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  1. Air Fryer Suggestions

    How did the homemade fries turn out? My son wants them this weekend.
  2. Air Fryer Suggestions

    My definition of loud differs greatly from the norm. Noise bothers me a lot. I can't even stand a radio being on, lol.
  3. Air Fryer Suggestions

    I have the Phlips XL air fryer. Of course I'm feeding the equivalent of 10 people with my 4 person household (2 teenage boys). So far I like it, but I've found the recipe book included with cooking temps and times aren't all that accurate. It recommended 8 to 10 minutes for cheese sticks. It's expensive, but also one of the highest rated air fryers. My only complaint so far is that it is too loud.
  4. Lipitor?

    My doctor has me on Crestor. I don't think I have any of the side effects from taking it but wouldn't know if I did because of my other meds. I'm pretty much a walking zombie most days. Gabapentin, Nortriptyline, Effexor, Crestor. Then I have all of the vitamins I'm deficient in on top of those.
  5. New Air Fryer

    I refuse to enter a store for the madness that is Black Friday. I went one time with my mother-in-law and have no desire to do that again. I dislike shopping to begin with and I have worked retail. I usually do all of my shopping online. I can browse in peace without people pushing, shoving, and all of the noise.
  6. Reynoldsville Lakelawn Cemetery Burials

    Attorney Jeffrey Gordon was made receiver of Lakelawn. You should be able to call the office and speak to them about current burials.
  7. 2017 CMA Nominees

    I like all of it, old and new.
  8. Obviously she didn't know the law as well as she thought.
  9. You could try CBD oil, it's legal. I won't be trying the medical marijuana, even if it is legal in the state, it's not legal at the federal level so it could screw up a lot for me.
  10. I would have just killed it. I do have a fear of a yellow jacket being in a car with me.
  11. I have had 6 cats in the last 20 years, all of them adopted after being found in one way or another, all of them with some type of special issue or need. The first call I made was to have them neutered (all were male except 1). I had the female cat at the vet to get spayed when the vet called and told me they didn't need to spay her, she was already spayed. There are other options to what he did, and he should have explored those options. I do wonder if he thought all of the kittens were dead, and he was taking them somewhere to dump the box and bodies. Makes no sense to me.
  12. Looking at that building, I miss KFC.
  13. On top of that, before she arrived at her sister's house, she put the child in the van and folded the pool up and put it in the van. That tells me two things: 1. She should have put the pool into the van to begin with. 2. She knew it was wrong and made sure that the child was in the van before arriving for her sister to see.
  14. Trick or treating.

    October 31. Main street will shut down for Halloween parade then trick or treating is after until 8 pm
  15. Switching verizon

    I don't go and buy cards. I use the straight talk app and pay for my service through that. I don't keep my payment info stored so I just enter it everytime.