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  1. junk


    Spending Millions of Our Money to Satisfy Her own Hate For Trump. Go **** yourself Nancy, You ***** ****
  2. junk

    Sold sign

    I wish they would put in a "Piggly Wiggly" I dont even know what that is.........I just like saying " Piggly Wiggly" According to Alexa the nearest is 200 miles from me.
  3. IF you get $600.00 You would do well to stock up on ...Food Water Medicine And a Means of Self Defense. Its Not going to get better in 2021 Folks. Sloppy Joe Is not going to save you.
  4. Biden is NOT President Elect Yet. And there is No "Office of the President Elect"
  5. Dont count on one man to make your life better. Stock up on Food ,water, shelter , medicine , clothing and a means of self defense,,,, and have a plan for SHTF.
  6. you guys are funny,,, now get your heads out your ass.
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