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  1. It appears that is what the experts are doing.
  2. Not completely, but not for any reason cited in the first post. He just gives me a feeling of unease at times. Right, wrong or something else? Who knows. The predictors all change their opinions frequently so it's hard to trust anyone as being correct in this case. Will some or all of their predictions come true? Time will tell. Until then I'll do my best to live as normally as possible.
  3. That leads us into even more inane musings from my cluttered mind. If/when there is a somewhat effective vaccine developed will every American be required to be vaccinated? How about every person in the entire world? Will we somehow be required to show proof of vaccination before being granted entry into public places? Maybe a tattoo on our wrists will be the mark of vaccination. Sarcasm intended. It's an endless circle of craziness and the history of actually containing diseases isn't a good guide. As Vader points out diseases mutate and continue to spread in various forms. People generally resist being told what to do, especially when it infringes on their lives in a way that they find unacceptable.
  4. Are we sure of that? It certainly won't allow anyone to get better either.
  5. Bob and I graduated together. It is a loss still discussed often when classmates gather.
  6. For those who are devoted mask wearers I wonder if they ever consider that with the first breath they exhale their mask may be contaminated with whatever they are trying to avoid giving to others. when they inhale aren't those same contaminants returned to their lungs and bodies? It seems like an endless cycle of germs out, germs in. Probably too simple to be medically accurate, but that worries me as much as anything coming from other possible exposures. I will just continue to be happy with my selfish, ignorant uneducated ways that have served me well for a lifetime, rather successfully.
  7. Can't debate that Bob. I'm not familiar enough with other state laws. I will readily admit to being a frequent lawbreaker when it comes to seat belts, even though it is required in general. I travel frequently in numerous states and have never been cited for that lack, but tomorrow may be the day.
  8. Not possible. it's not a law. Seat belt use is a secondary offense that requires being stopped for some primary offense first.
  9. I had the opportunity to meet both Dr. Rose and Doc Joe many years ago at Pocono. Very nice people and they truly cared for those who were attending the races. Both are and will be missed by the fans of the track.
  10. Can I choose which one, or ones? I'm sure none would want to see me, just saying.
  11. You keep this kind of writing up and you could win a Pulitzer or maybe even A Nobel. Just sayin'.
  12. An enforceable loud noise ordinance would be a better solution, but it would require them to measure the levels and actually do the work to enforce the law. I had a truck stopped in Arcade, NY a few years ago for using his Jake brake. Except the truck didn't have one on it. The officer didn't know what he was doing, obviously.
  13. Like you, I saw it posted on a FB page. I can't say if it was an official Italian Oven posting, or not.
  14. Sadly the noose surprises me. The plane pulling the flag banner and the vendor selling merchandise across from the track a little less, but the trucks driving by displaying flags not so much. Having attended many races in the south I just had a feeling this wouldn't happen quietly. NASCAR has their work cut out for them to enforce their policy. I wish them well. It is going to be a long process in my opinion.
  15. I'm surprised he found a place smooth enough to land on I-81. Just saying.
  16. Hardly seems like a good allocation of resources to spend time and money chasing and prosecuting a guy making illegal liquor in quantities so small that he has to be paid in advance and even then can't deliver a full Mason jar of product because he drank some of it. Not to even mention that his quality is so bad that he has to throw away product because it didn't come out right. He needs to step up his production so he's worth the effort. Gotta go, I need to tend to my "weed patch".
  17. Actions have consequences. Fact of life. Knowing when to keep your mouth shut is a skill many people never master. If she pays a price for her actions it's completely on her. One person would learn from the consequence of their actions, another will become even more bitter because they believe they were completely right in expressing their opinions. Isn't life wonderful?
  18. That triggered a memory I haven't thought about in years. Back in the 1990's we were camping in the infield at Daytona for the 500 in February. There was a couple parked beside us that we had passing contact with over a couple days. They were both about as skinny as a Popsicle stick, drank beer by the gallon, all day long and smoked like old coal fired locomotives. After the race was over they were packing up to leave and had some mechanical trouble with their motorhome and I helped repair it and get them going. When we finished the guy gave me a card for a free weekend at a nudist camp they owned in central Florida. At that point I was sure there was no way I wanted to see more of them than I had already seen and was even more certain that no one wanted to see my fat, nude body on display. Wonder what I did with that card. ??????
  19. You studied that picture too closely, I completely missed the ankle brace. LOL
  20. Social media allows us to see more of the fools around us without actually having to meet them. Having spent a lifetime putting my foot in my mouth, I almost feel sorry for people who are in the public spotlight.
  21. While there is the appearance of similarities here it overlooks one thing that I see as important. Our country replaces our President on a regular basis. We don't allow anyone to maintain singular power for decades. What we, as a society do allow is those sitting in the House and Senate lifetimes to drive our policies which at this point in time are nearly equally divided across party lines. Both sides are fighting to maintain a power base built up over decades while the middle is sitting on their hands and allowing the fighting to continue. In many cases actually adding to the division. A second theory we see bandied about over coffee, beers or simply in passing conversations is the fear, or maybe hope, of another Civil War. While we are divided as a country we are not divided like we were in that era. We don't have a north and a south. So lacking that more defined division I can't see that happening either. While I can discount another Hitleresque takeover or another Civil War, I can't so easily discount the possibility of a revolution by the people. There are significant numbers of people who could, or would, seemingly jump at the chance to enter into a revolt against our government. Will that happen I my lifetime? It's very doubtful. But we creep closer every time we allow the current government to control more of our lives. Wasn't that the basis for our Revolutionary War against England?
  22. We went there last Friday. Good food as always and extremely fast service. Faster than many of the drive thru lines I've seen lately.
  23. When you're retired it doesn't matter. Just saying.
  24. They rarely do. But it doesn't change the facts, as outlined.
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