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  1. Apparently Verizon is just as slow at TL. But I'm old and slow so I probably don't care. If you want to stream things it is obviously an issue. Sadly the only other choice here is Zito, who has many service interruptions and complete failures for long periods of time in many areas. Guess I'll just be old and slow.
  2. Maybe the day will come when we can vote remotely. At least for absentee votes.
  3. Absentee ballots aren't as seamless as they need to be. Several years ago we were out of state and applied for absentee ballots. Getting approved was no problem. The problem arose when the ballots arrived via mail far too close to the deadline for the ballots to be completed and returned in time. While I can't positively say our ballots arrived late, based on the window of time for postal delivery to Clearfield I am comfortable saying it is a pretty solid bet they couldn't get there in time to be valid.
  4. Quite true, but the straight party votes were still a large factor. In conversations with several folks much closer to this particular race last night they expressed the opinion that there were several cases where Shaw prosecuted people who, along with their families and supporters, were another factor in swaying previous support for Shaw. True, or not, the results are what they are.
  5. Tuesday we saw where straight party voters carried the vote for DA in Clearfield County. It is sad that the only thing that allowed that change was party voters, in my opinion.
  6. Hasn't that always been the way parties operate?
  7. Which makes a good argument for eliminating straight party voting, IMO.
  8. In some cases, but in life we are expected to concede to the majority.
  9. Kudos to your daughter. She is obviously one of the students who did well in school and continues to do so. What your, and her, experience doesn't say about our school district, or any school district, is far more simple. There are best in class and worst in class. For every student who does well there are others who don't reach the same level. There are half above average and the same number below average. What many people never think about is possibly very important when it comes to education. How good is that person who graduated last in class? Is that person your doctor or lawyer? Maybe your children's teacher. The opposite is sometimes true also. The best in class when it comes to book education may be worst in class when it is time to apply that education to the real world uses it supposedly trained someone for.
  10. And yet we live in a world where "the majority rules" is a way of life.
  11. I often do for several days, but this time I got it yesterday morning when I went for the paper.
  12. hipower


    You people scare me. I can't remember what I ate for dinner last night and you can remember movies from years ago. I must need my brain rewired, or maybe I'm the norm and all of you are just wasting brain cells.
  13. While Treasure Lake was without power for 12 hours +/-, in most areas, I suspect it may have been even worse if Penelec/First Energy had not had crews working for over a month trimming trees away from the lines. I talked with one of the crews when they were working on our street and they said they are limited to trimming 15 feet from the line, regardless if they would see something that should be done further away. Don't know if that was a TL rule or the power company's. I was surprised last evening when talking with friends who live in town just off of Maple Avenue who still were without power.
  14. Yes I do. When we see an absolute minority of the population of the world who would choose a similar path in life I would say she was naive. Was she satisfied or fulfilled by her choices in life? I can't say, because I didn't know her. It's fairly obvious that the majority of the world hasn't followed her life path. Is the world wrong?
  15. hipower


    Were times really that different? Or is it more a case of parents hovering over and holding their kids hands feeding their own fears from the mass inundation of news that is meant to build ratings and revenues for those who spoon feed us daily? There were perverts around since the beginning of time. The kids knew who they were from their older friends more so than from their parents. There were hobo camps near every railroad where many kids actually went to see what was going on. In most cases their parents didn't have a clue and the kids didn't tell. Seems like parents have changed more than the times.
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