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  1. 1/2 Male and female or 2 different colorings, it is amazing to look at
  2. mollycan

    Dish Network

    A friend in California actually told me they were advertising for customers to do this.
  3. What happens if a restaurant stays open in Pa. when told they are to close?
  4. I thought there actually was a law, an ordinance, what ever you want to call it. If you cut a tree down, another is to be planted. We are to be saving our earth, not destroying it.
  5. I believe the side walks in DuBois should all be replaced that are needed. Its a shame the shape some of them are in and yes it is a huge expense for most familys. Replace them in one area. . . .replace them in all!
  6. I feel your pain. so sad. Whos idea was this
  7. The middle was my favorite, sorry to see it go
  8. Right now (8 AM) channel 180 FRFM (Family channel?) on dish is running The Middle. Hallmark channel sometimes does, but are just doing Christmas movies now.
  9. Thought I saw a post where dispute was settled andChannel 10 is coming back on dish?
  10. The difference is that Govenor Wolf has not been making a mockery, of this. Trump blew it off. Lets face it, people are dying. Not funny in any way
  11. Yes, that sounds acceptable. How can you just remove a name. That to me was an honor, how can you just take it away... so sad. Is nothing respected any longer.
  12. When are they lighting the lights up?
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