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  1. mollycan


    Always think the town buses' should run later than they do. Any input?
  2. mollycan

    Weekend Snowstorm

    Me too...just need Grocerys'. Haven't been to the store since before Christmas...flu.
  3. mollycan

    New PA Cell Phone Driving Law

    Correct . $50.00 fine for texting
  4. God Bless this sweet soul
  5. mollycan

    Verizon 55+ Unlimited Phone Plan

    I'm not sure I understand any of this. I have a verizon "dumb"phone,unlimited text and calling..$35.00 a month, for over 55 the phone is paid for. Will my bill increase? If so most of my Family has straight talk,never have problems and low payment.
  6. mollycan

    Happy New Year

    A Happy and Blessed New Year to all
  7. mollycan

    Trash pickup?

  8. mollycan

    Trash pickup?

    Anyone know if Tuesday Jan.1 pickup be on time or a day late. Looked on their website,but can't see any info. Thanks in advance.
  9. mollycan


    She has a Facebook page...Lisas' Uber Service
  10. Thank-you DuBois City Police Department
  11. mollycan

    Merry Christmas to all on Go Dubois

    Merry Christmas to All .........
  12. mollycan

    People Are Furious Over Hershey's Kisses

    This is just ridiculous
  13. mollycan


    I don't know, some said no, wasn't working out for them.
  14. mollycan


    Just putting this out there......Someone was on-line looking for a taxi service in town. You know, we really do need one. The Gentleman that had it previously passed away, from what I've heard he did very well.