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  1. Be aware, be alert. But if anyone choses to live in fear they are giving fear power over them. I can't and won't live like that. Doesn't matter if it's a virus bug or bomb blast dead is dead, but I can't allow fear to rule my emotions.
  2. hipower

    great deal?

    I've never had any trouble e-mailing Toomey, Casey and Thompson. Those are the only one's who we can vote for or against. Which pretty much means those are the only one's we have any impact on their decision making.
  3. hipower

    great deal?

    Expand that time slightly and send them all e-mails. It can't hurt and will actually feel good to vent your feelings toward their actions, or lack thereof.
  4. hipower

    great deal?

    I won't begin to suggest that it is easy, but none of them ignore their mail and polling numbers. If enough people take the time to write and/or call expressing our displeasure there is a slim possibility they might actually pay attention. With emphasis on "slim".
  5. It isn't the charge of any court, up to the Supreme court, to make law or change it in any way. Their job is to rule on the laws as they exist. We may not like that nor agree with the outcomes of rulings, but our recourse is to work to get laws we disagree with changed, not expecting the courts to do it for us.
  6. hipower

    great deal?

    Peanuts for the peanut gallery and filet mignon for pet causes. Anyone who is as pi$$ed off by all of the pork tagged onto a bill that should address only the needs of the people should know that our Congressman, Glenn Thompson and both Senators, Bob Casey and Pat Toomey voted in favor of this debacle. Take the time to let them know your feelings. Use your voices somewhere besides internet massage forums.
  7. So you admit our elections are always a sham. And you find it necessary to accept that. That's really scary. Voting isn't a complicated process. How can it it be impossible to be done accurately, or without irregularities or "fraud"?
  8. When I see reports, from any source, that say "no substantial irregularities" or "no evidence of widespread fraud" I get a little tickle in the back of my mind and wonder how much they did find, and how much needs to be found to become substantial or widespread? Are they saying there are problems, but they aren't big enough to be of concern? I don't think fair and honest elections allow for any fraud or irregularities to be overlooked. Regardless of how small they may be. This will all die down over a short period of time, until the next election cycle and we see we haven't done anything to make our elections controversy free.
  9. That's like saying when you're driving your car you are guiding it, but not controlling it. We all have choices. We should be free to make them without being forced one way or another. I can hardly wait for the first person who tested positive for Covid and interacted with another person who dies as a result of Covid and that person is charged with negligent homicide. That should point out whether we have any rights remaining or we are simply pawns of our government.
  10. hipower


    I've known Charlie for most of my life and could share numerous similar stories. Recently he schooled me on golf cart starter generators and gifted me with his knowledge and a part to complete my repairs. As usual his knowledge was free and the part this time was also. There aren't many Charlie's left in this world, but those who knew him received a gift that isn't easy to duplicate. RIP, my friend.
  11. Now that's a big gator I don't care to see any closer than the picture or at least behind a big wall he can't climb over. I have seen some really big ones along Alligator Alley in FL, and I'd guess he is right up there with the big guys.
  12. Wow. Sounds like someone looking for a reason to be offended. Just motivates me to seek out Cracker Barrel's to patronize.
  13. Since we'll never reach 100% vaccination compliance, or complete control over any virus it would seem we are destined to wear masks forever. You, and anyone who believes that is the right approach can do that if you wish. I'm one of those you deem as "most at risk", and I'm not asking anyone to protect me. I'll do my best to live my remaining life as normally as possible and try not to be a burden on the minds of those who are willing to have their lives controlled by anyone but themselves. In many cases the mental strain I see people facing by living in fear is harder on their health than actually having Covid.
  14. At my age, I'm not sure that it matters. Although I do eat tree nuts and peanuts. The Rocky Mountain oysters, not so much, but I have tried them years ago.
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