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  1. school employees travel out of state no quarantine, Drs tell people to go back to work. It is a a hoax.
  2. click posters screen name and Message come up. type in message send
  3. doing it in all areas. all about the beer sales. Downtown Clearfield will be next in about a month.
  4. Mr. D other side of the street next to school admin building
  5. Must have resold it. was told a bank was going in. Not that there isn't a vacant one up the street
  6. wonder if they did not dive upon a drug deal going down. seems sheriff Judd is always on the news down there. He holds no words in his news conferences at times
  7. A bank now owns the former Osbourne building next to the school and has stated remodeling. I have been past the Bon Ton and have seen wok going on thee as well
  8. Someone has a crew fixing it up. Wonder what they are going to use it for
  9. By not have one. They can have protests.
  10. 8:30 p.m. until 6 a.m.curfew Saturday and sunday All roads into the city said to be closed . trying to get vehicles out of the tunnels and out of the city.
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