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  1. Well there is a minute of my life I’ll never get back. Please work on curing cancer, Alzheimer’s or some other insidious disease instead of making an “earth sandwich“.
  2. DS58

    @^$(^$ red cross

    Don't bother with an appointment unless you can have the first one. I give blood all the time and used to make an appointment, that appointment almost never got passed down to the crew at the door and ended sitting in line with the non appointment group. Still very worthwhile but only if you do it on your own time
  3. If you are going to charge me if I don't vote, I want every candidate fined for littering for every sign left after one week
  4. Thank God I'm old and stay home alot... cause its getting wierd out there !!!!
  5. Plan on $225,000.00 for just vet school
  6. Because they have done so well with regulating alcohol sales, lets give them more to do with marijuana sales. We already gave a group of dispensaries set up, why add another layer? This will be a complete and total +%$&()^&$#@!
  7. All who want Emergency Vet Services locally...Go to college, get degree...graduate from vet school...specialize in emergency veterinary medicine ...voila there you go. Having an Emergency Hospital like Metzgers in SC only one hour or so away is tremendous. You cant live in the woods only when it fits your needs.
  8. Erie Brewing - Rail Bender
  9. Petee, Only because I don't know...Why are Monarch Butterflies being "Tagged" ???
  10. I vote Seresto also...two years, no fleas or ticks and we run in the woods weekly
  11. Mommy Eagle is a better parent than some humans I know !!!!
  12. jer, read the article, it was 1851 when it was named that. Not lately. A few things have changed since that time think medicine, technology and last but not least terminology
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