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  1. mollycan

    Giant Eagle

    I believe 1982, or near there. Department store, grocery store and restaurant ahead of its time when compared to Walmart.
  2. Didn't they used to have summer shows. Guess those are the reality shows, not a fan.I don't care who my neighbors dating let alone someone on television.
  3. mollycan

    Giant Eagle

    I hope not. Personally I like this store.I can see where some changes need to be made, but all in all, I'm glad it is here. And yes please think about those that are employed at Giant Eagle. We really don't need another business leaving
  4. I sure wish them well, but I would be more excited about a Kohls', Target or something on that line coming in, we've got quite a few restaurants.
  5. Wondering also, I would say there is a need for this.
  6. Did that once....that was enough for me,but have fun with it, be Careful, take plenty of water and I hope you find a treasurer!
  7. I have Dish and have had it for over 20 years, can't really complain other than all options for television programming are way too costly for the choices we are given for TV watching these days. Seeing that Direct has taken away WTAJ (CBS) that would end my option for going with them.
  8. mollycan


    I so agree, this is no time for "I heard" arguments.
  9. Think we all will, too bad always a nice event
  10. Thank-you...had seen that, assuming rained out
  11. Anyone have any info on this ?
  12. Funny...same topic every year at this time!!
  13. Wish I could have! Been sick , haven't been out of the house for 3 days!! But great to heat you got to enjoy it!! Good for the soul!
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