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  1. So sad, someone has to know something.
  2. So? Is there going to be an Ag and Youth Fair this year?
  3. block


    If any are available, they seemed to fill up as quickly as they were being built.
  4. Was working in state college last night. Closing up the building at 833pm everything did a quick vibrating sound in the shop. Didnt think anything of it then, but now realize what it was.
  5. block

    Parade Chairs

    No one complained that I can see, just a fun yearly post as to how early we see the chairs appear!
  6. block

    Parade Chairs

    I'm not sure if it's illegal. When something is tossed curbside, have always been told it's free for the taking 😀
  7. Didnt get a pic, but they're appearing on Brady St in front of the old cosmetology school 🤣
  8. block


    Change of command at Christ the King Manor? Anyone else read that on FB? What the heck?
  9. block

    Tommy Scott

    Will definitely be missed. Tom was a wonderful caring man. In all of our years of friendship, which were many, he never spoke ill of anyone he always found the good in everyone. God Bless him may he RIP free from his suffering. Prayers to his family and many friends 💔
  10. Prayers for your friend ❤
  11. Unless his father was also in on it, why hold him accountable for a grown 24 years old sons actions?
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