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  1. I'm sorry, he failed at his job. I'm really tired of the I don't have the resources or time so I guess ill just not worry about it. DO YOUR JOB
  2. Busch, Damned you beat me to it. Mr. Ryen must be new at this. Imagine, a criminal with that background lying to anyone.
  3. How about A-douche
  4. Im sure late next year my workers comp insurance will go up due to an "unexpected" shortfall !!! Robbing Peter to pay Paul never works out unless you're the robber
  5. No what i'm saying is that there many named fields inside named stadiums. That is just the first one to pop into my head. Of course Coack K has earned it and Im pretty sure he didnt pay for the honor. No one will ever confuse DuBois sports with cutting edge anything
  6. Coach K court at Cameron Indoor is a famous “field” inside a different named stadium
  7. Yes but there payments that are not use driven like kickbacks, bribes, fancy meetings, and so forth...remember we are dealing with PennDOT
  8. Or dont wear your mask and go somewhere else for your new shoes Holy SH1T, over a pair of shoes, what a hole Chicago continues to be
  9. No no no I want my SOB’s
  10. Of course the PA Fire Commissioner has to tell us common sense rules for cooking during a pandemic To paraphrase Country Joe from many years ago "C'mon man there's money to be made, lets go go go"
  11. three hundred fifty million people and we're stuck with a choice between these two morons
  12. DS58

    Big Ten

    well ya but we got Kahki guy and third in the big ten is still the second looser
  13. DS58

    Big Ten

    at least they don't play Southwestern Northeast Louisianas Southeastern branch campus
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