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  1. Scientists once said the earth was flat also. DUH!
  2. I heard a little rumor today they moved because they were told to. Heard a small casino will be going into the mall. Can anyone bring anything to the table as to if this is true or just fabrication. I got this from a pretty good source or has this been brought up before and I just missed the thread.
  3. I dont like wearing masks but I do have some Trump 2020 masks I am sure I will trigger someone if I walk through those stores with it on and if confronted I will defend myself so beware you crazy lefties.
  4. umm no I havent. I was through there yesterday and saw no one. So what did the signs say
  5. I agree with what you say although I never mentioned work release or the jail. haha I was talking about releasing the info that he had escaped to the media and the public.
  6. I actually believe the police in all the communities including the state police do an excellent job. They did drop the ball on releasing the info though. This would be an administrative error and not the men and women patrolling. Someone higher up made this blunder.
  7. He should have gotten permission to hunt there by the farmer.He also must be a hard sleeper. He did not here the tractor.
  8. Why did it take so long for the State Police to release that he had escaped? He escaped on Thursday and they released that info yesterday.
  9. well you are half right on this at the risk of hijacking the thread I will enlighten you a little and who know I may explain things just a bit off but I doubt it. There is a cutting bar on these types of mowers(hence the confusion I bet) and you do need to adjust this bar close to the blades on the reel. The reel type mower works like a pair of scissors. and scissors have to be sharp on one end. If not you wont cut anything at least not cleanly on important stuff like fabric. If that was the case you could just use two dowels rods right? NO Having worked at golf courses we used the reel style blades like the style below on mowers for mowing greens, aprons and they have gang mowers for tractors that use the same type of reel system and sharpening was essential and is listed in all the manuasl and is on their websites on how to sharpen them. I still have a reel style mower like the one below and you definitely need to sharpen it. While adjusting it also essential you still have to sharpen the blades. You can't cut cleanly with a rounded dull blade. They still sell kits for sharpening these with lapping compound etc and they always have. The suckers are the ones who didn't sharpen and made the work twice as hard and damaged their lawns. Do a little research on the internet and you will get enlightened. You are never to old to learn and find out that you may have been doing something wrong for years. It is not embarrassing it is an enlightenment. Happy mowing Conman and hope your holiday was a good one. ps I used to mow a lot of grass growing up and I used reel mowers back in the late 60's early 70's and learned how to adjust this cuter bar and also sharpen the reel blades to make my job easier. They should be adjusted so you could cut a piece of paper cleanly. Sorry for the hijack GoldBrick try calling your hairstylist or any barber to see where they have their scissors sharpened. I have used knife sharpeners to sharpen scissors the style where you just draw the blade across it.
  10. I plan on calling next week.
  11. hmmmm I aint afraid of no Covid. Who you gonna call. Not Levine that's for sure
  12. Has anyone else had their phone bill increase for August's phone bill. My bill for last month increased from $64.78 to $82.78 for just having a landline. I do have caller id but other than that nothing special not even DSL. It is kind of ridiculous to pay that much for a landline where I get nothing but spam calls mostly. If I had good cell phone reception where I live I would not need it. I also will never understand why I have to pay state tax adj surcharge, PA state tax, Federal Universal fee twice. They did add a non-basic service adjustment of $8 whatever that is. I will be calling them next week. Looks like it is time to drop the landline Here is my bill.
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