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  1. I so totally agree with you on this. I LOVE PSU, but I have teams that I really like. I don't think Clemson ever gets much respect, nor LSU. I'd love to see them in the championship game. Now as to OSU, I'd be a fan of anyone who beats them, same with Bama. I'll be cheering for my team in the Cotton Bowl for sure!
  2. We had salmon crusted with whole grain mustard, baked pot & broccoli and cheese.
  3. First, I am so happy for LSU. Second, I am a big Wisconsin fan tonight!
  4. I feel sorry for her sometimes too, and I agree she usually looks unhappy. But I hated that interview with ABC when she said she was the most bullied person in the world, come on now. As my Gram used to say, "You made your bed..."
  5. Thanks Mr. D. The first thing this morning I thought of my Pap who enlisted 78 years ago. He was married to Gram and had three children at the time, my Dad being the oldest. He was severely wounded at the Battle of the Bulge serving under Patton. I miss him.
  6. I was reading an article about Melania thinking that Roger Stone leaked her nude photos in 2016. And some thought that her husband did it for publicity. And then Limbaugh had to pipe up and say that her nude girl-on-girl photos with another woman would help Trump wrap up the LGBTQ and single white male vote. Good grief.
  7. Chicken stew w/tons of veggies and a salad.
  8. Zoodles w/a Bolognese sauce and a salad.
  9. I made chicken soup today too
  10. I love them all too. My favorite is Hardrock, Coco and Joe
  11. Awwww, so sweet! A girl after my own heart!
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