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  1. Do the ???? mean that I am still entitled to my opinion or should I just go talk to that wall again.
  2. lavender

    When did a half gallon become 1.6 qts.??

    I was going to say that candy bars were all twice the size they were today when I was a kid but I got to thinking that I am bigger today so I googled it. Just a quick search turned up a fellow who said he sold the singles in the eighties and they were 1.8 ounces. Today two of them in a pack weighs 1.5 ounces. So .75 ounces is actually less than half the 1.8 ounces they were in the eighties and my childhood goes back much further than that.
  3. lavender

    When did a half gallon become 1.6 qts.??

    Some restaurants are starting to do it also. I actually ate everything on my plate one day last week. I usually take half of it home. There was probably not more than 6 oz (approx. 170g) of food total on the plate. And no I didn't order off the old people's menu.
  4. Some of us apparently are animals and not capable of rationality. Killing someone in a horrible way because you think they are going to tell you secret is not rational and is the behavior of an animal. It rises above the level of sad. Actually I know some animals who would not behave this way. Dogs especially.
  5. I support the laws of the nation also. Especially the immigration laws. It's funny how some people pick and choose.
  6. I hope conman reads it and remembers it.
  7. When your daughter is hung twice and then bashed with a rock because she will not die it is difficult not to let emotion get in the way of rational thought.
  8. You might take your own advice and read more clearly. I told you not to try to control anyone's life but if the person who is close to you is clearly wanting to do something and can't take make the decision because the responsibility weighs heavily on them then why not take that responsibility from them? Too complicated? Your wife needs a new coat. She is going to buy the less expensive one because the one she really likes has a higher price tag. Go buy it for her and don't expect anything in return. Controlling her life is telling her she doesn't need a new coat. We can do this with a drill or a chain saw if that would make it clearer.
  9. A gift should never be given with the expectation of getting something in return. That makes it a bribe or payment. The receiver of the gift who doesn't realize that is delusional. Long term benefits are the result of long term caring without strings attached.
  10. You've got it! The wise person knows the difference between the someone who wants to do something but doesn't want to take total responsibility for it and the person who means it when they say no. That is when the male of the species should put on his superman outfit and take the responsibility. Women often have to do it when it's a question of shoving their husbands in the trunk and driving them to the emergency room because they are not SICK. It's like buying gifts. You should always buy your husband or wife the thing that they want but will not buy for themselves because it is too expensive, stupid or bad for them. If you care about someone you take the responsibility when they don't want too even in the small stuff.
  11. Sorry, but I just think too much. What with the ease of divorce and the ability of women to support themselves and their children I don't suppose it is necessary to actually commit murder to rid oneself of an oppressor any more. But just think about it. Go into the past where beating your wife was once legal. How common it was I don't know. Probably not uncommon. Kids were chattel. So at this point the woman asks herself the old Ann Landers' question, "Would you be better of with him or without him." If there was a source of income other than the problem person the answer might be "without." She is preparing the food and in many cases medicines as well. Or even if there is a cook among the wealthier people how hard is it to slip a little something into a drink. Doctors had limited diagnostic tests and forensics were nonexistent. Widowhood might look good. It might be a solution to destitution if the husband was gambling away resources. I'm betting many of those stomachaches that took men off were not natural. Today? Well who knows. We don't hear about successful crimes. And with modern science it would probably be difficult to get away with unless it went unsuspected. I think you are safe.
  12. People are individuals and women are people. They want and need different things. You don't do anyone a favor by keeping them from becoming independent human beings. That said there is no point in being stupid and denying what is. God made them man and woman. Biology makes them man and woman. On the whole genetics make men and women different. Don't tell me what I need but by all means lift the heavy box. I will say thank you. It is a question of a division of labor and responsibilities. Do what you are good at and don't try to be what you are not. Anyway androgyny doesn't sound like much fun to me. Long live "Baby it's Cold Outside!"
  13. The word you used was "many". "Many women support the forces against them simply to get the good will of the men in their lives, sometimes out of fear of the men in their lives..". And you must have said something offensive because I was offended. One person being offended seems to be enough these days and in this case I am it.
  14. You just don't know how many of them poisoned their husbands and fathers and didn't get caught. And accidents will happen. Never under estimate the ingenuity of a woman who wants rid of you.