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  1. For the last time : "I have not voted for either a Republican or a Democrat in over 30 years"...how many times do I have to tell you people that? I am just sick to death over what untruths are posted on these "social" media sites and sick to death of all the politicians. If three fourths of what is posted on these sites was ever acted upon by the people we would not have all these career pollys! Thank God I have just a little time left on this earth. Social media is the biggest fraud ever hoisted on the world!!!!!!!
  2. UGH Now there's a mental picture seared into my brain!
  3. I just have to know....how do you get the deer to run the grinder??? Sorry couldn't resist
  4. I have social security and I received a stimulus check almost 2 weeks ago.
  5. I tried to call everyday except Monday and all I ever got was a busy signal. Didn't matter what time of day....I tried at 9AM exactly and different times throughout the day till late in the afternoon!!!
  6. The Steelers don't have a pick in the first round their first pick is number 49 in the second round and by then it will be slim pickings for OL...... OL are very thin in this years draft. This is the "WR draft year"
  7. "Heard it through the grapevine"
  8. The "Spanish" flu was unique in that he targeted healthy younger adults more so than the older generations.
  9. You can easily make a mask from a tube sock and coffee filters. Check on the net I'm sure you will find a video explaining the process.
  10. I know, this manure will be piled up and other compost added to it
  11. Anyone know where I can get manure? Preferably cow, horse or chicken. Looking for a pick up load or two, delivery would be great....I'm no spring chicken anymore Also looking for hay/straw. Going to try lasagna gardening this year. It's supposed to be weed free, my old back loves that idea!!
  12. PENNSYLVANIA Summary: Raw milk sales are legal on the farm and in retail stores. Raw milk for retail producers must have a permit and can only sell to stores if they have their own packaging operation with labeling and bottling machines. Stores purchasing raw milk from farmers for resale do not ordinarily need a permit. Producers selling raw milk only on the farm do not need bottling equipment because the state permits customers to bring their own containers. The only raw milk product that licensees can sell legally is cheese. According to the Department of Agriculture, this is because the state has a standard of identity regulation only for raw cheese, not for any other raw dairy products. If a dairy product does not have a standard of identity regulation, the Department will not issue a permit for it. Pennsylvania Statutes TITLE 31 FOOD (P. S. ) CHAPTER 13 MILK AND CREAM MILK MARKETING LAW PERMITS FOR SALE OF MILK OR MANUFACTURED DAIRY PRODUCTS 31 P.S. § 646. Permit; application; reimbursement of Inspection expenses; reciprocal agreements Except as hereinafter provided, no person shall sell milk, milk products or manufactured dairy products within this Commonwealth without first having obtained a permit from the “secretary,” nor otherwise than in accordance with the requirements of this act. Unless the “secretary” shall require a permit, this section shall not apply to a person selling milk or milk products from a store, when such milk or milk products are purchased from a person already in lawful possession of a permit to sell milk or milk products. The “secretary” may, in his discretion, exempt a person selling milk from not more than one cow from such requirements of this act, as he may deem in each instance to be unnecessary for the protection of the public health. Pennsylvania Code of Regulations TITLE 7 AGRICULTURE PART III. BUREAU OF FOOD SAFETY AND LABORATORY SERVICES Subpart B. LIQUID FOODS CHAPTER 61. [Reserved] Subchapter C. MISCELLANEOUS PROVISIONS 7 Pa. Code § 59.302. Raw milk. (b) General requirements. Raw milk shall meet all the requirements of §§ 59. 101 – 59. 121 (relating to sanitation requirements applicable to production of milk for pasteurization) with the following exceptions: (2) Labeling on all containers and caps except those owned by customers shall be approved by the Department. (7) For prepackaging, a mechanical means of filling and capping bottles shall be used. The cap or closure shall protect the pouring lip to its largest diameter. TITLE 7 AGRICULTURE PART III. BUREAU OF FOOD SAFETY AND LABORATORY SERVICES Subpart B. LIQUID FOODS CHAPTER 61. [Reserved] Subchapter G. MANUFACTURING PLANTS SUPPLEMENTAL REQUIREMENTS FOR PLANTS MANUFACTURING AND PACKAGING CHEESE 7 Pa. Code § 59.773. Operations and operating procedures. (b) Cheese from unpasteurized milk. If the cheese is labeled as “heat treated,” “unpasteurized,” “raw milk,” or “for manufacturing,” the milk may be raw or heated at temperature below pasteurization. If the milk is held more than 2 hours between time of receipt or heat treatment and setting, it shall be cooled to 45°F or lower until time of setting.
  13. If you really believe that, I have some ocean-view property in Kansas you can buy. There may be a few independents paying their help more, but for the most part no. Let's not forget that a lot of these workers that in regular times, people scoff at the idea of them making 15 dollars an hour!!
  14. People who like to give the Feds an interest free loan of 9k dollars
  15. I've had two doctors cancel my appointments, here in March, until further notice.
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