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  1. Jeff

    franks pizza??

    The Colonial... used to have Breakfast there every Sunday Morning
  2. Jeff

    DuBois and Sandy police

    From the time they turn on to Maple off Shaffer it is like a drag strip. Been tempted to put SLOW DOWN on my sign by the road.
  3. My wife worked there for a long time and was in charge of counting the money. It always amazed me how her position was never considered important and they wanted her to rush through counting it. IMO on paper you can make tons of money, but if it is walking out the door you are loosing money. Best move she ever made was leaving this year.
  4. Jeff

    Ponderosa closing

    For their liquor license it is required to have it... Heck the PLCB will not let beer distributors even give coasters to a bar, the bar has to purchase them.
  5. Jeff

    Ponderosa closing

    Martin's is adding a sit down eating area so they can sell beer
  6. We have raced there for many years... houses kept getting closer and closer so we knew it was only a matter of time.
  7. Offense didn't lose the game though Sunday... Defense got ripped..
  8. Jeff

    Car batteries

    Definitely have your charging system checked.... Interstate batteries are usually pretty good and last, but like everything out there can have a bad one once in a while. Plus that extreme cold we had will test even the best battery.
  9. OMG... now you want to fight people over baseball fights! For as long as I can remember watching baseball there has been brawls, accused throwing at heads/body and etc.
  10. There at usually a few bench clearing brawls a year in the MLB... Really can't use it as the pulse of the nation
  11. Jeff


    Nikon, the reason the demon is not allowed in the NHRA is because does not have a roll cage. A roll cage is now required on vehicles going 9.99 second in the quarter and faster. We actually had to add my features to our roll cage when we broke into the 8.49 area. Plus anyone wanting to run in the NHRA has to have a competition license as well. In the past few years all three brands have been very active in the factory stock class in the NHRA. Chevrolet came back into the mix with the COPO Camaro when it came back and Ford has had the Cobra Jet program going on since 2008. Dodge has had a few Challenger's running and have been playing catch up with the other 2 brands. Last race of the year last year there was a COPO that did 8.074 quarter and the Cobra Jet did 8.12.
  12. So yesterday's race was called "The Bariatric Solutions 300". The race slogan should of been "I win for losing"!
  13. Bet if it was a bill to raise their pay or retirement it would of been done ASAP!
  14. Or possibly his agent told him to, probably along the lines of if he wants millions a year he has to do this.
  15. Jeff

    steelers news

    Very same steeler fans who wanted this guys head on a platter will now be praising him.... watch and see