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  1. When do collections start in the city and township. Hopefully more than 1 pickup this year
  2. Yes i was told the Police were trying to make an arrest, nothing about a jumper till I saw it on here. Wondered if that was true.
  3. One of our towns famous legends, along with Buzz!
  4. I do think someone should bring it back!! Hey building is empty
  5. Someone said PSP are all over Oklahoma Salem road also. Supposedly the helicopter is theirs also.
  6. I wondered also. Heard it earlier and again now?
  7. That was a long time ago wasn't it. They were good!
  8. So nice to see such a wonderful thing
  9. Thanks for the offer!
  10. My wonderful Grand -daughter will be having it at her house. She knows I am social distancing and respects my choice, one of the things I am thank-full for, She will be bringing me a dish of my favorite Thanks giving food! I'll trade her for pumpkin pie!
  11. First time in about 30 years I will not be having Thanksgiving at my house. Yes, it saddens me.
  12. I don't think anyone should even ask who you voted for let alone tell you who to vote for.
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