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  1. Think we all will, too bad always a nice event
  2. Thank-you...had seen that, assuming rained out
  3. Anyone have any info on this ?
  4. Funny...same topic every year at this time!!
  5. Wish I could have! Been sick , haven't been out of the house for 3 days!! But great to heat you got to enjoy it!! Good for the soul!
  6. Thank-you, Please contact Municipal Building for information on Ordinances 814-371-2000 I will give them a call
  7. Does anyone know where I can find a list of ordinances' in the city?
  8. mollycan


    Six pack shops, are good, but actually stopped at the Friendly and ordered wings and they were awesome! Big. meaty and cooked perfectly!
  9. True heros', but so sad that this boy lost his life to something that should have never happened and we have a local boy being bullied for stepping forward about a planned shooting, he also is a hero. I don't know what the answer is for these horrific acts, but something needs to happen and more need to speak up.
  10. Absolutly can not believe they would let them back in school. Have we learned nothing.
  11. I honestly think we have enough eating places in the area to choose from, not saying it would be nice to have here but, it's needed??
  12. mollycan

    Pat Catans

    I am glad Michaels' is coming, certainly didn't want to see another empty building and yes I too hope they keep the current employees, sure would like to see a clothing -department store type open up also maybe in the ex Bon Ton building. I like to see what I'm buying and not 1 for going out of town or on-line shopping. I miss BonTon
  13. Who could complain about that little one, she is adorable!
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