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  1. The problem with that approach is that George's way is putting their liquor license at risk per the Wolf directives. I talked with a restaurant/bar owner who has been checked by state officials three times to assure compliance. Fortunately they were doing things according to the mandates.
  2. Ok. Shame on them for not making the offer. That seems unusual, in my experience there.
  3. Just curious. Did you let them know and give them a chance to make it right?
  4. He can whine and belly ache all he wants, he had no chance. It passed both the House and Senate unanimously. To think he could have vetoed it without it becoming law in spite of his veto was a pipe dream. He just didn't want to see his veto overridden and be proven wrong.
  5. In the case of a law, we know or should at least be aware of the consequences of breaking them. An order from the governor isn't as clearly defined currently and seems to be aimed at businesses. Currently a threat of loss or suspension of a state issued license. I'm not sure how real the threats would be when it comes to actual enforcement, but I believe it would be a costly legal fight at a minimum. In the case of bars and clubs, if this goes on very long, many will not survive legally anyhow. Maybe we will see a return of speakeasies. Entry in the back alley, peep hole in the door to see who is there, etc.
  6. Yes, we are all supposedly adults. Being adult also means we are free to make our own choices and behave accordingly. Because someone doesn't act like you want isn't automatically wrong, simply different than you or I would act. We can disagree without being disagreeable. The arbitrary closing of businesses or the guidelines for remaining open have been overbearing and the reasoning for how the rules/guidelines are established have been very poorly communicated, in my opinion. Add in the exemptions granted and no explanation given for how those decisions were made and it just gets worse. Now the Governor is hiding those decisions behind the Covid 19 pandemic "personnel shortage" so they don't have to explain their actions within the Freedom of Information rules. If that isn't overboard, I can't help you.
  7. That's generally true. But demanding something is rarely the best way to achieve that goal. In the case of the current pandemic many people are resistant because the people who are issuing order have done a poor job of doing so. It is not a case of what is being said as much as a case of how it is being said. It always comes down to human nature and how people react to things. This is very much a learn as you go process and the people issuing directives aren't giving the people that impression with their orders and guidelines.
  8. Thanks. That's what I thought I knew. In this case it should be a "no brainer".
  9. True, to a point. Those judgments unless in a court of law or on the day of my death mean nothing. They are just opinions of others as to how they see someone. Whether that is based on behavior or actions they are still opinions without meaning.
  10. I will be judged on the day I die, but it won't be by you. You aren't that powerful.
  11. As I said I'll make my choices and you make yours. I'll respect that. When you make my business your business that becomes a problem. I'm not your responsibility today and won't be tomorrow.
  12. Doesn't the General Assembly have the ability to override a governor's veto? If they voted this through unanimously it should be a "no brainer".
  13. Then we agree, up to the point where I wouldn't have opened my mouth to confront a person who is an obvious a$$. It's not my business. My confrontations are limited to saving my backside when someone was shooting at me. I'm here to tell about it, don't know for sure if he is. I didn't see him fall, but he quit shooting.
  14. It's a slippery slope we are on. The do gooders will never quit.
  15. Time to grow a beard again. I'm far too cheap to throw them away after three shaves, even if I only shave a couple times a week. I follow the thinking that you throw them away when they get dull enough that you can't shave without pain. LOL
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