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  1. Gator11


    I will have to check next months bill because it was on this months I paid today.
  2. Gator11


    Hmmmm maybe then they will get rid of that I & I surcharge on the Sandy water bill. Heck they cannot even take care of their water bill anymore. In any case I do not think it will be good for Sandy residents or property owners in Sandy
  3. What car shop? The only thing by Holiday Inn Express was Pilot and Sheetz unless there is another Holiday Inn Express in DuBois somewhere. There was a car dealership up the road across from Dr. Doolittles is this what you mean. I havent driven into DuBois this way in quite a few weeks.
  4. cannot drink or buy cigarettes until you are 21 but we can send you into combat and give your lives for those that do. I personally do not drink or smoke and this law doesn't affect me in the slightest I am just saying maybe they should raise the age to enlist to 21. We all know this wont happen. .....hmm maybe they should have a law where you can enlist at 18 but they cannot send you to a forward active zone. If they are going to regulate what adults can do and at 18 you are an adult. At 18 you commit a crime go to prison, you can enlist, you can vote, you cannot date someone 17 1/2 etc. etc. and yes I know this is not the debate forum for those that will want to point it out
  5. I believe the blood alcohol level was the reason it was in the news. I mean come on it was .262 that is over 3x the legal limit. Men Approximate Blood Alcohol Percentage Drinks Body Weight in Pounds 100 120 140 160 180 200 220 240 0 .00 .00 .00 .00 .00 .00 .00 .00 Only Safe Driving Limit 1 .04 .03 .03 .02 .02 .02 .02 .02 Impairment Begins 2 .08 .06 .05 .05 .04 .04 .03 .03 Driving Skills Significantly Affected Possible Criminal Penalties 3 .11 .09 .08 .07 .06 .06 .05 .05 4 .15 .12 .11 .09 .08 .08 .07 .06 5 .19 .16 .13 .12 .11 .09 .09 .08 6 .23 .19 .16 .14 .13 .11 .10 .09 7 .26 .22 .19 .16 .15 .13 .12 .11 Legally Intoxicated Criminal Penalties 8 .30 .25 .21 .19 .17 .15 .14 .13 9 .34 .28 .24 .21 .19 .17 .15 .14 10 .38 .31 .27 .23 .21 .19 .17 .16 Possible Death Subtract .01% for each 40 minutes of drinking. One drink is 1.25 oz. of 80 proof liquor, 12 oz. of beer, or 5 oz. of table wine.
  6. Took my 4 year Granddaughter to the mall today well 5 actually her birthday is the 27th. We saw a young man in uniform and we went over and thanked him for his service. My Granddaughter wanted to do the same but got very shy and could not say it. Haha Later on we saw him talking to a few people by the Bed Bath and Beyond. We walked into that store and as we were leaving my Granddaughter noticed a set of keys on the floor and handed them to me. We gave them to an employee and walked down by JC Penney to leave as we parked on that side of the mall. I noticed a couple of girls that were in the group earlier and asked if they lost any keys and sure enough the one girl did. I know not much but my Granddaughter thought it was great that we helped someone.
  7. Gator11


    Haha. No problem Petee we all have those moments
  8. He should be in jail being that drink and driving. Most likely not the first time either it's probably just the first time he has been caught A total disregard for other people by driving that drunk.
  9. He was being funny. and so were you haha I actually misread your post and had to re-edit
  10. Some people have no sense of right and wrong. The person that did this needs their asses kicked. You never kill an animal unless you plan on eating it or if it is an immediate danger to someone or is severely injured Then to top it off this was a defenseless little cub. Heck My dog is bigger than that Bear.
  11. Mr. D this was your grandson and Great Granddaughter. We were only a few minutes behind them. Route 28 was clear and Game school wasnt bad but as soon as you turned onto Clayplant it got a little worse but as soon as you started down the hill on the first turn it was nothing but ice. Two trucks had issues one bumping off the bank and another apparently going around in circles and scraping the bank. I saw dirt and weeds on his fog lights. I We pulled over above the wreck and slid off the road a bit and almost fell walking down the hill. All the first responders were great and a few almost fell on the ice. Luckily he was traveling very slow but he went off the road right where the state had a big ditch and hole dug. Another 25 feet or so and he would have just bounced off the bank. Another shout out to the women who took care of my Granddaughter in her car until emergency crews arrived. I believe her last name was King. Everyone was ok not even a scratch. So even though you have all wheel drive, accidents can happen and like I said earlier luckily he knew enough to go slow when he saw how that stretch of road is. He shouldn't have tapped them breaks though. I always downshift and only use my brakes if I absolutely must. I guess I can stop complaining when someone wrecks there seeing how it changed in the span of a half an hour and the rest of the road on either side of that hill was not that bad. I had just gone up that stretch of road and then was traveling back.
  12. I was going to type the same thing and then scrolled down and saw your post.
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