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  1. I agree. My grand daughters attend DCC and there were actual lessons taught., not packets, not just 1 project but education.. If it is presented well and the parent is onboard it works..
  2. The blender option is virtual, but if a student wants a class here or there that might require hands on, for example, he or she would have to be transported by parents to school. for length of the class..
  3. There were 86 of us logged in on the Zoom meeting that I saw. great way to be at Board meetings virtually..
  4. Mr. Rafferty lead we teachers through a very trying time in the History of DuBois Education.. He was so admired! We here were pioneers in Pennsylvania Education.. Such a deserving wonderful man..
  5. Tom, we as educators have not been too good at Teaching.. SOME THINGS! they tore down and destroyed statue of US Grant.. You know the US Grant that pretty much sealed fate of the Confederacy and destroying the KKK of the time.. Yep, excellent idea advocating erasing history for our benefit.. well, it isn't mine..
  6. I'm wondering if this was a private school. Independent School District.. doesn't really say.
  7. Every day his ads were stuffed in my Mailbox at TL.. Lots of trees went down for them.. I was sick of the ads.
  8. I heard the interview on KDKA, Wolf should be ashamed..
  9. Gov. Wolf. although Meaning well never gets on the same page with his other officials. Dr. Levine states 2 weeks for the 5 targeted counties, then 5 minutes later Governor gets on and says ALL Pa Schools. He rolled out the list of businesses that had to close, next day it was postponed due to large amount of waivers, then moved the starting time again. He confuses everyone, and here we are again.
  10. Yes, my husband died yesterday. my son in law November 30.. Pretty sure you knew my husband Don..
  11. Pretty sure he was my student at Penfield. I read that and thought, I must be losing it, I thought that already happened.. so sorry.
  12. I brought everything in.. that isn't in ground..
  13. The school libraries always kept the yearbooks, try them. for scanning..
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