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  1. Excellent idea. Good sanitary practices will keep you safe.
  2. Petee


    It's very sad and has been very difficult for her. He's not always very patient but she does a great job with him.
  3. It wouldn't really be fair unless he knew there was a danger to begin with. Who would think that a metal rod would do that? Unless he didn't do anything about the spark (did he even see it) how could he have predicted a fire? I go out at night with several pots of boiling water and make Wasp Soup. I also am allergic to bee stings, so they have to go if we find them anywhere near people night be.
  4. Petee


    No. The owner's husband had a severe stroke a couple of years ago and she is his major caregiver.
  5. This is spread by wild birds that visit poultry areas. Don't throw feed on the ground or put bird feeders anywhere near a chicken coop, and don't allow trees or perching locations where poultry will be free ranging. Discourage wild birds from coming near chickens with anything that flaps in the breeze, rubber snakes, decoy owls, etc. I have new turkeys just going out onto grass, and the kids and grandkids want to pet them. They can do so, but a thorough hand washing comes next. You never get your face near a farm bird or any other outdoor bird. Commercially raised birds live in huge buildings in which wild birds are frequently found. Frequent testing can help but not stop them from getting to market. Be aware of where all your eggs are coming from. Keep them refrigerated and wash them immediately before cooking. It can lessen your chances of getting sick.
  6. Look at the trees, shrubs, grasses and other plant life. I don't think I have ever seen such a beautiful spring landscape. Maybe it will encourage all of us to better care for the drainage of our soil. Now's the time to find locations for Rain Gardens, make sure surface water doesn't go into a roadside or commercial drainage ditch. It also shouldn't be pooling on hard surfaces. It needs to go directly underground where it belongs, and where it would normally go without human changes in the landscape. Call a Master Gardener, this is part of what we teach.
  7. Would a meeting at The Train Station be a good location?
  8. That's exactly what I said. First the police will deal with him, and then worse, his Community will deal with him. The second punishment will be far worse than whatever the court does to him.
  9. Cut Worms will eat them off right about the soil line. https://ento.psu.edu/extension/factsheets/black-cutworm https://extension.psu.edu/black-cutworm-moths-continue-to-arrive-in-some-parts-of-pennsylvania Solution: https://extension.umn.edu/yard-and-garden-insects/cutworms
  10. There will be two Safe Drinking Water Clinics in Brockway on June 25th. The clinics are free and open to the public, and in addition to providing information on protecting and treating water, we will also be doing free water testing. Interested people can register online https://extension.psu.edu/safe-drinking-water-clinic or by calling 1-877-345-0691.
  11. How are fiber optic locations connected to each other? Is it all one long cable or different ones?
  12. I just recently went through that here. I have been paying for High Speed Internet which dubois_15801 kindly deciphered for me. I am getting less than 1 which is unusable at times. I finally roared at Verizon and they explained that it wasn't their fault either because the local wiring isn't capable of carrying more. There is NO High Speed Internet available here from Verizon. Apparently we have it as close as Salem, but there is no way to access it as it bypasses us to go to larger cities. I did see that they have been digging along that same trench and putting in some sort of pillars, so maybe something is happening. dubois_15801? Did I get that right?
  13. Petee


    What about forging papers to make it look like the estate was in debt? Then the bank to which the debt was owed bought it from the Sheriffs sale, and sold it back to the one heir. I was cheated out of an inheritance, but was left with all the bills. It was all in shady paperwork and lies. There was no debt. I had to get a lawyer from State College who said he had never seen anything like it. It would have cost more to get it back in legal fees than it was worth. Thieves abound. If money goes, then don't complain if it goes to those who cared daily for your family member.
  14. Petee


    You are correct. There are no free handouts. If you have assets with which to pay, then you should do so. Sadly that sometimes means the family home, but if it was so important, then provisions should have been made beforehand.
  15. He will go to jail just like anyone else, AND, will face his community and Bishop which will hurt far more than the police. They will not pay his bill but may loan the money if they feel it is a good thing, but they may also just allow him to sit in jail forever.
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