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  1. New car plant in Alabama

    The work rules encompassed in the UAW contracts were more of an issue for the car companies than worker wages. Some people I met a few years ago actually said that their wages in TN and SC car plants were nearly identical to the unionized plants when the cost of union dues was factored in. I never confirmed that, simply took it at face value.
  2. At twenty years old I'm not sure I would take the reduction of the lump sum payout. You would still get over $20 million, pre tax, every year with the extended payout and the tax hit could be much better over the longer term.
  3. That could be, I'm easily confused. But it seemed like it was a while ago.
  4. I thought the Sugar Shack burned down a while back. Must have rebuilt or relocated.
  5. Sandy Sewer :(

    Exactly. TL residents get the same things from Sandy Twp. that anyone who resides in the Twp. and lives on a state highway receives.
  6. Good Books

    All of her books I've read have been very good.
  7. Sandy Sewer :(

    Always make me wonder why anyone would think that TL wasn't part of Sandy Twp. Doesn't about half of the township tax revenue come from there? I don't think half of the population of the township lives at TL.
  8. I don't recall if she actually initiated a lawsuit. If she did this is a settlement from the insurance companies who weren't willing to risk going to a jury trial. Had it gone that way I could easily see an award of several million along with the costs of litigation. If she hadn't sued this is a proactive payoff to avoid the same thing. Simply risk vs a known outcome.
  9. How safe should we feel even in DuBois?

    Situational awareness is a valid concept which everyone should know and practice. Don't be stupid and if you are somewhere where your personal comfort level is being stretched then get out of that place. I've been in some really bad places and usually got there because of my own stupidity and sometimes alcohol was afactor. Other times I have been in those places due to work demands and simply had to suck it up and cope. I guess my concerns may have been valid, but I'm still around to talk about the experiences.
  10. Possible roundabout coming to DuBois.

    It's apparent you have never driven a large truck and have difficulty with stop signs. Sending trucks off First Street and somehow getting them to the light at the car wash would require numerous 90 degree turns through neighborhoods. I can see half of the east side on the warpath over that. I use that intersection 15-20 times a week and rarely have to sit there very long, unless I'm held up by people who don't know how to use the little pedal on the right when the opportunity to pull out is presented to them.
  11. Possible roundabout coming to DuBois.

    For most drivers. But there are always some who would manage to hit something or get hung up on a curb.
  12. Possible roundabout coming to DuBois.

    You must have been having a dream. An old guy like you simply isn't awake at 2:30 AM.
  13. Dunkin' Donuts

    That property was purchased by an auto parts company.
  14. Kohlhepp True Value

    Thanks, good to know for future reference. I go in for breakfast somewhat regularly, but rarely at other times. Of course I'm rarely out and about in the middle of the night anymore so finding late night eats isn't a high priority personally.