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  1. hipower

    Hey Grandpa, What's For Supper?

    Good grief. My sugar went up 100 points just reading that.
  2. There goes five minutes of my life that will never be recovered, to say nothing of the mental trauma inflicted on my feeble brain. OMG
  3. hipower

    Sandy TWP Water and Sewage For Sale

    I won't defend the water quality from the Aqua system at TL except to say that it has improved greatly since the system was purchased by them. It still has a sulfur taste and odor and is dirty frequently. We can attribute the dirt to work being done on the lines as well as the poor condition of many of the lines which haven't yet been repaired or replaced. They have worked a lot every year repairing and replacing lines in many parts or TL and seemingly will continue to do so. Do I think they are a good company? In some respects yes, in others who knows. On the surface they purchased a system that was in poor condition and have worked to make it better. I know they smoke tested the sewer system and have worked on repairing and correcting what they found as a result. It is all still a work in progress so the results are somewhere in the future. For comparison sake, my monthly cost for water and sewage service from Aqua is in the $75-$80 range. The city and the township are both far behind in any needed repairs to both the water and sewage lines. With the township seemingly worse. The crisis, real or perceived, that the township faces is self created. They haven't invested in the upkeep of their sewage system and now are being billed for all of the I&I coming into the lines when the city meters what the township sends to the treatment plant. That has been a fairly recent change and the dollars involved are significant. Yet the township has not made any significant effort at repairing anything. They have pushed cameras through the lines to find problems, but have done nothing to reduce or eliminate the inflow problem. Really troubling to me is the question of the funds that the township stands to pocket from any sale of their system. After retirement of a reported seven million dollar debt for the water and sewage authority there will be five million dollars remaining. Since we are expected to believe that the system cannot be operated at a profit where does that money go? I would seem that it can't go into the general fund of the township. Does it get split between all of the system users and customers? Do we really expect the township to devise a formula for repayment to the users based on years of service and/or volume of usage? That's a pipe dream in any world. The city isn't a poster child in all of this either. They have had high quality water for years, since John DuBois made a deal with the federal government to pay for a water filtration plant in exchange for a right of way across the city watershed for I-80 many years ago. Their reservoir is in need of dredging according to reports as well as some questions regarding the condition of the dam itself. Things we hear very little about. They have recently added wells to the supply side of the water system and that may have some impact on the water quality in the coming years. When the city provides water and/or sewage services to an entity outside the city limits do they become just like a for profit company for that part of their operations or are they still required to operate on a non profit basis? The city is facing a major expense in the near future with replacing the sewage treatment plant which may have a big impact on their costs and their potential rates going forward. There are simply too many questions that are unanswered or not being discussed for any seemingly sane person to make a decision about an issue that will have long term implications for our area. I'm not on either system for water or sewage, but pay taxes in the township and don't believe they have made their case for selling at this point in time. Fight for grants or low interest loans, issue some bonds and do the repairs needed, like they should have done, instead of running away from the obligations to our residents.
  4. hipower

    A little info please

    Quite possibly galvanized pipe when installed. Surprised paint stuck well at all.
  5. hipower

    Band Cards!

    It doesn't take long to more than recover what you spend to buy one. Kudos to all of the participating businesses.
  6. hipower


    I agree. If the handle doesn't fit your hand you'll never use the tool if you have any choice. I've never tackled birds although I have several friends who do them quite well. I've seen some bird carvings by Rob Knouse (from DuBois) that are very nice in the show at Cook's Forest. My skills and tastes currently run more toward decorative spoons and animals other than birds.
  7. You were just old before your time.
  8. hipower


    Back when using hand tools was part of earning my living I followed your theory. Only buy the best you can afford. Usually S-K simply because I had a dealer cost deal with a company in Johnstown where we did a lot of business. The former Phillips Hardware in Falls Creek was also a dealer and offered some good deals on S-K products. We also had some dealer deals in-house that provided good opportunities for savings on tool purchase from Crescent, Proto and Klein, etc. Fast forward to retirement and another chapter in tool buying occurred. Woodcarving entered my life as a hobby and anyone who works with wood for any reason quickly finds that good sharp tools are absolutely required. Now I have a good assortment of mostly Flexcut knives and goughes which serve me well. (made in Erie, PA) Not quite the quality of some German and Swedish tools, but so close that my skills will never be hampered by the difference.
  9. hipower


    Many times that is the best answer. But over the years I've found my aim has gotten poorer and my fingers more delicate. Ergo, smaller hammer, better penetrants and more patience are easier on my aging body.
  10. hipower


    I have some better tools gathered up over the years, but when I found myself hauling tools from here to Florida every winter I started buying stuff from HF to fill out my needs for there so I reduced what I felt the need to transport stuff back and forth. I've pretty much filled my needs and now just visit HF if I really need something different than what I have or need to replace something that has wandered away. Usually when I'm down south I can find someone in the park who I can borrow about anything I don't have from. Otherwise HF visits are just wasting time. Trips to the liquor store are more productive at my age since even lower quality tools will outlast me.
  11. Just curious, who issues horse driving licenses? Or for that matter Amish buggy insurance.
  12. Obviously there will be some exceptions to this suggestion, but most people would be well served if they simply followed the advice given to me a while back.. Don't post anything on social media you wouldn't want your mother and grandmother to see. In my case, after 70 years my mother pretty much knows what kind of *$$ I am and probably would not be shocked by anything I've said or done. And I certainly don't have any need or desire to impress anyone anymore.
  13. hipower


    Aren't the majority of us oddly shaped?
  14. hipower


    I certainly can't speak for all men, but if a trip out of town and buying clothes doesn't include something more desirable you can count me out. Add in a visit to something like Olive Garden, Cracker Barrel or until recently Harbor Freight and you might entice me to tag along. Otherwise if I can't find what I want here I may buy something online, or just decide I don't need it at all.