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  1. Thought maybe some of you grilling Folks would enjoy this.
  2. I spend to much on my Knife Hobby,,,, So its Ramen noodles again. Dont tell my Mom.
  3. junk


    So do they Just walk around laying eggs or do they tend to go to one place? Do I need to set up nesting boxes?
  4. junk


    Wow, oh boy......maybe I bit off more than I could chew. My Thoughts where to take half my garage,,,maybe 10ft by 20Ft ??? Its dirt floor . I thought I could toss in a couple bales of hay for nesting and like a kids pool full of water. I dont really want to cozy up to them just want eggs. I like brown eggs. Do I need a Rooster??? How many should I start with?? Do they eat scraps from the kitchen, like lettuce, tomatos , oranges,, potato skins??. Do I need to buy special food for them? I dont plan on leaving them outdoors, to many predators here. This week I am going to get some fencing to divide my garage up. Oh My.
  5. junk


    I think I want to have some chickens. My plan is to keep them in my Garage. Questions....where do I get them? what do I feed them? What is the best breed for eggs?? Thanks all .
  6. easy now.........be nice...ha ha
  7. No, things didnt work out as I had hoped,,,,,,,,Got to put up with a leaky roof for another year...............
  8. junk

    computer help.

    Done. Thanks.
  9. junk

    computer help.

    Thats funny,,I do the same thing. I fix stuff and then I wonder what the Hell I did.
  10. junk

    computer help.

    Seems like everytime I start my Laptop,,, theres some bullshit going on. I dont want updates,,It was fine before.
  11. junk

    Cold play

    No , Clearfield. I met her at Mitches diner in Rockton. She was the cook there.
  12. junk

    computer help.

    Never mind I got it. Just dragged and dropped. Thanks. Im not as dumb as I look.(be nice now) ha ha.
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