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  1. Keep poking the bear and then act surprised when it attacks
  2. Hmmmm stealing could a Democrat candidate in training
  3. I havent watched tv news in a couple years.
  4. Gator11


    She is an unhinged crazy b****
  5. time for people to start boycotting these insane left wing stores, media, social media. RESIST is my motto when the liberals start to roll out their agenda. Hit them in their pocketbooks and make them go bankrupt.
  6. There was Antifa there blending in to create havic. Hunt those scum down and make examples of them. This is only a test run. When the revolution starts look out. All those crazy leftist will see what happens when they steal an election and try and run roughshod over law abiding Americans who have been pushed to far. When they try and pass bills on the second amendment issues and try and turn Americans nto criminals with the stroke of a pen. Well then the gloves come off.
  7. Gator11

    So how else?

    We can be nice until it is time not to be nice. The left set the precedent with their looting and fires. This is just the beginning when the revolution starts look out it will be all out war. The Americans there supporting Trump should hunt down those antifa scum who snuck into their protests to create havic and kill those scum.
  8. Gator11

    great deal?

    No they are democrats and are nazi criminals. Those on here who support them are just as guilty and are communist bastards
  9. Gator11

    Wolves ?

    Well about 20 years ago I saw a Wolf when I was exiting off I99 at Bald Eagle coming home from North Carolina. My brother in law who was in the car behind us also saw it. This was around 3 in the morning. Now this may have been a fluke and this animal managed to travel to PA. I have never seen one since. They are hard not to spot standing along side the road they are very large animals.
  11. It is time to start opening up speakeasies. The hell with the nazi Democrats
  12. Gator11

    Snow Hysteria

    I have been shoveling since 4:30 and only have about 1/2 done.
  13. Gator11

    Snow Hysteria

    14 inches at my house well actually about 13 3/4"
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