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  1. That is correct, if memory serves me, they went airborne at the end of the runway and crashed into some trees. My father took me to see the trees, sort of a life lesson learned. Our farm was not far from the crash site. It was a big topic of conversation in Beechwoods as well, although we didn't have a pool hall or gas station. I remember the gas station in Falls Creek, the pot bellied stove and the old timers sitting around it!
  2. Yes it did, I believe it would have been late 50's-early 60's, I know I was not very old.
  3. Sandy Township Water/Sewage Bill

    It's my opinion that the higher prices for auto insurance are caused by two things. Winter road conditions and whitetail deer.
  4. I attended the Beechwoods school for the first 6 years of my education. Lunch there was brown bag for everyone, no cafeteria. I was raised on a dairy farm and drank raw milk always. In the seventh grade I started at the Brockway jr/sr high school, with a very good cafeteria. Tried pasteurized whole milk for the first time and spit out, tasted terrible to me. The rest of my lunches at the cafeteria were with chocolate milk.
  5. Boarding up your home for a hurricane

    During the 35 years I lived in Florida I always kept my "boarding up" plywood in the garage. My windows had hurricane awnings but the house had two sets of sliding glass doors that led to the pool. I had to use plywood on them.
  6. Hey Grandpa, What's For Supper?

    Yes it is, but I think it will warm up later Sorry, couldn't resist
  7. The Park

    It is designed to allow children with disabilities to play ball.
  8. Game of Thrones

    What makes you think that any member of the "hunting party" will be turned into a white walker?
  9. Confederate Monunents To Stay At Gettysburg

    Point of reference, Florida was indeed a state of the Union. Statehood was granted in 1845.
  10. I have a relative in a elderly care facility

    Sorry but in my opinion they shouldn't even get this. Would people be comfortable if restaurants, grocery stores etc., got advanced notice of a food safety inspection?
  11. I have a relative in a elderly care facility

    It's my opinion that they should receive absolutely no advanced notice of an impending inspection, be it elderly homes, group homes for the disabled or training facility/hospital. You hear of abuses quite often as it is now, wasn't it just a few weeks ago that there was a problem in Brookville or Clarion? Does CYA announce their visits?
  12. I have a relative in a elderly care facility

    At the Adult Training Facility that my son attends they know the state inspection is coming at least a month before! Maybe they fall into another category?
  13. I have a relative in a elderly care facility

    It's not just the elderly with these types of problems. The profoundly disabled are affected by these types of regulations. My son who is profoundly mentally and physically disabled has to have a mantoux TB test every two years to attend an adult training center during the day. He will fight a needle every time and it will usually take 2-3 people to keep him still. He last had the test in December of last year, at that time the doctor mentioned that they could not restrain him in any way due to regulations. You are correct in the fact that these facilities get advanced notice of an impending inspection. In my 45 years of working retail grocery I never once heard of a city, county, state or federal health inspector giving advanced notice of an inspection!!!
  14. Accepting Feedback on Updated Forum

    Mine is also not going to "last post read"
  15. steelers news

    Don't like those unis or the Begals "tiger stripe" unis. Both look like a cartoon character!