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  1. Cool! Hoping to find them used in a couple years. Prices will be more justifiable.
  2. There are a lot of jeep fans that’s for sure. IMHO Jeep’s are over priced and over rated😱. The Broncos price point isn’t bad.
  3. Love it. Hoping to get one in a couple years when I’m due another vehicle.
  4. It’s For the same reason democrats want children to be able to vote......it’s for the vote. WHICH BTW.....is in a way a fraudulent idea. The horror of wanting voting to be legitimate by requiring ID.
  5. The left are extremely hypocritical. They preach one thing and do another all the time. Kids are fair game with the left. Remember baron?
  6. THIS! Let’s see if this happens or if the hypocrites continue to be hypocrites.
  7. The highest office in the nation deserves nothing else than to prove who you say you are by showing ID to vote. Completely stupid not to.
  8. There is no logical reason to not have voter ID for voting for the HIGHEST office in the world. To not mandate it is moronic. The examples in the ot are spot on. We know why democrats are against it though.
  9. Aint progressivism great!
  10. He’s wept under the rug by the State Media. As is the border disaster and Bidos brain malfunctions.
  11. I swear democrats in office have the fiscal sense of a toddler. Utterly incompetent and irresponsible. Shameful.
  12. XX or XY. Basic biology and basic science. Not difficult.
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