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  1. mollycan

    Pat Catans

    I am glad Michaels' is coming, certainly didn't want to see another empty building and yes I too hope they keep the current employees, sure would like to see a clothing -department store type open up also maybe in the ex Bon Ton building. I like to see what I'm buying and not 1 for going out of town or on-line shopping. I miss BonTon
  2. Who could complain about that little one, she is adorable!
  3. Yes! and Saturday their Pizza is the "Special" Large 3 toppings $10.00!
  4. I like mine from Franks and Fat Kids, completly different but both ohhhh so good!
  5. mollycan

    A rant

    A "nice guy" he may be, but evidently he is irresponsible and that could cost someone more than a dented fender.
  6. mollycan

    A rant

    May I add to that, STOP at stop signs, living in a residential area I watch day after day vehicles zoom right through. There are children here,and Stop means Stop! I pray nothing bad ever happens. Police could make a fortune in an hour.
  7. mollycan


    The birds are also happily singing, morning and evening!
  8. Its'awful, I used Robitussin and a humidifier, which helped,felt like an elephant on my chest, hope you all get well soon.
  9. Environmentally banning plastic bags is a good thing.
  10. I must say, pretty classy Walmart
  11. This should never, NEVER have continued, heads need to roll!
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