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  1. I'm officially done having hope for a better world. In fact I no longer wish to see what direction they are taking our world in.
  2. Because their gun bans were a rousing success.
  3. Agree! It took me a long time, but I got my degree. I was working 2 full time jobs and doing school full time with 2 kids under 12 at the time, but I did it. I also paid for every dime of it. I lost my job when Covid hit. I also took almost a 50% pay cut to go back to work, but I went back to work. I'm climbing my way back to what I was making pre Covid. Almost there. I don't think they stepped back and looked at where the money was truly needed. They just threw money in the air. They truly needed to stop and evaluate where the need was the greatest and target it to those specific areas. I know people that were above the cut off income limits that were pissed they didn't get stimulus money. I know some were pissed they didn't get more. I know PLENTY that could have been working and chose to sit home and collect the unemployment instead. There were jobs available, they just chose to sit home. Then chose to whine. There were some people I quit talking to or associating with because of their attitude over it all.
  4. Are snide comments on an internet message board helpful? Make you feel better? Constructive?
  5. May I ask for factual proof this is one of the worst sites for fake news postings? What are your comparison sites?
  6. Now $12,000 for surgery?? WTF. And idiots on the internet gave her $17,000. Stupidity on top of stupidity. Am I wrong in thinking it is hair? It should grow out right?
  7. I read another article that she was considering suing them because there was no warning specifically about not using it on your hair. . That is the major problem. If you are too stupid to know better...
  8. Cold doesn't mean they don't investigate.🙄
  9. If it isn't solved it is ongoing. It only becomes closed when it is solved.
  10. Because they don't have to inform the public about ongoing investigations
  11. allboys


    Is there GoFundMe for "Impeach Pelosi"? I'd donate to that.
  12. If you owe taxes and pay the IRS through a check there is no way to give them the info to keep on file. Those with refunds enter their information on their tax form for the IRS to deposit their funds.
  13. I'm not sure why he is shocked. He continued driving after the first. After the 3rd it is quite clear he is a habitual offender...and those are only the 18 times he was caught. Taking his license did nothing. It is sad the man thinks so little of other people's lives. Now...question is was he convicted...it only says he was charged.
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