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  1. Retail no, but sales, yes. I am in total agreement with your stance, I think. The lady that was the spitter was the B, not the spitee. As far as working in retail, if people would just be human, it would be a great place to work. But nooo entitled people have taken over and are just piggy slobs. As far as the spitter working retail, that wont work, as it won't fit into her busy schedule of being an entitled B
  2. I really expected much more...but why change your spots now
  3. A deadly disease at one time none the less
  4. Same could be said for...say HIV. All holy hell would be released if it was released who had the HIV and that was a requirement to reenter the work force. A very slippery cliff we are falling over !!!
  5. For all of you "sky is falling" types...next fall when the "regular' flu comes around, please quarantine yourselves and wear a mask as you are doing now. More people are being infected and killed on a yearly basis than Covid will take. I m not sure but avian and swine flu took many more and there was 0 reaction.
  6. After todays whole page add touting the history aspect, I may actually be done
  7. Muttly, we have no idea, I mean NO IDEA, about how many people actually have the Covid virus due to testing protocols being all over the place. Assuredly there are many more cases than are reported so the 1.4 % number is is off by some factor. Remember that figures lie and liars figure. Statistics can be easily manipulated to say almost anything that you want them to say.
  8. Sorry but I have to: At least the Pirates will still be able to play !!!!
  9. Just caught the last paragraph in tuesdays DCE about the reinstatement of the Sandy Twp Civil defense Siren. Can some one fill in the rest of the info. Thanks
  10. I always slow down if there is actually people at the work site. Really ticks me off when 5 miles of a lane are closed and not one piece of equipment or person is there.
  11. Well there is a minute of my life I’ll never get back. Please work on curing cancer, Alzheimer’s or some other insidious disease instead of making an “earth sandwich“.
  12. Petee, Only because I don't know...Why are Monarch Butterflies being "Tagged" ???
  13. I vote Seresto also...two years, no fleas or ticks and we run in the woods weekly
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