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  1. I heard on KDKA radio today by one of Marty's so called experts that Dr. Levine was VERY difficult to work with. Oh this expert was a physician..
  2. Protesting should never be a death sentence. She should not have doing that, but shooting her dead.. no way..why not tase?
  3. So it wasn't a Walmart Truck? How could the homeowners mistake a Silverado truck for a Walmart Truck? I don't understand this.
  4. this type of thing angers so many of us who are told to stay away from our families in other households.. and then say I went there to get my property ready to sell. But just happens to have her other family members from other households in tow.. I want to see my sisters too...But.......
  5. I saw this happen in our Walmart here in Dubois and I was surprised , shocked and pleased.. The man said WHAT, you gonna put it on me.. He lost the argument.. he complied.
  6. He is speaking to the choir for a lot of us..
  7. KInda hard speaking out about decisions, when you are unaware there is one being made..
  8. At the least the public should have been informed this MIGHT be happening. Very insensitive.. Lots of kids sports and music have fond memories of MANSELL Stadium...
  9. sunflake


    Back years ago, Sam and I would hang out with Charlie .. Those were good days.. Long ago..
  10. sunflake


    My Veteran Passed away last New Year's Eve. He loved this day, and his Country..
  11. sunflake

    I Voted

    Me too, AND you get a free pen...ha
  12. so who is our magistrate now?
  13. Yes they are. Why is our school district going back to full time now.. Makes no sense..
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