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  1. Sandy Township Water/Sewage Bill

    If this community as a whole EVER wants to grow both Sandy Township and Du Bois have to form some consolidation of services. Since the township is the area with growth for business (employment) why would any company ever want to locate here with the water/sewage issue? There needs to be more working together between the two governments if they ever hope to bring some major employment companies here..
  2. Sandy Township Water/Sewage Bill

    Plus they charge you a minimum usage based on number of people in your household. So if you do use outside sources you are only helping by paying for water you are not using, they have you over a barrel. But if you think about it, how many are paying a minimum usage every month? And if they are then they are paying for sewage that isn't going into the system, which makes the high overflow even more shocking.
  3. drug deal

    Once they see camera they are never seen again... Once I setup a camera here never had them around again
  4. drug deal

    Can get away from the Police faster if they are outside... besides I have talked o the cops a few times about this type of thing happening by my shop in clear view and unless they see it happening nothing they can do is what I was told.
  5. Well this months billing came and my total was $98.25 for two adults, of which $29.50 was the I&I surcharge (almost a 1/3 of the bill). Our bill last month before our daughter moved out was $87.75! So one less shower a day and two loads of laundry a week equal more usage?
  6. That's our little girl in the pink dress.... my wife put her in the dress since it was national dog day. She really doesn't like the dress though... LOL
  7. BMP Systems will be doing our Half Price computer labor (sorry not parts) with a donation of a 15lb or more dog or cat food to the Gateway Humane Society in Falls Creek. How this works is you get half off your labor portion of your repair bill on your PC, just bring in the bag of food when you pick up your computer. Examples of pricing: Virus/Spyware Removal: $37.50 from $75 Reinstallation of Operating System: $47.50 from $95 (plus sales tax)... If you would like to get your computer cleaned up, just give us a call at 814-371-3881 or just stop by and drop it off at 1263 Maple Avenue in Du Bois, Pa.
  8. We couldn't do it without our great customers! A BIG THANK YOU goes out to all of them!
  9. BMP Systems Inc has a new load of goodies for the Gateway Humane Society in Falls Creek. Thanks to all of our customers who have taken advantage of our computer repair special.
  10. OMG... now you want to fight people over baseball fights! For as long as I can remember watching baseball there has been brawls, accused throwing at heads/body and etc.
  11. There at usually a few bench clearing brawls a year in the MLB... Really can't use it as the pulse of the nation
  12. Old computers??

    Notice they are charging you to take the items
  13. Old computers??

    No problem.... we are always here to help
  14. Old computers??

    Just bring them to BMP Systems at 1263 Maple Avenue, we will take care of them.
  15. Frequent unwanted calls

    I get at least 3 a day on my cell phone and here at the shop we get 10 a day... pretty learned that if the caller ID says city and state it is a scammer.