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  1. Petee

    new truck

    I saw an older truck the other day with a golf umbrella in the gun rack!
  2. Petee


    You may want to talk to Marianne Fyda from Peaceable Kingdom. Also, Perry Winkler from the Art Gallery above The Mexican Restaurant down town. They would probably both love to talk to you.
  3. There are private furniture builders, and also places in Smicksburg, near Brookville, and in other locations around our area. You might want to make a list of them and visit them all on your visit. You can also have furniture built.
  4. It would have been a good plan to devise a water sprinkler system to save it in case of fire. A challenge, yes, but look at the loss.
  5. https://www.milorganite.com/blog/garden-landscape/no-till-gardening Excellent and well done explanation!
  6. Want guests for your Memorial Day picnic?
  7. Best, but actually you can use any kind of vinegar. You can also soak it in a tub of vinegar and water, but I find it too much of a hassle to do that on a regular basis. I should also say, that if you grew the food and know it wasn't compromised in the garden, then bring it in and gently wipe it off with a dry brush or cloth leaving the natural flora in place. When you are ready to eat it, then wash it thoroughly and use it immediately.
  8. You could never post too much. Anyone who complains can just skip that post.
  9. When buying fresh fruit or vegetables from any unknown source, including markets, make sure it is a completely unblemished melon or other fruit. Rinse it in cold water and let dry. Right before serving, spray it well with vinegar and wipe dry. Rinse and dry again. It's now ready to cut. Unless the skin was broken to allow germs to get inside of the fruit, it should be safe to eat.
  10. Call your local VFW and American Legion for help. There are ways to find this information. Your brother is not the only person out there with the information. You can locate the soldiers he served with, his officers, and other sources of photos and paperwork, etc. The one person you located is not the only history. If you do not get any help from them, contact me back at 371-3322 and I'm sure my husband can get you onto the right trail.
  11. If you mean the wire from old political signs, then yes. Just drop them off at Charlie's. If he's closed, then put them on the shed deck behind the building.
  12. Hubby fed the chickens for me all winter, so as soon as the ground dried, I went down to visit them. Boy, are they fat! They are so big and beautiful that I thought I was looking at strange hens, but then I realized that we are still feeding them the winter diet. Stale bread, whole kernel dried corn, freshly grown oat greens, a green salad mixture from the market, and layer mash. I wondered why we haven't been getting many eggs. Three are waiting a month or so for freezer camp, (as soon as the Easter Eggers are old enough to go out to the coop), but most are just at a really good laying age.
  13. Lots of people are now raising composting worms for the fertilizer they provide. However, many want to try it out before going for the 30-gallon tote or investing in an actual Worm Factory. We will be providing small worm farms for interested individuals, particularly kids, this summer. Now we need the jars. These would be the size of the Sourdough Pretzels and some cheese snacks that you find at Walmart. If you have some to get rid of, please drop them off at Charlie's Alternators when he is open for business. He's a hoot to talk to also. Keep more plastic out of the landfills! Thanks.
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