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    Sandy TWP Water and Sewage For Sale

    We have Aqua and I have zero issues with the water quality. The only time our water has been discolored was when there was a water main break not far from us. There is little to no difference between our water here and our DuBois water. As for rates. We paid minimum $85 per month in DuBois. Our bill in TL has consistently been $65-$71. I would say there has been no changes in our usage, but that isn't true. Our water usage actually went up when we moved to TL. I have no skin in the game over what Sandy Twp. decides to do, but I was curious as to the 2 different bids from them. Why 2 separate bids? Which was entered first? Convenient that the one bid is $7 million cash, which wouldn't be accepted over a $12 million cash offer. Then the other bid is the same $7 million cash with an additional $5 million financed to conveniently equal the bid Aqua place. I guess I do have some skin in the game. DuBois will raise the city residents water rates to pay for the $5 million they will have to finance. Personally if it were me, I'd be asking for detailed financials from both entities. The one that is in the better position finacially is the one I would accept. At this point, neither Sandy Twp nor DuBois needs to be in control of the water or sewage for the area. It has caused nothing but fighting for decades and will continue to do so.
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    They were called spoiled brats when I was younger.
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    It really isn't a subjective term. It applies to everyone equally, no matter their actual circumstances. It simply means that someone feels they inherently deserve privileges and/or special treatment.
  4. allboys

    Awesome car

    Nothing illegal about kit cars unless the owner does not have it titled by the DMV. Extremely easy to title specially constructed or "homemade" vehicles.
  5. allboys

    Jurassic Park Movie

    This one was far more comedic.
  6. It's not the same thing. Comparing a graduation benediction to the original post is like comparing apples to oranges...unless the benediction is led by a religious leader of a certain denomination over and over and over again, without other faiths being represented. People automatically assume that the separation of church and state means no prayer, no religion, no ifs, ands, or buts. It is simply meant to keep preference for ONE religion from overshadowing any other religion, or no religion. A lot of whiny people and too much political correctness has led to all of this. There are far too many people that have no idea of the basis, the meaning, or anything else pertaining to relevant history. A lot of THAT lies right on the shoulders of the schools' administrations.
  7. If anyone wanted to stop prayer at anything related to government it would not take much. However, if the prayer is done without a clergy member, and the person is free to pray or not pray however they wish, it's not an issue. Only when the prayer is led by an established religion does the issue begin. Religion should have a hand in government and government cannot have a hand in religion. The issue with a school group and prayer being offered by ONE religion is the issue. That is showing preference to one religion over any others. It also is seen as coercion upon the students to participate in a religious activity that they might not agree with. Religion can and does weild power over government all of the time. It should not be allowed to. Religion is powerful in coercion, and the reason we wanted away from Britain's rule is in part because of that. I'm all for challenging any religious activity that can use persuasion to wield power over others. It is not prayer that is evil, it one or another established religion taking preference over another. If they want to have clergy there from every single demonination out there, it would be wrong to tell a school sponsored group they should not attend. The precedent has already been set in regards to prayer at government events that prefers one religion over another. The problem with kids today or the world today is not a lack of religion in schools. The blame for all of that lies with the parents.
  8. I used to work retail, not at Walmart. We were NOT allowed, as cashiers, to say anything, or to even do anything to deter a shop lifter. I remember store security having a fit over me watching one kid like a hawk. He told me to stop. I told him the entire point of having store security/loss prevention, was to prevent loss, and I was doing that. I do know that there are specifics to approaching a customer. They cannot be approached within the store, even if they are concealing merchandise. As for not confronting them directly when they leave the store, that is more for the safety of the employee and other customers. My gut reaction to this particular incident is that mom completely over reacted. I am a mother. No matter what, there are lines that need to be drawn, no matter what. I am fully aware of the ADA, but what some need to realize, is that disability or not, your rights end where another person's rights begin, and your rights begin where another person's ends. As for the emotional support animals......They are not service dogs, and they are not offered the same protections under the ADA as a service dog. The whole point of the ADA was to make it possible for those with disabilities to have a more inclusive life and to allow them to be more independent. Then emotional support animals came along. Don't mistake my statements as being against these animals entirely. It is well documented the good they can do in many cases, but then people began to abuse the entire thing and as a country, we are so hell bent on being 100% politically correct all of the time, we let it get to this point. You can please some of the people all of the time. You can please all of the people some of the time. However, you will NEVER please all of the people all of the time.
  9. Easy enough to find out. I'm sure the entire town knows.
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    There is one going on right now at Harley Davidson.
  11. allboys

    KFC building

    Of the two times I have taken my children (1 trip for each) to the Q-Care, they sent them over to the ER anyway. One was for a sore throat and I forget what the other was for, but it was equally as stupid. That was massively expensive to get the huge bill from the ER as well as the bill from Q-Care. What is the point if they are just going to send someone next door for something so minor??
  12. First, with proper care, I don't see how that burn is still looking like that after 3 weeks if being cared for properly. I'd have been back to the doctor in the first week if I noticed it was not healing yet. I've had an insane amount of 2nd degree burns and even my extreme one that was was the entire backs of both legs didn't take 3 weeks to heal. My third degree burn with skin graft healed almost completely in 3 weeks, except one small area that didn't take and they had to do another graft. I just keep hearing my mother in my head "If so and so jumped off a bridge would you follow?" Apparently anymore, the answer is yes. Unfortunately, nothing they say in any article is going to do any good. Calling attention to it seems to make it run even more rampant.
  13. I don't buy into the coddling of children. However, laws like this coddle the irresponsible parents. It's true, you will have some idiot that let's their 4 year old wander around aimlessly all day and when confronted they will be the first to spout "The laws says it is my decision and I decided he/she is old enough". There is nothing wrong with Pennsylvania's law on the subject. There is no designated age that children may be left home alone or allowed to travel to the park, playground, etc. unattended. Cases are individual, like people are. The parent might be idiot enough to say "I feel they are old enough", but sometimes that is not the case. I get so tired of hearing the term "free range parenting". It's not a special kind of parenting. It's common sense and it existed long before someone gave it a name. You can't learn to do anything if you aren't given the room to grow, explore, and attempt it on your own. OMG, you might fail...that's ok, that is how we learn.
  14. True, all religions pray. However, it did not state she was promoting a certain religion. It was stated she was reflecting certain beliefs. All religions pray, but not all people belong to a religion, and not all people pray, even those belonging to a religion.
  15. Even with regular auditing fraud happens. When it is suspected, then another outside auditor is brought in costing more money. Sometimes this is done at the owners expense, but when it is a government program it becomes the expense of all taxpayers. It is a good idea to have an auditing program in place for all businesses and organizations that deal with money. Sometimes it is a good idea for individuals to set up an auditing program (power of attorney).