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  1. Exercise of 1st amendment rights on both sides. Where is the problem? If people are permitted to assemble to protest (and they are) who gets to limit the things they are allowed to protest? If laws are being broken then the police should arrest. Violence, trespassing, looting are problems. Kids standing around with signs are not. I love the counseling. If kids need counseling because of people expressing their opinion wait until they get out in the real world. They are going to wilt and die. Anyway, you know that there is going to be a competition for the counselling session that is scheduled during math class. I frequently have considered the idea that people pretend to be sensitive to get special privileges and treated more delicately.
  2. The Democrats created this situation to embarrass Trump and get him out of office. Now they are saddled with what they created. I agree with Kevin McCarthy they are going to throw money at the situation to try to cover up their mess. Any money they send to South or Central America is going to go into the pockets of politicians and do nothing to alleviate the crime or poverty in these nations. These so called refugees aren't the tired, poor, huddled masses yearning to breathe free that the Statue of Liberty welcomes. They don't even look particularly tired for people who allegedly walked across half a continent. They look clean, well fed and with cell phones charged. I don't know what they are looking for but it isn't to breathe free. They were free to leave whatever country they came from. "Free" however may be the explanation but it has nothing to do with breathing.
  3. All that elastic in women's jeans is COLD! They offer little or no protection against wind and weather.
  4. Is there a law against wearing a hard hat, using a crockpot lid as a shield, and carrying a bathroom scale while shopping in Dollar General? The witnesses must have had some interesting dinner table conversation.
  5. 'Nuff said. Once you are a man you can have your genitals changed but that doesn't make you a woman with a woman's skeleton or musculature. Not to mention a lot of other things. Those records are like a kid lying about his age to get to play on a team with younger kids. They are fraud. Whatever happened to wanting to win honorably?
  6. Yeah, all those 6'3", 250 lb girls are going to take over football. When we get over all of the political correct nonsense what it comes down to is that the presence of testosterone allows for the development of larger, stronger muscular development. The high jump record for men is 8 ft 1/4 inches. For women it is 6ft 10 1/4 inches. The girls can't compete on men's teams. These transgender females have the advantage of years of muscle development that doesn't all disappear with hormone treatments. They are taller with more robust bone development. They have an advantage that most genetic females are not going to be able to compete against. Women's sports were developed so that women could compete within their own gender. Throwing in ringers defeats the purpose of women's sports. I doubt females transitioning into males who are going to be shorter and less muscular are going to show up for for football tryouts so male sports are safe.
  7. Each lawmaker should have to arm wrestle with one of the transgender males who want to play with the girls. It might help them to make up their minds.
  8. They are going to have to do something with them once they "demilitarize" the police and give them pink tutus to add to their uniforms. We should request a couple. The police could use them to clear cows off the roads.
  9. It's not so much racist as making it difficult for the tombstones to vote in the time honored tradition. "Racist" is just what is used when people don't really have a good argument but need to be right. It justifies the belligerence and violence that sometimes follow.
  10. Walmart might just be the Donald Trump of retail sales.
  11. He's telling them that he is a racial bigot. It works both ways just like affirmative action is racial discrimination.
  12. Removed his tinted contacts. "Eyes are the windows to the soul." Had to cover that up somehow.
  13. It's a debate. Bill is taking the negative side.
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