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  1. block

    Alleged Rape At Paris Companies

    I'm confused, the original article made it sound like they were shaggin amongst the dirty linens πŸ˜‰ The radio stated today it was a 22 year old Falls Creek woman as the victim. Actually pretty sad for Paris if the incident didn't actually happen in their facility, but actually in the jails van in their parking lot!
  2. block


    Anybody else been out and about? Pretty crappy in the outlying areas.
  3. block

    Polaski Area

    This house/duplex is directly across from the Pulaski
  4. block

    Polaski Area

    Same as when that stabbing happened there, never heard anymore about it.
  5. Anyone out travelling late tonight Clearfield/Rockton Mountain is not too good. Coming home from work, temp went from 36Β° down to 32Β° icy conditions. The state trucks were out salting, roads are slushy up there. A truck had wrecked going down the mountain. Definitely a different world up there, compared to town. Just a heads up! On a lighter note, the two abandoned cars are gone
  6. block

    U S MAIL

    They delivered today not sure about Monday, would assume they're off.
  7. And the other Biker left before emergency personnel arrived? 😨
  8. block


    I'm not sure if the other lights are on, I was too blinded to take notice. πŸ˜‚ I'll try and take notice tonight when I drive through!
  9. block


  10. block


    My thoughts exactly it's hard on the eyes especially at night when it's raining 😨
  11. I'll try posting my comment again...maybe we should hook him up with the meat cleaver chick from Falls Creek in the other post...would make an interesting couple 😨
  12. Must be something in the water in Falls Creek (no offense to my good friends that live there) but maybe, just maybe we could hook her up with the lawn mower thief dude...could be an interesting couple πŸ˜…
  13. block

    Heard it on Radio

    When is that?
  14. block

    Mold outbreak at DuBois Area High School

    And emplyees are working today πŸ˜‘