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  1. Evidently the people that are being so smug about not wearing a mask have not been, (nor their family) touched by this horrible virus. So disrespectful.
  2. mollycan

    Ohio Reopens

    Richard Galkanti from Cosco said, "We all do the best we can to make the right decision. If it is the right decision we help stop the spread of this terrible virus. If its wrong, its a relativily small inconvience.
  3. mollycan

    Ohio Reopens

    Please wear a mask and wash your hands, if not for yourself, for others. After all, My mask protects you, your mask protects me.
  4. mollycan

    Ohio Reopens

    Can't agree with that. What happened to "We're all in this togeather" ? In the end I just hope and I pray the right things are being done, theres' someone higher than all us in charge. Please do what you can to stay safe.
  5. mollycan

    Ohio Reopens

    I'm sure I'll be booo'ed, but what the heck. I do believe Gov.Wolf (and I'm not his #1 fan) wants the best for us and is just trying to keep us all safe. I give him a thumbs up. After all whats he getting out of this other than bad mouthed,but hes' still holding his own. Just my opinion, and thats all it is... an opinion
  6. mollycan

    Ohio Reopens

    Guess I'm just glad I don't need a haircut all that badly! Although some would probably disagree
  7. She mentioned she has seen some are feeding them. Thank-you for the information
  8. You do understand that if I have a mask on the mask is to protect you.
  9. Have a friend that lives at T.Lake.The deer ate all of her ferns that grow outside, never have before. Anyone else having that problem? Thank-you!
  10. I hope it does not turn worse again. I do not understand people fighting the mask, its a preventative, just do it, are they also refusing to wash their hands. We're supposed to be working togeather, not fighting, kind of sad that some just want to argue the point.
  11. Thank-you! I am not a huge shopper anymore and will probably be even less so now,so I will give it some time. Wishing them well though
  12. Was it as crowded as it looked i the parking lot
  13. Everyone has their own opinion and I am all for that ,just saying, don't make "Light" of the situation, health and job wise, being cautious is not a bad thing. Going overboard either way is not the answer.
  14. Finding it really sad that people are making a joke of all this. If you had lost a loved one to this virus, or unsure about your job I don't think it would be a joke or thinking its really not happening. God Bless all who are "Helpers" and all Familys who have been hurt by this Virus. Please, follow the rules, we don't want to do this all over again.
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