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  1. mollycan

    Veterans Day

    To all our veterans past and present, A heartfelt Thank-you for your service to our country
  2. mollycan

    Leaf Bag Pick-up??

    Anyone know when they will be picking up bagged leaves in the city.There not falling very fast this year!
  3. mollycan

    12 Dead In California Bar Shooting

    Again....tears this morning when hearing this, so tragic, so senseless.
  4. mollycan

    What the heck is going on in our schools!!

    However it happened, it shouldn't have.
  5. mollycan


    Main Street is looking really nice (but I still miss trees) and I agree, please fix the man hole covers
  6. Cameras. After all the money invested in everything that was done in the park I believe cameras should have been part of that investment. "We're not in Kansas anymore"
  7. mollycan

    Main Street project nearly done

    They worked up to7:00 this evening on Main St.
  8. mollycan

    Main Street project nearly done

    Almost 7:00 and still working on Main Street now, may be an all night thing?
  9. mollycan

    Main Street project nearly done

    What??? Am I reading this right. Because I am confused!!
  10. mollycan

    Main Street project nearly done

    Well thats' not fair! Why not?
  11. mollycan

    DuBois water

    I was told by someone theirs smells like rotten eggs, mine seems fine
  12. mollycan

    City street-escape project near Main and Long ...$$$

    So many things that need attention in our city. I know it was requested or stated to upkeep your properties. I pass a house everyday with a matress laying outside of the residence, there are houses I see that throw their garbage bags out to the curb 5 days before pick-up is due. A house on a street on the east side that the grass dosen't get cut and the house is falling down, with no one living there (don't think anyone could) the city has been told about on several occasions. I wish things like this can be taken care of. But what do you do, it seems if you complain nothing happens. If the smaller things can't be fixed how can the bigger things. And by the way where can you get a copy of the new city ordinances??
  13. mollycan

    City street-escape project near Main and Long ...$$$

    Looked to me today that their on the move...lots being done everywhere