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  1. I'm not a McDonald's lover, but every once and awhile I crave it and head to the one here in DuBois and have no complaints. They always are super busy no matter what time you pass there. The one in Philipsburg? Nasty and disgusting, cold uncooked food. I have complained about that one to the owners got a free meal coupin which I used in DuBois. The one in Brockway is just as bad as Philipsburg 🤢
  2. Mine doesnt freeze it just goes black once in awhile Channel 10/810 and Channel 837 TLC are the only two it does it on.
  3. Here is his photo from Facebook
  4. Alert the media everyone is so quick to bash Walmart add Aldis to the list, they are requiring masks to be worn also beginning July 27th 🙄
  5. Marble sized hail and still have some laying in piles in my yard at 9pm
  6. Check indeed.com Penn Highlands is hiring housekeepers. Good luck!
  7. How did these people supposedly infect their adult children, when the Nursing Homes are still on lockdown? No visitors permitted 🤔
  8. Wth? SOMETIME between 7am and 150pm? They dont mention what time the child was found.
  9. Congratulations Billy!!!
  10. I believe this is the festival held downtown during the Summer isn't it?
  11. We could sit along the street and eat our dinners together.
  12. Already ordered take out from Fort Worth!
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