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  1. allboys

    Chicken Pox at CG Johnsom

    I had chicken pox when I was 6. I don't have immunity to it. Also keep in mind, these viruses will mutate, so there is no telling when one will beat a vaccination. I'm not anti vaccination, but I am pro education. Vaccinations typically require boosters, viruses and diseases mutate, people have allergies, people have compromised immune systems. Wishing horrible things on someone shows a lack of compassion and understanding.
  2. allboys

    Chicken Pox at CG Johnsom

    There is a chance, slim but still there, that a child that has been vaccinated can contract chicken pox. There is also a chance that a person who has had chicken pox does not have the immunity to it. Wishing anything on the parents of the child that has chicken pox is ridiculous. You don't know if they couldn't get the vaccination, had the vaccination and it failed, etc.
  3. allboys

    Dog obstacle course

    Isn't this discrimination against cats, rabbits, snakes, parakeets, etc.? Should it not be called an "animal" park to be inclusive?
  4. What is the best way to deal with whatever it is that has decided my flower bed is its dining room table? I had a flower bed FULL of lilies, they were gorgeous and I was closing in on having about 80 of them. Something is eating the bulbs and I'm not especially happy about that. It's hard enough that someone is cutting my flowers (pretty easy to tell they were cut off). I have no idea what it is that is eating them.
  5. allboys

    Hey Grandpa, What's For Supper?

    Supper tonight...was craving cheesy goodness
  6. allboys

    Hey Grandpa, What's For Supper?

    The weather called for chicken and dumplings with some italian bread on the side.
  7. allboys

    Help! Does anyone know what this is?

    My cat has a knot like that on one of his joints, but it didn't appear suddenly like your pooch's did My cat's was caused when his leg was broken by the abusive twits that had him before we stole him. It didn't heal properly. I hope that it's nothing serious and he's up and about on it soon.
  8. I cut the living daylights out of that thing. I'm not real thrilled with things that creep, crawl, and choke other things. Along with that there was morning glory that took me three years to get rid of. I can live with these things, I'll just have to mindful to keep them trimmed and cut back to only where I want them. I think I'll look into the low growing evergreens for the shady side. Once I dig up these lilies this fall to separate them, what do I do with the extra that is going to come out of them? I'll gladly part with them to anyone that wants them, if I'm lucky enough they will continue to do as well as they have. I wasn't expecting 60 plants from 6 in 3 years.
  9. From what I can count, in the past 3 years I went from the 6 original lily plants I put in, to 60 or so
  10. a perennial would work best, I'm afraid of digging up the bulbs already planted there as it is. The lilies are absolutely beautiful, I'm going to try to get my other laptop started up so I can get those pictures. I've been working on it today on and off. One of the lilies came up between the bricks. I have tulips planted on the one side of the porch, and nothing planted on the side that is almost all shade because I don't know what would do well there. I have some crocus bulbs I wanted to plant but not sure the best location in all of this for them.
  11. The lilies are asiatic lilies. The bushes I was trying to get something that wouldn't grow any higher than 18 inches to 2 feet at the most. It's a really small area in between the front porch and sidewalk. It used to be covered in morning glory. It took me 3 years to finally get rid of that completely. I have to add some more soil to it, especially after getting rid of all the dead leaves and cutting off about half the plants that were there and taking care of the weeds. This is just the front part, the sides are similar, but they are ground level and not built up at all.
  12. First, my lilies. I had bought 6 orange lilies a few years ago and planted them. The second year they were no longer orange and I've had blood red lilies every year. Not only do I have blood red lilies, but they've multiplied faster than bunny rabbits. I truly love them, but is there any way to control where they grow and how they multiply? I need something else to plant in the flower beds with them also and I need something that hopefully prefers shade and isn't orange or yellow. One side and the front pretty much get full sun and my tulips and lilies thrive there, but the one side is almost in shade all of the time. I also have 3 bushes in the front flower beds that I took the shears to today and butchered half them off as they were choking the lilies and going out of control. They are hardy, easy to deal with, don't mind the butchering, but they are royal pain. I don't kill plants that go in the ground, but I do have a tendency where they go out of control, haywire, and take on lives of their own. I need something that requires little care, beyond a simple snip and trim, that won't breed like a cache of bunny rabbits.
  13. allboys

    Homemade Potato Chips, Two Ways

    My mom used to make them for my kids. They preferred the homemade french fries though. Yummy.
  14. allboys

    Soups & Chili Recipes

    I usually skip the corn and green beans. I also usually mix cornstarch and water, or flour and water, and add to it to thicken it up because I like a really thick gravy stew, instead of a soup. I usually add dumplings or cook noodles on the side to pour the stew over.
  15. allboys

    Soups & Chili Recipes

    Try adding spaghetti noodles broken into about 2 inch pieces, or elbow macaroni noodles.