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  1. Must you hate about 50 per cent of the people. You are certainly not a Christian. And why has your savior not presenting evidence and now has been fired by the Trump team. Sad, sad sad and more sad
  2. Is this, your savior Sydney Powell, the same Sydney Powell who on Thursday claimed that the deceased Hugo Chavez was behind the election fraud? Hmmm
  3. Just what I want to see...A DENTAL HYGIENE AD
  4. CRIKETS...can no one answer a simple question it's basically a yes or no question!!!!
  5. I have no problem with recounts...I asked if Trump supporters would accept the results if Trump were winning??
  6. Question for the Trump supporters.....if Trump were to win will we see all these calls for recounts and to stop the counting???
  7. For the last time : "I have not voted for either a Republican or a Democrat in over 30 years"...how many times do I have to tell you people that? I am just sick to death over what untruths are posted on these "social" media sites and sick to death of all the politicians. If three fourths of what is posted on these sites was ever acted upon by the people we would not have all these career pollys! Thank God I have just a little time left on this earth. Social media is the biggest fraud ever hoisted on the world!!!!!!!
  8. UGH Now there's a mental picture seared into my brain!
  9. I just have to know....how do you get the deer to run the grinder??? Sorry couldn't resist
  10. I have social security and I received a stimulus check almost 2 weeks ago.
  11. I tried to call everyday except Monday and all I ever got was a busy signal. Didn't matter what time of day....I tried at 9AM exactly and different times throughout the day till late in the afternoon!!!
  12. The Steelers don't have a pick in the first round their first pick is number 49 in the second round and by then it will be slim pickings for OL...... OL are very thin in this years draft. This is the "WR draft year"
  13. "Heard it through the grapevine"
  14. The "Spanish" flu was unique in that he targeted healthy younger adults more so than the older generations.
  15. You can easily make a mask from a tube sock and coffee filters. Check on the net I'm sure you will find a video explaining the process.
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