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  1. old farm boy

    Do You Eat Farmed Fish?

    My goodness where did you get fish that bad? With the COOL laws now in effect it would be hard for a retailer to mislabel a fish. Now a restaurant might be a different story, I once had a "chef" try to convince me that the delmonico he was trying to sell me was not a skirt steak....which it was!!!
  2. old farm boy

    Do You Eat Farmed Fish?

    That's crazy, works out to 12 dollars a pound. Wholey's has been working customers over for years. And the last time I looked at it Icelandic brand (that is correct Icelandic is a brand name not an indication of where it's from) was fish from China.
  3. old farm boy

    Do You Eat Farmed Fish?

    I am by no means trying to talk people into eating farm raised fish.....but! the opinion piece that Lavender posted was at least 10 years old. Tremendous strides have been made in the industry to solve many of the problems, such as over crowding, the overuse of antibiotics, better quality feeds and overfeeding among others. Fisheries can opt to be certified by several different agencies but it is not mandatory. We can not continue to over fish the fish in the oceans or we end up with the problems mentioned by LFG concerning redfish and chilean sea bass and orange roughy. Natural clam and mussel beds are facing problems with sewage and chemical runoff from cities all up and down the coast. While fish is not as popular in the US I would venture that worldwide it is a very large portion of what the world eats and must be protected and augmented.
  4. old farm boy

    Do You Eat Farmed Fish?

    I'm curious, what is "real haddock"?
  5. old farm boy

    Do You Eat Farmed Fish?

    I knew the blackening craze had reduced their numbers way too low, just wasn't aware of the farm raised....something you don;t see around here. Two other fish that were almost wiped out by over fishing were the Chilean sea bass and orange roughy.
  6. I once had a customer from Sweden explain to me the Swedish way to eat crawdads. One crawdad, one shot of vodka, one crawdad, one shot of Vodka!!
  7. old farm boy

    Do You Eat Farmed Fish?

    Never mind I just googled it, I see it's being farm raised in Texas.
  8. old farm boy

    Do You Eat Farmed Fish?

    When did they start farm raising redfish...or are we not talking about the same fish..which happens a lot in seafood.
  9. old farm boy

    Do You Eat Farmed Fish?

    Usually soft and/or mushy seafood is a sure sign it is old.
  10. old farm boy

    Do You Eat Farmed Fish?

    I've never found the texture to be soft and watery, nor is farm raised fish fed dog chow. Again it's all about who you buy from. I would agree with you about being close to the source, having spent 30 years on the SE coast of FL. Also worked for The Lobster Dock in the Philly area, spent many a very early morning at the Fulton Fish Market in NYC.
  11. old farm boy

    Do You Eat Farmed Fish?

    To the best of my knowledge, haddock is not farm raised. Eating farm raised fish from a reputable and certified fishery is no worse than some meats and veggies available today...and probably better. Fish and shellfish that I know to be farm-raised include: Salmon, catfish, tilapia, several different varieties of trout, shrimp, clams ans mussels. I eat fish at least once a week, sometimes it is the farm-raised variety, (just depends on price and availability, and I've not grown horns or a tail as yet!
  12. At the very least they can fire this employee for violating health and sanitation regulations.....No eating, drinking, smoking or use of any tobacco products in a food prep area.
  13. old farm boy

    DuBois Band

    Anyone else remember the "Battle of the Bands" back in '63 (I think)? It was held at the Elks Club and high school bands performed to raise money for a trip to the '64 World's Fair in New York. Brockway band and DuBois band were there. It was broadcast on WCED and listeners could phone in donations for the band(s) of their choice.
  14. I don't understand this, maybe it's because of the times I grew up in......50's and 60's. At 9 years old I wasn't concerned about my sexual identification.
  15. old farm boy

    25 Insane Vintage Ads You Won't Believe

    You wouldn't be a Jimmy fan if you didn't know. Yeah with Fed that would be a picture to burn your eyes out