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  1. No idea bit are they dredging sandy lick behind Martins
  2. Won't they take cold hard cash
  3. At least 3 in there. Auto undertaker, Red Bull,and the Aztec road painting. Maybe Nickles
  4. Not like there aren't a bunch of empty buildings in and aroind town that could be used before another os built.
  5. It looks like there may be a side walk built across the old Coke plant property. Rhe bank has been cut away from the curb.
  6. Not to hijack the thread. But when did Cristini's clean up up and close up. Just made a trip over the mountain for work and saw this
  7. And they will continue to go up. Every convenience store in or around town is remodeling to sell beer and wine.
  8. Ya put 20-30 school buses in there and see how Division street backs up
  9. I am sure therw are direcrions on You tube
  10. 2 younger bulls sparring tonight
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