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  1. I have a Roomba and I love it! Do have to keep an eye on it when running cause if it gets itself in a corner or under something, you’ll have to move it!
  2. becca4394


    2 cars and a garbage truck on 119 in the area of Biggies meats. Both lanes were blocked. Sykesville and Big Run responded.
  3. becca4394


    Was anyone else involved in the cluster ____ in Ridgway this afternoon? It took me 55 minutes to get from the divider to the light! After getting to the light, I was told I could not go up Boot Jack, had to turn left and go back to St. Mary’s!
  4. The electric in Falls Creek goes off and on all the time! Is doesn’t need a storm or wind! Bright sunny days it happens.
  5. Does anyone know where the wreck was last night ? They landed the helicopter at the ball field.
  6. Has anyone on Social Security receives a stimulus payment!
  7. becca4394


    Does anyone know why there is no power on the bee line? Walmart, McDonald’s, and many other businesses aren’t open. Most of the stop lights aren’t working.
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