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  1. My kids are on my mind all day while I'm at work.....more so when they were that little. How did he not think about his babies all day (8 hrs) and it not click??
  2. Bird's nest fungus? https://www.gardeningknowhow.com/ornamental/fungus-lichen/birds-nest-fungus.htm
  3. If I see a child or a pet in a hot car that is suffering.....I'm smashing a window and rescuing the innocent, bill or no bill. I will deal with the consequences later knowing I saved a life.
  4. katie77


    We most certainly do have Copperheads in PA.....they are also protected by game commission. SnakesinPAbrochure.pdf
  5. My son is biracial, he's 16 years old. Multiple times over the last few days he has been called a Ni**er while doing nothing but walking down the street (DuBois). The comments were yelled out car windows by ADULTS!! While it does not bother him, the fact that he has to endure that makes me sick. You have no idea how freely that word is also thrown around by kids his age. Who teaches their children to be so vial? Don't tell me my kid just needs to throw punches because that's how things were handled back in the day. You see he's far from a "sissy" and has no problem defending himself but the local police consider that assault. I hear so much talk about how awful kids are these days.....with what I see from adults lately, it's no wonder. And don't tell me it's just words and he should deal with it because let me tell you something if I ever am with him when something like that gets said...God have mercy on that person's soul cause I will gladly take an assault charge to knock such vial and disgusting words back into someone's mouth.
  6. Who in the DuBois Area services hot water tanks? Mine keeps shutting off/won't stay "ignited".
  7. Someone mentioned this to me on Friday but the location I was told was the Alley behind Luigi's. Since I couldn't find anything on social media news pages or anywhere for that matter I just chalked it up to gossip. Everyone else I talked to hadn't heard anything about it either.
  8. https://www.news4jax.com/tech/1-year-old-might-have-saved-his-own-life-by-alerting-onstar
  9. I read another article that said the child was in the drivers seat and was playing with the keys. In doing so he hit the Onstar button on the key ring which notifies them that someone needs help. When they tried interacting all they could hear was the child. The child unknowingly saved his own life.
  10. katie77

    PA Gas Tax

    NY requires Highway use tax (HUT). The decals are good for 3 years now (It use to be 1 year) but you still have to file quarterly returns based on miles traveled in the state. (Depending on the weight of your vehicle of course). PA IFTA is something different. We document miles traveled and fuel purchased in each state and pay a tax for that as well quarterly. Even though I file those reports I do not completely understand them. LOL. I just know they want their money.
  11. katie77

    PA Gas Tax

    IFTA? Also certain states require their own permits to travel on their roads, NY is one of them.
  12. katie77


    I followed a police officer the other day who never used his turn signal one time at the 3 turns that I followed him through.
  13. Check Leshoks at the end of Wayne Road into Reynoldsville. I buy her Pansies later after already bloomed and they are beautiful!! All her flowers are beautiful and her prices are great.
  14. My son enlisted 4 years ago at 17 and couldn't leave for BT until 18. We had his 18th birthday party and his going away party at the same time. .
  15. It's sad that they have to work tirelessly to follow up on leads when there should be enough man power to follow through with the children from step one. Just because a child is adopted should not mean the system stops. There should be adequate follow up and interaction with the children being adopted to make sure they are safe and happy and getting all of things required for them to survive. I strongly feel that after adoption there should still be monthly visits and inspections, after time those visits can move to quarterly then yearly. In a lot of cases the adopted parents and the child or children are not a good fit and causes problems down the road. Not to mention a lot of kids going into the system NEED emotional therapy for one reason or another and that does not happen. Being adopted does not make your past go away or change the things leading up to being adopted in the first place. It's a sad world these kids are trying to survive in.
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