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  1. Or dont wear your mask and go somewhere else for your new shoes Holy SH1T, over a pair of shoes, what a hole Chicago continues to be
  2. No no no I want my SOB’s
  3. Of course the PA Fire Commissioner has to tell us common sense rules for cooking during a pandemic To paraphrase Country Joe from many years ago "C'mon man there's money to be made, lets go go go"
  4. three hundred fifty million people and we're stuck with a choice between these two morons
  5. DS58

    Big Ten

    well ya but we got Kahki guy and third in the big ten is still the second looser
  6. DS58

    Big Ten

    at least they don't play Southwestern Northeast Louisianas Southeastern branch campus
  7. Well I tried. What a joke. Two three year olds arguing on the playground.
  8. Many time votes are not taken or postponed when the controlling party cant whip up the votes
  9. No the ones acting on it are following the constitution President - Nominates a candidate Senate - Provides Advice and Consent...votes yea or nay Simple as that 4 years ago the Senate said Nay !!! they may say Nay this time also Sorry, as proud of Mr. Biden as some seem to be, its not his Constitution to rewrite on his own
  10. So Mr. Biden is okay with rewriting the constitution cause he said so !!
  11. By all means lets look at the last one. President sent his nomination up to the Senate (of opposite party). Senate (of opposite party) decided to reject his nomination. Fair enough. Its happened many times that the Senate blocked the nomination of a Presidential nomination. Now in this instance (hipocracy on the part of the senate (same party) not withstanding) the President should nominate a candidate for the vacant seat on the Supreme Court. It is on the Senate (same party) to approve or deny that nomination to the vacant seat. Let no party get high and mighty and declare that there will be any amenable resolution to this one !!!!! Trumps nominee better be a a cross between June Cleaver and Mother Theresa Get out your popcorn kiddies, this one is gonna get good !!
  12. Haven't we become the whiny generation...My microwave cooks my meal too slowy, my computer is too slow (50 gazillion calculations per nanosecond), my cell phone is glitchy, i cant be in contact with someone every second of the day. Aint technology great..take a second (if you have a free one) and slow down, appreciate what we have here...peace and mostly quiet. Want fiber optics, blazing fast internet and no dropped calls, move to the city. P.S. Landlines are still available for phone service
  13. Oh Maggies Mom, God bless you that you are actually looking for a real reason other than Wolfs hamfisted one size fits all policies
  14. What earth shattering event will happen on Sept 20 that will make it safer to open to 50% on the 21st? WAFJ
  15. Thats the idea of State Parks RELAX...want nonstop things to do go to an Amusement PARK
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