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  1. You can click on the link it tells the sad story.
  2. For all of us long time original goduboisians many of you may remember Victoria. Asking for prayers and any donation you may be able to make is appreciated please click on the following link https://gf.me/u/y4qpt4
  3. You can still get the original Riverboats at Mike's BiLo in Reynoldsville
  4. I'll be the first to put this out there, and I'll let the bashing begin. I'm not sure if your comment was genuine or meant as a dig. But I've always respected him for what he has done for our community. I've personally known him for many years and this seems so out of character for the person I know him to be. Saddens me to hear this, but I still dont get it. He has more intelligence than to allow 80 something $ worth of crap to ruin his reputation. Feel something may be wrong with him and that once again saddens me.
  5. I'm actually just like wow after reading that article. Why would it have been allowed to continue? If that were the average joe citizen we'd have been cuffed and stuffed after the first 1.89 Chocolate Milk fiasco 🤔
  6. Another article listed he was in a green station wagon. No other physical description was given. Says armed and dangerous
  7. I'm not a McDonald's lover, but every once and awhile I crave it and head to the one here in DuBois and have no complaints. They always are super busy no matter what time you pass there. The one in Philipsburg? Nasty and disgusting, cold uncooked food. I have complained about that one to the owners got a free meal coupin which I used in DuBois. The one in Brockway is just as bad as Philipsburg 🤢
  8. Mine doesnt freeze it just goes black once in awhile Channel 10/810 and Channel 837 TLC are the only two it does it on.
  9. Here is his photo from Facebook
  10. Alert the media everyone is so quick to bash Walmart add Aldis to the list, they are requiring masks to be worn also beginning July 27th 🙄
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