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  1. That crossing is difficult anyway. Many years ago we had to flag down a train to stop because a woman got her car stuck on the tracks at night. She misjudged the edge of the crossing and was just stranded there screaming.
  2. Petee


    Only one set, to give to the kids, to share with each other. Id o have 50 years of pictures and documents though! :-)
  3. Petee


    I have a couple of names. How do they usually charge for doing this?
  4. Petee


    I don't want to do this myself as I have no extra time, either in hours of the day or months till the party. Heck, I hate doing crafty stuff! I have received some very good info and will be calling around in the next couple of days. I am willing to pay fairly for the service.
  5. Finally! There is hope on the horizon!
  6. Petee


    I am looking for someone who loves to do scrapbooking. I want all of our family mementoes and pictures made into scrapbooks to give my kids as a gift at the celebration of our 50th Wedding Anniversary. It was in February but who wants to travel and party then? We will be doing it in our new pavilion in the back yard this summer and I want them to go home with a treasure of their own! The Scrapbooks are a surprise for them to keep for their memories. Do you know of anyone who would love to do this. I will provide all materials and pay a wage.
  7. I'll bet she loves it, and I'll bet the therapists love her also.
  8. Don't scroll through or delete the ad! It's the best part. Common sense guys like these, with experience and know-how, are our best protectors. Hopefully we all have an angel at our side if this ever happens near any of us. By the way, I HATE guns, but I also appreciate those who are pros at life.
  9. Thank you for the picture update! She's lovely and her smile is priceless! Please post for your Mom if you would like. We all love to see her development!
  10. Petee

    Trump's Return

    Here he is! Now to see what he and Melania can do on their own without the restrictions of a political office. https://www.45office.com/
  11. What a beautiful gift to the world she was, and she was rewarded for her beautiful acceptance of her new life and care.
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