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  1. Petee


    It sounded more like a threat against his family members.
  2. I agree completely. I never give JUST a lottery ticket but add it to another gift just in case there's nothing on it.
  3. This is the violent mentality that is destroying our country and adults have been teaching it for profit. Yes, we must be able to defend ourselves from physical violence, but for the children, it's been turned into a cartoon! Where has reality gone?
  4. Since the FBI knew about it since February and didn't even pick up the laptop, I suspect it was left there at the shop in "hiding". The FBI has been compromised so many times that they're almost a joke. There is no lack of evidence, just a lack of action on that evidence which is probably because of the need to not rattle the election. People need to know accurate and complete details but that will take time to do. I think they knew what buttons to push in laying out the evidence to try to get rid of Trump or damage his credibility, but it was them showing their own knowledge of the bribery and pay off process. Rudy Guliani knows what kind of trouble he would get into for producing false information.
  5. I have had a Kindle Paperwhite Reader for about 12 years. It is a tremendous stress reliever. I go nowhere without it. Twice now the charging port has gone bad, so it's time for a replacement. This time I am considering a Kindle Paperwhite Audible. I listen to a lot of Books on CD when I drive so this would also solve that problem, plus it would open up the selection of books available. I now have a magnetic charging cable to reduce wear and tear on the charging port. I tried the flat charger but it doesn't work on the Kindle. Experienced suggestions please?
  6. Petee

    Leaf Pickup

    A couple of people brought their leaves to my house last year more than once. Any one is welcome to call do so at any time. You can dump them and take your bags back to use again. 371-3322 590-9010 603-3484
  7. I never think to stop in Callairies. I need to do it more often.
  8. Hubby said he died of a heart attack.
  9. Hubby grew up in the Red Corle era. Red Corle rode a bicycle across the Sandy Bridge on the concrete railing. He wore a Viking helmet with horns. He tried to ride up the steps at the end of the boulevard. He used too long of a rope when he jumped off of the Maple Avenue rain trestle when he broke his legs. He used to hang out at Bailey's Hot Dogs where he regularly fought with any guys who came from up the valley. Yes, he rode his motorcycle across the Boulevard standing on the seat but most of the time the police couldn't catch him. He hung out at Minns Bar in Sandy, Wells Garage, occasionally at the Keystone Restaurant, and at the Edgewood Roller Rink he was the Limbo champion, 6 inches off of he floor. He hung out with Red Wells and Sam Minns. \\
  10. In Peach Tree City you went through a gate such as at TL. If possible you transferred to a Golf Cart for deliveries. Ambulances, firetrucks, emergency responders, etc., were all granted entrance because they still had 2 lane roads. It is a very upscale community, so they had access to all kinds of services. In an average community, it would be almost impossible.
  11. Petee


    Hubby was a Helicopter Crew Chief in Vietnam. What he was watching had nothing to do with any aircraft burning off excess fuel. The State Police Helicopter was circling and hovering watching something on the ground. Life Flight came and went straight through the scene during that time.
  12. Petee


    Might it have been something to do with the Fracking Well?
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