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  1. That’s too funny! LOL...thanks for the laugh
  2. Jaman is correct....they are assassins. CIA likes control thru psyops also...been reading FBI is planning "false flag" events at all 50 capitals and Wash Dc around inauguration time..it is the start of taking guns away now that the left control most of media and speech. Is it true? don't know...we shall find out... BTW, a new party sounds good...let's call it the Patriot Party....the Republican party already suicided, they are done.
  3. They counted 3 times using the SAME broken system...they were forbidden by the GOV to eliminate dead people, people that moved before the election and votes counted multiple times. If you re-count broken, you get...broken..
  4. Petee is correct. 4 buses of Antifa were bussed in today. They were told to “dress like Trump supporters “ and dropped off at the beginning of the area. Video shows a black guard letting them in and leads the way to the Senate Chamber. There is now talk this was a staged event to scare people and in particular, those Representatives/Senators that were going to contest electoral votes. It worked...no one is contesting now. I live 5 miles from the Capitol.
  5. Yup, the deposit arrived today.
  6. Wow! Just read about this on other news sites... Well, after Jan 20, get use to being screwed...this is just practice...
  7. That is a great idea. I dont hear the politicians lining up...where is Fauci? The big mouth should go first
  8. Where’s watoos and conman? I cant wait to see how they defend their new “friend.” must be naptime
  9. You certainly like to egg people on...
  10. I have not seen the bias yet...but I will continue to watch and report back...
  11. I hope she has security..just sayin’
  12. I don’t think they are lying...pretty scary to think this is the truth.
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