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  1. block

    Planet fitness

    So? Who independently is going to own this location?
  2. And yet they were still playing Wheel of Pizza on the local radio station Friday morning! Hope the winner used their coupon 🤣
  3. Is there something going on in Brockway just coming into Dubois and five state police cars flying towards Brockway
  4. Okay I missed that part, but just now releasing to the public?
  5. So, he skipped court in June, now 3 months later a warrant for his arrest?
  6. Supposedly the truck driver backed into and pinned him. So so sad.
  7. M.R. Ducks you have to go there the bar is open facing the inlet great atmosphere and great food!!!
  8. Wondered that also. Are they closing?
  9. Wow somebody is gonna be in trouble 😵💰
  10. I've known him both personally and professionally for years.
  11. Sad what addiction to pain meds will do to an otherwise great nurse ☹
  12. Anyone have any damage from the storms yesterday the scanner was going crazy and seems like Treasure Lake and Maple Avenue area got hit hard.
  13. block

    dog training

    My baby suffers from separation anxiety. Shes fine when I'm home, but when I go to work and return home she barks at me non stop for an hour. Would love to train her to stop it 😂 any advice???
  14. Yep! I just keep blocking them, they call from a different number then 🙄
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