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  1. Same answer for who was looking out for the American citizens first?
  2. Please show me where I am defending what happened in D.C... just one post that I did would be great. My point with the pic is that the left has been calling for and condoning violence for quite a while now and never once was the national guard called in even after a group took over few city blocks for a period of time. But yet when it happens close to home the national guard is called in and unarmed people are shot and killed.... and the left condones it... Heaven forbid it would of been a unarmed black woman because D.C would be burning today and they would let them do it. Rioters should only be shot by police if they are using deadly force towards the officers in question. I do not believe the police should have their hands tied like they have been for the past 8 months or so. If you are stupid enough to come after a officer or any other person for that matter, that person should protect themselves. Which party has been calling to remove money from Police budgets? Removing the police from having weapons? Then they act surprised when crime rates rise!
  3. You mean like we seen all summer from the Democrats?
  4. Sad to say but I think you are going to see more changes to the election process be proposed by the D’s and with control over the next 2 years there will be no stopping them.
  5. Ask yourself who polices the politicians...
  6. Our court system is a joke.... both state and federal levels. Judge's decisions are from their party affiliation and not the laws or constitution of either the state they work for or the federal government. Why do you think Democrats while Obama was in office loaded the federal courts with Democratic judges. Then turn around and complain because Trump appointed another SCOTUS that wasn't a Democrat. Now the Dems want to increase the number of SCOTUS judges so they can have them in their favor. Look at PA when our reps tried to stop Wolf he took it to a Democrat favored supreme court of PA and won his case along party lines. NO judge should be basing any of their decisions on what a party wants, I don't care what party either. We have a book of laws, a constitution and a bill of rights that define our guidelines. And I don't care what party you support everyone should be concerned about how our whole legal system is going right now.
  7. Isn't it funny how we were forced to watch months of "peaceful protests" where businesses were destroyed, federal building was looted and vandalized, a large chunk of city property was taken.... and when Trump even thought about the National Guard being called he was threatened and we were all told it was a abuse of power. Yesterday within 4 hours the national guard is called it! How many protesters were shot anj killed by the police over the past 8 months? How many were shot and killed yesterday by the police?
  8. A take over of a few city blocks a peaceful take over as well?
  9. Burn it all down for all I care..... The left never once came out and condemned the destruction that took place over the summer... some Dems actually marched with protesters, even while we were supposed to be social distancing! To all you liberals out there, you reap what you sow!
  10. That was my thoughts as well... the landlord bought the building and at the very least has to maintain the building and some times they include utilities as well. Just look in our area where the landlord is responsible for the water and sewage even though they themselves did not use it. IMO the eviction freeze may help a small percentage of honest people but in the mostly I feel it would be abused. When my mom worked at the cable office families would keep getting service in a family members name when they got disconnected. Cable company finally remedied that situation.
  11. I would say there is more to this story. First they were evicted before the shutdowns hit, so I would assume their online business venture was not very supporting of their needs. Secondly the SBA is not going to give businesses loans that are not holding their own. Third if they were not paying into the unemployment system then they would not be able to collect unemployment from their business, but possibly could from their previous jobs if they didn't quit those jobs. Sounds like one of the parents should of started the online business while the other had a job to pay the bills till the business was off the ground.
  12. The last 4 years has just proven to me that OUR elected officials definitely feel like THEY are above the laws that we the people HAVE to obey. Plus that they are ALL the most corrupt individuals in the world but yet police themselves! If anything EVERYONE should be appreciative of Trump's efforts to expose this corruption to US and fight for US.....
  13. The Dems are about filling their pockets and their family members pockets with money!
  14. So once again you defend corruption... just like I told watoos, if you would change the names in this story to Trump you and him would be b!tching to no end!
  15. Do you know how many times I have asked the same thing and no response at all!
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