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  1. There was also 1 in Indiana near the airs grounds and hospital
  2. Have this beautiful dove nesting in tree
  3. If my garlic went to seed on top. Can I plant those seeds and get full heads next season? And when do I nees to plant them
  4. No news to report. Same old same old around this town
  5. If they are franchised why would they have to close. It is owners expense not corporate.
  6. See the cookie dough shop must have closed up to.
  7. Just as everyone has had to adapt to change I believe so have the nocturnal animals.
  8. So was it the same person or different? News This a.m. said something about charges could be pending
  9. Can't be that hard to find. Has to be between the blinker light and Salem almost. Maybe the driving range across from Thunderbierd
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