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  1. Awwsuch a cute kitty, did you find her home. Thank you for taking her in.
  2. Such a simple solution made difficult by some, makes me sad
  3. Whats leaving now?
  4. Why dosent everyone grow up, step up, do the right think and quit pulling the childish "I don't wanna" card.
  5. How about a department type store, please
  6. Good to hear. This is how it should and should have been for all business.
  7. I am so sorry for your loss. I wish people that read this will think a little more. Such a small thing to ask of anyone.
  8. Maybe shouldn't think of it as a "punishment"??
  9. Funny how people are so against maybe saving a life
  10. Such a unique building, it has been looking so sad for such a long time. I am so glad she is being "Saved". It will be an asset to DuBois, I am sure.
  11. It is the past, it reminds us of what was, what we will not return to. Well said!
  12. Wear a mask,( if you don't have respiratory problems) social distance, wash your hands, be kind, be considerate. at the least we all can and need to do this
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