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  1. I was thinking mostly horses if in fact it is from euthanized animals.
  2. Petee that Doctor is making a wide accusation he has no proof that animals euthanized were introduced into the food. Unless they do a dna test of some sort of the food to see if animals were in it. As of right now they only know that the drug pentobarbital was in it. He says "If they say it doesn’t come from dogs, cats and horses, where does it come from? It doesn’t come from outer space.” I would say no Doctor it does not come from outer space. How did the euthanized animals get it in their system. Someone injected it into them. I suspect the chemical was dumped into the food supply on purpose. If the good doctor is right then I can only suspect that maybe animals euthanized in China were made into dog food.
  3. might as well post recalls of pet food recently. Now some items recalled were because of minor issues such as : Blue Buffalo wet dog food cups that were recalled because of a packaging problem back in 2017 2017-2018 Dog Food Recall List Click the links to see the specific, important details about each recall. Date Brand Name Product 2/8/18 Smokehouse Pet Products Beef Munchies dog treats 2/8/18 Raws for Paws Ground Turkey Pet Food 1/15/18 JustFoodForDogs Meals with green beans 12/22/17 Primal Pet Foods Dog and Cat Foods 12/8/17 Darwin’s Natural Selections 6/19/17 United Pet Group Rawhide Chew Products (Expanded) 6/15/17 Loving Pets Dog Treats 6/10/17 United Pet Group Rawhide Chew Products 5/6/17 Smallbatch Pets Frozen Dog Food 4/18/17 Party Animal Canned Dog Food 3/20/17 Barnsdale Farms 3 Brands of Pig Ears 3/18/17 Blue Buffalo Canned Dog Food 3/18/17 Wellness Canned Dog Food 2/28/17 Blue Buffalo Wet Dog Food 2/28/17 Evanger’s and Against the Grain Braised Beef & Pulled Beef 2/14/17 Against the Grain Pulled Beef With Gravy 2/13/17 Blue Buffalo Homestyle Recipe 2/9/17 Giant Food Stores Companion Canned Dog Food 2/9/17 PetSmart Chicken and Rice 2/3/17 Evanger’s Hunk of Beef 1/13/17 Blue Ridge Beef Blue Ridge Beef Frozen Turkey 12/8/16 Blue Ridge Beef Blue Ridge Beef Frozen Products 10/7/16 Cesar Cesar Classics Filet Mignon 9/8/16 Addiction New Zealand Canned Dog Food Entrées 5/31/16 Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula 3/26/16 Smallbatch Pets Dog Duckbatch Sliders 3/18/16 Fromm Fromm Gold canned food 3/10/16 Purina Beneful, ProPlan 1/15/16 Vital Essentials Frozen Chicken Patties Entrée 1/4/16 Big Dog Natural Chicken Supreme, Fish Supreme 12/13/15 Nutro Apple Chewy Treats 12/11/15 Stella & Chewy’s Super Beef Dinner Morsels 12/10/15 Bravo Chicken Blend, Turkey Blend, Balance Turkey 12/1/15 Dave’s Simply the Best 11/28/15 Hill’s Science Diet Various canned foods 11/25/15 Blue Buffalo Wilderness Wild Chews 10/2/15 K-9 Kraving Chicken Patties 10/23/15 Good ‘N Fun Beefhide Chicken Sticks 9/25/15 OC Raw Dog Assorted raw products 7/24/15 Nature’s Variety Instinct Raw Chicken 7/23/15 Bravo Bravo Blend Chicken 7/20/15 Natural Dog Co. Tremenda Sticks 7/14/15 I and Love and You Cow-Boom! Strips Beef Gullet 7/8/15 Vital Essentials Frozen Beef Tripe 7/4/15 Stella & Chewy’s Assorted products 7/2/15 Boulder Dog Food Chicken Sprinkles, Turkey Sprinkles 5/15/15 OC Raw Dog Assorted raw products 4/22/15 Nylabone Puppy Starter Kit 2/11/15 Nutrisca Chicken and Chick Pea Recipe 2/11/15 Buster’s Natural Pet Supply 6-inch Beef Trachea 1/30/15 Big Bark Beef Jerky Treats 1/20/15 J.J. Fuds Premium Natural Blends
  4. FDA opens investigation after report exposes euthanasia drug in dog food A study revealed that some brands of dog food have tested positive for traces of a lethal drug used to euthanize dogs, cats and horses, WJLA reported. The study, which includes 62 samples of wet dog food from more than two dozen brands, was conducted with Ellipse Analytics -- a lab that tests food for contaminants. After months of testing, WJLA reported that one brand came back positive for pentobarbital in 60 percent of the samples tested. Fifteen cans of Gravy Train were tested, and nine contained pentobarbital. While the levels detected were not lethal, they also violated federal law that states the drug should not be allowed in any concentration, WJLA reported. “Pet food violates federal law, is openly allowed by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) to violate federal law, billion dollar a year companies are making profits selling illegal adulterated products to unknowing consumers in the U.S. every day,” Susan Thixton, a pet food consumer advocate, told WJLA. “Consumers have no information. A consumer has to become a private detective to learn what’s really in their food.” Gravy Train is made by Big Heart Pet Foods and owned by Smucker’s, WJLA reported. According to Nielsen data, it accounts for more than $40 million of the company’s annual revenue. Big Heart also produces other dog and cat food products. How then, did dog food become laced with a potentially lethal drug? “It comes from euthanasia of animals using that euthanasia drug,” said Dr. Nicholas Dodman, chief scientific officer for The Center for Canine Behavior Studies and former director of the Animal Behavior Program at Tufts University. “So, these animals could be dogs, they could be cats, they could be horses -- but how is it getting into the pet food? If they say it doesn’t come from dogs, cats and horses, where does it come from? It doesn’t come from outer space.” Dodman said the level of pentobarbital in the food is really beside the point. Contacted to address the test results, the FDA and Smucker’s declined to speak on camera, WJLA reported. Smucker’s did release a statement that said the company is launching “a thorough investigation” to determine the accuracy of WJLA’s test results and the methodology used. Seems gravy train was a culprit. Gravy train is owned by Smuckers. I wonder if the dog foods in question were canned in China. Personally I will stay away from anything smuckers makes. Why take a chance.
  5. Mr D posted about an inmate the other day who was selling drugs after she entered jail and the drugs were hidden in her weave. Well the story went national. The Smoking gun story is below which I got when I was on the Drudge Report and saw it and thought hmmm I bet that story is the one from Brookville Prison.
  6. Ahhh America where the liberal left is offended by everything. So we just start banning everything and everyone starts walking on eggshells. America is in a downward spiral.
  7. DuBois schools closed 2/7

    yep they called this morning at 6:20
  8. DuBois schools closed 2/7

    Brockway on a two hour delay so far. Waiting to see if they cancel
  9. yep it is a game. Professional sports is one thing I wont watch. A choice really because I can't see wasting my time watching the same thing thing week after week.
  10. The suspected drunk driver accused of killing two people, including Colts player Edwin Jackson, is an undocumented immigrant and has previously been deported two times, once in 2007 and again in 2009, according to Indiana State Police. Yet another US Citizens life lost because of the Democrats asinine convictions.
  11. Karma!!!

    So I take it the Super Bowl was on this weekend. Were the commercials funny as they usually are?
  12. pretty sad that the jail and the guards allowed this to happen in the first place.