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  1. I can say I'm one of the few people that actually pull over like this but what really makes me mad is after pulling over to let the emergency vehicle pass then the line of traffic that hurry up and pull out behind the emergency vehicle and won't let the original line up get back in line.
  2. I would think non-pedestrian as a car, atv, golf cart, side x side. And pedestrian transportation as bicycles, skateboards, wheelchairs/scooters.
  3. Prior to the vote, council made some revisions. For example, dogs will be permitted in recreation areas, and not limited to designated areas. However, dog owners must still have their pets on a leash that’s no more than six feet long. As long as your dog was on a leash less than 6 feet long then you didn't "break bad".
  4. Police Reports in the Courier-Express from Tuesday, January 14, 2014 Officers received a report of an intoxicated woman walking on Maple Avenue. Officers were told the woman was last seen running toward Eastern Avenue. Officers located the woman, who had tried to jump an embankment and hit a tree. The woman was extracted by fire and EMS personnel. She was cited for public drunkenness and pedestrians Under the Influence.
  5. I'm one of the 700 Sandy Township residents direct billed from the City of DuBois. My water rate is $29 a month for a family of 2 (4000 gallon usage). The fact that you are paying that much more is crazy. Now my sewage rate is through Sandy Township and with the I & I surcharge I'm paying $97 a month.
  6. I believe so. The owner died recently.
  7. Tomorrow is the last Fish Fry of the Lenten season at Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Sykesville.
  8. The notice I got on the REAL ID's said the proof of residence can be ex: Registration card & Insurance card.
  9. I got a notice about the REAL ID's and it said if you have a passport to just use the passport until you need to renew your license or until the big rush is over. I have a passport so I'm probably going to hold off for awhile but if you don't have a passport and don't need a passport then a REAL ID would be cheaper.
  10. I seen recently that they were hiring for a remodeling project. They may be one of the ones being converted into a Dollar Tree?
  11. I'm sorry to hear about your daughter. Prayers for a speedy recovery.
  12. I have a blood clotting problem. They've ruled out hereditary conditions and just chalked it up to freak occurrences. I've had blood clots in my legs, lungs and brain (which resulted in brain surgery & getting a shunt). They don't know why it keeps happening. But the medicines that are advertised on tv including Elliquis is not approved for blood clotting conditions, at least according to my doctor. My doctor says he feels it will be approved soon and would let me know once it does. I actually don't have problems with getting blood work done on the regular it's the food restrictions that bother me. I'm a vegetarian and it's hard to avoid vitamin K.
  13. But a doctor would tell you that. You don't need to see it advertised on tv. I never mentioned the drugs advertised on tv to my doctor, he just told me about them during a routine visit.
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