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  1. Over on the Debate forum there is a discussion of gun owner responsibility and liability. This is a classic case of a gun owner who is criminally liable for his actions and should be prosecuted for manslaughter, at least. Shooting through a door and not identifying his target is criminally negligent behavior in anyone's view.
  2. Kudos where due obviously. I can only wonder if there was an issue with keeping a Port-A-John clean, how will they be able to do any better with a more permanent restroom?
  3. First name seems right, but I can't say that the last one works. Maybe maiden vs married? You know I'm old and this was almost a week ago, right? I have a hard time remembering what day of the week it is anymore, but maybe that's because I rarely need to know. Baby pics are very nice by the way.
  4. You're right, I was being more sarcastic than my comment seemed.
  5. Maybe just charge admission for the athletic events at all of the new/renovated fields.
  6. Surely you're not serious. Today it costs $.25 per hour to park at most metered parking in the City and not paying that results in a ticket for $5.00. The increase to $.50 per hour for parking with an increase to $15.00 for not paying is probably overdue. Not that I agree, but it doesn't really matter if we don't break the rule and actually pay to park. I'm a scofflaw when it comes to parking meters and actually paying and I can't tell you the last time I got a parking ticket in DuBois. I did get one in St.Marys about 15 years ago and it was a lot more than $5.00 back then. If we don't pay and get a parking ticket over $.25 per hour we are bigger fools than I thought. At a cost of about $.50 per mile you can't drive around the block for a quarter, so driving elsewhere just because it is free to park is pointless.
  7. Somehow we have made a leap to complete consolidation from a suggestion that our local governments might want to explore building a common government operations building. That seems to me to me a very small step as Petee says while possibly being good for the majority of area residents. There was no suggestion of anyone losing jobs or their identity as separate governments. Could those things happen over time, absolutely. But continuing into eternity supplying duplicate services for the minimal population we have is a fools game. Big T looks at St Marys as an example and it is an excellent one. That area is very much the same as we are and have merged things successfully and are better for the effort. I'm too old to give a rats backside where this goes, but I also can't see any detriment to the possibility of having all government functions housed in one building or complex.
  8. It is an idea that deserves to be explored. Since Falls Creek is now tied into the City's water and sewer systems it might make some sense to bring them into the conversation. The land mass of Falls Creek is contiguous with Sandy Township also, so again something to be considered.
  9. Accidents of this type happen more often than most of us realize. A little bit of knowledge coupled with just an ounce of common sense helps. Unfortunately some parents lack both, regardless of their age. I wonder if parents who know they should anchor these types of furniture to the wall hesitate to do so if they reside in a rental home, where putting holes in the walls is discouraged, or even in violation of a lease?
  10. Chicken, bacon, ranch salad @ Firehouse Pizza. Very good, and very large serving. Sadly I can't recall our server's name, and she was outstanding. She came with a good background though, since she was originally from Scattertown and knows Bon and her Hubby.
  11. I shouldn't laugh, since I'm well into the over 65 generation, and understand the problem. But that was still funny.
  12. As a responsible gun owner/purchaser these are the laws I expect to see enforced with the maximum penalty, regardless of prior criminal history. Too often that isn't the case.
  13. I graduated in 1965 and have no memory of it being called anything but Mansell Stadium.
  14. I never heard of Pancoast being over toward Wayne Road. I lived in a house on the corner of the crossroad of Rt. 950 and Pancoast Road about 65-68 years ago that is no longer there, and recall Pancoast being along 950 only. I'll have to go back a lot further in history to see if there were any houses between 950 and Wayne Road since I don't recall any ever being there. There were a few the other direction, toward the Smithtown Road and some have been built in that area since. There are a number of houses that have been built on the back side of the old Fred Smith farm in the last 20 years or so that are accessed off of that road also.
  15. There were reports over the past 6-8 months along the I-75 corridor in Florida of people pumping large quantities of diesel fuel into vehicles which would have never held that much or in several cases were not diesel fueled vehicles. All were caught by station attendants because they were using multiple credit/debit cards because of limits on purchases at the pumps. In every case the cards were cloned or stolen also. Seemingly this has been going on for some time and the station attendants have been schooled by losing many gallons in the past so they have become far more watchful for this scam. Many of the vehicles had been modified with extra tanks and could easily haul the weight. Some had transfer pumps installed so they could offload their fuel, often selling it to truckers along the roadside. It would be very appealing to fuel up my motorhome for $1.00 a gallon instead of $3.50. That would save about $450 each way from here to Florida and back.
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