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  1. I can't help but feel that Dick Clark is rolling over in his grave .....
  2. Bubs daddy gum ( cherry - grape - sour apple - watermelon & bubble gum flavor ) Giant pixxie stick in the plastic tube ( about 20" long ) Turkish taffy ( banana & vanilla flavor ) Wax soda (coke) bottles with different colored juice in them Chicklets gum Black cows
  3. OK .....lets do the math here .... Stormy Daniels + How many young college men ? ( approximate age of 21 top 25 ) in a sports bar in the " Drunkest City in PA I wonder if they will be talking politics and/or about President Trump's possible impeachment ????? ( sort of like to be a fly on the wall there tonight )
  4. This is the type of person (of the younger generation) that I (being of the older generation) feel good about leaving our world to....
  5. It's hard to believe that it has been 18 years since the evil of that day was forced upon us ...... May all those who perished that day and those who have passed throughout the years from the results of that horrible day, Rest In Peace. May we never forget and never let our guard down enough to have something so terrible happen ever again ......
  6. Yeah..... America land of the free ..... And home of the overtaxed who have overpriced water and sewer charges forced upon them.......
  7. Photo # 1 Animal health services (side door) Oklahoma / Salem road ( this was once a Kawasaki motorcycle shop and also a Harley Davidson shop) Photo # 2 Adamson funeral chapel (front porch ) Chestnut Ave. Photo # 3 Christ the king manor sign corner of w. Long Ave. and Central Christian road Photo # 4 Foradora insurance building (dormer window ) 80 Park Place (this use to be the old WCED radio station ) Photo # 5 Playground at Oklahoma school (upper playground ) Chestnut Ave . Photo # 6 Christ Lutheran Church (steeple) Sunflower drive Photo # 7 W & W equipment Rt. 119 / Blinker parkway Photo # 8 Big Old Barn on Rt. 322/ Behringer hwy. ( across from the school bus depot )
  8. 1 J.E. Dubois Monument - Monument Hill (behind Dubois area senior high school) 2 Overhead railroad train bridge on Maple Ave. (left hand side of bridge heading up Maple Ave. heading out of town ) 3 Former A.& J.. - on Rt. 219 east of Dubois in Salem 4 Front porch of the Thunderbird Rest. Rt. 322 west of Dubois 5 Byzantine church dome on Howard Ave Dubois 6 Church of God 325 W. Washington Ave Dubois 7 Sign on divers door of old "Mack" delivery truck of Heller triangle springs co. in right side of parking lot of current Fullington Bus co. complex - Dubois / Rockton road Dubois 8 Sign in the left hand front window (facing building ) of former Galushick's store - corner of Ridge Street & Long Ave Dubois
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