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  1. hipower

    Ponderous Ponderings

    Well you stirred up my feeble brain and I went Googling your cited biblical reference. I'm as confused as before which really says nothing new. One revelation that was comical was the depiction of the behemoth described in Wikipedia. It strangely looked like a Democratic politician. Maybe I should fear for my sanity, if I had any to fear for, which has always been questionable.
  2. It has been a difficult area to develop since utilities (water and sewage) were not available for a long time. Since Snappy's went in that has changed somewhat. The east side of the road presents another problem with the RR crossing and wetlands being the primary deterrents.
  3. hipower

    sprinkler systems for high rise buildings

    Several years ago as part of my work I was involved with the Pa Builders Assn. and by association many local builders/contractors. During that time the debate over sprinkler system requirements in new single family homes was a hot button issue. The estimates for systems at that time was $4-5,000 in new construction and over double that for retrofitting existing homes with what was considered normal access. Difficult installs could have exceeded $20, 000 based on local contractor estimates. Several contractors building new homes at that time offered optional sprinkler systems as part of their proposals to interested customers. Not a single prospective customer elected to install a system. While we all feel badly when someone is injured or dies for any reason are we willing, in every case of risk to life, to legislate every decision a person may make that includes a risk. Personally I'm not. Others may not agree, but that is part of individual freedom which is often part of assuming risk.
  4. Perfect area for a CB. Their location selection department would be in heaven at exit 101. They could have their choice of sites where the facility can be seem from the interstate, but access is via two or three side roads that twist and turn like a slalom course. The ideal site would be behind Snappy's where no other business has ever succeeded and there is no current access. For the record, I like and frequently seek out CB's when traveling, especially in the motor home, since the have RV parking.
  5. Applying some logic to our collective thoughts it would seem that possibly this passed the House several years ago and was widely reported at that time. But apparently did not pass the Senate. Assuming that is true (a dangerous thing) does it now have to return to the House for passage or agreement again or is it in fact a law now?
  6. It always makes me wonder about people who are this stupid. Buy or build near a airport or racetrack and then complain about the noise or the dirt or the traffic, etc. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Done ranting.
  7. hipower

    Ponderous Ponderings

    After the consumption of several cups of coffee and appropriate numbers of raisin cookies my previously stunted brain seems to be coming back online. We'll have to wait and see what emerges.
  8. hipower

    Hey Grandpa, What's For Supper?

    I completely ignored the counsel of my friendly medical professional last night. I had chicken wings, fries and beer with a cigarette chaser. That works well with quit smoking and lose weight.
  9. How would you get to the car wash without violating the law?
  10. hipower

    Ace Hardware

    I was told yesterday, although I've not confirmed, that they have retained the previous hardware operation's phone number. Would seem a good business move in my feeble thinking.
  11. hipower

    Ponderous Ponderings

    Like many here, my addled brain has many ponderous questions rambling through it clogging up relatively sane thoughts at times. But this morning, and for the life of me, my sleep deprived thinker will not allow any thoughts to emerge, sane or otherwise, with one exception. If God created the heavens and the earth and all things in it, why don't I recall any mention in the Bible, or my admittedly limited religious teachings, of dinosaurs? There seems to be adequate proof of their existence, but they have curiously avoided any mention in the big book of God.
  12. hipower

    Ponderous Ponderings

    It would appear you are quickly approaching the point where 'you might need tenure'.
  13. Quite true, and here again the country will possibly be divided about evenly when deciding if this professor crossed the line into abuse of speech. I say 'yea', you and some others will say 'nay'. Never to reach a consensus. While far from conclusive or scientific, it seems as though most here lean toward her being abusive in her speech.
  14. Totally agree that all jobs are not comparable. The problem I have with this particular case is that the professor brought her employer into her statements thereby opening the possibility of economic harm and possible reduction of the schools reputation . At that point I don't believe it matters one iota what your job is or was. She made her public statements, with the full protection of the first amendment, her employers problem too. She doesn't need the protection of tenure to allow her to say what she wants. She needs that tenure to protect her from being held responsible for any losses incurred by the school as a result of her speech. With the seemingly extreme liberal nature of most schools of higher education today this may be much ado about nothing. For me, I'll do what I can to refrain from biting the hand that feeds me.
  15. I love the schools deferral by saying she made the comments as a private citizen, not as a school employee. That may hold water until she brings up where she works and that she can't be fired. Then it becomes the schools problem also. JMO I may be old fashioned or even delusional, but when I was employed and making public statements or moving around my territory, I always felt that I was representing my employer.