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  1. steelnut

    what's your favorite garden tomato?

    I love the flavor of Celebrity and always plant San Martzano's for canning. And every year I try another one, this year it's Johnson something? I can't remember the name, but it's Johnson something. I'll see how it goes
  2. I saw a discussion on television about charging parents for the damage done from these school tragedies. I absolutely disagree with that way of thinking. I totally agree with you about this issue. We own many guns, we are not anti gun in any way. I don't know the answer to this growing problem, my only wish is that it stops. I remember going to junior high and being so afraid of being mixed in with so many kids that I didn't know coming from my grade school. THAT was my biggest concern back then. Now kids are afraid of nut jobs coming into their schools and killing them and their teachers, it's just not right.
  3. steelnut

    Hey Grandpa, What's For Supper?

    Yesterday, I had left over chicken so I made a Southwestern chicken salad w/baby greens, red onions, grilled corn cut from the cob, black beans, chicken and cheese. Along w/Caliari's bread of course. Today hubby grilled a couple of burgers .He could eat them every day, me-not so much, but my favorite is mushroom Swiss burgers, so that's what we had along with a ranch based pasta salad with tons of veggies.
  4. steelnut

    Yuengling Brewery - Pottsville, PA

    Thanks for sharing this info!
  5. steelnut

    You sittig down Mr D?

    Sorry to all snake lovers, BUT the only good one is a dead one!!! I have a couple of funny bear stories, but I'll have to post another day, I have to get off here, busy weekend! Wishing all a happy and safe weekend!
  6. One of the resource officers is in critical condition. I know it's not the guns, I think we all know that. It just needs to stop. Every time this happens, it's just heart breaking. I can't imagine what the students go through while it's happening and the parents not knowing if their child is safe or not. Why doesn't every school have only one entrance door? Make all the other doors egress only. Install metal detectors at the one ingress door. Someone else mentioned something that bothered me, too. A lot of students said this kid has been wearing a trench coat for weeks? In Texas??? Red flag?
  7. steelnut

    Hey Grandpa, What's For Supper?

    Chicken and a mixed greens salad.
  8. steelnut


    Lol, you beat me to it! Up here in PA we have cars and trucks....
  9. steelnut

    EARLY Winter???

    So this evening as I'm getting supper/dinner ready and listening to WJAC, I hear Tony Martin giving the long term weather outlook. I was minding my own business and not bothering anyone. Then, I hear him say that we will have an early winter!!! We just had a 6 month winter!!! OMG, I'm going to need recommendations of places to go south of here for rookies. I do believe by this fall that we will be ready to hit the road in search of warmer climates where we won't break our backs shoveling the cursed white stuff.
  10. steelnut

    5 Foods Americans Call By Different Names

    Mine is very close to yours and I call them BLTC's. Bread, then cheese, then lettuce and tomato and then more bacon, then Miracle Whip and the other slice of bread. This keep the bread from getting soggy from the lettuce and tomato, soggy bread is a big no-no for me.
  11. steelnut

    5 Foods Americans Call By Different Names

    My sister was telling me that she saw a British actor talking about how when he and his siblings were young in England, they collected what we call pencil erasers, but over the pond they called them rubbers...
  12. steelnut


    Voted first thing this morning.
  13. steelnut

    Hey Grandpa, What's For Supper?

    Hubby grilled a couple of burgers and I made some potatoes and leeks.
  14. steelnut

    Hey Grandpa, What's For Supper?

    Leeks are always better, but always use wild ones but they're only available in the spring time. Our sweet son brought me another huge bag last week. I try hard to take every possible advantage of using them at this time of year. We all love leek sausage, sooo good. Leek and potato soup. Fried potatoes and leeks. Leek dip. So many ways to use them, the wild leeks are like a cross between the best onion ever and the best garlic ever. Tonight was leftovers from yesterday.
  15. steelnut

    Lab caught a chip#2 just now

    I have to check this out...I wouldn't have a problem with the little rascals except for my sunflowers. It's bad enough trying to keep the deer from eating them once they're up, but the chippies like to dig up and eat the seeds before they can even sprout. Hubby has caught them on a game cam numerous times.