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  1. I have a Arsenal and well trained on how to use each one. Someone comes to my shop they had better think twice! Some on this board thinks it fine that THUGS destroy peoples property and livelihood’s, I was always told NOT to touch things they weren’t mine. But here again I was raised by men that served in our military and taught me respect!
  2. I see Trump labeled antifa as a terrorist organization as well.
  3. https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/private-security-guard-disarms-man-who-took-rifle-from-police-vehicle-at-seattle-protest
  4. Here is some of the protest you are supporting... beating a woman with a 2x4! Also looking for the video of the thug that removed a AR15 from a police cruiser that was luckily disarmed by a off duty ARMED security guard before he could go on a shooting spree! https://defensemaven.io/bluelivesmatter/news/video-rioters-beat-woman-with-two-by-fours-after-she-asked-them-to-stop-T3zIoDpXP0KESbOK2rkqDw
  5. So you condone the destruction of businesses and property of individuals and companies that had nothing to do with incident in MN? Sorry but protesting does not involve looting, rioting and destruction of private property, once they start doing that the point they were trying to make becomes mute!
  6. And how many people or businesses did the armed protesters attack? But yet the protesters in MN went beyond protesting and starting looting businesses that had NOTHING to do with the issue at hand.
  7. The Warehouse Bar at the corner of Shaffer and Maple.
  8. We already lost one bar/restaurant last week when they announced they were closing for good. It is hard enough for a business to be closed for a month, we are at almost 2 1/2 months now.
  9. If PA can’t handle the unemployment claims how are they going to handle people voting by mail? There is still people that haven’t gotten any money almost 2 months after they filed. I didn’t trust our government before and now after I trust them even less. If the FBI can get infected with politics do you really believe our people that handle our elections can’t be infected? If we can go to Lowe’s, Martins, giant eagle and etc we can sure as h go out and vote!
  10. Just in our area alone I am hearing we are going to lose about a 1/3 of our bar/restaurants and about the same number of “gestapo Wolfe’s” non-essential businesses because of all these.
  11. Shocker you don’t like a Republican’s opinion, but follow ANY thing the Democrats tell you.
  12. Jeff


    How many are Democratic controlled states?
  13. He is just following the democrats lead and spreading the fear...
  14. Why are we told to be six feet apart and to wear mask but yet every time I have seen our government have a presser to tell us what to do they aren't leading by example? Remember these are the people claiming this is so contagious, but yet stand shoulder to shoulder... including their medical expert!
  15. Got to keep the sheep in line....
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