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  1. Gator11

    Hey Grandpa, What's For Supper?

    We ate at the Royal Inn on 219 just before Ridgway. It was my wife's birthday. She had Prime Rib which was good. I ordered surf and turf with a lobster tail and New York strip mashed potatoes and salad. It was not a very good meal. I ordered my steak medium rare, well for starters I broke a rule and ordered steak because restaurants do not know how to cook a steak as ordered except the Central Restaurant in Curwensville. Anyway it was way overcooked. *Yuck* plus it came out right after we just received our salads which the waitress apologized for. Now you would think that a place of that caliber would have have real mashed potatoes also. No they were instant Mashed potatoes. Now I do not know how you screw up instant Mashed potatoes but the so called chef did. It was the worst texture and tasting mashed potatoes I ever had. They must have been bought off a street vendor because they were disgusting. The vegetables were very lifeless and mushy also. I may go back but I will get Prime rib if I do and not order mashed potatoes but it may be a long while before I do go. For the life of me I do not understand why restaurants use instant potatoes and when they do why do they buy the most disgusting tasting brand. I suggest they have their cook/chef read the box and just follow the directions on how to make them. Sorry for the rant but when I am spending close to a hundred dollars for a meal I expect it to at least be prepared how I ordered it and at least use real potatoes. Now the rest of the meal was good. The bread, salad and the shrimp cocktail but then how do you screw up shrimp cocktail. So if you do go do not order Mashed Potatoes and if you do remember you have been warned. I will give it a 2 1/2 out of 5 stars for my meal and probable a 4 for my wife's. Hey Courier Express if you need food critic for the paper I except the job.
  2. If you think the Democrats care about these immigrants you are wrong and neither does Soros. I think the Democrats and the Soros groups hope these people get here before the election and there is a confrontation with the military and that they hope immigrants get killed to further their agenda. They hope the people will back away from Republicans and vote for them and if their is no bloodshed well they win on that front too with illegal voting. Although taxpayers loose because the money to support these people has to come from somewhere. Personally I am sick of this thread. We have laws for reasons and people think they can just break any they don't agree with. People want open borders if that was the case we would be flooded with astronomical numbers of people.
  3. that may be so but even one killer, rapist is to many. If you are ok with a killer or rapist coming in then send letters to the families of these victims and tell them it is for the greater good. http://www.ojjpac.org/memorial.asp
  4. another wave of them has started and they are carrying guns and homemade bombs. I am sorry but they need to change their own country if conditions are that bad. We cannot feed and support the entire world. So if they get here who is going to feed, clothe and support them. Where will they live. Most are young men. Sorry I view this as an invasion and should be stopped at the border and if violence ensues then they should be dealt with swiftly. we do need more killers, rapists, drug dealers and diseases entering the country we have enough now. How do I know this, well that is the point we do not. That is why countries have legal immigration to vet the people coming in.
  5. Gator11

    Lost Dog

    A truck driver along I-80 lost his dog at the Reynoldsville rest area on the east bound. The dog was struck by a vehicle while crossing the ramp. He ran into the woods. Brutis -3 years old he is 76 pounds Saint Bernard boxer mix . He is wearing a black collar with white Paw prints . He is brown with white marking on nose and feet and white V on chest . *Went missing Sunday October 28th at 10:40 PM at Reynoldsville rest area - mile marker 87-88 on I-80 East * He had been brazed/hit by a semi leaving the rest area then got up and took off running into a field near the rest area. The local Shelter and dog warden had been notified. please if you have any information please contact us. Wanting to bring Brutis home no matter what the Circumstances are. Thank you so much for anything you can do to help bring Brutis home. If you need anymore information please contact me . If you see him please contact this page or call 1-308-383-6285 or 308-379-2600
  6. Gator11

    Ponderosa closing

    That doesn't surprise me. So it is not only families who are being pinched by high water and sewage bills. I do not believe he could not find the staff though. I mean come on. I was really looking forward to a Chinese buffet which we do not have here in Dubois buy the way. Guess I will keep driving to Clarion or eating at College Buffet in State College when I am there. I am glad I have my own well and septic system.
  7. all I can say is wow. I guess he should have went to Dunlap Lawn and Garden it would have been cheaper in the long run.
  8. I am assuming this is not the the guy who has the construction company. I would think he would buy new equipment.
  9. You just have to worry about being bit by a brown recluse or black widow as they have bitten many people on the hind end and other places whilst usng these outdoor outhouses. Ouch
  10. Gator11

    Do You Eat Farmed Fish?

    I dont know where the 50's car is. Is it local
  11. Gator11

    DuBois Sears Closing

    They lost my business after I bought a lawn tractor there and there was an issue with the deck and the belts that would not stat on. They said oh yea there is a recall on that problem and I asked why wasnt I told that at the time I bought it and when I could get it fixed and they told me July sometime and this was in April and I asked how was I suppose to mow my grass with no mower till then. he just shrugged so I took it back and they had the audacity to charge a restocking fee for a mower that they knew was defective. So I say good riddance Sears you alienated your customers so know wonder you are going bankrupt. I went to Dunlaps and bought my mower and should have done that in the first place.
  12. Gator11

    Do You Eat Farmed Fish?

    Where did you get it. The 50's car.
  13. Anyone else notice that spiders this year are out of control. I have seen huge spiders in my garage with bodies the size of quarters. It is time for some peppermint oil. Hopefully that works along with the traditional method.
  14. And yet they let antifa leftists wear masks and commit assault and battery on law abiding citizens who do not share their convictions. It was only a few short years ago that I considered moving to Virginia. Not anymore. Pretty much a Nazi controlled State.
  15. And we own the federal government so they should come clean and tell us.