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  1. Harvey Mungaknuts


    Raining now
  2. Harvey Mungaknuts

    DuBois Mall is in a Receivership Sale

    I would say stick a fork in it it is DONE!
  3. Harvey Mungaknuts

    School Closing And Delays For Wednesday , Feb.13, 2019

    DuBois just delayed 2 hrs
  4. Harvey Mungaknuts

    Panera Bread To Close Panera Cares Cafes

    Thought that was already open
  5. Yes. Any one I know that interviews never gets a call back
  6. Harvey Mungaknuts

    Sunday Hunting Moves Forward In State Senate

    2 Sunday's? How about all the Sundays in small game, muzzleloader, Turkey. Pretty much October through december
  7. any business that comes won't last nothing does around here. rent and utilities to high for all the more traffic they get
  8. Harvey Mungaknuts

    Schools For Friday - Feb.1, 2019

    Dubois 2 HR delay I heard
  9. Harvey Mungaknuts

    Jefferson County Radio Station?

    I usually start put local with 102,1 and as I head south I go to 98.1 and if going west or south west 102.5 DVE
  10. Harvey Mungaknuts


    What happened to the 1-3 last night and up to 2 today
  11. Harvey Mungaknuts

    DASD Superintendent ... What’s up?

    Some things just need to be stopped. The working man gets fleeced more and more everyday.
  12. Harvey Mungaknuts


    was out for over 2 hrs shoveling never saw or heard a plow
  13. Harvey Mungaknuts

    School Closings And Delays For Monday, January 21,2019

    Dubois is 2 hr delay also So whose voice is it that makes the call if the super is on paid leave
  14. Harvey Mungaknuts


    had a guy tell me that the year end tax killed any of his plans to continue to be a driver. And he was one in Pittsburgh