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  1. And doesn't have to live the rest of his life knowing that he took a life no matter how justified.
  2. As long as the US taxpayer did not pay for it I don't know why you care who paid for their journey. Since I don't have access to Trump's financial records and neither do journalists I don't suppose there is any proof that the public has access to. Unless you want to believe that they were billionaires, which there is adequate proof that they are not, someone is footing the bill for their current lifestyle. Who is the most logical candidate? Do you seriously think they are living in luxury housing and paying it for it with their welfare checks? We all complain about various government programs but as long as they are legal we have the right to take advantage of them. If the schools eventurally decide on free lunches for all who is going to insist on paying for their kid's lunch whether they think the program is appropriate or not? Trump's in-laws acquired permanent residency on a program that he does not approve of. So what!
  3. No, but they are covered by city insurance both liability and accident. Mostly volunteers are on their own.
  4. Amature labor isn't very safe for projects like this. If something happens the liability is going to go somewhere. Who takes the blame and pays the price if someone goes through that bridge? I love having volunteers do things but this is becomes a problem in our sue happy world.
  5. Well, good for them! I just hope they had a few carpenters among them.
  6. It's art. If a banana duct taped to a wall can be art why not a traffic cone bolted to a bridge? Put it up for auction and see if it will bring $120,000.
  7. That is so confusing that I'm not sure how to answer it. Let's apply a little logic. Melania's parents lived in a two room apartment in Slovenia and her father worked in a textile factory and as a car salesman. I think it is a fair assumption that someone paid for their transition to this country. I'm guessing it was Donald Trump. They were living in Trump Tower in NY. and I don't believe either was working and most people can't afford that sort of lifestyle. Someone was supporting them. They are naturalized citizens and here legally even if you don't like the chain migration system that they used to get here. They have as much right to believe in Communism as we have to believe in democracy providing they still do which seems unlikely since they are benefiting abundantly from capitalism. i suspect one joined the communist party if one wanted to work under the old regime. "In that era, reported The New York Times, people sometimes joined the Communist Party out of “career ambitions” as much as ideology." Obama's aunt and uncle have nothing to do with Melania's parents except as the contrast on how things sometimes work. Obama's relatives were ignored by him, were here illegally and at least one was being supported by the American taxpayer. Melania's parents entered the country legally, became US citizens and were being supported by their son-in-law. Which sounds like a better arrangement for the US?
  8. Like Obama's illegal aunt living in public housing and his illegal uncle who ignored a deportation order for years? Melania's price included her parents. Trump pays for what he wants even if what he wants is not exactly as moral and ethical as one might wish. I know too many people who don't take care of those who took care of them to not recognize that Melania shared and Trump paid because somebody did and it wasn't Melania or the parents. Check out any nursing home for people who don't.
  9. Thou shalt not dictate to volunteers lest they walk.
  10. I'll give her credit for taking care of her parents and Trump ditto for being willing to pay for it.
  11. Sad isn't it. She got what she wanted using what she had and then it all went to hell. I feel kind of sorry for her.
  12. Melania is what she is. I have no problem with it. It is just hard to imagine her having a conversation with the Bush ladies. Hillary might empathize on a different level. There is nudity and then there is nudity ask any hospital nurse or doctor. If you want to sell it fine but it does make it a bit difficult if you suddenly become a public figure that supposedly represents some level of morals and ethics. At least Melania has enough sense to keep her mouth shut and, currently at least, to keep her clothes on. Everyone should probably tell his or her daughter to never be nude with a camera in the room. One of those rules of survival along with always wear clean underwear and look for the nearest exit in any building.
  13. Try Meghan Markle after Siri clues you in on Melania. All the "feminists" out there are working hard.
  14. Both Laura and Barbara managed to keep their clothes on except when taking a shower and no cameras were present. That is all I will say on THAT subject.
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