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  1. I have lawn chairs for sale....just picked them up this morning
  2. It's never too early!
  3. True, but some employees lack common sense. More and more every year it seems.
  4. I wonder if the bakery employee was new and the "cake" was some type of display piece. Maybe the employee was not aware of this.
  5. I see he has signed a letter of commitment to Kent State. Good move on his part,
  6. Agreed, but all that is based on "IF" he gets drafted even that high.
  7. I hope this local kid does well, but I don't see his name on any "top 100 draft prospects list". That tells me he is at best a fourth round pick, as such he might be better off taking a a scholarship, getting an education and honing his skills at the college level.
  8. I don't know for sure, but that whole article should have been checked before it was published....for instance, "the Pirates misplaced to the Rockies"? "The two had the perfect view of the evening, taking within the game from proper behind house plate"? "So with the assistance of many good of us at the park, we took them to the sphere for a second they may all the time bear in mind" Maybe it's just me but I think whoever wrote this was using another language or using some type of app that translates speech to text, not very well I might add and absolutely no one proofread it. Something I see more and more of these days.
  9. I was going to say 25% or less, it would surprise me if it ended up at 30%
  10. I have one, been very happy with battery life between charges. I get 2, sometimes even 3 days between charges. But then taht all depends on how much you use it....I'm not an all the time user, don't get or make a lot of calls, same with texts.
  11. Yes that's usually a good idea not to drop most any electronic equipment!
  12. Does anyone know if there is a way to get a "map" of Morningside Cemetery? I am trying to find gravesites for my paternal Grandmother's family. They were originally buried in Rumbarger but Grandmother's last surviving sister moved them all to Morningside when Rumbarger fell into disrepair.
  13. Now if you could only get your hens to start laying them! Wait....maybe if you brought in a male Easter bunny?
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