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  1. Times are different compared to 40 years ago. I'll just say this much, and leave it at that. If you have never been inappropriately touched, fondled or otherwise back in those days, it wasn't spoken about. Many people have carried those scars into their adult lives. Sadly the statute of limitations covers many of these cases now. 40 years? yep, I'm certain there are many out there with still vivid memories of the time, the place, the actions physically against them. It is now acceptable to speak about it , it wasn't back then, just sad for victims out there that their statute of limitations has expired, and still everyone accuses them of making it up. Pretty Sad!
  2. Prayers for your friend ❤
  3. Unless his father was also in on it, why hold him accountable for a grown 24 years old sons actions?
  4. I imagine there are quite a few upset parents! I sure as heck would be!😡
  5. I think his leg would be the least of his worries 🤔
  6. Is that a chain saw, or are you just happy to see me? 😉
  7. https://wjactv.com/news/local/tractor-trailer-crash-fire-shuts-down-lanes-of-i-80-in-clearfield-county
  8. I was detoured around that God Bless 😢
  9. Who's without power, and what area? Parts of the Hill in DuBois have been out for quite awhile.
  10. Have them by a cheap track phone at the dollar store, cards to add minutes are available there too. No bank account needed. Find it odd they don't have a bank account, and even more odd they'd ask to use yours. Friends or not, I'd be hesitant to do that.
  11. Making a big old chicken salad and garlic bread sticks.
  12. I have someone working on getting you a recording only problem is, it will be on a cassette tape.
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