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  1. Video poker machines in most all convenience stores anymore, people sit there for hours playing them
  2. What happened to it being a Pizza shop
  3. Just more hoopla to string us along to make believe there is a fraction of hope.
  4. you don't. government will always control and bend the rules to thier favor
  5. Steve, I have seen and read so many of these things, hoping that the day comes one of them comes to frutrition. Only say oh well I guess that was a joke. wish one would come though so the press would choke. and you know where I stand with the press
  6. not a lack of product. cant keep up with production. some companies only packaging core items to keep in stock. More might tun to plastic o glass pkg
  7. I think people think they are the scariest thing in the world,, they avoid touching them.
  8. Only bank around with 2 stall garage
  9. Well from my first impression they weren't out early enough with this first snowfall.
  10. I wonder if the dog that was missing and then found with no injuries was a victim of this type, and the collar was kept as a token
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