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  1. I heard the interview on KDKA, Wolf should be ashamed..
  2. Gov. Wolf. although Meaning well never gets on the same page with his other officials. Dr. Levine states 2 weeks for the 5 targeted counties, then 5 minutes later Governor gets on and says ALL Pa Schools. He rolled out the list of businesses that had to close, next day it was postponed due to large amount of waivers, then moved the starting time again. He confuses everyone, and here we are again.
  3. Yes, my husband died yesterday. my son in law November 30.. Pretty sure you knew my husband Don..
  4. Pretty sure he was my student at Penfield. I read that and thought, I must be losing it, I thought that already happened.. so sorry.
  5. I brought everything in.. that isn't in ground..
  6. The school libraries always kept the yearbooks, try them. for scanning..
  7. I am speechless. I am so sorry, cannot believe this.. May God be with her dear children and family..
  8. Postponed..
  9. Just curious, I know NOTHING abut chickens, but why do some roosters need butchered ASAP. What happens? Also,how do eggs taste better from your own chickens? All interesting to me... HAHA! leave it to GoduBois!!!! ;D
  10. Tom Kellgren owned Pershing, it was Stagecoach..
  11. Charlie Moore ALWAYS talking about the Duttrys Bundys etc. of Sabula, I sure do miss his ramblings... HAHA!
  12. My Father wrote numerous letters to my MOM, very, very, mushy... he was in Air force in WW2. They were quite the letter writers back then...
  13. We are over run also. ARACNIPHOBIA!!!!!!!!!!!:HM::cry2:
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