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  1. Goat milk is odd in that different goats have a different taste to their milk. If you want a specific flavor, then you have to try different milks, then find an animal that gives that one.
  2. It makes the program and the legislators a joke.
  3. CYS is an excellent resource which, properly funded, could do miracles. However, all of their workers are overworked with impossible schedules and paperwork. They can't possibly do their jobs. Hitting the mark some of the time is all they can manage, and they all hate that they cannot do their job properly. Ask them. How much of your tax money are you willing to part with to properly fund the program? What should parents who abandon their children do to help?
  4. If it were my child, regardless of being handicapped, and was causing a disruption, then I would be the one taking him to task, not an officer who would probably have rather been elsewhere doing something. Obviously the kid was able to cause more than a little physical disruption, and probably more than a lot of stress. He didn't hurt the kid, he just controlled him. Check out this guy: What do you do?
  5. Does the Elk Visitor Center own its own road from the sign up to the building? I'm curious as to whether it will be improved also. I'm assuming this is the main road up the hill which is indeed the only access, but it's not specifically for the Elk Center.
  6. So a better way of announcing this to the public might have been to say that road improvements are needed due to the higher volume of people who are using that road which is particularly dangerous in winter in its current disrepair. That is common sense, but saying it is specifically for the Elk Center makes it look like it's just an improvement for its best interests.
  7. Many people are resorting to mini cows for family milk or goats.
  8. It might help the public to appreciate it more if they knew how it is run.
  9. Maybe children should be "found" once a year and checked on.
  10. Fantastic! That was one huge stumbling block in deciding to make a change.
  11. Anyone know where to find a cost/profit analysis of how that venture has fared financially?
  12. They were located on Jared Street and had the live deer in the front of the building. Then the deer were moved to City Park till someone climbed into the enclosure and killed them at which time the whole exhibit was scrapped.
  13. They do use fragrances to cover up unpleasant chemical smells, and many of them are used across the soap industry. https://www.hunker.com/12524703/ingredients-in-dawn-dish-detergent I wonder if they have changed something in the last year or so.
  14. We have some of the best quality water in Pennsylvania according to testing by Penn State University. It's not the water, not does the area around the sink smell when all of the dishwater is drained. It is definitely there when I first fill the sink and add dish detergent. I suspect it is a standard chemical used in the dish soap industry, and we've just had our fill of it.
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