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  1. Our school class once toured it and we watched as they would yards of rubber band-like material around a solid ball core. At the time it was fascinating but after I experienced factory work, not so much!
  2. My Amish friend told me about it yesterday and seemed to know all of the facts, but she may have heard it secondhand.
  3. Petee


    Neither have I. I went to Minnesota and Canada once, and once to New England and we won a vacation to the Bahamas but that was 30-40 years ago. Our friends all go places on a regular basis, but we invest our money in home, family and our land. That's all we have. If others have problems with their homes, they can move, at our stage of life, we can't. Security on our own land with a predictable future is important. Unfortunately we built way too close to town and it may come back to bite us in the end. We've been lucky in that we've been able to feel free of unmanageable debt, and when the gas went through, we could avoid it. No sewer and water bills have made it easier also, although we've had some heavy repairs at times, we could do alot of the work ourselves and it's always been cheaper than an unpredictable bill. We don't need someone forcing services on us that would force us into debt. We're both 72 and still work to keep a savings for unexpected problems. There's not enough to include luxuries or something that the government thinks we should have but don't need or want, and probably won't use. Remember that when the government gives you money, they want something back, like matching funds, and where do they come from? That's why I would choose carefully planned development that everyone can prepare for. It has to work for everyone as they are able to deal with it. Farms are another problem. Sandy Township has a lot more than anyone would think, and they struggle along. All farmers have to hold down a second job in order to survive, but they are crucial to society and every one that is lost is a major problem. Downtown can't be taxed the same way as those who live out in Sandy Township. I'd rather know what's coming so we might be able to get out of the way if necessary.
  4. Petee


    THen why are so many businesses opening up? They don't come without customers. You can't get across town easily at certain hours, where are they coming from? How are people living better, with larger homes and fancier cars? How many have never taken a vacation or two a year?
  5. Petee


    Absolutely! THERE ARE NO PROMISES THAT IT WOULD BE BETTER! In fact it could be worse. People who think they are going to GET something are misinformed. Best scenario is that nothing changes. DuBois and Sandy are already growing at a steady controllable pace that we can all handle. Generations to come will definitely benefit, but you will never get the quantity of huge opportunities as you would in a place like Silicon Valley. The opportunities are here now, kids just have to work hard and get educated. Same as anywhere in the world. The trade off for having it all available in your backyard is that you have no backyard! Peace goes out the door and it's dog eat dog. Think of what you are willing to lose if this area grows out of proportion to its ability to balance liveability with out-of-control legislation in the name of supposed growth.
  6. Petee


    If we ever have another GoDuBois picnic, then I'll bring tasters!
  7. Petee


    You got it exactly!! No one knows what will happen after a Consolidation. It's a pig in a poke at the very best. As a forever resident of Sandy Township, I have seen huge improvements on a steady peaceful basis that all residents can live with, Will BIG GOVERNMENT make it better? Of course it will! Will they demand more taxes and make us pay for more "benefits"? Of course they will. It will only cause problems that no one will be able to move back from by letting people live as they choose within normal guidelines. Why mess with what doesn't need fixed, and with what could very well become a fiasco to some businesses and home owners. Get out your dice, because that's as predictable as it will ever get. If you bothered to watch the video and listen carefully, they are not initiating talks, they are responding in a defensive measure because DuBois has already stated they will be pushing this issue again this year. In response, Sandy is doing their own private independent study to get ahead of the mess. They are NOT looking for Consolidation, but are looking for truth and answers in order to decide which way to go.
  8. Petee


    Well, tonight was no real supper night, just whatever leftovers could be found in the fridge, so I decided it might be the time for the experiment. I found a can of Pineapple Rings in Heavy Syrup in the basement storage, drained two rings, used one slice of a light grain bread, cut it in half and used mayo on the bottom half and Miracle Whip on the top half. I added a broken pineapple ring to each 1/4 of the sandwich and actually it was quite good! Each section ended up being 4 bites. The Miracle Whip was best as it had some tang to offset the sweetness of the pineapple. The Mayo was OK, but not as good. The bread was basically only there to hold it all together. It reminded me of a Waldorf Salad type flavor. I think I will do it again, maybe with a thin slice of ham added.
  9. What our world NEEDS now is more filth for the kids to hear and repeat! Why not?
  10. I think the furniture owners have finally managed to empty a large enough area in their own climate controlled building to fit everything. They've been working all day every day to shift things. They moved from a very large house to a rather small one to which there will be an addition, but in the meantime, their things have to be in storage. Possibly problem solved. Thank you to everyone who tried to help!
  11. Petee


    No one turns down my Pineapple Upside Down cake, especially me, which is why I haven't made one in the last 6 months. The next time I open a can of pineapple, I intend to use a slice of bread and make 1/4 with mayonnaise and 1/4 with Miracle Whip. It will be about 2 bites. I'll see what the excitement might be about a Pineapple Sandwich and then I'll let you know.
  12. Maybe you can be the way she grows up a lot faster. If you walk away from her mad, then she may even feel justified in some weird way, but if you give her a good explanation (and also to whoever let this be republished). Help her to rise above the level at which she could laugh and help her grow some sincere compassion. It may help to take your husband and daughter also. Let her see the enormity of the loss.
  13. I kind of agree because she's probably young enough that she has no sense of propriety yet. That comes with experience, possibly something she will learn by having to face you right in front of her boss. You may want to explain your son's death to her in detail. She needs to serious up!
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