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  1. I had an iris with a border for awhile. Don't know where it went but irises didn't do well this year. Most of them disappeared completely. I'm assuming it came from seed unless it was a mutation of some sort. I don't practice what I preach and sometimes let plants that shouldn't go to seed. I have a daylily this year that has variegated foliage. It is a mutation. I Replanted it and am interested in seeing if the flower is the same as the parent plant.
  2. I've found the same thing. "Volunteers" are much healthier than the plants that we grow from bought seed. The problem is that they get such a late start that they often don't produce fruit. I get early blight each year but it comes so late that it doesn't seem to have much effect except for a lot of the lower leaves brown off. This year the Celebrity tomatoes have septoria leaf spot and those are the only plants that are producing anything. Last year it was something, I forget what, that was rotting the tomatoes, peppers and egg plant stems at ground level. I think that was our fault though because we mulched with grass clippings that evidently brought whatever it was in. I identified it but can't remember what it was. Fungicide got rid of it but it was too late for many of the plants. It seems to be gone this year. The newer tomatoes are pretty much self pollinating so unless you are growing a hybrid it should come pretty much like the parent. It will be interesting to see what you get.
  3. I used to but people looked at me funny when I used euphemisms. I don't think I've ever used tumefy but I may have used tumescence.
  4. Or you are following conman's posts. Donald Trump ...........Donald Trump........Donald Trump
  5. It's too much of a crap shoot, Joe. First of all iris seeds are not necessarily that easy to germinate. They need to be stratified and even then some will germinate in the spring and some will not. I read that it can take years to germinate some seeds. Then it is a couple or 3 years until they bloom under good conditions. They probably aren't going to be the same as the original flower as cross pollination will probably have occurred. This can be lots of fun because you may get a new beautiful hybril but you are just as likely to get something that you hate. Better to raid your neighbor's garden for a fan or two and you know what you are getting. You should remove the seed pods before the form so the plant concentrates its energy on growth and rhizome production rather than setting seed. You are lucky that you can grow them they are my favorite flower. Unfortunately, most of my irises die. They don't like my soil.
  6. Don't do it unless you want to wait two or three years for a decent sized head of garlic. You can use them in stir fry before they form skins or make a garlic pesto out of them.
  7. I haven't seen one hummingbird bird moth this year.
  8. LFG doesn't like your paper plates wait till he sees this. PS Who is in charge of laundering these things? Do we have to share? So many questions. So gross. PPS Someone once told me that Paris washed reusable adult diapers. Two people who worked there swore to it when I cross checked.
  9. With a black plastic bag. You might be able to get it hot enough to sterilize it.
  10. Too true and sometimes the posters have gone completely off the rails also.
  11. If you really think that the soil in the pots is contaminated do the plastic bag thing again. If you think it was just stress just cover it up for the winter.
  12. Back 'atcha! Feel free to post something new. I'm sure many someones will have an opinion.
  13. We are currently eating zucchini at every meal so I sympathize. When you garden you eat whatever does well that year unless you find a way to off load it onto what used to be friends.
  14. Apparently the city police do some cleaning up. I saw a push broom in the back of a DuBois City police car one day and asked about it. I was told it was for sweeping up glass. I assume he meant after an accident.
  15. Going to check to see if pigs are flying outside my window. Anyone know how to contact Hell to see if the temperature has dropped?
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