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  1. Has anyone ever watched the TV show "When Animals Attack"? Like....HELLO????? I remember a clip with an older lady (not a reckless teenager) video taping her husband getting mauled by a buck. Apparently, they doused him with deer urine to get the animal to come closer. The buck came closer alright. The lady (while videoing....DUH) said, "I thought I was watching him being killed." Uhhhh.....really?? These are not domestic pets. Good grief.
  2. QuickDraw

    tell me how

    Money talks, and these pervs are getting away with it. Sick.
  3. Thank you for posting articles from different sources. The opinion piece from the Chicago Sun was a good read that makes you think. Maybe they were afraid that the concert would turn into a big hate rally since the Confederate flag symbolizes such intolerance? According to several articles, nobody seems to know for sure? The band had not issued a response according to the Post article. Censoring free speech and freedom of expression is definitely a slippery slope. Confederate Railroad is allowed to fly their rebel flag freely. In my opinion, this is a case of how every action has a consequence. (For both the band AND the Fair.)
  4. Well, it's an article from Fox...stirring the pot again. It seems like we aren't getting the whole story? Everybody wants their five minutes in the spotlight these days. I am sure there are plenty of other fairs they can play.
  5. QuickDraw

    Band cards

    I will have band cards next month. Let me know if you need any, and I will be happy to deliver! For $5, it pays for itself!!
  6. True!!!! It was a simpler time when you flipped the bird, received a flipped bird back, and went about your day. Too many crazies in the world.
  7. Good grief!! What is WRONG with people???? Doesn't anybody simply flip the bird to express road rage these days? Times sure are changing.
  8. I agree with you, jaman. The system seems so broken.
  9. I had a fever for two days when the cough came on. I had horrible chills. It was awful. Feel better!!! (Delsym helps a bit with the cough!)
  10. The cough is killer. It is taking forever to shake!!
  11. I love the wreath! Definitely trying that!
  12. I hope they have people to enforce these laws. Last year, I made several calls and nothing was done for the dog that has been tied outside 24 hours a day for the past five or more years. 25 below zero or 100 degrees.....there he is. NEVER off the rope. Ever.
  13. "They depend on us like children?" So did the dogs he killed. What a scum bag.
  14. I will definitely ask about them! Thanks for the tip!
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