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  1. hipower

    franks pizza??

    At the Keystone Restaurant.
  2. Kudos to the Steelers for not caving in on the money. I suspect there will be some team who will be willing to cough up for him next season, if he doesn't do something stupid before then. His injury and drug issues would be a concern for me if I was an owner. But other than being wealthy it's hard to say NFL owners are smart. Most times they are their own worst enemy.
  3. It's sad to see the icons of the sport pass away, but the calendar and the clock plays no favorites. Pearson was absolutely one of the greatest of all time in NASCAR. His record will seemingly stand for any foreseeable future. 105 wins in 574 starts gives him a 18.29 winning percentage compared to Richard Petty, his biggest rival, at 16.89%. Just for comparison the more recent stars are not close. Dale Earnhardt, Sr 11.2% Jeff Gordon 11.6% Jimmie Johnson 13.5% Kyle Busch 10.26% Richard Petty will forever be the King, but when it comes to the best ever it's hard not to say it was Pearson. RIP David.
  4. hipower

    Oscar Mayer Said A Hot Dog Is A Sandwich

    Sounds tasty, but sloppy.
  5. hipower

    1.5 billion South Carolina ticket unclaimed

    Hopefully he is mature enough to seek out honest, capable advisors, and follow their advice. And young enough to enjoy his life that has just become as comfortable as it could ever be through a stroke of luck.
  6. hipower

    Who's Jesse Porter?

    We'll give you naive Billy. It's often difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff when reading things on the internet. It seems we are all vulnerable at times.
  7. hipower

    Who's Jesse Porter?

    I've known Perry and Brad since junior high school. A little goofy? Yes, but hardly a one man army in either case.
  8. hipower

    Hey Grandpa, What's For Supper?

    You're eating high on the hog tonight. LOL I laugh, but I'm not a lot better some days.
  9. hipower

    Oscar Mayer Said A Hot Dog Is A Sandwich

    I've eaten a few over the years, but wouldn't call them exactly tasty. Some folks apparently like them since they are readily available, but there is no accounting for taste.
  10. hipower

    Rabies Shots

    I don't have any more info or insight than the average pet owner, but for the minimal cost and inconvenience I would err on the side of caution.
  11. hipower

    Oscar Mayer Said A Hot Dog Is A Sandwich

    Let's just grind that dog up and spread it on bread, then we have the infamous, unidentifiable "sandwich spread".
  12. hipower


    Now you've piqued my interest. We voted about the same time at TL and I really didn't pay a lot of attention to what number we were, but think we were in the mid 600's. So I took a couple minutes to look at the Clearfield County results. Clearfield County has 46,889 registered voters with 27,055 voting for a 57.7% turnout. Every precinct but one had well over 50% turnout. Sandy Twp. Falls Creek #2 with 32 registered voters had only 10 cast ballots for a 32.25% turnout. A quick run through of the results by precinct and I didn't see any cases of a winner that wasn't a Republican. Don't know if that is usually true or not. Just found it interesting. Huston Twp. has 815 registered voters and 456 voted. 55.95% Sandy Twp TL has 3432 registered with 2007 voting Tuesday for 58.48% turnout. I don't know if that is high or low historically, but the line to vote seemed about normal to me except two years ago the line was probably triple what we saw Tuesday. After all of that it doesn't change much in my life. I voted, the results are pretty much settled and life goes on. Back to your regularly scheduled reading.
  13. hipower

    “Paint the Plow” Contest Winners Announced

    Oops, appreciate you keeping me straight. I really should have known that, but my old addled brain must have been on a break.
  14. You wonder what or how someone who is seemingly "normal" suddenly goes right off the rails. If our only exposure to this guy is through this report and the picture included he could be the founder or a charter member of the Elk County Kooks Club. I shouldn't make light of serious things, but levity maintains my sanity.
  15. Sad story with a good component at the end. I feel sorriest for the child involved. It's really hard to understand how some people's minds think. Good guy with a gun ends a bad situation. Won't make more than a blip on the national news if the media remains true to form.