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  1. New Business on Hamor Street?

    Definitely Bob's Delight although I just order the mini. It's plenty for me.
  2. New Business on Hamor Street?

    No wonder they were so good. The right roll makes or breaks a sub.
  3. This is a great walk around by Doug of Off Grid with Doug and Stacey. The picture of me is absolutely terrible but it was fun being in the video anyway! There is so much to see and classes to attend, so much to learn.
  4. New Business on Hamor Street?

    Sids were huge! The ones I got in college were about 3 feet long and were almost too clumsy to carry a mile or two back to my dorm. You could smell them the whole way but not touch them till you could find a place to lay them down and cut them.
  5. Egg Prices Bottom Out

    True, some of it depends on how fancy a coop you want to build. My coop is described by my kids as being a Chicken Palace but I wanted it to look nice and hold up without giving us problems in the winter or allowing varmints to get the girls. It comfortably fits 8-10 chickens. How many eggs do you want a week?
  6. New Business on Hamor Street?

    You're right that Sid's were definitely better but Bob's compare very favorably when you order some of the other dry, over seasoned icky subs that are sold. Also, you can call ahead to order, pull up to the drive in window in back and just grab your food. Many times I've been working for hours by lunch time and I have absolutely no time to stop in anywhere. It's stop and go back to work.
  7. Rent A Goat

    Normally I do use a mixture like that down at Charlies but not this year because we have such a mess going on this spring. It works best on new tender foliage or after you've removed the top of the plant. It would never touch this tall old mess around the tree. I'll probably start weed whacking it tomorrow. On our way home today I saw a weird animal way ahead on the road. When we got closer I realized it was a Boer Goat and it's buddy. They had collars and were males so I didn't stop and load them into the van! They stink.
  8. New Business on Hamor Street?

    Every time I'm in Brookville I get a sub from Bob's Subs out behind the Sheetz. They are like the ones that used to be sold on the corner of Long and Main, and like I got when I went to college in New Jersey. Super fresh and a perfect bun.
  9. Egg Prices Bottom Out

    Yes. Every one of my eggs is dated on the date it is laid. There are different shades of brown and white mixed. The Leghorn has laid an egg every day since last November except for 2 days. She lays the same number as the other three combined! I tie the carton shut to make sure they don't fall out. The entire dozen is heavy. Landfillguy, what color are the Marans eggs? Chocolate brown? The last time I bought brown eggs from the market, the color came off when I boiled them.
  10. Egg Prices Bottom Out

    Where do you want them delivered? When Landfillguy's grandgirls start laying, I'll be be buried in eggs! Send me a e-mail at cshenkle@verizon to make delivery arrangements in DuBois. I also have a ton of cardboard cartons to give away. I can't close them around the eggs. Anyone want them?
  11. Rent A Goat

    I wouldn't want to risk them getting into the Poison Ivy even if they were willing. I think hubby and I will just have to risk it. Aaghhhhh!
  12. Egg Prices Bottom Out

    I deliver! Just send me an e-mail at cshenkle@verizon.net. They are $3 a dozen IF you return the carton. I have to use the triple fold because some of the eggs do no fit into a regular paper carton.
  13. Unions can be just as dangerous as an abusive employer. Look at where our country is with sky high pensions for people who have already dickered their way to very high retirement incomes, and now no pensions for those who are unlucky enough to have followed them. That's as criminal as firing workers for ulterior motives of the management. There has to be some balance all round. It's like eating all the supplies today and starving tomorrow.
  14. Egg Prices Bottom Out

    I can't pay less for eggs because I won't eat eggs from chickens that are abused just so I can save a few dollars. I only buy the ones that are about $4-$5 a dozen because of how they are raised. They were 44 cents yesterday at Walmart in DuBois, and I honestly stood there and wondered how much the chickens were suffering for that price. It probably doesn't even cover their feed bill, so what are the growers feeding them?
  15. Egg Prices Bottom Out

    Leave it to me to start selling eggs when the bottom drops out of the market! Oh well, my friends are happy with egg gifts and we still love to watch our girls. http://www.foxbusiness.com/features/2017/07/28/cheap-eggs-flood-us-grocery-stores.html