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  1. What? Dont you inferior humans have multiple ovens. I have a different one in each of my 4 kitchens. They match my 16,000 dollar fridge that Nancy Pelosi suggested I get to hold my designer ice cream. Thanks Nancy!!!
  2. They needed to come down. They were over grown and all the sidewalks were damaged as a result. They should plant Red Maples. It would be prettier and they dont need pruned or grow wild.
  3. I apologize if this has been brought up already. Are there any places that have extra-ordinary christmas lights up in the Dubois and surrounding areas? You know.....similar to the kind you would see on tv shows. We drive around and enjoy all the lights but thought it would be neat to see some of the more elaborate setups. Thanks!
  4. You sure you don’t have an electric model? They don’t take gas. 😂😂😂
  5. And how’s that working? Still spreading. Always will mask or no mask. here’s an idea. Those with concerns can stay quarantined and covered and etc. The flu or the cold or any sickness has been here forever. You no why we never mask for that? BeCause you’re used to it. It’s been with us since birth. You fear the China virus because for 9 straight months your cnn has told you to be scared of it and that you’ll die from it.
  6. For how long? Gonna do it forever? Until the common cold is cured? Or just covid which may never be cured? How long should we live in fear? Everyone I known who had it didn’t even know they did. To each their own. Stay in your bubble.
  7. Two problems. ..Bido isn’t president. And two. NBC. Schools out.
  8. Yup. CONMAN would deny these as conspiracy too. He’s a bitter democrat suffering TDS like no other. Please Steve, keep posting! America needs this. Keep seeking and spreading the truth of the democrat crime machine! EXPOSE THEM.
  9. pennstater

    Great News

    His plan is EXACTLY Trumps plan. Exactly. which I understand....might as well follow the best.
  10. pennstater

    Great News

  11. To deny democrat illegalities is to deny reality at this point. Of course msm is silent. They are too infatuated with bido
  12. Craps getting real!! Lots of illegal democrat activity went down.
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