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  1. Subway sub of the day, turkey on wheat
  2. Buffalo chicken salad...from home. With real chicken, not mechanically separated chicken parts.
  3. Salad. Hand carved turkey, iceberg, carrots, turkey bacon, salad sprinkles, light ranch. Fresh pineapple for dessert. Orange cream pie? Ok, I'm going to have to find that recipe. That sounds amazing!
  4. Venison burger, sweet potato fries, fresh pineapple. And Natty Light, of course. Chocolate milk for dessert.
  5. Steak salad, pineapple yogurt, coconut cookies
  6. Mashed potatoes, gravy, steak, pickled beets
  7. Chinese from one of those little cardboard cartons from the frozen food section at Walmart.
  8. Grilled venison in brown sugar bourbon seasoning, sliced potatoes and onion packets, grilled shrimp in butter and garlic, Natty Light. Omg so insanely good. Got my new glider today so I ate outside. Perfect weather, too.
  9. 3 dollar sub of the day at Subway. BMT on wheat, provalone, tomatoes, onions, double toasted, add lettuce, olives, tiny bit of mayo and Italian dressing, black pepper. Marshmallows.
  10. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trifle Trifle?
  11. Leftover grilled dog, chocolate cookie, beer.
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