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  1. All the Amish I have met refer to non Amish as English. They also do have insurance. I am not sure if they all jhave insurance on their buggy's but the Amish themselves have their own insurance company that they deal with and their rates are far less costly. I had a long conversation with a couple Amish fellows as we were fishing last year from my bnoat.
  2. Gator11

    You sittig down Mr D?

    Speaking of Bears I just saw two tonight just outside of Brockway. So the bears are waking up and on the move. Saw a glimpse of the first one and then fifty or so yards further one ran out across the road in front of the car in front of me. We both stopped adn looked for it but it was down in the real swampy brushy area just off the road and we did not see it. They were only about a half mile from my house.
  3. Gator11

    You sittig down Mr D?

    I have had a bear on my porch a couple times, they will leave eventually. Now if he had the main door open and the only thing between him and they bear was a screen door then he may have a reason to shoot it if the bear was trying to get in and he tried yelling at the bear to scare it away. He could have shot into the ground and I am sure it would have run away.
  4. Personally I don't think this kid should have access to any guns. His mother said he likes to play with guns. Well guns are not toys you do not play with them. She needs to seek counseling. I am a strong believer in the second amendment and have several guns but her comment sent chills down my spine. I think maybe there should be no guns in their household.
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  6. Gator11

    Beautiful afternoons this weekend

    I got my first sunburn of the year yesterday. Walking around at Spring Carlisle Collector Car Swap Meet. My face and and scalp got a pretty good sunburn.
  7. Gator11

    shelter dogs

  8. Gator11

    shelter dogs

    Saw a mistake in my last post. It should have read I would not adopt if I had to put up and expensive fence.
  9. Gator11

    shelter dogs

    I have three dogs from shelters. Two are rottie mixes and one full blooded. Best dogs I ever had. We got our first from an Altoona shelter on 220 might have been called Blair County Humane society. The next one from Saint Marys at the Elk county humane society and the third from Indiana Human Society. I have never been told I needed a fence and let me tell you I would adopt if I had to put up an expensive fence. I can control my dogs without a fence. I can take my dogs to the vet and they lie right at my feet waiting to be seen by the vet. The female goes every month for her shot and the staff there loves her and she enjoys going. There were fees at all three places and this does cover the spayed/neutering and shots. It also helps the shelter in paying the cost of running the shelter. Those animals do need food and roofs over their heads. Listed below are links that have Shelters all over the area. You will find a lot duplicated on each site and al are within a good reasonable driving time. Heck I even a saw a link to Adopt a Cow https://www.countyoffice.org/dubois-pa-animal-shelters/ https://www.countyoffice.org/altoona-pa-animal-shelters/
  10. I see nothing wrong with her giving her child that sandwich. Although I see how letting her eating it in a shopping cart the kid could get peanut butter on the cart and a kid with peanut allergies could come into contact with it. She should at the very least clean the cart afterwards and others should clean the cart handles before using them. I am also not sure why you would feed your kid in a store to begin with. A baby with a bottle is different but a sandwich lol this is just funny to me. Is this a kid who just eats constantly or what and who carries sandwiches into stores with them. hahah
  11. Gator11

    Shooting in Brockway

    State Police: Brockway Couple Found Dead After Murder-Suicide Posted on Friday, April 13, 2018 by Gant Team in Crime, Local News, Top Stories BROCKWAY – A Brockway couple died in an apparent murder-suicide, DuBois-based state police say. James Wildnauer, 68, allegedly shot his wife, Janice Wildnauer, 58, on Tuesday. Then, he shot himself. According to state police, the couple’s bodies were discovered at a David Lane home Thursday morning by a relative. The relative went to the home to check on Janice Wildnauer, who hadn’t reported for work two days in a row. The motive for the shootings remains under investigation at this time.
  12. She's not allergic to milk Mr. D but all of the others yes. She may outgrow the eggs addiction but not sure about the peanut butter. I really wish she did not have this allergy as I worry everyday about it. The egg allergy she just breaks out in rashes where as the peanut butter well she could die from that. I hope they find some sort of cure for this.
  13. Gator11

    Possible child abduction in DuBois today

    umm if I heard a child screaming form a van I would not only call the police but turn around and follow it till police arrived.
  14. Gator11

    Debate Last Night

    anyone would be a greater improvement than Wolf
  15. Because we do need more drunk drivers on the road.