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  1. Congratulations Billy!!!
  2. I believe this is the festival held downtown during the Summer isn't it?
  3. We could sit along the street and eat our dinners together.
  4. Already ordered take out from Fort Worth!
  5. Strong winds in DuBois now too...waiting for it to subside before I put my trash cans out for tonight already chased my full can down the street and brought it back 🙄
  6. I may be stupid, but listening to this on the scanner why have they not called in back up from the City?
  7. block

    Deer abuse case

    Guarantee they'll say they got an unfair trial if it's being held in Brookville and why would they not move that somewhere else but then where would they move it to it made national news?6
  8. And she got misdemeanors for all those charges? Hmmm 🙄
  9. Sad. Supposedly was around midnight? Wth is a 15 year old doing in an alley at that time of night? Probably already know the answer to that one.
  10. I'm sitting in the backlog as we speak trying to get to Reedsville
  11. They ought to check into other local Nursing Homes. Just saying 🤭
  12. Coming home last night I would have been t-boned by your house had I not been stopped and looked again to the left. Car coming up Long and he just blew through the stop sign never even tapped his brakes. They could make a lot of money at that intersection!!
  13. Listening to the scanner sounds like a mess on I80 and also Rockton Mountain going down into Clearfield. I just made it home from working in Reedsville to DuBois at 1210am. It was a nightmare road condition wise then, sounds worse now glad I made it when I did. Streets in DuBois also solid ice.
  14. block


    Recycling truck was late this moment g in W Long Ave but they did finally pick up
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