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  1. I do have a daughter that will be driving soon....that may come in handy.
  2. Thank you. I just gave them a call. They said the price varies on the size of tires so I need to get them the sizes and count and they will give me a price.
  3. LOL.....Someone else told me that. Unfortunately I called Advanced disposal and they told me no.
  4. Is there anywhere locally or close to DuBois that you can take old junk tires? I have about 2 dozen that I need to get rid of.
  5. I'm probably one of the people you see ....Not because I enjoy wearing it but if I am going multiple places why keep taking it off and putting it back on?
  6. katie77


    I'm really hoping I see a graduation ceremony with the throwing of masks instead of caps!!!
  7. Has anyone seen an update on this? Came across some talk on social media that all felony charges were dismissed at a hearing yesterday but can't find anything to confirm. Has anyone been following?
  8. So he's out on bail for the death of an 8 week old baby and now gets an aggravated assault charge and is released on bail again? How does that even happen?
  9. katie77

    Need Haircut

    I call mine wisdom strands as well! And they are taking over.
  10. A piece of PVC pipe or something similar works great as well.
  11. My fear was the wooden ruler. LOL However my kids to this day know the fear of the wooden spoon. I've never had to make contact with any of them because they know the sound of mom getting the spoon and it's funny how as soon as they hear that sound everything goes into cease and desist mode.
  12. Oh what I would give to go back 30 years and play kickball with the neighborhood kids, build cabins in the woods and catch crayfish in the stream that ran along our kickball field. Then end the day with more candy then we needed because we all got a quarter while visiting Mrs. Godek from down the street and walked to the candy store. And we ate that candy sitting at the corner stop sign until the street lights came on and we had to go in. Ahhhhh
  13. I wonder how much of this is panic rather than taking advantage. Meaning parents thinking if I can feed my kid or kids breakfast/lunch for free that saves some of the food supply that we have at home.
  14. There has got to be a charge of some type that they can give this "mother", and I use that term lightly. How do you call your child a liar in a situation like this and do nothing. Sickening.
  15. https://www.ispot.tv/ad/I2QR/cricket-wireless-hiyeeee
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