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  1. If I read correctly and it was reported correctly, should our school taxes be reduced next year????
  2. DS58

    batshit crazy

    Yes but then we get crazy lady
  3. cmon kids...Tommy will not "remove" the gas tax, they'll lower it but also toll everything and a couple other things cause they need the reduced gas tax income. Everyone will sing their high praises for lowering the gas tax. In a few years when they have given all the "extra" toll (whatever) money away for a museum to three legged roosters. Only then will the gas tax come back with a vengeance because "the highways are in such poor condition".
  4. Transportation Secretary Yassmin Gramian has told lawmakers that the aging bridges are in need of major reconstruction and the department needs billions more to keep up with its public safety obligations. Tolls would be between $1 and $2, probably both ways, raise about $2.2 billion and last from the start of construction in 2023 for three or four years until construction is finished, Gramian told lawmakers last month. Sure like the alcohol tax will end once the first Johnstown flood damage was paid for. Just remember that once they are tolled there is not a chance in .... that the tolls will be ever lifted (see the PA Turnpike) due to the fact that the pittance that they make will be spent on everything but roads and bridges. Just like the highest gas tax in America, Our roads should be made of gold but...
  5. Close the all the highways (25% occupancy once deaths are at an "acceptable" level), outlaw any car that can go faster than 5 mph. There you go, solves that problem as well as the greenhouse gas issue Next...
  6. Which one do you trust more ???
  7. Tommy Boy must not give a crap about pets. He can unilaterally shut down an entire state, allow proposal for certain bridges to be tolled, propose $15.00 minimum wage hike, increase gas tax exponentially (shall I go on)...but a pittance for license increases seems to fall on deaf ears.
  8. DS58

    this is scary

    Cmon New York you're not gonna be out done by Second City !!!
  9. Please God take me now This passes for news !!!!
  10. No put him down...some whiney ass judge will get him released again
  11. At one time I thought the Nissan Cube was the ugliest vehicle on the planet. The postal service just said "Here, Hold my Beer" Holy crap !!!
  12. Well I think it's a great idea !!! Now our roads and bridges will be all fixed up . They can lower the gas tax to a reasonable amount and everyone will have all the money they want. What a Joke, the pittance that they will get will be gobbled up in bureaucratic bullship and probably lose money in the end. Look at the west Pittsburgh tollroads, 376 is deserted every time i'm on it, no matter the time of day. Not sure but that has to be a money loser. How about we toll the bridges in Pittsburgh, all 7000 of them, that should solve the problem. 1 bridge in Philly, 1 bridge in HBG and 1 bridge in Pitt The rest in counties that dont matter to Tommy and his crew Spare me "we need the money to fix the roads" then quit peeing away the money that you get on stuff that has nothing to do with ROADS
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