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  1. Slain golfer, suspect lived contrasting lives in Iowa city By LUKE MEREDITH and RYAN J. FOLEY, Associated Press 23 hrs ago Man charged in Spanish golfer's murder UP NEXT AMES, Iowa — They had both recently turned 22 and were residing in the same Iowa college town, but their lives couldn't have been more different before allegedly intersecting in the most violent way. Celia Barquin Arozamena was a top amateur golfer from Spain who was finishing her degree at Iowa State University. Collin Daniel Richards was a former inmate from small-town Iowa with a history of violence. The Big 12 conference champion, Barquin had dreams of making the pro tour and spent hours practicing at Coldwater Golf Links in Ames. Jobless and homeless, Richards had been living in a tent in an encampment near the course and had spoken of his desire to "rape and kill a woman," police said. Richards was charged with stabbing Barquin to death during a random attack while she was golfing by herself in broad daylight on Monday morning. Barquin's body was found in a pond on the course near the ninth hole after fellow golfers noticed her abandoned bag and called police. Richards was arrested within hours, suffering from injuries to his face and hand after Barquin apparently tried to fight him off, investigators said. "My girl. Such bad luck she had," her mother, Miriam Arozamena, told Spanish broadcaster Tele 5 on Wednesday. Of Richards, she said, "He was just going out with the goal of killing. ... And he came across my girl." As Barquin's colleagues began grieving the loss of a talented teammate and classmate, Richards was ordered jailed on a $5 million cash-only bond at the county jail and facing the rest of his life in prison. It was, said Iowa State football coach Matt Campbell, a "cowardly act of violence." The university had planned to honor Barquin at its football game Saturday for being its female athlete of the year — news that had brought Barquin to tears, according to athletic director Jamie Pollard. Instead, football players will wear helmet decals with her initials to mourn the loss. "We're all devastated and heartbroken," said Pollard, who choked back tears at a news conference. The golf course issued a statement calling Barquin an amazing young woman with an infectious smile who "made the people around her better." Barquin was a top golfer in Spain as a teenager and came to Iowa State to pursue her career, drawn by its facilities, coaches, and picturesque campus. She became one of the best in school history and was completing her civil engineering degree after exhausting her athletic eligibility earlier this year. She recently won an amateur tournament in Europe and competed in the U.S. Women's Open Championship. Richards had lived in small towns throughout western Iowa, residing with his mother, father and grandparents at various times. He ended up in Ames in January 2017 when he was placed in a halfway house there after violating his probation, court records show. By then, he had convictions for burglary, theft, criminal mischief and harassment. A judge revoked his probation, and he was sent to prison in November 2017. Richards left a state prison in southeastern Iowa in June after completing the sentence. Soon he was back in Ames, arrested weeks later after being found passed out at a liquor store and admitting that he drank heavily after taking antidepressants. Police Cmdr. Geoff Huff said homicides are rare in the city, and it's "very troubling for something like this to happen in broad daylight." Police said officers recovered a knife that Richards had given to acquaintances after the slaying, as well as bloody clothing from his belongings. Officers were called to the course around 10:20 a.m. Monday to investigate a possible missing female player. They found Barquin's body in the pond with several stab wounds to her upper torso, head and neck, according to the complaint filed Tuesday against Richards. A police dog tracked Barquin's scent to a homeless encampment along a creek near the golf course where Richards had been living in a tent, the complaint said. Officers found Richards with several fresh scratches on his face consistent with fighting and a deep laceration in his left hand that he tried to hide, it said. "What did he do to her?" an acquaintance of Richards allegedly asked officers who were searching the area. That man told investigators Richards had said in recent days that he had "an urge to rape and kill a woman," the complaint said. A second acquaintance told police that Richards arrived at his nearby home on Monday appearing "disheveled and covered in blood, sand and water" before bathing and leaving. Paul Rounds, a public defender representing Richards, declined comment. Court records show that since 2014, Richards had been charged with abusing a former girlfriend, stealing a pickup truck after wrecking his own vehicle, using a baseball bat to smash a car window and burglarizing a gas station. In one case, the Iowa State Patrol seized a long knife from him during a traffic stop. In another, he threatened to return to a convenience store to shoot clerks after they caught him shoplifting. Barquin's former team announced Tuesday it was pulling out of the East & West Match Play in Ann Arbor, Michigan, to grieve their loss. Women's golf coach Christie Martens said Barquin was an "outstanding representative of our school." Professional golfer Sergio Garcia, one of Barquin's favorite players, tweeted that he was heartbroken by the news, saying he'd had the pleasure of meeting Barquin and calling her a "special person." SEE VIDEO REPORTS ; http://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/golf/slaying-of-star-golfer-from-spain-shocks-iowa-college-town/ar-BBNuZRn?li=BBnb7Kz&ocid=HPCDHP
  2. 50-Year-Old Man Busted for Selling Heroin in Jefferson County September 20, 2018 12:31 am· REYNOLDSVILLE, Pa. (EYT) – A DuBois man is facing felony charges after he allegedly sold heroin to a confidential informant. Court documents indicate the Punxsutawney-based State Police filed criminal charges against 50-year-old David Michael Berouty, of DuBois. According to a criminal complaint, around 3:30 p.m. on June 14, troopers from the PSP Punxsutawney were in contact with a confidential informant (C.I.) who made contact with David Berouty by phone to purchase twelve stamp bags of heroin for $200.00. According to the complaint, the troopers then conducted the controlled buy through the C.I. at a location in Reynoldsville around 4:02 p.m. Following the operation, the C.I. turned over twelve stamp bags of suspected heroin stamped “MOJO” in red ink that Berouty had sold. Based on the investigation, Berouty was arraigned at 1:30 p.m. on Wednesday, September 12, in Magisterial District Judge David B. Inzana’s office on the following charges: Manufacture, Delivery, or Possession With Intent to Manufacture or Deliver, Felony Criminal Use Of Communication Facility, Felony 3 Unable to post $10,000.00 cash bail, he remains lodged in the Jefferson County Jail. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for 1:30 p.m. on Friday, September 28, with Judge Inzana presiding. http://www.explorejeffersonpa.com/50-year-old-man-busted-for-selling-heroin-in-jefferson-county/
  3. Reported accident (car/tree/entrapment) on Rt.36 in area of Van Steenburg Lane south of Sigel - Eldred Twp. - Sigel area. Time 9:41 AM. St.19,10 and ambulance to respond. Use caution in area. UPDATE - St.14 to close Rt.36 South at light in Sigel and detour traffic on to Rt.949 South. Not sure where traffic detour headed North is on to Rt.949.
  4. Good News 4 days ago Teen fires arrow at cougar, saving life of her 6-year-old brother By Bradford Betz | Fox News close Raw video: Orlando Melbourne International Airport reopens after security breach. Spokesperson for the airport briefs reporters on the incident. A teenage girl in Washington state is being credited with saving her 6-year-old brother from being attacked by a cougar earlier this month. Amaya Simpson, 16, of Inchelium, picked up a bow and arrow and struck the animal behind one of its ears, scaring it off. Amaya Simpson, 16, says she shot a cougar with a bow and arrow, scaring it off, just as it was about to attack her younger brother. Her father later tracked down the animal and shot it dead. (Facebook) Amaya told Fox News that she and her brother Cole Seymour had been out practicing elk calls on the evening of Sept. 8, Wash., about 80 miles northwest of Spokane. She sensed that danger was afoot while she and her brother were out walking -- and suddenly saw the cougar about three yards away from her brother, she told the Tri-City Herald of Kennewick, Wash. “I just remember getting chills, turning around, and seeing only its big brown head blending with the trees and bushes,” Amaya said, “then telling my brother to run to me.” After realizing his sister was not joking around, Cole ran toward her, he told Spokane's KHQ-TV. That’s when Amaya fired the arrow toward the cougar. “My adrenaline was pumping, and in that situation, it was probably record time,” she told the Herald. The cougar ran off into the woods. Amaya told her father what happened, and he grabbed an AR-15 rifle and went to find the animal with the help of the family’s dog, the Herald reported. He then finished off the animal, she said. Her father subsequently took the cougar to a taxidermist, she said. SEE VIDEO REPORT ; http://www.foxnews.com/us/2018/09/16/teen-fires-arrow-at-cougar-saving-life-her-6-year-old-brother.html
  5. University Cheerleader With Down Syndrome Denied From Every Sorority on Campus Elizabeth Cassidy 22 hrs ago © The Mighty Lillie Heigl and AnnCatherine Heigl On Sunday, 19-year-old AnnCatherine Heigl, who has Down syndrome, was released from every sorority during recruitment at George Mason University in Fairfax, Va. Her sister, Lillie Heigl, 22, posted an email she sent to Phil McDaniel, associate director of student involvement, on Twitter, expressing disappointment over her sister’s exclusion. AnnCatherine is a sophomore and a Division I cheerleader for the university’s basketball team. According to her sister, she is the first collegiate cheerleader in the nation with an intellectual disability. She is also the first student from Indiana to take part in Mason LIFE, a post-secondary program that gives people with intellectual and developmental disabilities the opportunity to receive a university experience while also giving them the support they need to succeed. As part of her coursework, AnnCatherine has worked at a preschool and taken a variety of classes including yearbook, public speaking, and human sexuality. “AnnCatherine has an impressive resume,” Lillie told The Mighty. “She’s done a bunch of volunteer work, she’s a D1 athlete, and I believe if you gave her resume to a typical girl, the typical girl would have gotten a bid.” Lillie, who is studying law with an interest in disability issues, said she couldn’t believe that there wasn’t a spot for her sister in one of the university’s eight chapters when only 288 women went through recruitment. “I felt like in a world that was not made to be inclusive to people with intellectual disabilities, once again she was excluded,” Lillie wrote. AnnCatherine told The Mighty she wanted to be in a sorority to meet new people. She said she was crying and upset when she found out she wasn’t going to be a part of a sorority. Lillie was upset as well but also felt guilty as she had encouraged AnnCatherine to rush. Lillie helped her pick out her outfits and prepare for the often demanding recruitment process. “She asked why no one wanted to be her sister, and my heart broke,” Lillie said. “I didn’t really know how to look at my precious and phenomenal little sister and tell her they didn’t want you because you have a disability, and I really do believe that’s what happened.” According to Lillie and their mom, Laura Heigl, AnnCatherine’s Rho Gamma, a sorority member who separates herself from her sorority during recruitment to help potential members navigate the process, was surprised that AnnCatherine did not get a bid. Lillie said AnnCatherine’s Rho Gamma told them her sister had been outgoing, friendly and not shy, leading Lillie to believe AnnCatherine was not given a bid solely because of her disability. Lillie said she’s not sure she can fault the university’s Panhellenic Association as a whole because decisions to cut potential new members come from individual chapters. (The National Panhellenic Conference is the governing body over 26 sororitiesnationwide, but universities also have their own association.) Though it comes from each chapter, Lillie said she doesn’t think the Greek system as a whole does a great job of including people with disabilities, both intellectual and physical. She witnessed it as a Greek member while an undergraduate at the University of Missouri. “I know it’s a consistent problem,” she said. “I would say it’s pretty safe to assume that there isn’t a lot of knowledge or education that Greek members or women doing the recruiting have about neurodiversity and about the people coming through.” Based on her experience with Greek life, Lillie said sorority members may be told to value scholarship or women who are intellectually curious when deciding who to include in their chapter. While traditional criteria may work for people who are neurotypical, it excludes those with intellectual disabilities, she said, adding: My sister is not going to talk to you about her favorite books. She’s just not, and that does not mean she’s not intelligent in her own way and doesn’t bring something to the table, but I don’t think there’s an appreciation for that kind of diversity and what she would bring to a chapter. I think that part is what, in my mind, falls back, on [Panhellenic Association] — both on George Mason’s campus and kind of nationally — to appreciate different kinds of diversity and in this case it would be people who are not neurotypical. Mason LIFE reached out to AnnCatherine’s mom about what it can do in the future to better prepare students interested in Greek life. Her mother has yet to hear back from anyone in Student Involvement or Greek life. The Mighty has reached out to Student Involvement and has yet to hear back. SEE TWEET ; https://www.msn.com/en-us/health/wellness/university-cheerleader-with-down-syndrome-denied-from-every-sorority-on-campus/ar-BBNwPju?ocid=HPCDHP
  6. Florida 2 hours ago Florida man's nude yard work habit draws ire of neighbors By Madeline Farber | Fox News Martin County Sheriff William Snyder told Fox News on Wednesday authorities are currently in the process of obtaining a warrant to arrest the man if he is spotted in the nude again. (iStock) Neighbors are complaining about a Florida man who's apparently getting a little too comfortable in the area. They claim the man, who lives in Stuart, frequently does outdoor chores completely nude. And witnesses of the nudity say they've seen enough. "He works on his car, and he does it naked and everyone has called the police, he is just out there doing his yard work ... naked," Melissa Ny, one of the man's neighbors, told WBPF-News. Charlie Estes, another neighbor, voiced concerns about kids potentially seeing the naked man. "Have some respect ... Kids catch the bus here. It’s wrong," Estes added. Indecent exposure is illegal in public places in the state. But while some may be disturbed by the man’s choice to go in the nude, officials with the Martin County Sheriff’s Office previously told WBPF-News they're unable to take any action against him because the man is on private property and is “not touching himself inappropriately." Martin County Sheriff William Snyder told Fox News on Wednesday authorities are currently in the process of obtaining a warrant to arrest the man if he is spotted in the nude again. “We’re putting the case together as we speak,” he said. Precedents set by previous court rulings led officials to “believe we have the elements from two different state statutes” to possibly arrest and prosecute the man, Snyder said, adding the sheriff’s department worked with a legal advisor with the county's state attorney’s office to make this determination. “We may have a case since he’s in the front yard,” Snyder said, adding the sheriff’s office first received reports of the man in 2015. At that time, however, he was only spotted nude through a window. The man has only recently begun to “venture outside,” Snyder said. Authorities plan to notify the man in the next couple of days of the possibility of his arrest, which would occur "only if he persists,” he said. http://www.foxnews.com/us/2018/09/19/florida-mans-nude-yard-work-habit-draws-ire-neighbors.html ( NOTE - No video Provided ---- Don't look Ethel, TOO Late)
  7. BREAKING NEWS: Shirey Sisters Sentenced Up to Nearly Two Years Behind Bars for Elder Abuse at Brookville Nursing Home September 19, 2018 12:41 pm· BROOKVILLE, Pa. (EYT) — Two sisters who worked as aides at a Jefferson County nursing facility were sentenced today on charges related to the abuse of an elderly man. According to a representative of the Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office, 22-year-old Haley B. Shirey and 22-year-old Hannah T. Shirey, both of Strattanville, were each sentenced to a minimum of nine months to a maximum of 23 months incarceration, followed by two years of probation. The were also issued various fines and will no longer be permitted to care for elderly persons. The sentencing was handed down at 10:30 a.m. by Jefferson County President Judge John H. Foradora. On Friday, August 10, at the Jefferson County Courthouse, a jury found Haley Shirey guilty of neglect of a care-dependent person and simple assault and Hannah Shirey guilty of neglect of a care-dependent person, simple assault, and recklessly endangerment of another person. Hannah Shirey was found not guilty on one count of strangulation. Case details: According to the criminal complaint, on Wednesday, June 7, Brookville Borough Police Department Officer Markle responded to Laurelbrooke Landing, a facility of WRC Senior Services. The director of the facility said that a caregiver-in-training reported abuse of two known Laurelbrooke Landing residents in the memory support unit. The residents were allegedly physically and mentally abused by three staff members between 5:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. on Tuesday, June 6, the complaint states. One of the residents needed to be helped up and dressed for supper. When Hannah Shirey and Haley Shirey, who were working as CNA’s at the time, entered his room, he was kicking and moving around while they attempted to dress him. Haley Shirey allegedly started squeezing his neck and hitting him in the face. Later that night he needed help getting ready for bed, and Haley allegedly said to several people that she would “love to punch him in the face,” the complaint states. Haley and Hannah went into the room to help him get ready for bed, and Hannah allegedly started choking him. The witness stated that the resident was gasping for air, the complaint indicates. Hannah also allegedly grabbed “(the resident) by the hair, pulling it. Haley grabbed his leg and bent it toward his head causing pain to him once again,” the complaint states. A doctor checked the resident and observed a bruise on his forehead and a scratch on his neck, according to the complaint. A second resident began making noises, squealing – which is usual behavior for him. Hannah Shirey allegedly then went and got a cup of ice and dumped it down the resident’s back, and he began yelling at her for her actions, the complaint states. Charges against the third staff member were withdrawn. http://www.explorejeffersonpa.com/breaking-news-shirey-sisters-sentenced-up-to-nearly-two-years-behind-bars-for-elder-abuse-at-brookville-nursing-home/
  8. mr.d

    Old CVS - Sandy Plaza

    When in DuBois today noticed must be going to be a big window according to opening next to Aldi.
  9. CANCER 6 hours ago Dying boy's Christmas decorations allegedly vandalized, neighbor claims By Alexandria Hein | Fox News close Vandals try to ruin holiday cheer for terminally ill boy 2-year-old Brody Allen, from Ohio, loved seeing Christmas lights during his first holiday season last year so much that his family and town are putting up Christmas decorations early so the toddler can celebrate the holiday one last time. But in a disheartening turn of events, vandals have damaged some inflatables that were put up for the boy. Neighbors who have come together to celebrate Christmas early for a dying 2-year-old boy in Ohio said they won’t let the alleged actions of a few vandals stop them from spreading the holiday spirit for him. Perry Matten, a Colerain Township resident who has put inflatable decorations out for Brody Allen, who was given weeks to live after stopping treatment for a rare brain cancer, said he’s had to patch up the decorations twice so far. “It’s nice seeing the love, but then you got that 0.1 percent that want to kind of ruin it for that little boy, and I just don’t get it, just cowards,” Matten told WCPO. GEORGIA BOY, 4, TREATED FOR RABIES AFTER MOM SHOOTS RACCOON DEAD IN PORCH ATTACK The boy’s father, Todd Allen, echoed Matten and said “you can’t break Christmas.” The neighborhood has been decked out in Christmas lights and all that comes with the holiday season since earlier this month, after Brody’s family put out the call for help on social media. Brody’s illness began with a fall, which doctors suspected may have been related to an inner ear infection, but led to a stay at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, where scans revealed a tumor on his brain stem. He was eventually diagnosed with Embryonal Tumor with Multilayered Rosettes, which are fast-growing tumors that form in the brain and spinal cord. Treatment failed to slow the tumors’ growth, and the family shared on their GoFundMe page that they decided to stop chemotherapy, allowing him to live his final weeks at home. “When Brody’s chemo treatment journey ended, we made a promise to each other that we were going to make each and every single day that he had left better than the next,” McKenzie Allen, the boy’s 21-year-old sister, told CBS News at the time. “And we wanted to do everything that we could and give him as much joy and happiness that we could, even though he only has a short time left.” Brody can’t walk anymore, and he’s lost the use of his left arm, but his family said seeing the Christmas decorations from the comfort of his wagon has helped lift his spirits. Since going public with their plea, cards and gifts have been flooding the Allen home for the boy, who is the youngest of six siblings. But according to Todd Allen and Matten, a few rogue vandals have threatened to ruin the spirit, which they won’t allow to happen. “We’ll fix it again… we’re just doing it because that little boy should be happy the rest of the time he’s here on earth,” Mattan told WCPO. Brody’s mom, Shilo Allen, has been sharing photos and videos of her son enjoying the lights and reading cards sent to the home on their "TEAM BRODY" Facebook page. SEE VIDEOS, FACEBOOK POST ;http://www.foxnews.com/health/2018/09/19/dying-boys-christmas-decorations-allegedly-vandalized-neighbor-claims.html
  10. When I go to these places usually fill plate moderately on 1st and 2nd trip. On 3rd trip is for dessert - Jello, they say there is always room for Jello.
  11. Brookville Woman Busted for Selling Suboxone, Prescription Pills September 19, 2018 12:30 am· REYNOLDSVILLE, Pa. (EYT) – A Brookville woman is facing felony drug charges following an undercover investigation in Jefferson County. Court documents indicate the Jefferson County District Attorney filed criminal charges against 46-year-old Cheryl Ann Battaglia, of Brookville, on August 30. According to a criminal complaint, on August 1, officers of the Jefferson County Drug Task Force conducted a controlled buy between a confidential informant (C.I.) and Cheryl A. Battaglia. The C.I. was to purchase ten Adderall pills for $40.00 from Battaglia. The officers observed as the C.I. approached the target location and knocked on the front door. Battaglia answered the door, and she and the C.I. walked to a blue Chevrolet pickup truck that was parked in front of the residence. Battaglia opened the driver’s side rear door of the vehicle, and she and the C.I. stood there for several minutes, according to the complaint. The C.I. then returned to the officers and turned over ten white oblong pills with the imprint “M 200mg.” Officers of the Jefferson County Drug Task force conducted another controlled buy from Battaglia using a C.I. on August 2. The C.I. was to buy two suboxone strips from Battaglia for $80.00, according to the complaint. An officer observed as a blue pickup truck pulled up to the target location and identified Battaglia as the driver of the truck. The C.I. approached the driver’s side of the vehicle, was there for a short period of time, and then returned to the officers after the blue truck drove off, the complaint states. According to the complaint, when the C.I. returned to the officers, the C.I. noted that Battaglia had three children in the truck with her, including her son. The C.I. then gave the officers two Suboxone strips. Based on the investigation, Battaglia was arraigned at 11:45 a.m. on August 30, in Magisterial District Judge David B. Inzana’s office on the following charges: Manufacture, Delivery, or Possession With Intent to Manufacture or Deliver, Felony (two counts) Knowledge That Property Is Proceeds of Illegal Act, Felony 1 (two counts) Criminal Use Of Communication Facility, Felony 3 (two counts) Possession of Controlled Substance, Misdemeanor (two counts) Endangering Welfare of Children – Parent/Guardian/Other Commits Offense, Misdemeanor 1 Unable to post $30,000.00 monetary bail, she remains lodged in the Jefferson County Jail. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for 11:15 a.m. on Friday, September 28, with Judge Inzana presiding. http://www.explorejeffersonpa.com/update-brookville-woman-busted-for-selling-suboxone-prescription-pills/
  12. Actually the last accident was not near Legends( Brockway Honda) but in the area where the lower Brubaker Rd. comes out on to Rt.219 on Brockway side of Advanced Disposal.
  13. Reported tree and lines down on Rt.949 near entrance of Clear Creek State Park- Sigel area.. Time 6:24 AM. St.19,14 to respond. Use caution in area. Blocking half of roadway.
  14. Savannah Guthrie has a new book! Check out 'Princesses Save the World' Princess Penelope Pineapple is back, and she's enlisted the help of friends to save Fruit Nation! by Eun Kyung Kim / Sep.18.2018 / 8:39 AM ET / Source: TODAY Princess Penelope Pineapple is back, and she’s ready to save the world with her friends! TODAY anchor Savannah Guthrie gave us a sneak peek Tuesday of her second children’s book, another collaboration with Allison Oppenheim. The pair send a powerful message to young girls in their newest creation, "Princesses Save the World." Video Will Begin In... 3 Savannah talks new 'Princesses' book, project with Drew Barrymore Sep.18.201804:16 The book is a sequel to last year's best-seller, "Princesses Wear Pants,” which helped teach young girls that their actions matter more than their looks and what they wear. Savannah's beloved children's book has a sequel!Courtesy of Abrams Books This time around, Princess Penelope jumps into action when she gets a distress call from Princess Sabrina Strawberry and learns that the Strawberry Kingdom’s bees have disappeared, jeopardizing the future of the precious fruit. Princess “Penny” enlists the help of her fellow Fruit Nation princesses to come up with a solution. "They are confronted with a problem that needs a fix and they work together to solve it," Savannah explained Tuesday. "I really like that message of girl power, girls really cooperating not competing." "Princesses Save the World" by Savannah Guthrie, Allison Oppenheim and Eva Byrne, $15, Amazon TODAY editors, writers and experts take care to recommend items we really like and hope you’ll enjoy! Just so you know, TODAY does have affiliate relationships. So, while every product is independently selected, if you buy something through our links, we may get a small share of the revenue. "Princesses Save the World" Savannah also noted the important message that the authors aimed for through the vibrant illustrations. "We wanted to celebrate diversity and celebrate every kind of girl because we’re hoping that any young girl could pick up this book and see themselves somewhere, not just physically but also in who are these girls and what are they about," she said. "Again, it’s about being a young lady of substance." Abrams Books In addition to teaming up with Oppenheim, wife of NBC News president Noah Oppenheim, Savannah is also working with Drew Barrymore and her Flower Films production company to make an animated show based on Princess Penelope and her friends. The project is currently in development with Atomic Cartoons. Savannah said her work with Barrymore, whom she first met during a TODAY interview, came naturally. "She’s just the most darling woman and she’s also, to me, an example of women who support other women," she said. Savannah said she hopes the animated show has "a happy empowering message for everyone." "Princesses Save the World" by Savannah Guthrie, Allison Oppenheim and Eva Byrne, $15, Amazon "Princesses Save the World" $15Amazon Shop Related: SEE VIDEO ; https://www.today.com/parents/savannah-guthrie-has-new-book-princesses-save-world-t137613
  15. Man sentenced in Pennsylvania's largest case of child porn by Associated Press Tuesday, September 18th 2018 Man sentenced in Pennsylvania's largest case of child porn (MGN) PHILADELPHIA (AP) -- A Pennsylvania man has been sentenced to 100 years in prison for what authorities say was the largest collection of child pornography state law enforcement officials have seen. Lawrence Jamieson was sentenced Monday in federal court after pleading guilty in September 2017 to sex crimes and child pornography charges. Sponsored by ZINC Authorities say the 59-year-old Jamieson had more than 14.4 million images and videos of children and infants being sexually abused. Jamieson's stash of images collected over 15 years was discovered when he was arrested on charges he and an accomplice tried to manipulate an underage girl with learning disabilities into performing sex acts on both men. Prosecutors say they filmed and distributed footage of those acts. Prosecutors called Jamieson's collection "some of the most demented images imaginable." https://wjactv.com/news/state/man-sentenced-in-pennsylvanias-largest-case-of-child-porn