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  1. Typically if you are a democrat you support dems soooo yeah. There’s that. Accept who you are. Even if you’re wrong.
  2. Democrat govs care more about the safety of criminals than those of us innocent people. That’s what it boils down to. Now an innocent was murdered. The bloods on the dem leaders that let them out. Are you surprised.
  3. Nope. My statement stands. Dumbest ever. First grader dude. You got the first place award. Congrats.
  4. A person with 1st grader intelligence blames the criminal for the crime. This is one of the most stupid things I ever heard. Ever. Congrats. You win the award for the dumbest statement in the forums. ...
  5. I am quite appalled by the violence I am seeing people on Facebook and elsewhere Inciting on these two human beings. How are you any better (actually worse) if you are calling for them to be castrated or hung or shot or tortured (folks said all these)? Really? what they did was terrible but come on! They are human beings. They didn’t do it to other people. They deserve punishment But not death or torture of hung! Grow up people. Sheesh. Immaturity.
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