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  1. He tackled a deer one night. It's too long a story for here, but if you remind me next week I'll share the long version. It'll be more interesting than talking politics.
  2. When I see how many of the political mailings never get out of the post office when people pick up their mail, I wonder how effective these mail ads really are. Even when they actually make it into our homes how many people do more than sort through them and put them in the trash? Of course that rolls right into the TV ads that run constantly. Do people actually watch them and are they influenced by them?
  3. I knew Red quite well. We traveled together many times over the years and I would be amazed by his antics, often. Although many of the stories have been embellished over the years with being told many times, most of them are still pretty close to accurate. As local characters go, he was right up there with the best of them. In the calmer days of his life he was one heck of a parts guy at Bob Cole Trucking.
  4. Nothing but political grandstanding. Just makes him look even more foolish than he already does.
  5. I look at that every time I go north or south on 77, but always decide it's probably not worth the extra miles. From Statesville south or Rock Hill north you've already dealt with the most of the traffic so the benefit seems moot. Going through on 85 may be better, but I have no recent experience going that way. Timing is the best way to reduce the battle of commuter traffic, otherwise it's just typical city driving. Keep in mind, my opinion isn't normal. I've driven in almost every major city in the country, from Boston and NYC to LA. In tractor trailers and on motorcycles and about everything in between. It's just traffic, you deal with it and move on.
  6. Can't answer for MIM, but as someone who has voted for candidates with absolutely zero chance of being elected, I will settle for peace of mind. It's not much, but it's all I've got. My mind, that is.
  7. Just an upstanding citizen who got a little outside the box.
  8. You know it can't possibly be true if it wasn't in the NT Times or on CNN/MSNBC, etc.
  9. But she is only charged with two misdemeanors. That's barely criminal according to some people. WTF ????
  10. Not the primary or only reason, but certainly a part of why I don't like early voting. I actually enjoy going to the polls in person and look forward to it. As an afterthought, if we are going to continue mail-in voting (which I'm sure we will) I would like to see a window of time added to the process. Maybe limited to postmarks no more than five days prior to the actual election day and none after election day.
  11. I'm sure you have heard both the good and the bad for years. After all it's a "Family Tradition". I've met some of your kinfolk, both on and off the job. They're all good folks doing a tough job.
  12. Only part time for me. I'm not a complete convert, but it's a little easier not to be the outlier in the mid part of FL since it is pretty much Yankee land south in the winter. Not a lot of natives, even the ones who have become full time residents are imports.
  13. I'd certainly be very nervous shooting someone running away and pointing a gun at me. A hole in the back isn't a good thing in the public opinion arena.
  14. I'm with you on type, but have no need for your plasma. If I suddenly need some I'll give you a call on my way down I-77 and I-26.
  15. Based on history, not long. There are ways to make much better repairs, but it would take much longer and cost considerably more than the railroad and the public are willing to accept.
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