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  1. The Down to Earth Garden Club has cancelled meetings for the next few months. Instead we are trading via email what is appearing in our yards. Most of us have hellebores blooming. Here are 3. Anybody else have anything?
  2. It's just a game and we all know it. Well, most of us know it. I can't be responsible for those who have no sense of humor. Insults must be subtle and so phrased that they can be taken several ways. Don't we need something to do with all the massive boredom piling up? We don't want conman sitting alone with his bat computer. He might be contacting aliens. I hear Uranus is acting up. Relax and enjoy it. People get paid for writing this kind of stuff.
  3. I just talked to my dentist a few days ago and he is apparently open for business.
  4. Yes, it is in the city of Indiana, PA. See the logic?
  5. Always nice to share cultural quirks. All we got is conman.
  6. Back to your retreat position? I'm not your researcher and if I am misposting I'm sure Steve will call me on it. What is sauce for the goose.........
  7. It is a bit difficult to believe in your sincerity when you refuse to practice what you preach. We are chastised and told we are losers because you can't accept our thoughts and the proof that we provide when you oppose everything that is posted and can't back up any of the thoughts that you pull out of your left ear. All of those wonderful statistics that appear no where except in your posts are a case in point. We get it you hate Donald Trump but that doesn't make everyone who thinks that he has a good idea now and then "lower than a snakes belly" as they say in Texas. Open your mind up and enjoy the spring breezes.
  8. You should always be careful when using natural remedies as well as stuff you pluck from the roadside or your yard. First be sure it isn't contaminated with chemicals or pollutants. Things growing near a road generally are. Next be aware that dosages are never precise unless the plant undergoes chemical analysis. Oh, and do make sure you have the plant you think you have. There can be side affects. Plantain can cause diarrhea and low blood pressure. Women who are pregnant should never use it as it can cause miscarriages. Not for nursing mothers either. It can cause skin allergies and people who are allergic to melons are particularly at risk. That said I dose myself all the time. I make salves, creams and other things. Mostly though I buy my supplies. The dosage issue is what concerns me. You can easily get too much or not enough when you do an extraction from a plant. Mullen is and has always been my favorite. It makes a great addition to a steamer and gets rid of bronchitis
  9. Isn't this a bit hypocritical? You expect us to believe what you say and demand that we prove you wrong. Let us apply the same standards to all.
  10. It's hard to say without putting them under a microscope. The ones we have here appear to be of a non-woven material. I can hardly breathe through them. I just guessing but I'm betting they would be better than a woven cloth. It's what you don't know that gets you. I'm not sure if there is a different criteria for medical masks than there is for the dust masks. Doctors used to just wear those green surgical masks that were of a woven material but they were mainly for protecting the open incisions against bacteria. I just don't know and can't think of anyone who would unless there is a medical supply salesman around. Those guys know quite a bit.
  11. Also I wonder if they are capable of filtering out something as small as a virus if they are made of a woven material with openings in the weav?. Better than nothing, I guess, but I would not like to see them used by medical personnel who are at a greater risk.
  12. This is a virus and neosporin isn't going to kill it. It might actually interfere with the nose's natural ability to act as a filtering unit. I'm thinking that this is a bad idea.
  13. lavender


    See, God's in his heaven and the world is still here!
  14. You friends with Ozzy Osbourne too?
  15. Careful, you are known by the company you keep. Bats?
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