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  1. I think I'm sick from seeing how these pigs are treated, and the owners apparently think they have a winner!
  2. Take a book and go to McDonalds for an extended sit down.
  3. It's good that everyone but the robber is OK, and that the employer wasn't a legalistic idiot who would fire an employee who fought back.
  4. Petee

    Hospital parking

    Good grief, all it would have taken is a nicer golf cart.
  5. Petee

    Key Fob Quit

    I was looking for batteries and found a deal on two FOBs that come with the batteries. I think they were only $20 for both. Mine is a weird Fob with a button for the sliding door instead of for the tailgate. Now I'll have an extra fob and batteries for both, with a back up in case I lose one.
  6. Prison was not the answer, but a mental hospital might have been.
  7. Petee

    Fantastic natural food

    Penn State grass seed, fertilizer, etc., has absolutely nothing to do with Penn State University, but a Penn State Soil Test is done right on campus by one of their affiliates. We toured the facility last summer and it was so much more than I imagined. You would pay hundreds of dollars for the same test if it was done by a business. The test is $9 and you get an excellent comprehensive report and application information.
  8. And were the employees fired?
  9. Petee

    Fantastic natural food

    If you decide that you would like to get rid of that moss and probably the specific weeds that have chosen to grow in it, pick up a Penn State Soil Test Kit and follow the directions carefully. They will give you specific amendments on how to deal with it.
  10. Petee

    Japanese Beetles

    You want to trap them and destroy the next year's crop of Japanese Beetles, but you have to patrol your crops daily because a few will always by-pass the traps or will hatch right out of your own lawn. A few years of carefully tended traps will reduce your pests to almost nothing. Non-food crops can be sprayed. I take a trap with me and knock the few I do find right into the bag.
  11. Petee

    Pruning tomatoes?

    Indeterminate means tomatoes will form and ripen for up to two years or longer in the right climate. Smaller fresh eating or salad varieties. Tomatoes are a perennial plant. Determinate means the plant will produce 1 major crop (like June bearing strawberries) and then possibly some smaller numbers later. That might apply to big slicers. All tomatoes need pruned for air flow. They should be as open as possible without losing shade above ripening tomatoes. They can sunburn. For soil-borne disease management, prune off all branches within 12 inches from the ground or possibly higher. This improves airflow under the plants, reduces the amount of soil that splashes up onto the leaves, and makes weeding easier. Do not plant tomatoes closer together than 30 inches and stake them heavily. You want a thinned umbrella shape that is open, airy, and heavier above fruit. Mulch well under the plant. Remove the top when it is apparent that any new blossoms will not have time to ripen. It will force hormones in the plant to concentrate on ripening the fruit that has already formed.
  12. Petee


    If DuBois is out in the Northern woods to you, then Renovo is where we go when we need a frontier fix. You cannot get TV, cell phone service or radio up there. Heck, I think you would have to have a satellite in view to get any kind of service.
  13. Petee

    Fantastic natural food

    Here's a hint, if your garden is small enough to do so, then do the raised row system (yes, you can do it with machinery) and then mulch between the rows with shredded newspaper, old wood chips, old sawdust, or any kind of organic matter. Big commercial farms use fabric or plastic sheets which are expensive, but the weed load is so much less, and the produce is so much better because no soil touches the plants or crop. The plants are healthier, and there's less weed and insect pressure. Your grandma was right because when you work wet soil, you compact the soil so water and oxygen cannot get down to the roots.
  14. Sounds good to me as long as it's not herbed and black peppered up to the ears. Put it in a buttered toasted Italian bread cone and it'll be even better. Oh, and some freshly grated Parmesan please?
  15. Petee

    Fantastic natural food

    A lot of people have given up on gardening or didn't have a "teacher" to show them the basics and how to do less maintenance on the gardens. That's what Master Gardeners do. They teach, and judging from the money authors are making on Horticultural books, and the number of calls that come into the Jefferson County Master Gardener Hot Line, lots of people need help and new/old ideas on how to keep it all together and productive. From extremely experienced to brand new gardeners, everyone needs a hand at some time, and if a catchy name will help them remember or understand, then let them grow. Every time I am with gardeners I learn something new! It never fails. That's what it's all about. Helping others grow.