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  1. allboys

    KFC building

    Of the two times I have taken my children (1 trip for each) to the Q-Care, they sent them over to the ER anyway. One was for a sore throat and I forget what the other was for, but it was equally as stupid. That was massively expensive to get the huge bill from the ER as well as the bill from Q-Care. What is the point if they are just going to send someone next door for something so minor??
  2. First, with proper care, I don't see how that burn is still looking like that after 3 weeks if being cared for properly. I'd have been back to the doctor in the first week if I noticed it was not healing yet. I've had an insane amount of 2nd degree burns and even my extreme one that was was the entire backs of both legs didn't take 3 weeks to heal. My third degree burn with skin graft healed almost completely in 3 weeks, except one small area that didn't take and they had to do another graft. I just keep hearing my mother in my head "If so and so jumped off a bridge would you follow?" Apparently anymore, the answer is yes. Unfortunately, nothing they say in any article is going to do any good. Calling attention to it seems to make it run even more rampant.
  3. I don't buy into the coddling of children. However, laws like this coddle the irresponsible parents. It's true, you will have some idiot that let's their 4 year old wander around aimlessly all day and when confronted they will be the first to spout "The laws says it is my decision and I decided he/she is old enough". There is nothing wrong with Pennsylvania's law on the subject. There is no designated age that children may be left home alone or allowed to travel to the park, playground, etc. unattended. Cases are individual, like people are. The parent might be idiot enough to say "I feel they are old enough", but sometimes that is not the case. I get so tired of hearing the term "free range parenting". It's not a special kind of parenting. It's common sense and it existed long before someone gave it a name. You can't learn to do anything if you aren't given the room to grow, explore, and attempt it on your own. OMG, you might fail...that's ok, that is how we learn.
  4. True, all religions pray. However, it did not state she was promoting a certain religion. It was stated she was reflecting certain beliefs. All religions pray, but not all people belong to a religion, and not all people pray, even those belonging to a religion.
  5. Even with regular auditing fraud happens. When it is suspected, then another outside auditor is brought in costing more money. Sometimes this is done at the owners expense, but when it is a government program it becomes the expense of all taxpayers. It is a good idea to have an auditing program in place for all businesses and organizations that deal with money. Sometimes it is a good idea for individuals to set up an auditing program (power of attorney).
  6. allboys

    'Store Wars' In Pa.

    I was in a WaWa once before. I didn't care for it. I'm not a big fan of a lot of things about sheetz, that is just my preference, but the coffee is a necessity. My only issue with the coffee is in the older stores. A customer should NEVER have to walk halfway through a store with a hot beverage to get the lids and/or items that go into the coffee!! I have had so many little kids walk in front of me that I have cut back actually going to that store for coffee. As for Rutters, I've never heard of them.
  7. What bothers me is the fact they not only received these benefits fraudently, but also the tax payers had to spend more money on them to audit these programs, then filing the charges, the court time and cost as well as public defenders for most of these (probably). It is highly unlikely the amount will ever be recouped.
  8. allboys

    DuBois City Dumpster

    Don't just remove them. Unless you are going to place them in another device, I would recommend stabbing them, taking a sledgehammer to them, whatever will work to complete destroy it. Anyone that could ever get their hands would have access to anything that you had on their, with some exceptions of course. That also means they could possibly retrieve things you thought you had erased. I've always removed all hard drives and just gave the computers to someone. I have about 7 or 8 to play MacGyver with.
  9. Why does this whole article make it seem like you can turn in un-used prescription drugs on only one day of the year? Even the Department of Drug and Alcohol doesn't list all of the places available for safe presciption disposal. You can take your un-used prescription to a local police department, nearby state police barracks, or some pharmacies. ANY TIME (except DuBois P.D, you can only get in the door to dispose of medication during the week, from 8-4 I think). Wal-Mart will collect and dispose of un-used prescriptions. At least this did remind me that I need to gather up a pile of pill bottles and go drop them off. Good thing Wal-mart collects them. I was going to take them to the DuBois P.D. but I work during their banker hours for their lobby
  10. allboys

    Ponderous Ponderings

    I can positively confirm that cats do not always land on their feet. My cat that fell of the deck landed on his feet. My one cat fell off many things and rarely landed on his feet. My girl cat only lands on her feet if she intentionally jumps.
  11. allboys

    Powerpoint 2013 Presentation Removal?

    You would have to go to the folder the presentations are saved in and delete them from there.
  12. Perhaps not all of them have had sentencing hearings yet.
  13. I don't understand how a person can not know how to deal with it. Ignoring it isn't dealing with it.
  14. Just shoot me when I can no longer live on my own, because I'll be damned if this idiot generation is going to take care of me! I have 2 teenagers, and thankfully neither have gone this far off the reservation. If they do, I'll be the one knocking them upside the head.
  15. allboys

    Wal-Mart online grocery ordering

    I have more issues with the one cat chewing a hole in the bag, no matter where it is purchased.