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  1. Petee

    Lamp Repair

    Does anyone know of a person who can repair lamp and lighting fixtures? The lights are fine but need wiring repairs.
  2. Do you remember when this same nest had 3 chicks and one got it's head stuck in a hole in the bottom of the nest?
  3. Yes, I get to diagnose them fairly frequently, but the nice thing is that they are usually on one branch so you can clip them off and lay them under the tire of your car at one time! Scrunch! Satisfying.
  4. This is about following rules for the betterment of others. I realize that nothing is foolproof but raising the odds helps. If the state says wear them, then wear them. If you want to make the rules then be responsible and step up to the podium.
  5. This entire life is made difficult by those who can't follow rules and be considerate of others. Drugs, irresponsible sex, , even something as simple as stopping completely at a STOP SIGN is out of the capabilities of some humans. Others follow rules rigorously. It's about peace, not conflict. It will not stop till the end of times. Then there will be no questions.
  6. Petee

    Hot flashes

    Tom at Walmart can formulate a Progesterone Cream that helps. He has to talk to your doctor though so the prescription is written properly. I got so hot that I felt if I spit on the floor I could start a fire. It was agonizing and embarrassing when I was minding my own business and I suddenly turned redder than a beet and started sweating enough to soak my clothing. This cream is the only thing that helped.
  7. I have a job and do volunteer work also. My husband also works, and the youngest woman there has a really stressful job. We can't quit working, and going out to dinner is a real break for us although I may have to tranquilize my husband to do it again. We go out, and two nights in a row it's other people who can't behave themselves. It stinks. I missed almost the entire spring and most of the summer without my kids and grandkids. Just wear a stupid mask. That's all anyone is asking. I don't like it either but we still have a life to live.
  8. Let's hope not! Three of us are over 72 and have our own health problems. The other is in her 60s and has Diabetes. I have been respectful of everyone else, I just wish the idiots out there would be also. Even before this was a problem I long ago thought that the coughing or sneezing into your elbow was a joke. When I cough or sneeze, even at home, I pull out my shirt and do it down my own shirt. That's the best solution. If it's more than a fine almost invisible mist, then I'm at home anyway.
  9. Last night we went to dinner at the Gateway. One waitress no mask at all, the other had hers hanging under her chin. I ate and drank nothing. I do not want a server carrying my food without a mask. Tonight we went to Luigi's. All wait staff were wearing masks. Then there's the idiot who knew someone at our table and came roaring over to tell us her life and death experience with Covid. No mask. So while we're sitting there with no masks and plates of food, she standing over us yakking away for ten minutes. She had a mask in her hand but not enough sense to put it on, so I donned mine and left the table for another table six feet away from her. The other couple felt trapped and didn't want to walk away from her. I left my food there. No way was I eating it after she stood there and probably spit all over it. Her doctor isn't sure whether she's free of it yet, but she wanted to tell us about it. Hubby says no more eating out at restaurants. It's not safe.
  10. OK, so if all the ethnic names are gone, then what is left? Just white names? Just anonymous names? Just animal names? Just codes? Just pictures? If a petition is done, then why not allow people to also sign a column for or against the idea? That's the only way to find out what people really think.
  11. They can ask enough questions to make an intelligent decision as to where it was contracted. That would help to catch others before they gave it to an excessive number of people and they could get treatment faster.
  12. We should know where and what to avoid when COVID is found. That could help get rid of it.
  13. Good! Please pass along the problem of paying for gas when they won't take your check.
  14. Rather than knowing the name of the person, I would like to know how it was likely transmitted. Family member, gathering, no hand washing, a fellow employee, recent vacation?
  15. Maybe it's their extension on the face mask revolt. They're revolting!
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