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  1. If you cancel do not do it the last day of your billing cycle or they will try and charge you for the next month.
  2. I got rid of DirecTV back in April. They are trying to get me to pay for May and I refuse. I have done around with this company several times to get this sorted out. Finally the last guy I talked to who just so happened to speak English as compared to gibberish I have been listening to told me I had to write a letter and he gave me the address. Either way they are not getting one more red cent out of me the con artists.
  3. I think this one you knew was the daughter of someone I had known when I was a teen. If so I heard she passed away from an asthma attack. Sad to go that young from that.
  4. yep I received calls also but mine said my social security number was compromised and that I needed to press one to talk to someone and I did and of course a man with an Indian(I am assuming) accent started to speak. I said woah there Buddy I want you to stop *bleeping calling me.* Bleep. They called my cell phone like 6 times in an hour period. I also received calls at home form someone near Pittsburgh saying they were from the State police association and asked if I could make a donation and they would send me the paperwork. . I said sure I could *snicker* and he said great how much of a donation I said just send me the paperwork and you will find out later. *CLICK* I figured since he knew my name he sure as hell would know where to send the paperwork LOL
  5. Wow I can't imagine what he is going through. A very tragic and sad story
  6. I guess some would call it Blonde it was actually Honey Mix. Which is a light Honey Blonde, Platinum Blonde and a Light Ash Blonde Mix. I think I rocked that wig. Although I broke a heel running from Johnny Law and I have to see the doctor and have an Ultrasound on my left testicle. Darn things were just bouncing around there as I was running. Being old I think I kicked that left one with my knee a few times as it hangs a bit lower than the right. I am thankful for ice packs though. Boy the lengths I will go for a joke. I even googled wig colors
  7. It never said either of them was the one who called police although I am betting Christopher was the one who called.
  8. Gator11


    The mother should be charged with neglect. Who leaves their car running anywhere let alone the cesspool of PA, Philadelphia. I dont leave my vehicle running anywhere without children in it. She is a candidate for imbecile of the year award.
  9. We do not know that these were aggressive dogs. My hunch is they were hungry and since he was dead they took advantage of it much like the Rugby players who crashed on the Andes Mountain in 1972 or the Donner Party in 1846. BTW Why did Jeffrey Dahmer have a blender on his front porch? He liked to greet people with a handshake.
  10. I am not extending the fenders on a 67 firebird. Trucks that have these can do this but a couple trucks I have seen, well they dont make fender flares that big. I saw a dual wheel Dodge 1 ton that the outside wheel was out past the fenders. I am betting it is even to wide for the road.
  11. Exactly what is wrong with businesses and all these blurry pics. Why even have a security camera if they cannot produce clear pics. They sell good security cameras, I have seen them. In fact walmart may even sell cameras that would produce better images. LOL
  12. I have seen a lot of Trucks like this. Most look ridiculous. I myself bought a classic car last year where the rear tires stick out past the fenders and my mechanic did tell me it would not pass inspection which I knew. I did drive it last week just to see how it drove but have been looking for wheels for it. I may get it tubbed and the axle shortened someday so then I could put them back on. So if anyone has some wheels for 67' Firebird let me know
  13. This woman is a complete idiot. She should not have children. I am surprised her kids made through life this long with this imbecile being their mother.
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