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  1. One of my only favorite things about winter is driving up Maple Avenue and see the snow covered trees lining the road. Sad to see them go.
  2. Advanced Disposal's first leaf collection in the City of DuBois will begin on Monday, October 26 and run through Wednesday, October 28th. Leaves on are to be place in UNTIED bags at the curb. Residents are reminded not to rake leaves into the street.
  3. katie77


    Saturday...Altoona. The daughter wants to go shopping for some fall clothes and she's craving Chick fil A. Sunday hopefully Cooper farm with my niece and her 4 months old for some fall photos.
  4. The question is....where do you want these babies / children to go once they are removed? There are not nearly enough foster families.
  5. Prayers to everyone involved in Faith's Journey.
  6. Not sure about them but the Stromboli Land line was Looong!!
  7. We went to Clearfield last night for dinner, quite a crowd around 6:30. I was lucky enough to get the last serving of Hog fries from Brody's.
  8. I quit going to McDonald's after they could never get a simple order correct.
  9. I briefly caught a news report about this in a Pittsburgh apartment complex....didn't think anything of it other than the name caught my attention. Today I saw something on Facebook mentioning someone being treated for this.....I did a quick google search out of curiosity because I've never heard of it before. The symptoms vs Covid symptoms are pretty identical and you get it by breathing in mist that contains the bacteria. Also there are articles in the last week alone on outbreaks in a jail, a hospital etc. Has anyone ever heard of this? Can it be detected through blood work like an infection and what are the chances that so many positive Covid tests could have been this? Please don't attack me all at once. I am truly curious.
  10. Also UMI Motorsports Park in Clearfield is hosting Campfires, food Trucks and Live music tonight from 6-9.
  11. The Chow Hall will be in the DuBois YMCA parking lot this afternoon. For those that have Facebook there is a page called Clearfield County Concessions for trucks to post where they will be and when.
  12. I found someone who is attempting to make one for me. We will see how it goes. My niece's daughter is hearing impaired. Up to this point the only place she takes the kids is hiking, camping, fishing etc. There has been no need for her to wear a mask when with her daughter. Her yearly check ups are coming and she just realized.....how do I communicate with my child if my mouth is covered and she can't read my lips since masks are required while in the waiting rooms at the hospitals.
  13. No this is a regular mask with a clear area around the mouth.
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