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  1. In the early 60's a neighbor kept sulky horses there. I can remember a few times in late fall/early spring that we got heavy rains and we had to get the horses out of the barn. Very swampy back then.
  2. Interesting Saturday, there were three games where unranked teams were winners against ranked teams. Obviously the Wisconsin game was the "huge" upset.
  3. From the Merriam-Webster site: Could vs. Couldn't We define could care less and couldn’t care less on the same page, with the single definition “used to indicate that one is not at all concerned about or interested in something.” We do not put these seemingly disparate idioms on the same page in order to save space, or so that we might cause you pain. We do it because one is simply a variant of the other, and they are used in a synonymous manner. There is little doubt that couldn’t care less is the older form, although no one is certain where this came from. There has been speculation that it is British in origin, and that American soldiers returning from World War II brought it to these shores. While it may indeed have come from the United Kingdom, there is clear evidence that couldn’t care less was in use prior to the 1940s.
  4. My guess is that people would be well advised to pay attention in school when the teachers are explaining the meaning of or use of "in" and "of", Just my two cents on a non-issue.
  5. Doesn't hospital staff have to wear gloves when treating a patient?
  6. Thanks for the wishes AND the info Watoos
  7. Polio vaccine, how many kids today go to school with a classmate who had polio and is crippled?
  8. We need stronger laws for puppies that do this. Better background checks and a national registry.
  9. Hey, guns don't kill people....puppies kill people
  10. My thoughts exactly. there is what, two businesses, in the old coke building?
  11. I have to wonder who will be keeping that portion of sidewalk clear in the winter? That is always piled high from slush and the plows when it snows. Will it be a "summer only" sidewalk?
  12. You can add Bob Nutting to that list for me. Although that will never happen in my lifetime.
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