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  1. This reporter started a thread on a local website page. Asking if anyone had heard of this. When someone responded with a post , the reporter asked if she could interview them and use them on the station.. then the hundreds of posts began. as usual it was a never ending tangle of insults and name calling. The school was brought into it and blamed for the mess. on and on..
  2. Ted should NEVER had posted that. He knows the crazy climate.. or simply make it private.. Come on Ted, you had to know what would happen...
  3. Sad thing is by boycotting and pulling out of companies they are hurting very Americans that they profess to be supporting.. Jobs will be lost, money will go elsewhere, hurting those workers who will lose jobs. Makes no sense..
  4. Sweet April, it was a joy to watch her and to witness her sweet calf being born. I watched constantly.. I feel sad today..
  5. if you claim her, she cannot receive the elusive $1400 that isn't passed yet.
  6. I have to laugh, what a lame brained idea.. So TED, your 10 and 12 year old daughters rule the roost down there in Texas.. that's what struck me as pathetic.. Even Beto was out helping, bad form Ted..
  7. sunflake


    Those extra millions of voters needed are there. They are in the rural areas, trying to make a living, in the heartland too busy to protest and attend rallies. They feel disdain for any type of politics. They do cling to their guns and religion. They are there.. they will respond when the time comes.. they just want to be left alone, when that disappears they will be there...
  8. If they have license plate, why cant it be traced to owner? at least that's a start.. Police involved?
  9. How could anyone have any type of complaint through all of this with our local teachers. DuBois teachers have been on the job constantly. Our district including DCC have been exemplary in providing education to the students from day 1. As for Unions they have stepped out of the way and allowed the Superintendent and Board to do their job. Our local unions are not the problem..
  10. I agree, my point in the post was to show that even someone with a Doctorate in Education makes mistakes..
  11. How about when First Lady , in front of the cameras said.. to the Guard while delivering cookies.. "Thank You for keeping ME and my family safe.." That was cringe worthy as well. not a great look...I agree, grammar is important.
  12. So the obviously dysfunctional family, call for help due to an out of control 9 year old child, then when the help, THEY Demand, arrives and must deal with the out of control child threatening suicide, they blame the responders and yell abuse.. Social Worker maybe..?? Sounds like Alice in Wonderland, everything up is down and vice versa...
  13. At 8 years old , boys are "icky" to little girls. Unless she was acting out on her words, then it is no big deal.. But it is a private school, so they can make their own rules however strict or silly they seem to the general population.
  14. sunflake

    Masks again

    the photo of POTUS with the young boy that also stuttered, both were maskless and side by side.... or was it a very old photo?
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