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  1. I'm glad it was made public. Who knows how many extra contaminations may have come about because of a death ceremony which could have been put off till better times. Hopefully there will be fines involved.
  2. Mine are Nitrile, not Latex because I am allergic to Latex. I recently bought one of the FIT BIT watches and ended up with hives halfway to my elbow for about a week. I keep a lot around to do gardening for myself and friends. Gloves and homemade masks aren't the cure, but they can cut down on the risk. At her hospital my daughter was issued ONE mask and told to keep it clean and safe. They are to be reused as many times as possible. If you want to do something good, make some lighter fabric ones to go over the heavy duty medical grade mask. It protects the mask, and the mask protects the medical personnel.
  3. President Trump has been absolutely amazing in his flexibility and ability to get people working together quickly without making problems. His business experience has benefitted us all well. He has led us through the maze of choices in the best way he sees with the advice of excellent professionals to whom he listens before making final decisions. He also shows hope and enthusiasm which admitting that it may not turn out the way that he chooses. I am concerned about the stamina of all those who are dealing with this pandemic, President Trump and his Coronavirus Staff especially. They have all looked exhausted physically and mentally from time to time.
  4. The gloves I am using are left over from other projects and would NOT be suitable for a hospital. The idea is not to eliminate all virus particles but to cut down on the numbers. That does make a difference. What is your major problem?
  5. Drop off groceries at your car, and then remove the gloves. Take them to a trash can or peel them off into a plastic bag at the first opportunity.
  6. What are you doing, or can you suggest doing, that has always been fun from the past. Now's the time: Taffy Pull New food gardens Work more with the pets I WILL conquer the Orchids Since the freezer is more empty I will organize it with a dry erase board on the front Where did I stash those puzzles? Organize the photo albums Take a daily walk with someone you love and don't normally have time for every day. Prune the orchard Plant strawberries New shelving New recipes, or old ones that you have forgotten to make for eons Short sheet the kids' beds, since they probably don't know how to do it. Practice your carpentry Learn to make stained glass Learn to crochet/knit/quilt/make masks for others Clean out that weedy corner of the lawn and plant grass Have a cook out Learn campfire cooking Get some chickens and turkeys. It's time! Put some plastic wrap on the toilet seat Make some healthier beverages (real lemonade, tea, fruit drinks) and stock them regularly instead of pop. Add some more before we all have to go back to work on April 30!
  7. Today seemed to be an ice cream day because while I've been avoiding ice cream (diabetes), today I was ready to forego the diet and salve my emotions. I gave in to a 100 calorie ice cream sandwich from our own freezer. We may have to buy some actual ice cream to stay saner. Besides, what do most people have to do for fun right now? I bet we all come out of this with some pounds to lose.
  8. Consequences! He'll probably still get help, just not be able to live with Mom and Pop. Sounds like it's time anyway.
  9. Absentee farmers get what they prepare for. Hopefully she was made to pay for the damage. Yes, loose cows and horses can be a major problem. A friend in Virginia has hit cows on the road twice. The first time he was in Intensive Care, not expected to live, for many weeks. He did recover most of his functions. The second time it was much less damage with no injuries to him, but in both cases, the farmer lost the cow and paid out hellaceous amounts of money. Fences are just suggestions to cows unless they are set up for elephants. Once they get used to being confined, they generally stay inside their pasture, but young cows are just like teenagers and rarely respect rules till they get hurt. Maybe Mike needs to work on his fences to remedy the problem. It still does not justify the use of a weapon on innocent animals and within the area of several houses.
  10. Petee

    Checking in

    That has to make things a lot easier, your daughter, the dogs and more organization. Laugh a lot friend!
  11. Sorry, but I have no sympathy for her. If she was in Quarantine, it was for a reason. Does she think her needs are more than the needs of others? Obviously she hasn't grasped the fact that maybe she needs watched. Did she wear a mask and gloves?
  12. Till the infected stop spreading the virus, this will not stop! Just one idiot wandering around in public with other people daily will keep it going. Korea got it stopped by making everyone wear masks. I would add gloves to that idea. I hate the idea of wearing a mask because I have Asthma and hate the feeling of not getting a full breath, but if it will protect others and myself, then why not. I want to go back to normal if that's even possible. I don't want to lose family or friends..
  13. He doesn't have anything but grass that the young cows could be looking for. With new grass now coming up in his lawn, and possibly not enough in the pasture, they may be desperate for the nutrients in the fresh grass. Maybe it's time for Rotational Grazing in the pasture.
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