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  1. The Chamber of Commerce paid for all the work that was done on the embankment in a couple of different phases including building the permanent beds, walls and shrubs/trees that are there. It is a city park donated by the DuBois family many years ago to compliment the college and the entrance to DuBois. The city did fix the water drainage problem at the top of the steps but maybe they haven't maintained it. Maybe someone needs to go to the city with a detailed and scheduled plan for repairs. I'm sure it's on their back burner for as long as they are busy with other projects. Husbands were always our "go to" source of muscle, but they're all older now and involved with other projects. Maybe you need to tap the younger members' husbands as a source of help or pay for the heaviest jobs. Put out a general request for help from citizens. If they know exactly what jobs need done, a volunteer or two may show up. Lowes, or Ed Tate, may be willing to donate replacement fence parts. I can't remember whether all of the fence posts were drilled, but I do know the ones on Rose Alley were prepped with deeply drilled holes which should still be diggable by hand.
  2. Petee

    DuBois Area High School Closed

    A good building has a solid roof, good drainage around it and no water leaking into the basement. Then comes the problem of having water in the building WITHOUT leaks. A friend was just telling me that her parents' home will be unlivable for the next 4 weeks (and yes, they have been sick) because of a leaky water supply hose going to their icemaker in the refrigerator. Apparently it has been spraying a fine mist from a pinhole for long enough to soak through the porous floor, into the subfloor, and across the rooms in the house under the floors. So far, it's a $30,000 insurance bill and it could get higher.
  3. The Long Avenue Bradford Pears should have been taken out and replaced years ago. They are no longer funded in street tree grants, but it would be a few years till other more suitable trees would get big enough to make an impact. However, a well-selected tree would be healthier and last longer in the next go round. You will probably never see the huge spreading trees of your youth again inside of city limits.
  4. Petee

    DuBois Area High School Closed

    The mold probably grew in a damp spot somewhere other than the classroom unless there was a consistent water leak in the room. The pores can travel through the air in ducts and grow wherever they find enough moisture. It may have been from the roof or the basement also.
  5. Those are Red Spire Pears, a better quality cousin of the Bradford Pears you will find in most towns. Those have lasted for a long time. I think they were planted around 25 years ago. A street tree should fit the space in which it will spend 20-25 years.
  6. Someone with impeccable aim, needs to get a BB gun.
  7. Petee

    DuBois water

    We have a well, for which I am grateful even when we get repair bills. At least we have clean, chemical free water.
  8. But imagine, he was probably running a business and the rest of those pigs are still out there preying on children.
  9. People from the city watch GoDuBOis and used to comment positively, but that seems to have stopped.
  10. Petee

    Old CVS - Sandy Plaza

    I know that the VA is expanding their services here in DuBois, so taking over the space emptied by Aldis would make sense. We were told that Aldi's is moving to where the DuBois Buffet was and there are a couple of empty store fronts beside it where they could expand. But, who knows? They could all surprise us and move into the Mall!
  11. Petee

    DuBois Area High School Closed

    Great info, thank you. Actually that whole wall surface is coming out shortly and will be replaced with new mold resistant drywall, a waterproof membrane and ceramic tile. I'm also designing a dam to keep the water that splashes behind the faucet from running anywhere.
  12. Excellent idea! Make it worth their while, plus you defeat the gluttons.
  13. Petee

    Sliding Door Doesn't Unlock Sometimes

    I decided to visit our mechanic today about the door. They called the dealership who quoted over $600 for the part, 2009 Toyota Sienna left side rear sliding door handle lock actuator, which did not include the cables. I found the same part with cables on the internet for $126. How do people pay such inflated prices?
  14. Teeples on Tybee Island is a destination in itself!
  15. Petee


    It may also be the normal funk that kids pass around once school starts. There's a respiratory virus running amok that could mimic a mold reaction. After this past summer, I l'll bet most houses have a patch of mold in them somewhere. Check out the air conditioner. You're pretty much guaranteed to find mold there.