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  1. hipower


    You're assuming that someone might read it and comprehend it. That makes me smile.
  2. You have to feel ten pounds lighter since you got that off your mind. Go forth and save the world, it's a brighter day after that rant.
  3. Thought she worked for Matthews International, not Reynoldsville Casket. Regardless Reynoldsville Casket's manufacturing methods were not keeping up with the changing market and were keeping them from being more competitive. They made a good product but had production costs that were too high to compete with the lower priced manufacturers. They were in a tough spot and the market was getting tougher every year. Even Sam's Club offered caskets at one time and we can be sure they didn't come from Reynoldsville or Batesville, or maybe even anywhere in the US.
  4. Sadly they were struggling to keep up with the changing marketplace before 2010.
  5. hipower


    Don't know if it's karma, but it is certainly one less fool who won't require room and board along with free healthcare and legal fees paid by the taxpayers.
  6. It's a choice, but in my experience, not a better one. Since the ownership of Direct has moved to AT&T it is becoming far less desirable also.
  7. hipower

    Band cards

    In only one or two uses in most cases. Good cause and great bargain for the purchaser.
  8. hipower


    Pent up demand from Taco withdrawal syndrome. ????
  9. Lack of authority aside, when the Federal government wants to push the states to follow their will they do so under threat of withholding federal funds. I still believe that if a aircraft pilot is licensed federally then commercial driver's licenses should be federal also. Just for clarity, I don't want the federal government any deeper into my life, but I really do believe that a federal CDL requirement should result in a federal issued and administered license.
  10. That made me chuckle. A real oxymoron. Wouldn't it be a cauliflower salad, not a macaroni salad? Regardless, it sounds good.
  11. Things like this are extremely sad and in some cases may have been avoided by more vigilance in existing control systems. With this guys record it would seem that he may have been the type of person who would have continued to drive even if he had been suspended. It also raises another question. I've held a CDL since their inception many years ago, and have wondered why the commercial licensing wasn't a national program, like pilot licensing. I hate the thought of the federal government being involved, but this was a federal program from it's inception. Even doctors and nurses are licensed by the states and should possibly be nationwide. I can't say with any conviction that a national system would be any better, but could it be any worse?
  12. Not picking on Sweden, but we need to keep in mind that the population of Sweden is just shy of 10 million. Nearly 3 million less than the state of PA. Swedish citizens also enjoy a tax rate of 70%. While we applaud their environmental leadership in this case we also need to understand their problems in handling waste is much smaller than ours and they pay dearly for the way they do things.
  13. The overall stupidity of this is hilarious, but I wonder how she can be accused of theft if she ended up paying for the whole cake?
  14. Possibly because the supply can't be replaced at the same cost. But that is meaningless. The price to consumers is more dependent on the speculators in the commodities trading markets than any other realities of manufacturing the product.
  15. Thanks for the update Bon. I'm beyond words and wiping tears away. Keeping the FAITH.
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