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  1. hipower

    Ashley HomeStore To Open At DuBois Mall

    I find that there are numerous choices within a reasonable driving distance of DuBois. I never give a thought to any one retailer having that big a share of the market. 80% is probably high as an estimate anyhow.
  2. INMATE SURVIVOR, might be a good new tv show. Probably on your local PBS channels since it would be a public service.
  3. hipower

    Ashley HomeStore To Open At DuBois Mall

    They must have missed the connection and beyond that you two are doing quite well without any assistance whatsoever. Fertile minds need a little exercise now and then and you two have been resting too much lately.
  4. While Roseann seems to have crossed the line for many people, I can only wonder if the reactions are similar when we look at the late night comics/talk show hosts, SNL or The View? In my opinion those shows or people are just as guilty of creating and fomenting divisiveness and hatred in our country. Masking hatred as humor is becoming passe today and seems to be working like a charm.
  5. hipower

    DuBois Streets

    Nail, meet hammer. Well said. Even those who know who a poster may be they still rarely know when or how they might interact with those government agencies of persons. When it comes to news vs opinion it surprises me when I ask some of my friends, or acquaintances if they read something from the op-ed page of our local paper? Most will say, "I never read that stuff". Sometimes we just have to look at the other side of things and we might see an issue in a much different way. This is getting too deep for me this morning, I'm gonna go cut a bagel and drink coffee.
  6. You found my faults. DINGO would obviously fit the bill letter wise. Never have played such a game, nor ever heard of it. Could it be a figment of your fertile imagination? Simply for clarification, I've found "C" to be a very fitting letter also, when preceded by 34-36, etc.
  7. And the response here would be "PENN STATE". Keep on keepin' on big guy, and your friends too.
  8. hipower

    Ashley HomeStore To Open At DuBois Mall

    Understood. Really not much different than By the Room being a competitor to the Miller Bros branded stores previously. Hard to say it is a great business strategy, but if it works, who am I to find fault with her thinking?
  9. With no reference to Bunny's daughters errors with sharp implements, I frequently shake my head in amazement. It seems that there are significant numbers of people around us that if they were animals in the wild they would have been the main attraction on some other critters all you can eat buffet.
  10. You are a bad, bad influence on me and I just can't stop myself here. Absolutely nothing about bingo, but the letter/number thing just ran my brain off the tracks, like a runaway locomotive. Back in my youth when pursuing young ladies was a daily exercise, often futile, but never ending, the reference of letters and numbers like 36 would have my hormone addled head on a swivel. Pretty sure my mother would question my misspent youth, but we would disagree. I loved every minute of it and have many fond memories of my "wasted days and wasted nights". Back to the bingo thing. I'm not sure where playing for fun ends and addiction begins, but my dear MIL was as close as you can come to the the latter. My wife has often said her mother played bingo five nights a week and twice on Sunday. That may have been a slight exaggeration, but not much of one. She played often. Over 30 cards, often the same ones every week when they still used the old hard cards. Carefully selected and often banded together so she could get the right cards every time. If bingo started at 6 you had to be there the minute the doors were unlocked, probably two hours ahead of the actual time. She sat in the same seat, usually surrounded by the same players and could watch all of her cards as well as everyone around her to make sure no one missed calling "BINGO". I never noticed a twitch, but maybe she just hid it well. The venue or group made no difference. Churches, schools, fire companies, fraternal organizations, all the same to her. I'm not too sure that her and her friends buried near her don't have a nightly bingo game at the cemetery. She might have been a bingo addict.
  11. Good for him. Nothing to lose, he can only serve life once. Too bad the attack didn't include the buddies he was sharing those thoughts with.
  12. I'll probably become an ignorant SOB in some people's mind when I say this, but this is such a mess that no matter what is done people will not be satisfied. There is no reset button on life that undoes what is done. I just have a problem with changing the law after the fact to make someone feel good about the sins of society. I believe it is a slippery slope to start down and don't believe it will fix anything in the past. Change the law going forward and I'm all in. Use the existing law to punish those we can to the fullest extent possible and do everything we can to make sure these things don't continue. Today it is the Catholic Church. Tomorrow it could be the Boy or Girl Scouts. Maybe the Peace Corps or a missionary group. Human nature being what it is we don't know where the future will go, but that's ahead of us. We can't cure the past, we can only hope we do better in the future.
  13. hipower


    Great news for you and your health, etc. Bad news for the workplace, but the only glimmer of positive is that you won't run out of work for a long time. A joking aside, I'm awfully glad you made it through.
  14. hipower

    Ashley HomeStore To Open At DuBois Mall

    Seems as though some folks weren't aware that Pam Miller, daughter of one of the Miller Brothers was the owner of By the Room also. She is just changing the name on the business there to Ashley and changed the name of the one at Falls Creek recently too. It still is Miller Home & ???. Very little difference in my thinking, and business goes on.
  15. Probably just me, but that wouldn't drag $40 out of my pocket. It's hard to understand what sells and what doesn't and I sold things for a living for 40 years.