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  1. about time that Michelle Obama, Hillary [Clinton], [Rosalynn] Carter, Laura Bush step forward and show some solidarity with their fellow sister first lady."
  2. They need to be charged and dealt with to the highest degree of the law and they also need help, this is so very sick. There is something so completly wrong with ones that find pleasure in actions of this kind.
  3. Are you saying that was the 2 involved in this latest incident with another also involved. This just gets more disturbing as time goes on.
  4. mollycan

    Penn State

    Keep the Faith!!
  5. And my bags were gone this morning!
  6. They really should have 2 pick ups, it seems every year theres' a lot of leaves still on the trees after pick up. It's either too early or they should have another.
  7. I'm sorry, I was not insinuating you did. just saw 2 different reports.
  8. November 7th and 8th?? Now I am told on your regular garbage day pick up, which in past years what it always was. Mine are still here, so does anyone know for sure when???
  9. mollycan


    Several small groups of trick or treaters last night, all very polite and respectful....nice
  10. mollycan


    Sorry ,but a tornado watch, weather it happened or not should have moved the trick or treating to an alternative night.
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