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  1. Well bullets can travel through walls. They evacuate in case the person just starts shooting randomly. That little wall or window you have won't stop a bullet but your body might. It is an inconvenience but better safe than sorry.
  2. There seems to be no end to these perverts. We are constantly seeing arrests lkme these. They just need to start eliminating them and rid society of these low life perverts
  3. Boston bake beans, Swedish fish, candy cigarettes.
  4. Thankfully he had the common sense to alert someone and that he was able to find an adult quickly. When I was 6 a friend and I were at the playground in Peoria when a young african american boy about 3 or 4 had a 22 pistol he had taken out of his mothers purse. My friend took it and I knew something bad was going to happen so I started running just as he started shooting it and just as I was about to round the corner I felt the burn of the bullet in my lower back and just above the buttocks. So I know all to well how something can go wrong quickly. I did not have the time to alert someone so Blake and the other kids were extremely lucky. Being a victim of gun violence I can tell you that I am an advocate for the 2nd amendment and always will be. That kids parents should have had that gun secure where a child cannot get to it, if he did get it from home as the mother of the young boy in my case should have. So kudos to Blake for taking quick action and big thumbs down to that other boy and his parents who should have taught him gun safety and for being careless leaving a loaded gun around if home is where he actually got the gun.
  5. well I am considering a change. I am a millwright and can be called out through the hall but we will see how that goes during these winter months. Spring through fall is usually busy time. I had the opportunity to attend school again and I chose to pursue it and took some time off from traveling and working long hours. I joined the millwrights after corporate greed took over mine and 120 other peoples jobs. Then after joining I went back to school to broaden my skills. Now I am tossing around ideas trying to find something local where I dont have to travel a lot anymore but being a bit older seems somewhat of a challenge. So thought about going back into business for myself or possibly buying a small existing one. The options are limitless or retire LOL not really. while I appreciate Hipower for starting this even though I really dont know why. So we strayed off topic a bit big deal really. It got back on track and lots of threads do.
  6. Gator11


    this one scared the bejesus out of me when I was a kid. Arnold - 1973 It starred Roddy McDowall
  7. Gator11


    Dee Sniders (lead singer of twisted sister) - Strangeland The original movie is the one to see which was the banned copy. They did reboot it the company was Emaji Entertainment. They aquired the rights to re-release it. Dee said this about the reboot - We're going to do the initial screenings with NC-17, and then a wider release at 'R.' People will be going, 'You have to see the original.' Now will I think it is scary again. I do not know but when I first saw it damn...... plus it has Robert Englund
  8. I agree trade schools for younger people is awesome. They can have great careers and make tons of money and I would encourage people in their 20,30,40's to pursue that path. Trades offer great opportunities. Now me on the other hand being 57 I am finding it difficult to find a new job after losing it because of corporate greed and I believe my age is the factor. I decided to go back to trade school for maintenance electricity when it was offered last year to broaden my horizons and now that I have graduated with honors there is not a lot of jobs out there for us old farts it seems. It has been only three weeks since graduation so I will keep plugging away. I do need to start attending certifications for the millwrights since I am done with school although a lot of the guys I worked with joined them last year when we had the chance as did I but alas many haven't been getting any calls for a lot of work and so they went onto other types of careers the younger ones anyway. I may just try and start my own business in some type of handyman style for small electrical/plumbing/construction needs but do not know ow much need there is in our area. I know I ave always found it difficult to find contractors for large projects but not sure how hard it is for people to find contractors for small jobs. One nice thing I have acquired many tools over the years from having a great job that paid well so I was able to afford buying the tools I needed and wanted. haha Looks like that may have paid off if I do choose that route since I will already have the tools to do the work. Time will tell until then as I said earlier I will keep plugging away but wait a minute hmmmmmm........................... there is always McDonald's lol
  9. I was wondering why there were two different pictures. The guy with the large ears was not the subject of the story but where it says new headlines he was the Florida man's mugshot hits viral status after arrest .
  10. but was the weapon next to the victim or in another room. even if it was on the victim why would you shoot through a window unless they were actually pointing it at you. I could be in my house and leave my door open for fresh air and I could be walking around with a gun strapped to my side. It is my home and I can have it on my person if I want. Shout through the door and see if anyone is home. Personally the neighbor is at fault here he should have went over and knocked himself and or closed the door if he knew them. Also what if the person is deaf. They might not hear you. So are they going to shoot all the deaf people who leave their doors open and may or may not have weapons in their home legally. Sorry I think this cop was in the wrong and I usually support all police and their actions.
  11. Gator11


    Pizza in the food category Harnessing Electricity for most used invention Football for sports fans Beer once again for the sports fan Hot Wings once again see above
  12. You wont find to many of those clearly marked and nice roundabouts as the one pictured. Most especially in Massachusetts suck as far as road conditions and markings and then add winter into the mix. Yikes ice and snow
  13. I gave my renters to use a grill, upright freezer, riding mower, picnic table etc mainly because I had no room for them and they did not cost me anything. Mpost came with the house and the grill was my sons who left it ther for their use when he moved. They are friends of his. I would not go out and buy new mowers etc for my tenants. I may purchase used ones if I get any more properties but that is it. Renters should be informed they have to maintain the grounds. Also everything they are using is in the rental agreement plus I trust them they are good people. It is a shame the man was diagnosed with leukemia.
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