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  1. I have really been disappointed in Michael’s not the selection I thought and recently was in Joann’s and could believe how they cut back on the Christmas decorations.
  2. Does anyone know where you can dispose of an old TV in DuBois?
  3. Trouble today a lot of students don’t think there is consequences to their actions. They also have no respect for anyone or anything, I see it everyday 🙁
  4. slk24

    Planet fitness

    I thought about joining but not until they are open, not giving my money to a place I can’t use yet.
  5. slk24


    Snake is a snake as far as I’m concerned. People laughed at me because last summer I kept finding them in my lawn and wanted them killed. This summer so far I have only seen 2 which I took care of myself. They may be”just a garter snake” but don’t want them in my lawn. I can’t believe Zito Media would remain in in that building and I sure wouldn’t be working there. 😖🙀
  6. slk24

    Doggie Diapers

    Got ours off of Amazon, that is the cheapest we could get them. Zoe would keep them on right after her back surgery but once she started feeling better she would not. We just lost her 3 weeks ago to stage 4 kidney disease, I had a couple left and one night really wanted her to sleep with us because I knew the end was coming, when I woke in AM she still had it on and I told my husband she is really sick if she left it on.
  7. We have a "double dapper" Dachshund. Our Zoe is black, brown and white, short haired. Her father was brown and mother was black both were short haired. She had a sister long haired, black & white and a brother short haired brown. Go figure????
  8. OMG..my son and d-I-law live 2 hrs away you would think we were on the other side of the country. I reminded him when he lived in DuBois it never bother him to jump in the car and drive to P-burgh for ballgame,concert or just to hang out and drive back in the same day.
  9. Our Holly Bushes look terrible this year, very little green (just around the bottom) and our 22 rose shrubs are even worst. The Rhodys are starting to bloom but the leaves are not as green a they have been in the past. Our rose shrubs have always been in bloom by the middle of June, because we use to laugh they were always the best when we were away at the June Pocono race. Our orange azalea was beautiful but the rain pretty much did it in today. I'm assuming the holly & roses are because of the winter we had??? In fact by husband pretty much wants to pull them all out, I'm trying to tell him to be patience.
  10. Can tell you they are slow growing but they love sunshine. My in-laws have them sprouting up all over their yard (and have for yrs). When we built our new house (9 yrs ago) we have transplanted from their yard, probably 10 along our property line and the ones that get full sun have grown more than the others. They have a lot of meaning since they were one of my mother-in-laws favorite and to know we have them from their yard means a lot.
  11. Our DASHCHUND is blind and still knows when the sun is shining through the front door and wants the door open no matter the temp outside.
  12. Definitely daylillies, I have quite a few all around my yard. Other years mine have bloomed in July & August. This year they are all about done, don't know why...guess the weather. I have different colors, some people don't like them but I do, just wish they lasted longer. In the fall I will cut them down for the winter.
  13. Does anyone have a recipe for a good punch for a bridal shower? Would like to have it pink in color since the wedding colors are pink & brown. Cannot use pineapple in the punch because of an allergy. Thank !
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