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  1. Florida High school shooting today

    Also going to add a question, how many times have we heard the left threaten Trump with violence or want the followers to revolt against Trump? As adults we are suppose to lead by example and IMO the example we have been setting for a while is pitiful!
  2. Florida High school shooting today

    Maybe if the current laws would be enforced that would be a good start. If they don’t enforce current laws what good are new ones going to do. Secondly, how about increasing the penalties on gun dealers who illegally sell firearms? IMO businesses who break the liquor law get stiffer penalties than firearm dealers. And much like if you provide alcohol to minor why have severe penalties for people who sell guns to minors? Mind you this IMO will only change this a little, we as a society have take a more active role with the children of today and not think someone else will do it. Teach our children to have respect for life, get our children to not be afraid to talk to you no matter the subject, and watch over your child to keep a eye out for changes.
  3. Florida High school shooting today

    Didn’t the fast and the furious program put over 2,000 guns on the street?
  4. Florida High school shooting today

    So when Obama was in the White House guns were allowed?
  5. Florida High school shooting today

    Interesting thought.... when a cop shoots someone the blame falls on the cop, but when a citizen shoots someone it’s the guns fault. This gun situation is somewhere that both sides have to have some give and take, but I don’t have faith in that happening. Like normal if one side does not get 100% their way there will be whining. I don’t really feel that guns are 100% the issue, it is only one part of it and if they truly want to fix it they will have to investigate every angle.
  6. Florida High school shooting today Dont think money talks and BS walks? Look at how much Obama got and what he did for the contributors. Just another reason why ALL money needs taken out of politics and if found taking you are removed for life.
  7. Florida High school shooting today

    The kids basically can do and say anything they want to teachers today, should kids be allowed to call teachers every name in the book and maybe they get a talking to? My parents neighbor kids called my dad every curse word known and the cops would not do anything (20 years ago), those kids now have been in jail numerous times. So he’ll yeah maybe if these kids actually got punished for their behavior they would learn. This behavior started when the government took punishing OUR kids out of OUR hands and started medicating the kids. Every time something like happens it is instantly blame the gun, but never hear the medication they are on mentioned. Why is that? Could the politicians be protecting their bribes from big pharma? average that each politician got over $40,000 in 2016... and that is only what we know of. $40,000 from one industry could surely help to keep the medication off the topic as well maybe that is why the opioid problem never gets fixed.
  8. Florida High school shooting today

    In the 60’s if kids got in trouble a school they didn’t want to go home. The school could punish you, your parents could punish you and you respected authority. All this crap started when the schools could no longer punish kids and parents could no longer paddle THEIR kids. My kids are only in their mid to late twenties and I will admit I paddle or used a belt on their butts, only had to do it a few times to corr3ct the issues. The reason I did it is because I would rather them have a red butt for a little bit than end up in jail for years. Heck today if you paddle your kid you can have CYS called and have your kids taken off you. Will also add that it would be interesting to how much influence big pharma money to our crook representatives starting the hands off policy and forced kids to be put on these medications.
  9. Florida High school shooting today

    First and foremost there needs to be a law that REQUIRES the mental health industry to report ANYONE that has the possibility of killing people.
  10. Gas near $3/gal. February 9th 2018

    Also going to add that our own state government added more gas tax to ours and we are now among the highest in the nation. 58.3 cents per gallon to the state and 18.4 cents to the federal government, 76.7 cents a gallon in taxes. Since 2014 our gas tax has increased 27 cents, that almost doubled the amount we are taxed.
  11. Gas near $3/gal. February 9th 2018 hmmm looks like we seen $3 and higher from 2011 thru 2014..... who was in charge then?
  12. Here is a solution... first do away with any law requiring businesses to have a restroom, second if they want to have a restroom allow it to be a single unit with a lock that only one person can use at a time.
  13. Ponderosa closing

    For their liquor license it is required to have it... Heck the PLCB will not let beer distributors even give coasters to a bar, the bar has to purchase them.
  14. Time Left: 1 month and 16 days

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    For Sale: We have 4 desktop computers for sale, they all have windows 7 installed on them. First come first serve for $25 each. If interested please give us a call at 814-371-3881. Thanks, Jeff


  15. Ponderosa closing

    Martin's is adding a sit down eating area so they can sell beer