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  1. Gator11

    2018 Gardens

    I did not really do anything in my garden. My wife planted it. I just tilled it up a bit not to shallow this year and put the plastic down with her help. I put the stakes in for the tomatoes and other than that I really wasn't to involved. I just did not have the desire this year. The tomatoes turned out great and they are very big for the variety and should make excellent spaghetti sauce. The peppers are good. I also have pics of celery. I believe I have 14 stalks of them. The one tomato plant has around 30 tomatoes on it.
  2. Gator11

    A little info please

    That is what I said also. I told him I did not think they were painted. He is going to paint it Bridgeport grey
  3. Gator11

    A little info please

    You were on them before me. I was living in Peoria Illinois in 1972
  4. Gator11

    A little info please

    LOL this is not my first rodeo Petee. Just funnin' with ya Petee. We already tried that but with years of wear and tear most of the pain is blended together and you cant tell the colors except for the last couple of paint jobs.
  5. Gator11

    A little info please

    Also this is just one not two different ones. I just re-read my original post and I said "these" instead of this
  6. Gator11

    A little info please

    These bars looked so big back then but now I would have to duck to walk between them and hold my legs up if I were try and swing across with my arms. I probably could not go all the way across today. LOL
  7. Gator11

    A little info please

    that is if you know the answer. A friend of had these in his yard. They are the original Monkey Bars from CG Johnson school. I grew up playing on these 40 plus years ago. He had to replace all the bolts but the bars are still in excellent shape. He replaced one piece of pipe maybe two. The top one that run across the top curve. That says a lot about US Steel from that era. He has had it for a few years and he wants to paint it the original color it was when it was first at the school. There a many layers now most are worn off. So if you remember these bars and can remember the color let me know. I believe they were silver or grey. At first I thought they were not painted but I can't remember
  8. There is a video in Mr D's article and it shows beter images of her than this one.
  9. Gator11

    Dead Body Found In Sandy Lick Creek

    When they were investigating they had police dogs in Triangle tech parking lot sniffing all the cars. I am assuming they were trying to see if his scent was on or near any of the vehicles. They have to check all scenarios. I am wondering if they did this at the tie plant as well etc.
  10. China does not care about safety. They ship tainted products everyday to the US and we are stupid enough to buy those products.
  11. Gator11

    Tattoo Issues

  12. sorry I do feel bad for idiots who do this and get hurt. I also saw a video of a girl whoi did this and she dropped he purse but kept right on dancing and two gys on a motorcycle pull up and steal he rpurse she satrts chsing them. I am not sure if she made it back into her car or not. Stupid people get stupid rewards.
  13. You cannot drive in the left for more than two miles unless passing,. So you can hang out there but after two miles if you do pass then you have to be in the right lane. I get over as soon and safely as possible. I always try and give the guy I pass some space. I don't immediately pull in front of them like I see people do. You have miles give the guy your passing some room to be courteous.
  14. I was on I80 Sunday and Monday traveled to State College both times and there were several people hanging in the left lane where you had to pass on the right. I passed them on the right and proceeded to give them the left lane slow poke salute. Sometimes this speeds the person up LOL but these guys it didnt there were about 4 or 5 I saw during the two day drive.
  15. Gator11

    Tattoo Issues

    Has anyone had an adverse reaction to getting a tattoo.If so message me or if you know someone who has message me.