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  1. lavender

    Masks again

    Well see, something is needed to keep the masses spaced out in the new society where people are going to be manipulated into supporting the downfall of democracy. Aldous Huxley in Brave New Worlds invents Soma. "Soma is a regulated substance given out to all citizens in a pill form. In a small dosage soma simply makes people feel good. And in larger dosages it can make people hallucinate and experience a feeling of timelessness." In other words it makes people feel good until they die after which they can trouble no one but they can still vote. The ideal citizen.
  2. lavender

    Masks again

    I don't think that Biden can make restrictions for the states. Somebody may have mentioned that to him so he switched his "mandates" to federal property on which he does have authority. I suspect there will be some bullying next along with threats to withhold federal funds from the states if his restrictions are not put in place. What happened to "Government of the people, by the people, for the people"? I guess it has "perished from the earth."
  3. I'm sure that is a moot point as there is no way airlines are going to ascertain your political affiliation in order to allow you to fly. They can ban people who are considered terrorists or a risk which I'm guessing is what they are doing with the protestors that can be identified. There is currently a "do not fly" list that does ban certain people from flying for reasons of safety.
  4. Nazi Germany made the Jews wear a yellow armband with a Star of David. Would that be a good solution? Snarkiness aside, I would, however, like to see that article. All I can find is that airlines do not want to transport some of the activists who took part in the DC mess. If Walmart can insist that their customers wear masks I guess the airlines can refuse transport to anyone they wish.
  5. He wasn't by chance the officer who shot the unarmed, veteran was he? If so I'm sure that information will never be released.
  6. But I chose to answer the latter part of your statement. You asked and I chose not to do as you asked. I probably do not agree with your interpretation of socialism. It isn't just handing out money to whomever it is going. As for knee jerk reactions, we all have prejudices even you. "Facts" are slippery little devils, so are statistics. Then there is the problem of "interpretation." As Shakespeare said, " All is but toys."
  7. And do you think a government and people who are outraged at the idea of treating people who cross the border illegally as criminals and detaining unaccompanied children who want into the county to be taken care of by social services are going to tolerate what you are suggesting? How about the government that insists that schools accommodate children who are not citizens without asking? There are Mexican children who make the trek into El Paso every day for schooling. Soon small businesses will not be able to support paying employees because those who flip burgers are apparently worth $15 an hour. We have a lot of "compassionate" people in this country who want the "good life" for everyone at someone else's expense. I think someone called them liberals. Trump tried and they crucified him.
  8. Do you know why no one can do anything about it? Starving children in the streets or massive orphanages just aren't going to happen. How about sterilizing anyone who wants welfare? Guess that isn't going to happen either? We also don't seem to be able to prevent illegal immigrant children from falling on the welfare rolls. So what is your solution?
  9. Stupidity is running rampant. Wait for the backlash.
  10. Only way he is going to get it on here.
  11. I wonder what would have happened if the legislators, instead of slinking off through a tunnel, had invited delegations from their home states to present their grievances? The media can scream "mob" all it likes but the majority of those folks took time away from their lives and jobs to make their opinions known to the people that they elected. They fear for their country, their way of life and the electoral system that gives them a voice in how they will be governed. We celebrate those patriots that tossed the tea into Boston Harbor. By today's standards they were either terrorists or a mob. "By the rude bridge that arched the flood, Their flag to April’s breeze unfurled, Here once the embattled farmers stood, And fired the shot heard round the world." The decedents of those embattled farmers aren't looting and burning. They are bringing their protest to legislators who will not listen but are afraid of their constituents. Was damage done to the capital. Yes. Windows were broken and there was some damage to furniture. Trash was left behind but how do you equate the picture of Pelosi's desk to the one of the actual riots that occurred last year? Oh, wait those were "peaceful demonstrations."
  12. Yes, but they got to elect the crooks that taxed them.
  13. Another misleading headline like many used by the media today. Three of those people died of medical problems that were not related to their activities. (Their death certificates will probably have Covid-19 listed as cause of death.) The DC police were responsible for the death of the 4th because she was basically trespassing if what is being reported is true but who knows with the media. Wherein are the protestors responsible for any of these deaths? Were any of the actual rioters who tore up cities in 2020 shot by police or anyone else who was officially supposed to be protecting the cities?
  14. Modified socialism that takes on more and more characteristic of it as time goes on. An example is social security that was meant to be a pension for people who paid into it. Now people who never put a dollar into it are collecting it. It has become a sort of welfare program for dependent children and people who have alleged "disabilities." Some of the latter are collecting on parent's accounts from the day they turn 18 until their death because they cannot hold a job due to some "problem." Sometimes the problem is not wanting to work or lacking the discipline to hold a job. What do we do when 50% of the population doesn't want to work and the other %50 decides that it isn't worth it to work? And if you look at it with an open mind some of the chaos was caused by the democratic legislators refusing to work with a duly elected president. Trumps behavior in refusing to work with the transition just mirrors what went on throughout his whole term of office. There is no reasonable behavior in government anymore.
  15. Trump threw water on the fire. Even he figured out that stirring up people in this manner and throwing doubt of the legitimacy of the electoral process isn't good for the country. A good portion of the population now thinks that a presidential election can be compromised by fraud. He took away the leadership that activated that part of the population. This is going to smolder long term but unless another leader comes to the forefront people will go back to their everyday lives. Give Trump credit for acting in responsible manner and giving up the fight even if it goes against character. Hopefully, once the panic and fear subside people will regain some reason. They voted against chaos not for the democratic party. Maybe in the future they will realize that socialism is not going to work in America and will vote accordingly.
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