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  1. junk

    Clear Blue Skies

    You may be right Bub. What ever the reason does not matter at this point,,,,I believe we have only hours to live before the Earth Explodes into a burning fireball and all life extinguished.
  2. Power Companys dont seem to take preventative measures. They just Lollygag around until something breaks. IMO
  3. Got mine this morning (4-29) $1200.00. I was planning on spending it on Hard Liquor and Hookers but I guess I cant do that....................Yet.
  4. Something I just found out is Amazon sells plants and have a good selection in stock. Seem very hard to find anywhere else. Burpees is out of stock on most plants. I just ordered 6 hot pepper plants ( Carolina Reaper) and 3 Cherry Tomato plants. They say Delivery by May 7th. Just thought Id pass this info if you are looking for plants.
  5. junk

    Facial Coverings

    Correct me if Im wrong. If you have a mask without an exhale valve like n95s, then you are re breathing Carbon Dioxide . Which can cause those symptoms you described.
  6. junk

    Facial Coverings

    Im more worried about the Government Than I am about the Wuhan Wiggle.
  7. April 21 7:30 am Penfield Mall $1.92 gal with discount card. $1.99gal without .Still pretty high IMO for Corn squeezin"s. Of course the ever present Tax man was there.
  8. I heard John Travolta got the Corona Virus. But it turned out to be just Saturday Night Fever and hes Stayin Alive, Stayin Alive.........
  9. Bon, They are good, Spoiled brats. hee hee .Thank you.
  10. The one past the Mall,,,Where did it go?? I Googled it and all it said was "Closed". Thats where I took WilmaDawg and StewieKat for many yrs. Now what do I do??????.
  11. I spend to much on my Knife Hobby,,,, So its Ramen noodles again. Dont tell my Mom.
  12. Hee Hee , little stinker. xoxo
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