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  1. Amazing young Girl

    I coundnt even tie my shoes when I was that age,,,,my mum had to do it.
  2. StewieKat has a wet bum.

    StewieKat is 7 yrs . She was born to a wildcat under my shed. I trapped her and brought her in my house and she has been treated like a Queen ever since. Shes a good mouser , but not good for much else.............LOL Oh and by the Way,,,she seems really good today,,,no wet Bum.
  3. StewieKat has a wet bum.

    Bon, StewieKat is not fixed. I didnt think I needed to since she is a House Kat. I may have caused the problem myself by giving her Milk. I dint know but after some looking I guess thats not good for them. Now tonight she seems good and is playing and such. Her Bums not wet and she is running around like a Kitty does. I also gave her a can of Tuna (water) with a crushed up Baby asprin in it. Maybe that helped. Thanks.
  4. Don't Try Stifling A Sneeze

    I do that every single time I eat peanuts,,,,(bite my tongue that is).
  5. StewieKat has a wet bum.

    Im making an app for StewieKat at the Vet this week. She seems to have problems with a wet bum. She doesnt seem to be in any pain but I wonder whats causing it. Being a Female,, could it be that Cats have periods??? Or maybe its worms?? Her tail and back legs are always wet..Anyway I thought Id ask for advice here before I go to the Vet. Thanks
  6. In German if you wish...
  7. Weather

    The only thing is,,,,,The Mouses moved in my house. StewieKat is working overtime catching mouses? mices? mooses? mice? 1 Mouse,, 2 mices?
  8. Weather

    Been there,, done That. I worked outside for 5 yrs in the cold . So I know what your saying. Now that Im retarded , Or retired I mean. I stay in where its cozy.
  9. Weather

    WilmaDawg loves it,,,,StewieKat says im going back in the house and find a warm spot to take a nap.
  10. Weather

    I Like It,,I Love It,,,,, I want some more of it!!!!
  11. Weather

    I like winter,,,,,I dont have to cut grass. No bugs and no snakes.
  12. I dont know. Could be.