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  1. I have the Amish guy from golden yoke to do my shop roof the end of the month.
  2. And the Democrats want 16 year olds to be able to vote. And the king Democrat on here just showed the hypocrisy of the Dems.
  3. Jeff


    Pappy’s, that was quite a while ago. Still in Johnstown.
  4. Jeff

    Car batteries

    Definitely have your charging system checked.... Interstate batteries are usually pretty good and last, but like everything out there can have a bad one once in a while. Plus that extreme cold we had will test even the best battery.
  5. Nikon, the reason the demon is not allowed in the NHRA is because does not have a roll cage. A roll cage is now required on vehicles going 9.99 second in the quarter and faster. We actually had to add my features to our roll cage when we broke into the 8.49 area. Plus anyone wanting to run in the NHRA has to have a competition license as well. In the past few years all three brands have been very active in the factory stock class in the NHRA. Chevrolet came back into the mix with the COPO Camaro when it came back and Ford has had the Cobra Jet program going on since 2008. Dodge has had a few Challenger's running and have been playing catch up with the other 2 brands. Last race of the year last year there was a COPO that did 8.074 quarter and the Cobra Jet did 8.12.
  6. Bet if it was a bill to raise their pay or retirement it would of been done ASAP!
  7. Or possibly his agent told him to, probably along the lines of if he wants millions a year he has to do this.
  8. Our age is starting to show there commander!
  9. I do remember some names of the players in the picture though.
  10. Thankfully i was on another team...... the hawks.
  11. Ah now commander are you trying to embarrass some of us?
  12. We would go to Baileys for ice cream after the game...
  13. Now don't go showing my team picture on here, I don't need to see my big butt on here!!! LOL
  14. I couldnt imagine it either... I do know I never thought about back talking him though! LOL
  15. My grandfather use to work in the Helvetia mines... his nickname was "the big ingun (not sure on spelling). He was 6' 11" tall and 350lbs. They use to have contests to see who had the longest span right index finger to left index finger while spread up against a wall.... guess he always won by at least a foot and a half!
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