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  1. Listening to the scanner sounds like a mess on I80 and also Rockton Mountain going down into Clearfield. I just made it home from working in Reedsville to DuBois at 1210am. It was a nightmare road condition wise then, sounds worse now glad I made it when I did. Streets in DuBois also solid ice.
  2. block


    Recycling truck was late this moment g in W Long Ave but they did finally pick up
  3. block

    kobe bryant

  4. According to a FB post this isnt the first person she has hit and killed. She supposedly has a driving restriction to not be driving at night. Sorry but the details of the accident sound as if once again she should not have been driving. so sad for his family.
  5. He has been found safe according to the DuBois City Police FB post just a bit ago ❤
  6. Kind of creepy to me that an app is able to zone in on your babies bottom 🤔
  7. https://www.cjdac.org/?page_id=519 link to Clearfield Drug Alcohol Commission explains it all
  8. DuBois City Police department has a drop box inside their lobby at the City Bldg. Only requirement is no needles and labels must be removed or blackened out.
  9. Sad but, Nittany Mall is about as bare as DuBois Mall.
  10. block

    Found Rte 28

    Happy to say the owner saw the post on another social media the little girl got her things back 🎄 Merry Christmas!!!
  11. block

    Faith Marie

    Prayers for Faith and all of you 💔
  12. block

    Found Rte 28

    The location would be Rte 28 between Brockway and Hazen this may be a long shot but, last night we saw stuff blowing around in our yard and later saw it scattered up rt.28, This morning we found a little girls blue princess dress and a teddy bear. we put it on my husband trailer in the hopes if it was a Christmas gift someone may have sat a box on the top of there car and forgot it and was backtracking.
  13. May the Peace and Joy of Christmas be with each of you Peace to those grieving, cherish the memories you hold deep in your heart. Peace for those suffering, may you feel the presence of Prayer. Peace to all as your familes gather, for this is the ultimate Christmas present. Peace to those working, may your day be filled with Joy, as you share of yourself on these Blessed days. Peace on Earth to our Miltary and their families, thank you for your service, may God be with you. Treasure the days, those of you with little ones, the years fly by quickly. Find Peace in the sparkle in their little eyes. Peace be with all of you Merry Christmas!!!'!
  14. They dont slow down, I travel that quite a bit for work. Scary and crazy.
  15. And tomorrow it's to cross the Nichols St Bridge in Clearfield? Yikes! Have you ever sat on that bridge and felt it shake when a tractor trailer crosses it? Just wondering how they are getting around the weight limits on these bridges?
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