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  1. Never said they didn't, only that it was against the law for them to have a firearm.
  2. I going to have to agree with you on this one. There is something inherently wrong with Cadbury creme egg flavored mayo.
  3. Soon as I saw this headline this morning I thought...."Lord please don't let LFG see this" But too late.
  4. Convicted felons can not legally own guns, in this case they are expanding that to include abusers....probably a good thing. The crime for which you are convicted does not have to have been committed with a gun to lose your right to own firearms.
  5. Anyone want to bet that the "new" system for inspection and registration will be an increase in cost?
  6. Oh, I have no problem with who owns the lot or who rents it. My problem is the condition of the lot if and/or when I use it. Like Jaman says drive over the lot and you think you've broken a tie rod or an axle!
  7. And a very poor parking lot at that!!!
  8. Yes, but your front of the woods is the back of the woods to the suth'ner living on t'other side. BTW did I get those Confederate spellings correct?
  9. Most of the newer model cars, suvs and trucks can be set to have the lights come on at dusk if not all day.
  10. I'd be curious to know why the course teaches this to be a safe driving technique?
  11. I believe you are confusing "bodega" with "bordello". Feel free to look up the meaning of both words.
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