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  1. Very interesting...

    I see the obvious flaws with it. Good for him for thinking of the problem and actively looking for some type of solution.
  2. another shooting today

    He couldn't buy the gun he had, but yet he got his hands on it.
  3. She looks like she is about 9. I can tell you if it were one of my children I wouldn't have posted bail and she/he would still be sitting in jail.
  4. It's been going on for over 20 years sadly and continues to get worse.
  5. I'm having trouble making it very far in her videos. I want to tie her hands down.
  6. I need to get my son something. My greatest fear is him being unconscious and a hospital doing an MRI. He has a rod in his leg.
  7. Bon Ton closing

    Bon Ton's markup was ridiculous and their coupons even more so. I went one black friday many years ago and the one item i bought was marked up 300%. The black friday "sale" brought the price down to the same that other places were selling the product for. It probably would have saved everyone time if they listed what the coupons were good for. Their "sales" were never all that impressive. I feel for those being displaced. They are putting about 1850 people out of work and offering them the opportunity to interview at other Bon Ton stores.
  8. I really miss them being open all night. We used to head there late at night and get food and lots of coffee while we studied. My friend and I also used to meet there late at night for pie and coffee and catching up with each other.
  9. DASD Protest Tonight (1/25)

    Another year to settle in? They would be moving after that anyway, with zero guarantee of remaining with the friends they made. I am curious. Did any of the parents present feasible, alternative plans to the district?
  10. Coziness

    It is the actual temperature. They are all fine with it. It could be 80 in here and one of my arms would be ice cold. I haven't found a shirt with heat for one arm or a pair of heated gloves that I can type with, lol.
  11. Those would be standard prescriptions for a chronic pain or a neuropathy patient. With these medications there is often a contract. When they test for use of them it had better show or they will cease to see you as a patient anymore. Some offices request the medication be brought in and check the counts. I can't see why the heck anyone would take gabapentin if not necessary but have heard it is being abused.
  12. Coziness

    I can't deal with the cold at all. I have my bedroom and bathroom set at 65 degrees. The living room, dining room, kitchen, and downstairs is set at 60. I have know idea what the kids have their bedrooms set at.
  13. 2-Hour Delay Tuesday

    I don't need to fact check, I lived there. Their elementary students are as spread out as the students in DuBois. It really doesn't matter if there are less students! They still have to bus them to and from school. Trust me, Knoxdale, Ramseytown, Sigel, Summerville, Hazen, out Richardsville Road...if you think they don't have similar transportation issues go find out for yourself. They also have/had the exact same issues of declining population and consolidating schools. As far as "the schools they attend", by the time 3rd grade comes around, they are in one school.