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  1. Yes they are. Why is our school district going back to full time now.. Makes no sense..
  2. 28,000 ballots in Allegheny County were mailed and are incorrect.. What could go wrong?
  3. I voted by mail in Spring due to the pandemic. I received a form that stated I automatically was put on list to continue voting by mail, but due to confusion I had to fill out ANOTHER form that stated my intent was to only vote that 1 time by mail. GGGRRR so I chose to go back to in person voting. I have heard nothing.. So I will just show up.. Oh yes, it did state confusion, not my word..
  4. sunflake


    I think Biden was programed with facts and talking points and forced to memorize them, best he could. Problem was he spewed them out in the wrong places.. almost like Manchurian Candidate..
  5. sunflake


    he never answered what that was.. I think he meant re image the police...
  6. Ruth herself said 8 is NOT a good number..
  7. Poor soul fighting cancer and this PERSON is mad she died... Sad!
  8. I just noticed it after driving my grand daughter to DCC this morning...
  9. This pupper has done enough, retire him to a wonderful life.. Awesome angel dog..
  10. if it is intentional, publicity gave then just what they wanted..
  11. Sometimes you just have to realize that.. "It's Time"....
  12. sunflake


    DCC full time, going well. DuBois Public seems to be doing OK.
  13. this guy pierced the corporate veil years go, he gave up the right to work with finances because of it..
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