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  1. Thats kinda like saying, whats wrong with JoAnn Crafts - nothing except we already have 2 craft stores, why another? Diversity maybe.
  2. mollycan


    I get them all, mine, theirs, theirs and theirs. Never ending
  3. Yeah, lets get some more eating establishments in town, seems to be a priority here. I do not see things improving with the type of buisness's coming. Sure would be nice to have an old fashioned department store
  4. Pretty girl, please thank her for her service and for wanting to protect our country....what more can you give <3
  5. Anyone know when fall-pick up is this year?
  6. I remember in high school, they would measure our dresses too and yes that was it...no more than 2" above the knee and that was in 1968!
  7. Always sad to see a business close, I don't beleive any business owner decides he wants to fail.
  8. Look how long Franks Pizza has been here, about the same area in town and it is loved!!!! Keep your food up to par , keep your prices reasonable, be respectful to customers and Bingo, you've got a winner!
  9. Couple of weeks ago, I heard it on the radio. It was for large items
  10. I coul I couldn't agree with you more (they said as they looked out their window)!!!
  11. Wish someone would check on residential areas to check on lawns being kept cut.....its getting bad
  12. Have you posted a picture of the cat to see if someone has seen him or her?
  13. Its' such a shame this happened. Somehow I beleived the people in our communities were above this. I am although so happy to see she took this as a positive in the end and not a negative. Best of luck to Ms. Rubino in her endeavors.
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