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  1. State HS rifle Championships in Dubois.

    How do they handle that with the guns and school mixture?
  2. Florida High school shooting today

    Hopefully the gun seller went to jail but odds are the kid got into trouble for even doing this to make a point. By the way, I love the lady's attitude when she wouldn't sell him lottery tickets.
  3. Very interesting...

    Nothing is perfect, but he's doing more than whining, he's actively working for one of the answers.
  4. Hey Grandpa, What's For Supper?

    Beans and rice with Sofrito, Coconut Cream Pie from Lily's Bakery in Punxsy.
  5. Florida High school shooting today

    Class differences have always existed whether it is by tribe, village, profession, financial status or two people who have their own little imaginary clique going. Forget trying to make everyone friendly (although that would be a start) and teach kids that sometimes it's great to be different. You can't go places with limits tied around your neck. Schools should make every kid feel needed somewhere, especially those who can't quite make it on their own.
  6. Because an older, more experienced woman would tell him to hit the bricks unless he had tons of money or she was brain dead.
  7. another shooting today

    Occasionally, but is it worth the risk?
  8. He was not afraid to speak the truth, and never flinched.
  9. another shooting today

    But they have raging hormones that tell them to explore and defy convention. If they don't get a quick handle on it, then they pay the price.
  10. Hey, it's California! What else can be said?
  11. Using a long term pain medication should be under the supervision of a Qualified Pain Clinic.
  12. another shooting today

    If a weapon is outside of the safe, then it should be on your body or in your hands, at the very least within your reach. Children have NEVER understood "Don't touch". It is against their nature of exploration in order to learn. That's why they have parents.
  13. Why are we turning even our children's toys to their crotch area? Is there nothing above the waist worth learning about?
  14. Very interesting...

    Now that's the kind of leadership and thought process that is needed.
  15. It's a business, not a hunting club. Yes, it needs oversight if taxpayer money is involved.