater crime and which will help society as a whole be better? If you don't like this situation, then become Proactive and stop violence right where it starts, in your own voice, at home and in your own community. Be a nagging thorn in anyone's side who will not help and come up with SOLUTIONS! If you're not part of the answer, then you're part of the problem.
  4. I make blocks about the size of the tip of my finger from Jiffy Mix and my mineral starter. All of the small to medium sized seeds are started in them. As soon as they have some roots, they are put into a greenhouse mix and transferred to the larger soil blocks (again Greenhouse Medium or ProMix) where they stay for 5-7 days will their roots are even more established. Then they are dropped into a paper pot to grow to sale size. At that time they are transferred to my small greenhouse into a shaded area. I do not let them out into the sun for about a week or more so they gently get used to the higher sun area and do not get scalded by any daytime humidity or water drops. It should be shaded or dappled light. Peppers seem to be more sensitive to light exposure than tomatoes. Right now mine have been out in the direct blasting sunlight with no problems just waiting for new homes. Don't rush them. Larger seeds such as Zucchini, Pumpkins, etc, go directly into paper pots with ProMix after a good overnight soak. Soil Blockers are expensive and it takes some practice to even make them work right. I only got it because of the number of plants I start for the BUDS Gardeners and the Master Gardeners. Agway has huge bales of ProMix. DuBois Feeds also has it. It lasts forever as long as it doesn't get wet, so if you use even 3-4 bags of potting mix a year, it's cheaper than the small bags. Just tape the bags shut for the winter to make sure no critters or micro-organisms get into it and you're set for years! I go through bales of it every year but always have some left in an opened bag. Always save every egg shell possible, even if you have to ask the neighbors. Dry them when you get a bunch and then microwave them for 1 minute. They will be HOT! I grind them into a powder with a spice grinder and usually have a huge jar of them by spring. I also use Diatomaceous Earth, Bone Meal and Greensand. When we set them out for sale, they have huge root systems but they are NEVER root bound.. Come and get 'em!
  5. I raise thousands of seedlings every year and I've learned to just stick with Jiffy Mix. I add my own starter fertilizer with a mineral mix right in the seedling mix and they grow great. I do soil blocking, set them on a germinating table, transplant them early into a larger soil block (again with the same mineral mix and a greenhouse medium or ProMix) and then into a paper pot, again with the same mineral mix and ProMix. Once they are in the greenhouse and have grown their second leaves, I feed the peppers with tomato food. Then every couple of weeks, again with the tomato food till the end of the year.
  6. I agree completely which is why I see a disconnect in the whole idea. This has brought attention to the difference in everyone, not blending all humans together as a group, in some ways causing more division. The thing that binds us is what we all treasure, peace. That never seems to make the news.
  7. I wasn't intending to be nasty. It was just a comment. Sorry.
  8. Petee

    More Confusion

    I think everyone is trying to pretend it's over, but it's not. We would all like to think so, but just when we least expect it, then bango, it could start again. We're all weary!
  9. Isn't the whole point NOT to identify people by the color of their skin? Funding dispersed via census numbers goes to areas, not individuals.
  10. Petee

    More Confusion

    The Second Round hasn't been disproven yet, and some states are again climbing. I'm not a gambler so till I feel safer, I'll still choose the mask and gloves. Wasn't a big part of the initial problem the WHO?
  11. I'm sure that in time they will discover a LOT more about COVID-19. It has been the mystery illness for only a few months now and killed so many people. Of course people and doctors are antsy. I hope this little girl recovered quickly.
  12. If you want tax money divided up in a way that INCLUDES your ethnic identity, location and family, then how will they know if you don't tell them. Those who hide will still benefit from federal money, but not as well.
  13. I'm assuming all traveling Census Takers will be required to wear a mask since they will be visiting people's homes.
  14. It's a option for those who will not answer their door!
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