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  1. You are going to have to first number the questions and then be very to the point... or the snake will try to slither around them!
  2. So the Democratic leaders that are supporting these riots and destruction of monuments have been in office for how long? 30... 40 years maybe longer and all the sudden this is number importance even surpassing COVID? They didn’t do or say anything against this before. This whole year has been about causing anarchy in the name of victory!
  3. Yet another needless murder... what is the percentage of released due to COVID convicts that commit murder when released? Safe bet it is much higher than COVID deaths! But maybe the liberal states are listing these deaths as COVID causes since they are in a sense and we all know how Dems love to play in that gray area!
  4. Yeah like no Democrats or Republicans.... time for it to be about the citizens and not the party!
  5. Horse crap.... you are a lover of the Democratic baby killers and have been for as long as I have been on this board! But here again Democrats always lie so I wouldn’t expect anything else from you! The other leaders you are referring to wouldn’t happen to be the Democratic governors that sent COVID patients to nursing homes is it? You know putting the virus in with the people to most likely contract and die from the virus! Could that be why nursing home deaths in the states that FORCED nursing homes to take it positive cases had the highest number of nursing home deaths due to the virus?
  6. Sorry you can not play that card, your very own Democratic governors have said that masks and social distancing are here till a vaccine is available. So in other words there is/was no way to stop the virus from coming here to begin with. Unless of course we want to go back to who wanted to close our borders and control who/what was coming into this country, then it would be the Democrats that was 100% against doing so and fought it. The person responsible for a innocent person death is who gave permission for this murderer to be released!
  7. Maybe if Wolf didn't send COVID patients to nursing homes that would of saved a lot of lives too! Even his medical expert pulled their mother out of the home right before the order....
  8. But yet you thought it was great that someone else spoke up against the naming! Trying to change a company's opinion!
  9. Jeff


    They spent good money on politicians to be able to sell beer, so they need to make the best of it!
  10. OMG did you just question our godubois expect?
  11. People already have a hard enough time driving... now they are going to be wearing goggles too!
  12. Oh no you did see it... conman posted and now probably deleted it...
  13. That was basically my point... if this is the number on the PA site then it needs to be checked because it is no possible...
  14. Please read my response to polo...
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