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  1. Why should it be taken down? We still have freedom of speech...so far. Everyone's opinion means something, even if it is only to themselves. Most of us are adult enough to handle it.
  2. Any condition that makes it difficult for someone to remove a mask. Any condition where it would cause intractable pain for the wearer. Any mental/psychological condition that it would bother the wearer. Shall I go on? It really isn't any of your business what condition someone might have. You don't get that obviously.
  3. My friend has been a super religious mask wearer from the start. She tested positive, asymptomatic. None of her 5 family members that are in direct and close contact have tested positive. So she got it while wearing a mask and apparently isn't spreading it being asymptomatic. Scratching my head.
  4. I make no such assumption. I understand the risk of life is death, no matter when that happens or by what means.
  5. It does no good. They are right. Only their rights matter. It should only be those unable to wear masks that should seek alternatives, they are lesser people. Discrimination in all forms is alive and well.
  6. Yep. I learned as a child. You obviously don't understand the concept of free will and consequences. Laws provide consequences for actions that are not desirable. People are still free to do those actions. That is why lawyers, courts, judges, juries, prisons, etc. exist. Someone failed to teach you basics at some point.
  7. That is how it works. Laws exist. People have free will. They can follow the law. They cannot follow the law. There are consequences if you do not follow the law. Do you understand now?
  8. Re-read what I wrote. You are not passing comprehension 101.
  9. I imagine you love having law...except it stops nothing. You get that right? You can have laws but people still have free will whether to follow the law or not. Is this difficult concept for you? What YOU want is to control people...not laws, but absolute control. You wish to take away all free will.
  10. Ok, let's hear the explanation for this one. 2 people were exposed to Covid by 2 different people. The entire family of 6 goes into quaratine. All tested. The 2 exposed, as well as 3 others all tested negative. One of the family is apparently asymptomatic and tested positive. Yet none of the other 5 contracted it from her. Since they are the same family, obviously no masking in the household and they are quaranting together. It isn't proving asymptomatic spreading to me.
  11. Oh and for an opinion. Not all agree this a public health crisis. It is a virus. One not seen until now. It will act as a virus should. We should act as humans should. We meddle too much in nature and trying to eradicate everything. There is a reason natural selection exists.
  12. I don't need anything or anyone to "keep me in line". I am not a child and wolf and Levine are NOT my parents. I live in the USA. Not Nanny State Central. More than anything we need less people, such as yourself, with God complexes directing moral compasses. You do you...leave me the hell alone to do me. Don't like it, stay away from me. Simple. Your rights end where mine begin.
  13. As an adult I can form my own opinions and make my own decisions. You are free to do the same. I heard a rumor Covid can be transmitted through the internet...you should log off immediately.
  14. Seeing that members of the same household are not required to mask up around one another, one could assume they are closer than co-workers.
  15. Ahhhhhh. Thank you. Was just looking for info on this.
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