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  1. LOL. Not in the case I described, but the narrative fits him too. The customer I was talking about was old Dave Doane. Those old guys from that era were all very much alike.
  2. Isn't that different than my Clearfield County issued concealed carry permit? Not that it would deter me from carrying if I felt the need. I would rather be alive and facing the consequences than dead or seriously injured.
  3. Couldn't agree more. I'm also familiar with Judge Ammerman, Judge Cherry and our DA, Bill Shaw. When we see other folks who are generally unhappy with what is dished out in the courtroom from the efforts of these folks it makes me feel like they are doing their jobs quite well.
  4. Somehow those strict Philly gun laws didn't work again.
  5. Those first two sentences made me snort coffee out my nose. I had a customer for years who owned a small coal mining company. The best time to find him and talk a little business was lunch time. When I did locate him he was usually eating his sandwiches with the dirtiest hands you could imagine and often taking a leak with the other hand while doing so. The old bird lived to be over 90 and was healthy as a horse right up to the end. Pretty much convinced me that worrying about super clean hands was not worth the effort. They might look better, but they don't have much going on in the healthy thing. I'm sure we are being steered by the medical minds among us who make their living PRACTICING MEDICINE, until we die and they have to find another patient to practice on.
  6. hipower

    Planet fitness

    I'm far from a scholar of American English as a language, but when it is misused I usually hear it. That's not to say I don't misuse it myself at times. The could care, couldn't care is one that always tweaks my sensibilities, for no other reason than I know the difference. Regardless/irregardless is another one, because one of my former employees called me on it one day. He said "you should know better than that, it's improper to use a double negative". Well I obviously should have known, but I apparently didn't until then. Another former employee, good worker and really good truck driver, but his English usage was sketchy. I would ask if he returned something from a customer, and his reply was "I brang that back last week". ??? There was no sense saying anything, it just fell on deaf ears. I was just happy that I had employees who worked well together and supported me through thick and thin. Apologies for the thread hijack, but Planet Fitness and check cards were getting tiring .
  7. Bad mushrooms on your pizza last night, maybe? Having fedup in your dreams, good or bad, might be cause for concern. Just sayin'.
  8. Did the wild turkey commit suicide in your yard? Just curious-asking for a friend-didn't think your hubby was a hunter, etc. Actually, just being a PITA.
  9. hipower


    I've pondered this question for several days with no conclusions about a single invention that is the greatest. There are many that have changed the world, seemingly for the better. Electricity, the automobile, the airplane, the telephone, space exploration and the spin offs from that effort, computers. GPS, many medical advancements, and numerous others could be suggested as the greatest. But many of those things rely on some of the others to lead the way for their creation. As an extension of the original question, what would you like to see invented or created in the future? I would like to see a cure for cancer, in all of it's forms. I would like to see a way to desalinate sea water cost effectively on a large scale. On the really far out there wish list I would like to see a way to transmit electricity without wires, thereby eliminating transmission lines across the country and all wires within our homes.
  10. I rarely pay attention to when they wear gloves and when they don't. I just had blood drawn this morning and can't even say for sure the tech wore gloves for sure. I was more interested in watching the needle and how the blood was flowing, since we needed three vials this time. Hey, I'm a guy, we can't do multiple things at the same time. Gotta focus.
  11. Sure seems like neither one of them has a brain in their head. He certainly didn't use his and she didn't either, besides being blinded by something I fail to understand.
  12. I read this in the paper earlier and my mind went to that same thought.
  13. That sounds right to me. If neither one of them actually owns the property there will be another party involved, the landlord. Nothing but winter fun in PA.
  14. The burden for clearing sidewalks is on the property owner. This should be an interesting one for the reasons you point out.
  15. I appreciate the clarification. The confusion was certainly mine. Having never sampled pot, I can't offer anything close to an informed opinion. And am probably smart for not offering an uninformed one.
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