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  1. Grilled, marinated boneless, skinless chicken breast for me and thigh for hubby. Along with corn on the cob and broccoli tots.
  2. steelnut


    Hubby and I talked about these issues for a few years. We attended numerous seminars dealing with retirement and how to handle difficult questions. We decided to set up a family trust, it was well worth the money that we paid. We are set for any future problems, good fortunes and situations that may occur.
  3. I am sorry to be constantly asking for advice and tips, but every year I seem to be finding new things that I want to learn about. So, I started planting cabbage made 7-8 years ago and I had heard about sprinkling egg shells around the base to prevent cut worms, slugs, whatever. It's always worked. I just finally got the rest of the garden planted on 6/4. I did the sprinkling of the egg shells, I checked today and two were cut right off at the base??? Any ideas on what would cross the egg shells and do this? Thanks so much! Oh and so far, the eggplant and kohlrabi that are in the same raised bed are okay.
  4. I saw them everywhere this afternoon, just a DuBois thing that gets people talking every year
  5. Thanks, I have heard of SafeLink and checked it out. My Mom does qualify but absolutely will not take anything free, she's stubborn. All three of us have tried to talk to her about it, but it's a no go, but I do appreciate your response and information.
  6. Our's are just now getting ripe, hoping for good berries this year. We just have enough to pick and enjoy for the family. I don't like sweets, so we just eat them fresh. Anyway, about three weeks ago, Aldi's had 1# packages for 99 cents. I bought one, took home, cleaned and ate them all, I couldn't stop. They were so delicious, I went back the next day and bought more and then two days later bought more again. I'm always leery of buying them at a store, but they were so great and naturally sweet.
  7. You know, I've seen that some people are being really nasty on-line about the amount of goals scored and the celebration of the team after the goals. Well.....too bad! I totally support these excellent women athletes. Some have won championships before and some are new and haven't. The new ones are experiencing the winning for the first time. Let them celebrate, why not, they should be proud! I think I read that the women make something like 32-34 cents to a man soccer player's $1. All I have to say about that is, where is the men's team this year???
  8. Boneless marinated pork chops with zoodles and mushrooms.
  9. I forgot to ask, what does "no service days" mean? TY!
  10. Thanks much! She won't text, she thinks it's all nonsense It would be just to make phone calls. I so appreciate everyone's advice!
  11. steelnut


    I won't comment on what is going on because I don't know and refuse to speculate. I just wanted to say that we've had two relatives in CKM and they were given excellent care, not one single complaint from them or our family members.
  12. I'm still working on my sales pitch for this weekend. I've been re-reading all of the helpful posts. When you say to choose the "basic 60 minute phone plan", does that mean that she only gets 60 minutes a month or for three months? I know she'd use more like 60 minutes a day. I've been checking out Tracfone's site, good deals. Thanks again!
  13. I have to get off here, but I want to make sure I get it. You must buy a phone from Tracfone, right? I'll check their sight tomorrow to see what's available. TY!
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