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  1. It says the full extent of the theft was discovered after an internal audit. I'm sure she would have been fired when it first started if it was known.
  2. Meth, heroine, etc. are illegal. There are laws in place for drug possession etc. Yet a drug addict is considered "disabled" and protected by our government and costs far more to everyone everyone every year than anyone knows.... By your logic...smokers should then be afforded the same protections. They should be considered disabled and should be protected by various government programs, such as housing.
  3. Here is the the thing with being offended...you choose what offends you. With everything else out there, in the grand scheme of things, where does this lay for me? Personally, I don't care for unnecessary decals on any vehicle, they further decrease the value of such, and as a government vehicle that does affect me. However, the message itself, I don't care one way or another about. They are words that have no affect on me one way or another.
  4. Gabapentin is abused as well. That and Lyrica are in the same class. They are abused a lot more than you would think they are. It's a sedative, has a lower addiction risk, but it produces the sedative effect and because it so widely prescribed it's fairly easy to get a hold of. Alcohol also increases it's effects. Prescription use of Gabapentin and Lyrica have skyrocketed in recent years.
  5. Settings>Connections>Mobile Network>VoLTE calls (turn off) Settings>Connections>Mobile Network>Network Mode>LTE/CDMA It has fixed every phone thus far.
  6. She was caught relatively early. So how do some of these people rack up $5,000 or $10,000 before they nail them?
  7. Nothing needs to be on the person to accidentally or intentionally set their hair on fire. A long time ago a friend was flicking a lighter near my head and caught mr hair on fire. No cologne, perfume, hairspray, gel, mousse, etc was involved.
  8. Our local paper is HORRIBLE with their spelling and grammatical errors. I cringe every day when I am reading it. Spelling and grammar check on a computer does not mean it will be error free. In one article they couldn't decide if the subject was a he or she. They need a proof reader in the worst way.
  9. I am a cat owner and lover. I agree with you 100%. My babies don't run free or go outside at all. I feel the same about watch for children signs. I am always watching, but parents should be adequately supervising their children when they are outdoors.
  10. I think Elvira is my favorite.
  11. Guess we have to change our species to hupeople...can't have it as hu"man"s anymore. Changing names of common items items is ridiculous. "Man" derived from human by taking the hu off. Wo in front of man derived from the old English word wifmon meaning wife of man. Basically who the f cares. Gender equality is not about words, but actions.
  12. What is the best way to deal with whatever it is that has decided my flower bed is its dining room table? I had a flower bed FULL of lilies, they were gorgeous and I was closing in on having about 80 of them. Something is eating the bulbs and I'm not especially happy about that. It's hard enough that someone is cutting my flowers (pretty easy to tell they were cut off). I have no idea what it is that is eating them.
  13. Supper tonight...was craving cheesy goodness
  14. The weather called for chicken and dumplings with some italian bread on the side.
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