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  1. old farm boy


    According to the Courier, 15% in Elk County, 18% in Clearfield, no figures as yet for Jefferson.
  2. old farm boy


    Unless you're Bobby Bonilla, every July 1st he gets 1.3 million from the Mets and will continue cashing those checks till 2035!! He hasn't played baseball since 2001!!
  3. old farm boy

    Truck Hauling Portablr Toilets Catches Fire

    That would be really crappy
  4. old farm boy


    I agree about Cole when he was a Pirate. He was, IMHO, a bit of a head case. I always liked Charlie Morton, a very humble young man, stays on an even keel. I'm glad he's finally doing well in Houston. As for Walker, liked him in Pittsburgh, I would hate to play for any NY team, the press and fans will eat you alive. Case in point Stanton. First game in NY the fans booed him!
  5. old farm boy


    A friend and I were just talking about the Reds a week or so ago. They have boxed themselves into a corner with the high pay, long term contracts to three players.....Votto, Bailey and Duval. They don't have much of any value to trade, I thought Mesoraco would be a likely trade. The Mets got the better of that deal, their is still a small window open for Mesoraco, not so much Harvey. The Reds would have been better served to trade for prospects. They're not going anywhere this year.
  6. old farm boy

    To the 219 Smokey Pickup

    My niece was a heavy cigarette smoker. The doctor was always on her about quitting. She took up vaping instead of the cigarettes. She was so proud of herself, told the doctor with pride. His response? "You might as well stay on cigarettes"!!
  7. old farm boy

    Need more bars in Dubois

    I guess you could call it a bar, but the most you can have is two beers or two glasses of wine. And they must be accompanied with a serving of food.
  8. old farm boy

    To the 219 Smokey Pickup

    I agree, the first time I saw someone vaping I couldn't believe the smoke! In an enclosed space like a car and truck it would be a heavy "fog".
  9. old farm boy


    Well here it is almost Mother's Day, the Bucs are only 1 game out of first. They are 10-3 against their division and 8-2 in interleague play. So far the NL East is the only division giving them a hard time. And Cutch is playing his usual I won't show up till almost June role, he's hitting a paltry .248, Cervelli and Dickerson have higher WARS than Cutch, they are both the highest at their position. Cutch is a good player but should not be mentioned in the same breath as Clemente and Stargell as happened at last night's game.
  10. Not at work, but I cringe in stores and restaurants when you thank an employee and they say "no problem". That, to me, implies that it might have been a problem at one time!!
  11. old farm boy

    1st Round NFL Mock Draft

    Trying to pick the NFL draft is an exercise in futility Especially if there's no clear cut number one pick. Barkley was as close to a number one as you can get, but the QB's were all that they wanted to talk about. Everyone one of these QBs came with garbage, The talking heads were trying to compare this class to the '83 QB class ......ain't gonna' happen, the '83 QBs were superior QBs draft.
  12. old farm boy


    A bit of Pen's trivia here....the Pens have never won the Stanley Cup without facing the Caps in the playoffs!
  13. old farm boy

    Company Plans 'The First Luxury Hotel In Space'

    Hmmm, that's a wee bit too pricey for me
  14. old farm boy

    Full Moon

    Here's one that True Blood fans might remember, I find it very beautiful and moving...
  15. old farm boy

    The Debate Political forum is closed until ....

    The Buccos could be an interesting team this year, I kind of like the rookie third baseman, Moran, that they got in the Cole deal. Also the reliever, Feliz, they got in the same deal. That kid throws some serious heat!