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  1. k


    I’m glad to see the positive responses and I am so encouraged by the fact that Sandy twp is opening the conversation. Maybe this will finally happen.
  2. k


    http://m.thecourierexpress.com/news/sandy-twp-to-initiate-consolidation-talks-with-city-of-dubois/article_b8ff0d26-f92c-5c3d-9aa5-6d7487c7e24b.html What do you think?
  3. k

    Halloween Display

    I have not seen the display but it sounds like a lot for public display. The house on Long Ave with the creepy clown is enough for me. Haha! Hubby and I always liked decorating for Halloween. We made our house kind of spooky with ghosts, ghouls, giant spiders, glowing eyes, that sort of thing. Figured that was scary enough for the little kids who came for trick or treat. For the older folks that like blood and gore and such there are lots and lots of movies just full of that and adult parties are anything goes as far as I'm concerned. We always tried to get into the spirit of the day while keeping in mind who was likely to see it. It would be hard to imagine a 6 foot spider is real but a dead baby? That's something else.
  4. As far as I know these people lost their JOBS at Christ the King for reasons unknown by the general public. Maybe they were just sucked at their jobs? Who knows? Neither Sam nor his wife have been charged with a crime to date and nothing has been said about the Sykesville Fair whatsoever. How about a little "innocent until proven guilty" or at the very least wait until they have been charged with with a crime for Pete's sake?
  5. k


    Hooligans opened right around the time I was 21 so that would have been 1985 or so. I remember going to Pappy's when I was in high school but I can't tell you exactly when it closed. It was where PNC is although I don't think PNC is the original structure.
  6. Wind Beneath My Wings - Bette Midler
  7. Midnight Train to Georgia - Gladys Knight & the Pips
  8. Could It Be I'm Falling In Love - Spinners
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