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  1. You really can not believe the WHO or CDC..both seem to have political agendas
  2. Tiny, I did that too! They put me where they had a need. The courtesy cart was pretty scary for a young teen. I never knew who was going to be in the room or what shape they would be in. Grill work was better..yum.
  3. yes!! They were the best!! I was a candy striper back (way back...I mean way back!) in the day at the hospital...I worked the grill sometimes. I enjoyed volunteering there.
  4. The cafeteria over the years hasn’t been the best...hope the new one is improved
  5. YourBoy is correct...some were laid off, some were furloughed. ”Laid off” probably will not be called back. This was a timely way of getting rid of people.
  6. Yes, it WAS talked about....California and Washington were hit HARD in March...it was all over the news..DAILY!! Maybe it was not the talk of DuBois or the Courier Express, but it was BIG news. This young lady went on vacation in March to California for 2 wks when SHTF out there. Could not cancel the trip?
  7. I think things are about to change...the runs are a symptom. Also, a few WEEKS ago, Dr. Oz was on a new channel, and said 40% of the time you will have diarrhea. In fact, it is one of the first symptoms. https://www.miamiherald.com/news/coronavirus/article241393826.html
  8. I had the same problem too...reverted back to my Gain until I find another recipe.
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