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  1. I always thought that place was closer to New Castle
  2. Wonder what happened to the murals that were on the side of the building
  3. Just saw it as another venue closed,sorry
  4. I see the Rockton fire hall is no longer booking hall rentals, per their sign
  5. I know I have been watching FX and USA lately and have heard the "f" bomb and had to double check if I had a dvd in or not
  6. I let ours out at 4 and it was just flaking. more snow in town than south of town
  7. We have newer trucks that monitor sides of the road and have a warning
  8. how will they know what it is with blackout
  9. But at the same time the city continues to grow. like 3 more high rise being built. must all shop at 2 wal marts
  10. I see the new place on Brady appears to have closed up already. 3-4 doors down from Hockman candy
  11. office building local man and woman business people
  12. Harvey Mungaknuts


    Snowed all day here yesterday. We have inches Blowing drifting
  13. With someone in the field of journalism, I have known first hand there should be a firing.
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