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  1. I have heard other companies doing this and the employees that were left go just reapplied and most were rehired. Either that just put it behind you and hopefully you will get another position and know it is their loss not to have you. Hopefully you will still be able to collect unemployment...good luck and prayers something better comes your way.
  2. With the cancellation of all these fairs yet Clearfield County Fair still is on 🤷🏻‍♀️
  3. Please tell me it was the one on the Liberty Mutual commercial, fingers crossed 🤞
  4. I have thought the same thing 5 young people in a serious accident, 3 life flighted and absolutely nothing in the news 🤷🏻‍♀️
  5. slk24


    Wow if our store closes we truly will have no where to buy clothes
  6. I have voted by mail this time. Have no problem with it and don’t have to feel like I’m being attacked with the people standing outside the polls trying to get you to vote for their candidate. Guess they haven’t figured out yet that you can only vote for your political party candidates.
  7. slk24


    A long with not wearing masks people at Walmart do not abide to the 6 foot rule. I was standing waiting to use the self checkout and a woman behind was standing in the front of her cart. Finally she was practically hanging on my back, I turned and asked her very nicely to back up. She got offended...don’t care just back off!
  8. Yes, I file income tax return and also have direct deposit
  9. I still get the paper by carrier. I wonder if the reason they are changing because it is hard to get people to deliver the paper. Even though I’m “in town” the 16 years we have lived here it was considered a “walking route” and has always been delivered by car which is much easier for the carriers but the office would never increase the carriers pay to help with gas because it’s a “walking route”. I told them one time why don’t you come and try to walk it.
  10. Was surprised when I was in the DuBois store the other day there was no plexiglass at the registers, thought all the stores had it now.
  11. If I understand the stimulus plan right...individuals get $1200 if you have children $500per child BUT your income must be below $75,000 or $150,000 for a couple.If you are above that there is a cut in that amount up to $99,000 after that nothing. They would like to get the payments out starting April 6 per direct deposit if that is the way you get your tax refunds otherwise check in the mail by end of May. Will be based on 2019 return if that has not been filed yet then 2018 return. As for unemployment usually you can only collect for 3 months they are increasing it to 4 months. Highest amount you use to be able to $500 per week that is increased to $600 BUT the amount you collect depends on what you made in a quarter. For instance I work part time I do not expect to collect $600 weekly but I look at it some is better than none. Also remember unemployment is taxable so when it asked if you want 10% withheld for taxes you should otherwise when you file your 2020 return you will pay. I hope I’ve gotten the information right.
  12. slk24

    Bon Ton Location

    Five Guys would be great
  13. slk24

    Bon Ton Location

    Never heard of Pasta To Go??
  14. slk24

    Bon Ton Location

    Last year one of the times we were over at KFC in Clearfield, new owner came over and talked to us, she said they were going to open a location in DuBois but unfortunately have not seen that happen.🙁
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