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  1. I must be a Debbie Downer but I just want some good old home cooking.. I know, I Know..
  2. When my son played Little League in Minors one of the boys was growing whiskers, lol..
  3. My sister and I took my daughter to Paris for her senior trip. Notre Dame was certainly a highlite. Just sitting in those ancient pews was quite an experience. Massive Cathedral with gorgeous Artwork everywhere.
  4. WOW! This Attorney General really is cleaning house.. in many areas..
  5. I was under the impression if they repent, go in front of the community and admit the error of their ways they can return. I was told this by Amish.
  6. If his condition is NOT service connected, or so they say, that is a HUGE roadblock.. We are dealing with that issues as well.
  7. On the contrary, it is a Problem, because it is spreading among the kids. And it has popped up on YouTube Videos. It is being talked about in our schools, the kids really are keeping it Underground. check with them....
  8. The Amish man that did my roof was on his cell phone constantly.. I know typically they do not really want phones, the older ones, but they will have to adapt to the times just like rest of us. John told me he would much rather farm, but that option is closing more each day. So to survive, and make a living, they have to adapt. We all do..
  9. I just heard today that Windstream is in big financial trouble..
  10. These after effects are scary.. Long term, what can happen? Big Pharma..
  11. I was told after the fact, that it was rolled out too fast and long term effects are not known yet.. too little time for testing..
  12. I was sick for 4 weeks after Part A, not only sore arm but complete digestion mess up. I had original Shingle shot which they now say was never to prevent Shingles but to make a case lesser. I don't do vaccines well though, because this year's flu shot knocked me for a loop as well..
  13. Were you one of the dudes that charged in when Ladies Night Time was over??
  14. Way back when... they had ladies night.. Ladies only.. until a certain time and then the guys came flocking in... great times!!!
  15. Yes I heard them last 2 nights here in TL. not as many as several years back, but now I know what they are..
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