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  1. There are different kinds of thinking. You need to stop being such a purist (note I did not say compulsive.) Let me introduce you to the realm of lateral thinking. I too thought that there was probably no B36. My options were to look it up or go with one of the other letters without looking it up. If I had used O or N it may have slid by without anyone questioning it since it was the more logical place for 36. If I had looked it up I would have found as you did that there is no 36 on a bingo card. I did neither. My brain immediately leapt to the conclusion that I should use B36 as the least likely and more idiotic choice thus heightening the ridiculous nature of the statement. Lateral? Maybe I mean convoluted? We can go with any teacher you like except my high school Spanish teacher who reminds me of wiggled fingers.
  2. Thinking is good for you. Try thinking of me as your 5th grade English teacher. And casseroles are for Methodists or so I'm told.
  3. Believe me there are people addicted to bingo around here. And as a priest once said in my hearing, "it is ok to gamble as long as you do it in your own church." It is one of the big fund raisers for the Catholic school. I know for certain that one year quite a few years ago they made over $30,000 on bingo. The $926 seems a bit high. I always though bingo was pay as you go but I stay clear of stuff like that. I don't know what withdrawal symptoms are but I would think the twitching would only start if it was "under B 36."
  4. Not the only one but probably the safest.
  5. lavender

    Do You Eat Farmed Fish?

    That sentiment is applicable to most of the posts on here. Except of course for those of us who have no motivation except to waste time (mea culpa.). I suppose that is a motivation in itself and leads to these long convoluted discussions that have nothing to do with the original post. I know of no fish authors but there is archie the cockroach the insectile poet who can't reach the shift key. He may or may not post here.
  6. lavender

    Do You Eat Farmed Fish?

    It sticks better if you coat it with flour first.
  7. Do these people own sharp knives? They will cut you too if you run your fingers along the sharp edge. I got a really nasty paper cut not too long ago. Will they be recalling paper? Life is dangerous more so if you don't watch out for sharp edges.
  8. lavender

    Do You Eat Farmed Fish?

    It was posted in Fish Physiology and Biochemistry in June of 2011.
  9. lavender

    Do You Eat Farmed Fish?

    I waste my time on here arguing with conman when I could learn to staple in Japanese.
  10. I ordered jambalaya, crawfish pie and filé gumbo once just for the pleasure of saying it. The gumbo wasn't bad. I'm fairly certain that it was an inferior restaurant. If the meal rated a song it should have been more than marginally edible.
  11. lavender

    Do You Eat Farmed Fish?

    I keep telling you that there is no thesaurus app or otherwise. I did once have a thesaurus but it fell apart from overuse. I'm sure there is a app out there though if you want one. There seems to be a app for just about everything some of which should be relegated to a cyber graveyard. Somethings you just have to figure out yourself. I'm a bit confused. My post couldn't have taken more than a couple of minutes to read. The link referred to a pdf file that didn't take an hour to read. There was nothing to listen to. No clue what you didn't sit through or read. I'm betting you read the paper from which the quote came but you are never going to admit it. If I could grow a beard I'd run away and join a circus. I guess I could try the pipe.
  12. lavender

    Do You Eat Farmed Fish?

    Qwityrbitchin! I agreed with your initial premise. I did not only agree, which I find painful, but I provided scientific proof as to what happens to fish couch potatoes and issued a warning to human couch potatoes. Actually, that was short for me. As you pointed out I know lots of words. Have you been hanging around with conman? Are you sure you want to start an argument just for the sake of arguing? It bores everyone, probably annoys Steve and keeps me from my duties. Not that the last one is a bad thing. PS I may start a petition to get rid of your favorite emoticon so you have to use a few more words. So there!
  13. lavender

    Do You Eat Farmed Fish?

    You are welcome to the thesaurus any time you want it. But it won't help. I have other resources though. Actually, you are right about the difference in texture of farm raised sea food and that caught in the wild. Farm raised fish sit around and spend most of their time eating rather than searching for food or avoiding predators so muscle tissue doesn't firm up. They live in crowded conditions which don't encourage bursts of speed. They are the couch potatoes of the fish world. The white muscle fiber in fish what makes up the major portion of the fish in most species (and what we eat) is developed for and by rapid motion. There is a different type of muscle tissue (red) that is used in slower swimming and gliding and is usually, depending on the fish, of a much smaller mass. If the white muscle tissue doesn't develop properly in the early stages after hatching and is not used in later stages the texture is soft just like a couch potatoes muscles. Here is the scientific explanation: Lack of exercise and high feeding rates make reared fish shorter and fatter (Blaxter and Hunter 1982). Behaviour in captivity in most cases differs tremendously from that in the wild. Fish do not need to forage and lack the threat of predation. There are no natural predators, and hence, escape movements are scarcely practiced. Food usually comes in the form of pellets which do not require natural attack strategies. Pelagic species are not equipped to deal with confinement and confrontation with obstacles. Resulting stress will have a negative effect on healthy growth. Crowding, even for schooling fish, seriously affects development and growth (Santos et al. 2010). In Atlantic salmon, crowding of more than 200 kg fish/m3 changes structural muscle proteins and enzymes involved in energy production (Veiseth-Kent et al. 2010). It will cause unnatural and chaotic flow patterns and an overload of information through the lateral line system to the brain (in humans information overload in the brain causes psychosis). Densities can be up to 1,000 times the natural conditions." " Farming conditions do not allow optimal development and training possibilities for white muscle. Therefore, the quality of the white muscle can be expected to decrease as a consequence of the lack of selection for the use of that tissue throughout the development from egg to adult." This is from an opinion piece based on other's research. You might even be eating psychotic fish but the author just throws that in for fun. If you want to read the whole thing it is here:
  14. lavender

    Banning Alcohol in Colleges and DC

    I'm glad that someone else has backed up this position. I can't imagine living in an era when women were believed to be too fragile to face the more difficult aspects of life. Meanwhile, they were dying in droves during childbirth, trekking in wagons across the plains and taking in washing to feed their children when their husbands died. It was one of those weird misconceptions that people believe even when faced with proof to the contrary. I'm fairly certain that most of them would have laughed at Ms. Ford's trials. Who knows where the idea that women couldn't bear the sight of tragedy came from when they were the ones who prepared corpses for burial and nursed the sick, wounded and dying? The whole fragile female thing was thought up by the people with money and position to keep the little women in line. Then along came women like Florence Nightingale and Susan B. Anthony who told them could do anything they wanted and had the strength to do so. Your fellow workers are proud decedents of that tradition. Men should be relieved that they don't have the responsibility for all things anymore. I say this with the realization there is always going to be that one quarter who want to be dependent on others for their well being. Maybe that is a low figure considering what portion of the population wants the government to take care of them. Thanks for letting me know that I am not out here alone in believing that we are all responsible for those aspects of our lives that we can control.