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  1. Just seeing this and you have another prayer warrier that will be lifting Faith in fervent prayer. She has defied odds before and God will see her through to do it again.
  2. Not our local nursing homes! No residents in DuBois Nursing Homes have even tested positive, let alone death rates!
  3. This is new, so it's possible it just hasn't hit the news yet. I should edit my post, but just seems that nursing homes get picked on most!
  4. A Penn Highlands Home Health Nurse tested positive and it isn't on the front page nor anywhere in the news. Yet, DuBois Nursing Home discloses about their agency worker and it's front page news and tv news. Kudos to DuBois Nursing Home for your accountability to the public by disclosing. The media likes to pick on nursing homes and protect the mighty Penn Highlands.
  5. Just thinking... With as many the cases being reported, wouldn't you think everyone would know someone or have a personal connection to someone who knows someone that had coronavirus? Everyone has personal connections with people with cancer, people with heart disease, those with diabetes, alzheimers, and those families that have tragedies as suicide. I have many circles of people I know, professionally and friends in the area and outside of the area, urban and city. They say there is only so many degrees of separation between you and everyone else. Yet, with the exception of the one on the front page news (that I do not personally know), I do not know a single person that has been diagnosed, or even heard of people talk about knowing, i.e. my sister's aunt, my friend's uncle, my neighbor's grandfather, etc... Is anyone in this readership able to report they personally have connections with anyone diagnosed? I just find it strange. Also strange that the number of people that die from cigarettes, and a number of other things reported elsewhere, is significantly higher and they haven't shut the country down for any of those. Is there possibility that we may have more severity from emotional breakdowns that will be more tragic than what the coronavirus actually caused?
  6. Are there any Dental offices still open?
  7. Please save the date and plan to attend the 2019 Performing Hearts Concert and Dinner in support of Haven House Shelter! Haven House provides not only shelter to our area homeless, but also the resources and support they need to make it on their own. $25 ticket includes a delicious Luigi's dinner, entertainment from Root2Fifth and Bad Hats Daddy O's, and chance available to win valuable baskets and prizes. Tickets available at Christ the King Manor reception desk, or call 814-771-0117 for other locations. Also available at the door until sold out.
  8. until
    K Swisher Flyer.doc
  9. RSVP is needed by Weds. Nov 6 because the Country Club needs a count of how many to prepare for. I hope you will consider attending. Should be a fun night, good food and for a good cause!
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