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  1. I am betting it will become a "required" vaccine for school age children. I refuse to vaccinate my child with it if they do that.
  2. I doubt it will be here. 160 stores isn't a lot and they would better having stores with no drive in local to do it.
  3. Clearfield county has 54 confirmed and 18 probable cases. This is from when this all started being tracked. They are estimating 78% have recovered. So 56 would be considered recovered leaving 16 active cases. If you assume the probable have/had it.
  4. Hitler Bell located in a German church. Not a statue, but has his name and a swatiska on it. I also think you need to learn some reading comprehension. I did NOT say you wipe out history. I said you cannot erase history by removing statues. What you do is remove a reminder of history. A reminder, a very visual one, that things have changed and the reason they have. You want to see systemic racism, you are going to. In actuality systemic racism just hasn't been proven. You will NEVER wipe out racism, you cannot legislate it away. You cannot make someone feel the way you want them to about anyone or anything. They are statues. No one is there worshipping them. No one is standing there preaching racism. However, racism and slavery (even if not right) ARE a part of our history. Even great men in our history were a part in it. We should forget everything every man did in that time? It doesn't change the great things they did. Get my point? I doubt it.
  5. When you wipe out the memory of what was you are also wiping out the reminder that it WAS like that. You cannot erase history. You CAN learn from it and we have. You don't move forward by forgetting the past, you repeat it.
  6. I believe it will also be shown at the Moonlite Drive-In in Brookville.
  7. Kenneth McFarland was last seen May 17th and was found deceased in Goshen Twp. This man was last seen on surveillance video on May 16th. I don't believe in too many coincidences.
  8. Did you read it at all? No one said anything about ILLEGAL. They are not talking about calling the police or the DA and pressing criminal charges against her. They are talking about censoring her (sanctioning). Simply speaking, she broke the rules of her "employment" as set forth in the handbook. Bet your employer would be looking for disciplanary action up to and including termination if you went against their employee handbook. She stopped exercising her right as a private citizen when she announced she is a council member, because at that point, it does indeed tell the world she is giving her "opinion" as a member of the council. There are rules to every job and elected position. Hotels have fired people for the same thing. This woman, it is considered abuse of power, because she holds an elected position. In private business they would fire her if she announced she works for so and so and then gave her opinion. At that point the employer steps in to say, you might work for so and so, but your opinion does not represent ours. Actions and words have consequences. They already stated it is in the handbook that what she has done is not allowed. All the posts had to be were worded slightly different and she wouldn't be in this position. I'm not jumping on anyone's bandwagon. What she did was wrong. It was abuse of her power to say what she did. She does need sanctioned for it. Now it is up to their council to handle it as they see fit, according to their guidelines that have set forth in writing
  9. I didn't see anywhere that anyone said she couldn't exercise her right to free speech. The issue is, that what she had to say came across as her speaking for the whole borough council, and that she was overstepping her authority and abusing her elected position to get what she wants. It also does not state that anything she said constituted a "threat of violence". You can threaten people in many ways that does not include violence. In this case she was threatening to have protestors arrested on a criminal charge for something that is not criminal. The protests have zero to do with the application of the constitution to anyone. They are protesting over abuse of power.
  10. I am so tired of people being offended by words that mean multiple things, being offended by history, being asshats in general. They didn't originally choose the name based on it's one meaning. No one has said they were offended by it. Yet let's put it out there that they should be. Let's call attention to ourselves.
  11. How'd the interview go?
  12. This has all gone beyond bullshit. Not every cop is bad or racist. I am sure there are some. You will find them everywhere but we are back to people being offended over stupid poop. People are trying to erase history instead of learning from it. I don't even have words anymore for all of the idiocy I see every day.
  13. I dislike how the article is titled/worded. They cannot tell her she will not graduate. Depending on how their dress code is written, they could tell her that she may not participate in the ceremony. They might have a touch of a fight on their hands if they have not enforced the dress code until now. I do hope they realize how trivial they are coming across. I'm not a fan of the purple, blue, neon, outrageous hair colors, but that is MY preference. It is hair, and it is not mine. As long as it is tasteful and well kept, I don't care what someone else does with their hair. Her's isn't distasteful, it's well kept, and she is a beautiful young lady. With the rest of the crap going on worldwide, why would anyone want to pick a trivial matter?
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