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  1. Penn State has become very law-suit shy. How much more money can they stand to lose? Now they're afraid of everything.
  2. Great idea! Are they numerous enough to make a difference around here? I'd happily go through a car wash with just air in the winter to clean off the van. I can't reach the center of the top to get the snow off.
  3. I'm assuming they mean the people who make no effort to clear any snow or ice off their car. Most of the time it's impossible to get it all. How much is too much? This would be much more important and difficult for trucks. Somebody is going to have to develop a way to de-ice them easier. Climbing a truck ladder clear onto the top several times a day if necessary would be dangerous itself, and what if it collects (ice) while the truck is moving?
  4. Yum, Fried Chicken Livers and Okra!
  5. Petee

    Ponderous Ponderings

    The cat would lick off the butter on the way down and land as usual.
  6. So they are still going to teach the canoeing class at the Y?
  7. It worked! Just when the seedlings in my house have reached the terrifying stage, I checked the 60+ jugs of winter sown seeds and they are growing too! Yikes, I may have to run away. We cut clear gallon milk jugs in a specific pattern of halves that can be taped back together. The bottom was filled with Fafard, seeds sown, and then the top was lightly taped on with the lid left off. They have been iced, buried in snow, and otherwise completely ignored. Nature knows what it's doing better then we humans do.
  8. Just don't point fingers and type bad words and your ideas will be a hit. Lots of people like the banter but there have to be rules. Hey Steve ......maybe a Banter Forum? Anything goes just as long as it's in a positive and pleasant manner. Anything nasty and there could be immediate expulsion. Anything political, immediate expulsion.
  9. I have his cookbook and some shrimp in the freezer. Does that count?
  10. I wonder what God's (Jehovah's) feelings were that someone loved His children so much that they would risk almost anything to share prayer with them. Wouldn't you love to be a mouse in the corner to hear what they prayed about?
  11. True because it's not "normal" for this country. However, I would love to see more people who love peace and joy around the kids. Giving them a sense of infinite greatness around them that they can be part of is a wonderful gift.
  12. No problem with those questions, and most of the controversy between religions was based on an "only I am right" religious business.
  13. Petee

    Fox in town

    So the area will have 4 vermin catchers soon. One of the first things the Momma will teach them is how to catch a mouse. Everyone in that area needs to make sure they have no access to dog or cat food, or scraps and garbage. Now that the snow is gone. I'll bet they spend more time down by the creek. Maybe Momma moved higher so her den didn't fill with the melting snow.
  14. Petee


    I worked on an old tree stump this afternoon but I set up camp right beside it and I was using charcoal.