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  1. But according Comrade Wolf if you only drink beer at a bar you are more susceptible to the infection than if you drink beer with a sandwich. His rules !!! Go Figure !!!
  2. Really Sad...I have to go through numerous checks and visits to adopt a dog or cat but have a kid... here you go, have at it. It's just not right !!!
  3. " my administration has expressed deep concerns with forcing commonwealth employees to physically come to an office to process records requests under dangerous conditions" Besides, if they are doing the job that we're paying them to do, how will they have time to protest You common folk (truck drivers, healthcare, generally anyone that continued to have to work) just keep on working and paying your taxes like good sheeple. We'll (the Gov.) let you know whats best for everyone, especially our over worked underpaid public employees. What a joke !!
  4. With his latest edict via Dr. Rachel. (Blue Jays can't play here), it appears Comrade Wolf is purposefully trying the further (irreparably) bankrupt the state. What a Child !!! Its my way or the highway
  5. Back to the Original Topic Comrade Wolf just now mandated changes to his mandate re bars and restaurants. I can sit in a casino alongside Martha and Harry (both 85 years old by the way) but i better not have any of that evil alcohol available because apparently it makes it easier to transmit the virus... i guess. What further BS can he come up with?
  6. Well, we call all go to He77 cause its frozen over Con and i agree on something finally. Now Let the man rest in PEACE. A nice service and burial...Nope Im sure the vultures (Al and his boys will infect this one also)
  7. Is your defined benefit plan not guaranteed by the Commonwealth of PA???
  8. Only people that agree with him are good people and disciplined/responsible enough to be trusted with government Thank God you are retired
  9. Deeper into bankruptcy You better hope this thing gets straightened out or there goes your chushy pension. Tough to pay pension requirements when there are no income sources anymore
  10. As thier employees stand in line for food stamps, unemployment benefits and free food I bet they're really happy that the community respects them. Shut down the Philly, Pittsburgh, and Erie areas and the numbers will swing lower. One size fits all is a spoiled childs way of doing things
  11. Again one size fits all for Comrade Wolf
  12. of course it is !!! I can read and listen to the news
  13. same people who dont wear a mask during "regular" flu season, drive thier cars every day, smoke, use power tools... In the namby pamby world you live in everything causes death.
  14. I can hardly wait until the tax bill for this whole shutdown comes due. A State which is foundering on bankruptcy essentially shut down and continues to limit its ability to earn money...guess who is going to pay for that. Open this mess up and lets start to get back to living.
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