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  1. You said it! How could it be more blatent?
  2. It's all rolling around to a win for Conservative Americans. You can't stop the tide.
  3. He will. No one will be forced to spend Eternity with Jehovah. Many will find that they don't even want to.
  4. Just go to UTube and type in what you want to learn about.
  5. When something like that has been dragged through pigpens all over the world, and then through children, there's no cleaning it. You're right
  6. He should hope for death. Letting him live in prison would be crueler.
  7. More lies and innuendos meant to inflame? Check for the truth later, whatever it may be.
  8. Was he going after the man's character, his disabilities, his military career or his political job choices? I didn't see that newscast, so there's no proof of what he did or did not do. Now, if I refuse to watch the Newscast or just take your word for what happened, and then act on it, I'm just as guilty as those who judge without proof. If you hide it from me, then I should never judge any of it. If I don't like the take from it and I refuse to let anyone else on GoDuBois see it, did it or did it not happen as you say? I'm only making a point that what happened in the election was hidden from us by our courts and their refusal to deal with it. Personally I think they are cowards but that's another situation. CNN is going under for good reason, and others are sliding fast. Keep up the pressure of your opinions, but never resort to lying or violence. Neither will ever solve the problem long term. Getting right back to the roots of this problem when Trump was elected will be very enlightening, and legislator who conspired with them, even on a local basis needs to be outed so that they will not be re-elected again. No group nonsense, just vote for someone else.
  9. Our country is what it has been because someone stood their ground, based in Christians fundamentals, and spoke despite the risk of losing their freedoms and their lives. If we do not do the peaceably, then we are either at risk of losing our unique country or our lives. Stay up with the free news and make your decisions based on the truth and no violence.
  10. This young man will never leave prison, and his life will be hell. If he doesn't spend the time in Solitary Confinement it would be a surprise. I doubt family will even acknowledge him. His only hope is Execution.
  11. I do not make the decisions, and I really haven't taken the time to ponder on this. I think researchers will have to do some testing to see how soon the vaccine is 100% effective to see when no mask is safe. Then there will be the transition period for others to figure out how to deal with unmasked individuals. I would love not to wear one.
  12. Nothing is going to tip but the boat will be rocking for a while yet. Our country will be stronger for this because lots of problems were brought out into the open to where they can now be dealt with. One major thing to work on immediately is to establish a communications system that will open doors for Conservatives without fear of retribution, and that may take a new law. Just as people cannot be discriminated against (sent to the back of the bus) people's politics should not allow people to discriminate against against them. Treatment should depend on how that person behaves and proof thereof. Why is it so hard to believe that they have proof?
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