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  1. slk24


    Snake is a snake as far as I’m concerned. People laughed at me because last summer I kept finding them in my lawn and wanted them killed. This summer so far I have only seen 2 which I took care of myself. They may be”just a garter snake” but don’t want them in my lawn. I can’t believe Zito Media would remain in in that building and I sure wouldn’t be working there. 😖🙀
  2. slk24


    Unfortunately there are still the older generation that does not want to do any preplanning, they tell you they will never be in a nursing home. I saw it in my husband’s parents, as my mother in law was in because of Alzheimer’s, and my father in law was extremely stubborn, and I see it in my older siblings now. I have already told my son when I move in a few years to their area and purchase a condo my preplanning will be taken care of.
  3. slk24


    That is common practice for any nursing home unless the person’s family wants to write out a check for their care every month. If there is still a surviving spouse a nursing home will only take 50% of the estate as long as that spouse is still living in the their original home. Know this for a fact from a relative that went through this and the spouse was not at CKM but another area nursing home. I could be wrong but thought if you got a single home from CKM or apartment that you are guaranteed placement if you need. It is very difficult to get placements in local nursing home sometimes because the lack of availability in the level of care the person may need.
  4. Because the one in service day we were in session and elementary was not.
  5. My question is how are they going to make sure people follow these “rules” unless they put a patrolman there 24/7. If they are called for a problem most times by the time they get there the problem is gone, just sayin’ 🤷🏻‍♀️
  6. Heard there is a hold on the old Kmart building, problems with the roof
  7. The story I read he was too old to go, really at 19 ??? Which means he probably graduated last year, since when is 19 too old?
  8. slk24


  9. Can tell you I’ve had Comcast since it was Adelphia in other words years. I have phone, internet and TV, they are great with service but once your contract is up they will give you a “discount” but nothing special,$20. They really don’t care about their existing customers. A few years ago when my husband died I called to see about getting everything switched to my name and would I be considered a new customer. They had a good deal at the time for new customers. Was told no because I was an authorized buyer on the account. I explained that the reason was when there was a problem with service when it came to the internet my husband didn’t understand the internet since he never used the computer and he got tired of always having to give permission to talk to me so he was told just to add me as an authorized buyer. I have considered changing over to Direct or Dish but just don’t want to deal with the change, guess it comes with getting old 😁
  10. Great news... congratulations
  11. Just my thought...it may have to do with the time the incident is reported and the investigation is done. Do you have any idea how hard it is to deal with the students and or their family or lack of family these days. No one is ever going to be happy, it’s the same complaints when they decide snow days.
  12. When the doctors in Pittsburgh told my husband and I there was nothing to do for him he looked at me and said then I want to go home and die. We left Pittsburgh the next day and within 3 days he was gone but he got his wish to die at home and I will never regret bringing him home. 💞
  13. Had it Jan-Feb, didn’t think I would ever get over the cough. Doctor said 6-8 weeks and they were right.
  14. I charge my phone every night, that way I don't have to worry about not having enough battery life the next day.
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