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  1. hipower

    Main Street project nearly done

    The old city dump site is up behind Dr.Doolittle's. A little south and east of his development. Access is off 219 on top of the hill between Hawbaker's complex and Dr. Doolittle's. Pretty sure it gated off, but the city may allow access if asked. I know some people who hunt on the property, but can't say they have asked for permission.
  2. hipower

    Sauerkraut on Tuesday?

    It is claimed that the Pa Dutch brought sauerkraut to the US and contrary to Petee's way of making it in a matter of days they claim 6-8 weeks for the Pa Dutch kraut. Since I'm a consumer, not a creator, I have no knowledge of how long it takes, just how quickly it gets eaten.
  3. hipower

    franks pizza??

    You got it Billy. Eagles Club upstairs, Rec Center bowling downstairs. Metropolitan Life was on the corner of East Long and North Stockdale. That building was owned by Cletus Heller back then. He stored a pretty nice collection of cars in the basement.
  4. hipower

    franks pizza??

    Wish I could tell you, but I can't even remember the elk, with or without lights. Mr. D is pretty good at this memory stuff, maybe he will know.
  5. hipower

    Age of posters

    You are both young for your age. When we look at others of similar age and hardly recognize them as being our age it feels pretty good.
  6. hipower

    Age of posters

    My surprise was more from knowing many people 70+ who don't even know how to spell computer, let alone be active in a message forum. YMMV
  7. hipower

    franks pizza??

    That was one of my first jobs. Always hated the guys who took delight in trying to chase me out of the pit. Setting two alleys was a hustle, there were several times where someone didn't show and you had to set all four. Needless to say you couldn't keep up and some of the bowlers were bitchin a blue streak. Fun times and fond memories.
  8. hipower

    Age of posters

    6 of 15 so far are over seventy. That's a little surprising.
  9. hipower

    franks pizza??

    Vern Howey had a gas station there, but I don't know if there was something there between it and the UniMart.
  10. hipower

    franks pizza??

    While we're tripping down memory lane I'm sure some here remember Little Times Square and the Twin Oaks south of town.
  11. hipower

    franks pizza??

    I knew they were in the basement of the Gray building, but for some reason I thought there was another name for that restaurant at one time. I'm probably confused.
  12. hipower

    franks pizza??

    Osmond's, on Dixon Ave where the firehouse is now, maybe?
  13. hipower

    franks pizza??

    Before the Army Reserve Center moved over to Hillcrest the Hitching Post is the building they were in. Beside them there was some kind of a trampoline business where you paid to jump around. It was short lived and eventually became the McDonald's site. Then we had the original burger joint of fast food, Winky's. Where Goodwill is now there was a Goodyear tire and service center, Mike's Sunoco and the previously mentioned Colonial Restaurant. The Colonial was an old glazed block structure for years and was lost to a fire. Then rebuilt as its final look of a nice white sided structure.
  14. hipower

    franks pizza??

    Wasn't the name Osmond?