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  1. No one asked this lady about what they used for toilet paper or diapers, but I'll bet she would have had some surprises!
  2. You guys are a hoot! There was no such thing as disposable anything for babies when I had my first child. You got cloth diapers (light and heavy) for your baby shower. You also got plastic pants for over them. You got a diaper bucket, some blueing and bleach, pins and lots of bleachable wash cloths, and you were off to the races! Babies were greased, oiled and powdered, and if you had extra money, you could buy paper liners for their diapers which helped a lot with the yuck factor. Dads did NOT diaper the baby unless you wanted more poop around the diapering area than was originally in the diaper. Babies were a Mom's job, not just a sideline. Laundry was bleached thoroughly and hung outside in the sun to disinfect and whiten. You cleaned up the baby till it shone, gave it to someone else to hold, rinsed it thoroughly in the CLEAN toilet, wrung it out, flushed, dropped the diaper into the soaking bucket, and washed your hands thoroughly. Laundry was twice a week for diapers, and the bucket got dumped into the washer, spun out, and then were laundered as usual with a vinegar rinse. Children were also potty trained early! Mine were all done with diapers by the age of one to one and a half. It was a matter of necessity because Mom might already be pregnant again. I had four children in 5 1/2 years and spent more time breast feeding than I did sleeping. Luckily Pampers came along just as I was ready to lose it and let the babies out in a corral for the day. Then I had the option of one box a week with cloth diapers for nighttime because the original disposables just weren't up to the job, and they were a luxury that really hurt the budget. As we went along, we discovered the luxury of paper towels for wiping little butts. Now if I end up on a deserted island, I want cases and cases of full sized sheets of paper towels!
  3. Time Left: 1 month and 29 days

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    Stacked by the road and ready to load. Logs cut to firewood size and another pile of branches slightly longer.


  4. Unfortunately the trees on Maple Avenue are going to go the route of the Main Street trees because of improper pruning practices in the past. Some are so damaged that I cringe while driving past them in any kind of a breeze. No one wants the responsibility of fixing the situation once and for all. When they get too damaged, you simply can't save those trees, and no one wants to make the effort of researching and paying to plant (and prune) properly.
  5. Petee


    Did it just go to the next page?
  6. Families who couldn't afford toilet paper or sanitary products used to use old pieces of fabric because that's all they had to keep clean with. There were other substitutes, but not pleasant ones. Today, people who are trying to be as earth conscious as possible are coming up with all kinds of old ideas. They're not always the most reasonable but it makes them feel better. Have fun with that idea.
  7. Petee


    Look for Fusio
  8. I've not used it specifically for that, but to replace low Magnesium. It stung my skin terribly. The doctor gave me a prescription for Magnesium "something" that didn't work at all, so I order Magnesium Malate from the internet which works great. An avocado at bedtime should work also when needed.
  9. It's probably 1 or 2 daily habitual litterers. Once they find it easy, they just continue. To get the Adopt a Road, you have to contact Penn Dot to apply, then set up a schedule for them to pick up any litter collected. If you do it for something like 2 years, they will put your name on the sign. They can also put up a "Fine For Littering" sign. If someone is stupid enough to toss out their garbage, then possibly they're stupid enough to believe that anyone is really watching.
  10. I came back up Maple Avenue but both Maple and Chestnut were closed so there was no easy way to get to the Mall area. I went out Highland and over to the Oklahoma Salem Road to get home. I could see a huge tree trunk down on Maple but nothing visible on Chestnut.
  11. Petee

    Giant Eagle

    Weren't they Plaid Stamps? I think one of the gas stations gave out stamps too at one time.
  12. Not all forest or grassland fires are bad. Controlled burns are different from wildfires. Wildfires can happen anytime and are usually ignited by humans such as campers and smokers. Controlled burns are strategically set to burn off underbrush that would feed a wildfire. Preparation to put them out where they should stop is part of the program. Part of good stewardship is keeping the forests safe and healthy.
  13. If you do cross pollinate Iris, you may have a gorgeous outcome or some real muddy duds.
  14. Natural selection will almost always produce a stronger (if maybe strange) plant. There would be no problem saving the seeds and testing them next year. Just squeeze the seeds out of the tomato into something like a cottage cheese container. Cover it against bugs, and let it set at room temperature till it begins to grow a layer of sludgy stuff on top. Then scoop off what you can and dump the seeds into a sieve. Wash them off and dump the cleaned seeds onto a dry paper towel till they are dry. Maybe overnight. A waxed paper envelope works great to store them for the winter. Label them with the date and any other info that you may need. Store in an old refrigerator or a sealed container in a very cool basement for the winter. In the spring, if you need help germinating them, just ask here again or contact a Penn State Certified Master Gardener at JeffersonMG@psu.edu. That works no matter which county you live in. One Master Gardener grows lots of bush string beans, and has received pole beans for the second year. Sometimes what you grow yourself can be more to you liking, definitely cheaper and more rewarding.
  15. I've found that it works best on new foliage, not tall weeds. It's great for keeping the cracks in the sidewalks clean.
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