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  1. Browsers

    I have to do a 3 hour training session but it said it won't work well, if at all, in Google Chrome. They're right. I also tried Internet Explorer which sent it to Bing. No deal. Do I have to download a completely new browser in order to see if it will open there?
  2. Charles Manson Dead At 83

    Personally I would prefer one carefully placed bullet!
  3. Charles Manson Dead At 83

    The same thing happened to Jon Yount. He would have welcomed it.
  4. Wait till the bear turns around and takes out the humans or the dog. They're supposed to be afraid of humans and it should be the job of the DNR or whoever in each state to have a program for homeowners to terrorize bears away from their living area. It's all fun and games till there's bloodshed. We've been working on an electric fence, large enough to stop a bear, elk, deer, intruder around our yard. It's also meant to keep in our big dogs. It's an investment of time, labor and money, but the bears will be safer........out in the woods.
  5. Does anyone know how burials are being handled at Lakelawn Cemetery below Reynoldsville since the previous owner is in prison? Who do people do who own grave sites there contact?
  6. It's time for DNR to get out there and make those bears really scared of humans!
  7. Well, he'll be a lot safer than the police officer was.
  8. Anyone interested in being part of a project to learn to grow grain in a home garden, maybe even 10' x 10'?
  9. Sandy Sewer :(

    Yes, their driveway starts at the Security Gate. Mine starts at my mailbox. Neither of us qualify for services on our private property. All Treasure Lake has to do is turn the roads over to Sandy Township, and voila!
  10. Where is this Sugar Shack?
  11. If they know you well, then I'm sure there will be no problems with exchanges, but if you aren't familiar or look like you're weird (so to speak) then expect to be checked, and then expect someone to want to sue Walmart.