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  1. I have used Alexander Surveying in Falls Creek numerous times over the years. Completely satisfied with what they did for me and have no reservations recommending them.
  2. Congratulations Billy. Welcome to the world of us old farts who have lots of time to get onto the trouble we missed growing up.
  3. We ordered from there last week and it was quite good. Online ordering and everything was quite tasty. They were a bit overwhelmed in their ordering system, both by phone and online, so the slow start due to the virus situation may be a blessing. Allowing them time to get their feet on the ground.
  4. There aren't many things dumber than tourists who place themselves in precarious positions around wild animals. We see it often here in the elk range too. It makes me wonder how they manage to live to be adults.
  5. I just bought a pair of these last winter. Won't get a chance to return them until we go back to FL again since they're in the shed down there.
  6. Seems that there are many towns and/or townships that have opened all or some of their roads to off road vehicles. Obviously PA has not done so statewide, and probably never will. As for road taxes, we don't pay road taxes for our cars, that only applies to larger trucks. We all pay fuel taxes on every gallon we purchase and that gallon doesn't care if it powers a car, an atv or a lawn mower.
  7. Locally the DuBois American Legion and VFW both took care of the cemeteries they always do. Don't know the source of their flags, but they stood tall, as always. Proud to be a member of both.
  8. hipower

    Ohio Reopens

    The whole idea that a home made mask or one designed to filter dust in a body shop is anything more than an emotional crutch is ridiculous. If wearing one makes someone feel good that's fine, but don't expect everyone to follow down that flower lined path when they are not convinced that wearing a low grade mask is good for their health. Does everyone wipe down their daily newspaper, or every piece of mail that comes into their homes? Maybe they place it all in a sealed container in a dark room for 72 hours to make sure nothing has suddenly attached itself to those things. Do the people who wear their masks while driving alone in their cars wear their masks 24/7 even while at home? You never know when a door may open and a bug will suddenly dash into your home and infect you. At my age and knowing all of the things I have lived through, I refuse to spend one second worrying about this bug being the reason why my next breath may be my last. Just the stress of worrying could be the reason why I die, but not worrying will eliminate that possibility as much as wearing any mask.
  9. hipower

    Need Haircut

    You do notice that he doesn't look like he's in desperate need of a haircut. It's too much political theater and too little real facts based on widely agreed upon science. This whole charade has been, and continues to be a learn as you go program. That doesn't mean it isn't real. It simply means that between the politics involved and the extreme reporting by every media source in the country, that people are acting as if simply living among people will suddenly wipe out the human race.
  10. hipower

    Ohio Reopens

    Never put someone down for expressing their opinion, even when you don't agree. You may learn something in the process of deeper discussions with those who have differing opinions.
  11. hipower

    Ohio Reopens

    Let's follow up on this and jaman's original question, re: pies. I looked at some reviews of Donna's and although they have an overall 4.5 star rating there were enough negative reviews that I was a little concerned. They only show one pie in/on their web site. A apple pie ala mode, which to me would be nothing special. Their big push seems to be for their burgers and shakes along with a mac and cheese dish that gets mixed reviews. There were several mentions of the prices being on the high side. Since I'm inherently cheap, I'm not sure what high priced is anymore. There were also several mentions of slow or poor service. Not totally unusual these days, it seems. But another cause for concern, in my opinion. Admittedly, it has been several years since we've visited. We used to travel to the races at Sharon Speedway several times a year and Donna's or Quaker Steak and Lube were our go to stops on the way out. I guess, at this point I'll just have to hope the racing season will get going and we'll have to try it again for ourselves this year. If all of that happens, I'll try to remember to update my report.
  12. hipower

    Ohio Reopens

    That's a good question. But I can't say for sure since I'm not a big pie eater and have never had any there. Like you, I think every diner has great pies though. I'm not sure they could be called diners if they didn't.
  13. Does the Tacoma still ride like a sled, or has that improved recently? I've always had trucks because I hauled stuff, until I retired. Now it is just our primary vehicle, and hauls groceries more than anything. But there is always something that a pickup can do that a car can't. In all honesty, I'm just too cheap to replace my Silverado. Today's prices are insane. My niece just bought a new 3/4 ton Silverado that stickered over $70k. I've bought new motorhomes for less than that, and I could live in it.
  14. We need to send LFG over there to investigate. We need details.
  15. This entire paragraph raises many questions for me. If residents/patients who were positive prior to admission by directives of the government, are those the only people dying in these facilities from the virus? If not, how did it spread from locked down units to the general population? Why didn't the nursing personnel and other staff have sufficient PPE? What do they use during cold and flu season to keep residents from becoming infected? For profit businesses who fail in their jobs to protect their clients isn't doing their job. Shouldn't the management and ownership of these facilities know enough to stock PPE items and equipment, in adequate amounts to meet any need? Why is it suddenly the job of government to cover for a business that didn't do the job it is expected to do? I could go on, but why bother? Those who expect someone else to be responsible for their safety will never understand.
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