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  1. Anyone recognize him. Can't catch.
  2. So sad.... Thoughts and prayers for family and friends.....
  3. Shelbea

    Faith Marie

    Happy dance! Hope that she keeps improving!
  4. Shelbea


    Beautiful! Both! Congrats!
  5. Shelbea

    We Are Adopting!

    Adorable! Congrats!
  6. Such sad news! Thoughts and prayers!
  7. It was good, just like every day.....
  8. So sorry about Chewy, but I think you've made the right decision..... We helped our Shelbea go to sleep, we waited a few days too long for Abbea, and she suffered..... It doesn't make it any easier..... But it will be easier on him.... We had both of ours cremated, so that they could be with us if we ever moved, instead of someone digging them up if we sold our home, but then we live in the city and someone would have notice digging huge holes in our yard...... Prayers to you and your family!
  9. At least he's a happy dog! We go to Clarion, Dr. Mehta, and he is great....
  10. So sorry! Have been there, we lost our two 3 months apart..... Very hard, but you did the right thing....... Thoughts and prayers.....
  11. Sometimes they just don't feel good, like us...... I keep a bottle of buffered aspirin and Pepto bismol's around for those days..... Per my Vets instructions, if it doesn't help within 24 hours, then I call him..... Glad he's feeling better.....
  12. Shelbea

    Pet Question

    I asked our Vet that same question, and he told me the same, "she'll let you know"...... She was diagnosed with Cancer at the age of 10, lived 5 more years.... When she started having trouble with her walks and having accidents plus she had quit eating for the most part.... She gave us that look that said "I've had enough"....... One of the hardest things we've ever done, but it is the most humane thing for them..... The Vet came out to the car and gave her the shot and she went to sleep in my arms...... That would have been Shelbea, but with Abigail, she got sick and went down hill within weeks, we waited a couple of days too long, she ended up having a stroke and seizure then dying at home... Was one of the most horrible things to witness.... My heart broke... She suffered.... We were going to take her to the Vet the next day to have her "go to sleep" . If you think she's miserable then she probably is.... Good luck with your decision...... Thoughts are with you....
  13. Bridget and Polo: Thoughts and prayers are with you....
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