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  1. Jeff

    school board

    Didn't say in the middle of town. But if the Osburne buildings go to the city and the school district that would be two less properties paying school taxes. How many houses did the city take to build the additions to shower fields? Wasn't that long ago that we had manufacturing jobs here without all the fell good add attractions. Might also add why is it so wrong to be concerned about how money is spent in the town I live in? What else do we need? We got numerous golf courses, hotels, boating, PA wilds, and etc... oh and numerous ballfields. Meanwhile we have stores closing, lots of empty storefronts both in town and at the mall. I was told back when the new school was built that IT WOULD attract business, what has it resulted in?
  2. Jeff

    school board

    When it comes to the decision of renovate or build new I think it should be put on a ballot after numerous public meetings and letting the public know the pros and cons of both choices. Actually I think their needs to be a dollar amount set for when items needs put on a ballot. This day and age of digital information there is no reason EVERY school district should have a set dollar amount before something is put on a ballot. Maybe also throw in anything requiring a loan to do.
  3. Jeff

    school board

    Only just starting. With Osborne’s selling the dealership to Johnson’s the body shop was wanted for the property. The city wants the dealership for a parking lot for the ballfields. With DuBois being a low income area you would think bringing a good paying factory here would be more important than this stuff. The way we build non business items around here you would swear we are a very wealthy city.
  4. What is wrong with people? The man attempted to rob someone's house and got killed, but yet somehow people want to pay respects to the person in the wrong. The reaction of the homeowner was a direct result of the action of the crook. How many other times has this person rob someone and got away with it?
  5. I always laughed at the animal. Think his favorite was chief J Strongbone, think it was because grandpa was full blooded Indian.
  6. Used to watch him with my grandpa when I was out there. He really like Bruno.
  7. Jeff

    Public Transportation ??

    A taxi service would be more dependent on every day travel. Not sure how tourism and the ball fields got brought into the thread. But IMO the people that need transportation the most already have the buses that would be cheaper. Any business needs steady business not just a few weekends a month.
  8. Jeff

    Post Office

    Wasn’t that long ago there was talk of mail only being delivered 5 days a week. But now they are delivering 7 days a week.
  9. http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2018/04/15/full-metal-jacket-actor-r-lee-ermey-dies-at-age-74.html RIP Mr Ermey
  10. IMO... the moderator needs to be completely non-political and not see things from one party or the other's side.
  11. Jeff

    More Kmart, Sears Close

    They should of been the amazon of today. Their business model back in the catalog days was a lot like the internet of today. IMO the CEO’s failed this company and were concerned about their own pockets than their shareholders
  12. Here is a idea to bring back the debate. make any posters have to use their real name and their avatar be a photo of them, bet that would drop 90% of the fighting.
  13. How bad is it when adults need supervised? Pretty sad humans can’t treat people with a ounce of respect. As for the comment that godubois would not exist if it weren’t for poster, farthest from the truth. Godubois exists because business pay to advertise on here, where posters don’t pay a cent. BTW anyone against or thinks it needs ran another can freely develope their own website and how your own policies.
  14. Just a good example why the board is gone.
  15. I applaud his decision, it is a debate forum not a who can throw the biggest insult. In the end the godubois website is a business and these people acting like children can damage this business. And since it is his time, effort and MONEY it is his decision to make.